Holly Bobo Kidnapped And Murdered: Source Says She May Have Been Informant, Alive For Weeks


On February 28, 2014 The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Director Mark Gwyn announced the search of 29 year old Zachary Rye Adam’s residence in conjunction with the abduction of Holly Lynn Bobo.  Bobo, a 20 year old nursing student, was abducted from her Darden, TN home nearly 3 years earlier.   Gwyn made it clear during that announcement that they expected to find Holly alive at one of the ensuing searches occurring in multiple counties that day.

"This is a very important time in this investigation," Gwyn told reporters today as the TBI and FBI searched property on Adams Lane in northern Decatur County. "We're not going to say or do anything at this point to interfere with this investigation. Hopefully we'll be able to return Holly home safely to her parents. That's our goal.


Five days later, after a Circuit Judge called the 24th Judicial District Grand Jury back into session, it took them less than three hours to return an indictment for especially aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder.

Zachary Rye Adams and Jason Wayne Autry have been indicted for the especially aggravated kidnapping and first degree felony murder in Holly Bobo’s case.  A third suspect, Shayne Kyle Austin was about to be indicted when his criminal defense attorney, Luke Evans, filed a civil suit against the State of Tennessee to enforce an immunity agreement Austin signed.   John Dylan Adams, Zachary’s brother currently incarcerated and awaiting sentencing on Federal weapons charges will be testifying as a witness in this case.  He says Holly was last seen following her abduction- ALIVE.

The “A-Train” as dubbed by locals who knew them based on the initials of their last names and the frequency for which they were seen together were household names to the residents of the tiny community in Decautur County, TN.  They have various criminal histories dating back to their teens.

They’re creepy and their kooky, … altogether spooky.. The Adams Family

The Adams brothers, Zach and ‘Dylan’ as John is referred to, live in multiple houses perched on the land  bearing the family surname which was passed down to them by their grandfather John and Grandmother Becky who died 12 days before Holly’s abduction.   Tim Adam’s, the boys’ father, died of complications from drug use in 2003.

Donna “Karen” Bobo, Holly Bobo’s Mother and elementary school teacher, had young Zach and Dylan in her class.

Zach Adams, in the lead between the two for the size of his rap sheet, has felony convictions for shooting his Mother Cindy at point blank rang with a 9MM handgun, and within 6 months of his release on that charge wielded a shotgun at his grandparents during a drug binge.  In a pre-sentencing report on his current gun charges, Dylan Adams reports he has had alcohol and substance abuse issues with minor burglary charges since he was a teen, and would like to serve his sentence in a minimum Federal prison in Atlanta, GA.

Zach Adams was out on bond or on probation from three separate criminal incidents to involve booze, drugs, assaulting a Natchez Park Ranger when Bobo was abducted from her home.  On April 4th, Adams was arrested in Natchez Park with the assistance of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office along with his passenger, Robert "Shawn" Moody.

From the Jackson Sun:

Zachary Adams was arrested in Natchez Trace State Park on April 4, 2011, following a traffic stop.

Adams and his passenger Robert S. Moody, seemed nervous, the report says. Adams told the ranger he was bringing Moody to look at the damage and that the two men needed to get to the other side of the park.

"...Hill saw a six-pack of beer bottles in the back floorboard, and two of the bottles appeared to be open.
Hill asked Adams to step out of the truck and asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Adams said “no,” and gave Hill permission to search the truck.Rangers also found a pill bottle on Moody containing seven different pills, the report said.
Along with resisting arrest and assaulting the officer, Adams was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, drug possession, tampering with evidence, reckless driving and violation of the open container law.

Moody was charged with drug possession..."

Moody is also a convicted felon and was arrested in Florida in 2005 for failing to register as a sex offender for a statutory rape charge he was convicted of in Decatur.

"Shawn" Moody's wife Stormy Winters Moody was convicted of aggravated burglary in 2013 for stealing the contents of her neighbor's home.   Ms. Moody was wearing some of the clothing from her heist when police arrived, while standing in the front yard of her home.



For several locals and this author, Zach Adams, Jason Autry and Shayne Austin were names associated with the investigation within weeks of Holly’s disappearance.  Prior to Adam’s indictment he was arrested on drug possession charges in Benton County at his girlfriend’s home.  On the day his home and property were searched by investigators he was also charged with aggravated assault against the sister of his girlfriend, Amber Bray.  Charges from the incident which occurred February 6th, 2014 included Adams holding a gun to her head and threatening to “gut her” for speaking with police about his possible involvement.

On February 24th, 4 days before the multiple searches conducted on different counties in the Bobo case,   Ms. Bray’s son Christopher and his girlfriend Toni Craig were operating a van that was pulled over in a traffic stop; the van was registered to Ms. Bray.   The Benton County Sherriff’s Office recovered over $60,000 in cultured pearls in several duffel bags from the van and when investigators went to the Bray home to recover the rest- Adams was standing in the front yard with a handful he said he wanted to “turn over”.    He was arrested on a drug possession charge shortly thereafter, posted bond again and released.

In what can only be described as an extremely odd coincidence, the last major theft of pearls or in this case, pearls in shells, involved extended family members and friends of Adams.  Danny Vine and Stella Thornton were brutally murdered in their Camden, Tennessee home on the evening of January 16, 1991.  Danny, an accomplished shell buyer with an assortment of day workers, sold much of his yield to or through the Tennessee Shell Company (TSC).  In 1998 The Tennessee Shell Company agreed to pay a $1,000,000 fine after 18 people were indicted for selling illegally harvested pearls/shells.   While the Tennessee Shell Company no longer has an active business license, members of the Arnold family, associated with the management of TSC are friends of Bray’s.  Two local brother’s, and extended kin, Gerry Lee and Charles Bruce were eventually tried and convicted.

But not before Sheila Kay Bradford, the live-in girlfriend would visit the TBI to turn over information about Bruce after leaving the residence in fear.  She was offered Federal protection but refused when she learned she would have to testify.  Two days later, on September 22, 1992, Bradford’ car was found with the keys in the ignition at a relative’s home.  She has never been seen since and her disappearance has been ruled suspicious.


Kissing  Killing Cousins


Jason Wayne Autry is Holly Bobo’s second cousin.   He has an extensive criminal history which includes, by his own admission, leadership in the Aryan Brotherhood.

He also claims to have converted his past sins and deeds since finding faith after a near fatal infection in prison.   Autry is serving the equivalent of a life sentence in Federal prison.  Indicted on March 28th, Autry, an impeding chum  at 6’ 7” tall, is not likely to be the suspect Holly encountered in her backyard as described by her brother Clint.

Shayne Kyle Austin, whose parent’s property is situated closely to the Bobo property was at one time, close friends with Holly’s Cousin Natalie Bobo.  He also worked for a time for Dana Bobo, Holly’s Father, until he fired him.  It is not known if the incident is related, but this occurs around the time that Natalie’s Father Leonard, and Dana Bobo travel across state lines to bring Natalie home in an effort to intervene and provide an avenue for substance abuse issues she was suffering, as well her choice of activity to fund same.

He has an extensive criminal history and closely resembles a sketch developed by Candace Wood, a friend of Holly’s who attended the Coon hunt with her 4 days before her disappearance of a man who appeared to be fixated on her, and speaking into his phone at the same time.  Austin is approximately 5’10” and wears glasses.

Out of the three suspects to date, he also closely matches the description of the man seen walking into the woods with her, we know now as alleged by the TBI, with a weapon to insure her compliance.   Austin, and Michael Lee Alexander were moved from different county correctional facilities into Decatur jail on March 2, 2014.  Lee lives in the adjacent property to Adam’s on Pughe Rd.

Two days later, on March 4, Zach Alexander “coerces” his brother through one, or both of them.

On March 5th, former Decatur resident and convicted rapist Victor Dinsmore, an associate of all three of the accused claims he passed a polygraph, thus, “clearing his name.”  Sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Dinsmore and his wife Sandy are material witnesses in the case against all three men- but specifically informed investigators that Zach Adams openly bragged about what happened to Holly Bobo while a guest at the Dinsmore residence.

On March 6th, Austin signed an immunity deal a day after Adams indictment.

So- how does a 20 year old nursing student and aspiring singer cross paths with the likes of Adams, Autry and Austin?  The old adage You can’t pick your family may be a factor.

Guilt by Association?

Sources close to the investigation speaking to BOC Editor In Chief, S. Christina Stoy on the condition of anonymity have confirmed her earlier reports that there was a parallel Federal investigation being conducted by the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, FBI and the DEA involving a prescription and illegal drug ring.  A tip from a reader to Ms. Stoy was turned over to the TBI in 2011.  To protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, BOC has redacted case-sensitive details.


Let me bring you out of the dark.
Holly is alive and safe.
She has been in PC since the night of the 18th
This is all connected to the federal drug investigation involving prescription pain pills.
Holly overheard a conversation at Jackson General and went to authoritiesfederal informant at the time of her abduction. Do you remember the “rumor” about Holly being seen at a drug house in Scotts Hill the weekend prior to her abduction? Not a rumor. She was working with TBI on a sting and wearing a wire. I know this sounds unbelievable but I am coming at you straight up because I respect you and your work on this case. I am not a local but have local kin. If you would like to discuss this more you can email me at  (redacted)

Some things to consider before you discount what Im saying.

-Zach Adams is in federal custody and he is talking. He was arrested a while back and charged with aggravated assualt for beating the piss out of his GF for talking to LE.
-The cousins of Holly that are involved in her abuction are last name (redacted)
-This is also involving fradulent car sales. Burning and turning fake titles, cars coming from KY stolen
-Look into Coy Johnson he was raided recently for drugs (pain pills) and fradulent car sales lives behind Hardee’s. He is connected.

-The family is being blackmailed with pictures of Holly.
-(redacted) are all peanuts compared to who are involved.
-Please go back over the timeline with at least the assumption she was rescued in Nanchez on the 18th the SAME night Sheriff John Edwards was arrested after the final payment was interceded by TBI.
-It is not a concidence that John Edwards was paid a down payment of 15,000 on the 12th and Holly was abducted on the 13th just like its not a concidence that Edwards was arrested on the 18th and Holly was rescued and the next day the reward was topped off to 85,000 the exact amount left owing Edwards minus the range rover.
-There is a Memphis USM staying at cabin 16.

Consider everything and for what its worth I am dead serious and have the name of who saw her at the cabin. I have the names of who found her (redacted)at Cherokee landing. I even have the burner phone number Holly is in posession of

Jason Autry is protecting Shayne and has threatened to kill quite a few people including his(redacted) The guy that worked at (redacted)is in PC.


The head of this TYPHOEUS has a name.   John Patrick Edwards.

Former Wilson County Detective and member of the Joint Violent Crimes Task Force (JVCTF) and Safe Streets Task Force (SSTF), Edwards was cleaning up the streets of drugs, guns and fake car titles.  In conjunction with the resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in an investigation that began in 2009 and was spread across 3 states, Edwards built his own criminal enterprise to include drug dealers turned informant and informants turning into defendants.   The problem with that was that he was stealing most of it under all of their collective noses, apparently.

It was not until Edwards was arrested for a kerfuffle in March 2011 involving stealing from his girlfriend to gift his wife and vice versa that his colleagues found out what he was up to.

Edwards way out of his boiling pot was to sell the information he learned while heading the task forces, specifically, the names of the Federal Agents and informants to the targets of the criminal investigations.

On April 11, 2011, Rodney Settles, Edward’s business partner with Bidmoor Auctions enters the fray.

Edwards summons Settles and tells him he needs money, $100,000 and a Range Rover to be exact, and he needs it the next day.  He tells him (through Settles) something MAJOR is about to go down in the operation in short order.  He tells them there is a new informant that is unknown to him.

Settles, is named by an cooperating source (CS) and interceded by Agents following a meeting with Edwards, in which Edwards asks him to kill his wife- he refuses, and asks him to approach the “target” of the ongoing investigations to prompt payment to him in exchange for providing the names of the Federal agents he is working with, and more importantly, a “new” informant.

Settles remains in Federal custody (FBI) for most of the evening April 11th but agrees to cooperate, agrees to act as an informant for the JVTF; Edwards had been removed without pay weeks earlier.

On April 12, 2011, the day before Holly Bobo’s abduction,   Edwards gets a $15,000 down payment for his proffer of information.    Intentionally planted to track Edward’s efforts- according to documents obtained in his case, he was told there was a new informant that was not identified.  He did however give up the agents names according to the affidavit, and it should be noted that the only evidence of who he told “what” to, is based on the court transcript.  It is certainly feasible that no target devices were ever presented in court as belonging to Edwards, that he had every opportunity to alert others of similar information.    Edwards headed the task force for Wilson County and Lebanon Police Department for years and he did so in a vacuum; at least that is what the supporting documents would like you to believe.  This sentiment includes Former Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe, who retired following the fiasco, but not before blaming the FBI for not minding the store- stating John Edwards acted alone.

According to his audit response by Ashe, as conducted by the State of Tennessee Comptroller’s Director Jim Arnett, excerpted in pertinent part:

It was always my understanding that all officers in the Joint Violent Crimes Task Force (JVCTF) with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, the Lebanon Police Department, and the FBI were being supervised by the FBI. This can be supported again by the copies of the MOU and the MOA. This within itself does not excuse the conduct of a former employee who appears to have acted alone in his efforts to discredit himself, but those who worked around him. It appears that his plans were so well designed that not only did the Lebanon Police Department, the Wilson County Sheriff's Department, the FBI, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and our local district attorney general’s office did not recognize this activity even though they worked alongside Deputy Edwards on a day-to-day basis.


The audit,   which contains no vehicle identification numbers, no account numbers, no reference to the fact that Edwards was a partner in an auction house with a revoked license or the status of any other parties who had access to evidence or funds- concludes Edwards acted alone.


What is even more curious, is that the report at no time recognizes that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is an agency of record in the investigations.    Edwards and the targets of several investigations to include those he stole from, did not prosecute, his informants and business partner were all arrested on April 18, 2011.

Critically import dates here- April 11th, Settles interceded for several hours and Edwards knew.  April 12th, Settles tells (CS-1) names of interest, secures down payment.  April 18th, everyone is arrested.

Within documents of the sworn affidavit by DEA Special Agent Tanya (insert) it is learned that during the course of the investigation that 3 cell phones have NOT received Judicial tap and trace approval and subsequently there is no further mention of those phones or their collected data.   There are nearly 50 pages missing from this filing.

Was Holly, or someone she associated with, the owner of Target cellphones #6, #7 or #9?

Edwards Is currently serving 18 years for obstruction of an official proceeding and Settles is serving  The 21 arrested in the April 18 corral are still pending in Federal Court with all recent docket submissions under seal.  Edwards plead guilty in April 2013 to an additional 10 counts in State Court,  adding 12 years to the Federal sentence.

What appears to be the primary target of the investigation, Zabeesh Syed, a Pakistani national, has been held in isolation since his plea in 2012.    There is approximately $35K still unaccounted for in Wilson County Sheriff’s Dept. and no accounting of the missing evidence, or cross reference of the VIN numbers of the missing cars is available.



While it is undeniable that the tipster points out the date coincidences in the Wilson County/JVTF and the fact that it correctly names the current suspects, do we assume from that Holly was kept alive and held captive in an effort to thwart someone’s prosecution?

Was Holly Bobo, who attempted to intervene in support of assistance to her cousin Natalie targeted as an informant?   Dylan Adams claims to have those answers- he says he last saw her alive.

Director Gwyn, with knowledge of inside information went on record on February 28th believing Holly Bobo was alive.    However, do his statements before the Senators at the State Capital on the day of Zachary Adam’s arraignment tell a different story, OR, Do they tell the real story of what happened to Holly Bobo?

"I've been battling this meth issue for a long time," Gwyn said.

Gwyn then mentioned a name that those like state Sen. John Stevens, R-Huntingdon, didn't expect to hear: Holly Bobo.

"That was surprising to me that that was brought up, but it's relevant," Stevens said.

It's relevant in this hearing because Gwyn said Bobo's case has to do with meth.

"I worked one of the first methamphetamine-related murders back into the 90s, where a guy kidnapped two young men, tortured them for seven days, killed both of them, threw them off into Center Hill Lake," Gwyn said. "Fast-forward to 2014, and I thought in my career that would be the only time I would ever see anything like that."  

"We made an arrest. Lo and behold, the person has several meth-related charges. And the night we arrested him, he was trying to get meth into the jail," Gwyn said.

  "At what point do we stop the murders? I don't want to inconvenience anybody. There is no family in this state that deserves to go through what that family went through for the past three years," Gwyn said.  – TBI Director Mark Gwyn

BOC has uncovered the case that Gwyn is referring to – and it is gruesome.   The parallels to Holly’s case, the tipster accuracy, and the unfolding events to date in the arrests of those responsible are explosive.

Excerpted, in pertinent part:


Appellate C ourt Clerk

STATE OF TENNESSEE,               )     No. 03C01-9707-CR-00299


Appellee                               )

)     Cumberland County

vs.                                                  )

)     Honorable John Turnbull, Judge


)     (Felony Murder, Especially Aggravated

Appellant                              )     Kidnapping)


Phillip Lane Lawrence, James Talbert Hendrixson, Jr., Michael Redmon, Jeffrey Sanders and Kenny Mason were indicted for two counts of premeditated murder, two counts of felony murder, and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping. Jimmy Anthony Dan was indicted for kidnapping only, and Bruce Edward Rochefort was indicted for kidnapping and aggravated assault.  These men were awaiting trial when Tatrow’s case was tried.

The defense called the other defendants to the stand but each one refused to testify on Fifth Amendment grounds.


The appellate opinion can be read here.  WARNING- IT is graphic and disturbing.  Three years after the murders, Connie Tatrow was indicted and subsequently convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines.    Another disturbing coincidence to the Bobo case is that in James Tatrow’s initial police interviews, he claimed that the murder victims (insert) had been picked up from the Dry Creek area by someone in a black Camaro.   Shortly after Holly was abducted, pictures surfaced online, by an individual whose residence ended up being searched in the case, Anthony Calabrese of a black Camaro, claiming to have Holly’s flip flops near the door.





With a clear motive from TBI Director Gwyn, which occurs after recorded conversations taking place between alleged suspects in Decatur County jail following which he presumably was briefed and subsequent plea deal for Austin indicating he will provide the location of Holly’s remains the assumption can be drawn that prosecutors and TBI investigators know what happened to Holly Bobo that ultimately ended her life.

The question becomes- Do WE ever really want to know?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is continuing to interview and investigate possible additional suspects.  The TBI is asking anyone with information to call 1-800 TBI FIND

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  1. Jane says:

    This might be a really CRAZY question, but I’ll ask anyway. Could there be a possibility this man was so scared that he called TBI to bring him in, put him under protective custody and just fabricate his death.

    No. But I don’t think it was a crazy question in this case.

  2. BeenThere says:

    I’m wondering if you can comment on this most recent update from the link below?

    There seems to be some new requests by the defense attorneys’

    Thank You Blink

    I can tell you on behalf of defense counsel- the motions are proper in his/their representation. No judge is going to sanction a newly appointed prosecutor and that factor was for drama and to incense Nichols. Not going to work considering she could have declined and she is aware of what Stowe knows.

    To an extent- I am hopeful that discovery has not been shared out of an abundance of caution for live and cooperating witnesses- that said, we typically see that under seal. it does not preclude the burden of discovery in total- but if it is tied to direct witnesses or the defense is trying to do that through the back door so to speak- the prosecution will file motions appropriately.

    My sense is – there are evidentiary problems that are looking to be cured through additional testing or technology.. And then- there is the Austin suicide who was a material witness whose plea deal was revoked and that is all we know.

    BeenThere- I have been upfront about my concerns about the prosecution of this case. I am hopeful that is being resolved in the background. I remain shaky on it- which I hate.

  3. BeenThere says:

    Thank You Blink.

    The voice of reason is always refreshing.
    Jennifer Nichols response (with yesterday’s date) is at this link.


  4. Sunshine_4me says:

    John Dylan Adams charged with premeditated first-degree murder and murder in the perpetration of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated rape of Holly Bobo.

    I have been getting that feeling something was about to update in her case- thanks for posting, this is encouraging news. It also means someone is talking who is hopefully credible.

  5. lane says:

    Basically needs to be sentence for life with the key melted down also needs the book thrown at himself that’s just plain old stupid stuff

  6. Lestur says:

    i need an update since us taxpayers in TN don’t get any, I figured you would be a reliable source since I haven’t seen any info in Nashville on poor Holly recently… is ZA still in being held in Williamson cty? And JA still at Riverbend? Shayne offed himself supposedly, MP is being held some where in fed gun charges, JP charges dropped for now? Is DA still in Robertson cty? And RSM and MA, possible JD state custody? Do I have this correct (about)? It’s been a while since I have checked on Hollys case but since it has been moving at a snails pace, I don’t see many updates on the suspects, weird since I live in the nashville area and Decatur cty is so close….Blink, w/ the stolen pearls and JP the Jeweler being charged (i know there was a robbery of possibly 2 kmarts north of nashville roughly 9 months ago, the surveillance the local news showed convinced me it was JP by his clothing and walk but LE announced he had been cleared for those robberies) any updates w/ JP? He seemed like he was trying to weasel himself out of a lie w/ his interview and Ms King calling him out…sorry for all the questions but Hollys case is so important and complicated w/ many players according to local rumor, just wanted to make sure I was up
    To date on all charges, TY in advance

    Im going to need you to spell out the names please- there are way too many in this case for me to make assumptions. The latest data is the DA is seeking the death penalty against all 3 defendants.

  7. Kerry says:

    ZA Zachary Adams
    MP mark Pearcy
    JP Jeff Pearcy
    RSM Rob Moody
    MA Mike Alexander
    JD Jon Dodd

    This case isn’t going anywhere, is it? :(

    I pray for the ends of justice for this child- she suffered the unimaginable and as a Mother of a daughter just younger than Holly- I will my strength and hope to this family.

  8. Sherry Hefner says:

    TBI is a big disappointment. They have flubbed several cases over the past number of years. They handled Holly’s case very poorly from the early days…and local LE didn’t help either.

  9. Ragdoll says:

    Any progress for Holly, in this case? It seems too quiet in TN, kwim.

    I do.

    In my view, Holly’s case seems to be languishing because it is part of a Federal investigation.

    If told, this is going to be one of the most horrific victim stories ever. Holly is a sweet child of God, and this is not even in her rear-view.

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Thanks, B.

    You’ve been warning us for a long time that Holly suffered, perhaps, beyond our understanding. Grateful it’s gone to a Federal level.

    If she was used by TBI as an informant, I will never understand why they weren’t more vigilant over her and her safety. They put her life in danger.

    Praise the Lord, she rests in sweet Peace. xo

  11. Dr. Pepper says:

    I’ve been reading a ton over on Reddit and I’ve read this thousands of times but can’t remember- assuming the anonymous source was correct and Holly was at that time alive and saved in Nachez etc – did we ever learn any info on Where she went/was taken etc after she was “saved”. Has your source contacted you again?

    I do not believe at the time of the source she was still alive, but I do think it is possible she was for a time, yes. My source contacted me to say thank you for giving that info to LE anonymously. It is very important that people know I am a woman of my word- without fail. I think the fact that her remains were located is proof she was never rescued. Sweet little lady, God rest her soul.

  12. Cindy says:

    I just jumped back to this case to see if there were any updates regarding charges of those arrested. Have any of them gone to trial yet?

  13. jim bob says:

    Its been far too long. Shouldn’t they proceed with the trial before the bad guys are released? What the heck is going on Blink?

    Very fair and relevant question.
    I am trying very diligently to NOT allow prior experience with TN cases to temper my opinion, but so far, this is becoming par.
    If you know the history of this case, it should be clear to even the most casual observer we have a prosecution and LE divide- and that almost always means an evidentiary or informant breech (or both). We have a dead witness ( I personally believe very strongly his role was far more active than even the prosecutor knew at the time) and we have issues with local LE. I know this first hand… to be clear, these individuals were named within a week of Bobo’s disappearance and what I also personally believe is going to be the subject of further civil litigation- is that LE error and parallel investigations for drug use/sales thwarted the ability to locate Ms. Bobo while she was still alive.

    It is not the first case I have worked on personally that ended up involving the homicide of potential informants or informant activity- but it is incredibly similar in what such a case “looks like” in terms of trial prep and discovery. I have said this adnauseum. What Holly Bobo endured and for how long is known to the parties in this case, and instead of preparing the prosecutions for appeal before a trial even starts, these folks need to get into court.

    God bless this child and her family. I only know one thing for sure- God was with Holly when she needed him.

  14. Thanks Sally- I hope this will happen, but I trust nothing in this case.

  15. Rose says:


    Thank you Rose. At the risk of sounding a bit negative this evening in Holly’s case- I sometimes wish I would un-know what I do know about her case, and that everyone should be spared from what is to come. Most especially her parents and brother. And everyone else. Its horrific.

  16. Ode says:

    He shot her in the head. He was done and just shot her in the head.

    May God forgive me, but I have zero doubt this child of God was likely glad for what she went through to end. These POS are evil barbarians.

  17. Ode says:

    Sending prayers to the Bobo family and all of Holly’s friends. Today may be a really difficult one for them although there has been so many they have had to go through since Holly disappeared from her own home.

    Ode, thank you so much for commenting and your kind prayers. How I lament not having the time to properly cover this phase of Holly’s case. That said, I am reviewing the trial testimony daily.
    I have concerns. Given the voluminous legal record (former prosecutor recuses after fallout (my words) with Gwynn et al) and the “please take one” dispenser of quasi immunity deals and prison informants- as I listened to Autry testify I already know he is a liar. Adams came into contact with Holly because of her cousin Natalie and her drug debts, period.

    I have no doubt in my mind that part of the prosecution strategy is to yank Autry’s “deal” due to committing perjury. I have no doubt in my mind that the prosecution in this case feels the ends of justice will be best served this way- I just pray they are right.


  18. Rose says:


    And this is written from a statutory perspective from a lawyer with little specific knowledge of the case itself- once we incorporate the 5 or 6 blanket immunity deals ( I admit I am unclear how Autry’s went from an immunity agreement to possible immunity for leniency) but what does appear clear to me is the State’s motivation from prior immunity grants (Austin) that its direct evidence in this case is scarce) and the threats from LE who actually suspected this group of freaks in the first week of Holly’s disappearance, I am concerned. Additionally, any “CSI” buff can already see how Autry’s depiction of how Holly was killed is not credible and entirely self serving to mitigate his involvement.

    Austin was witnessed stalking Holly Bobo the weekend before- and Adams is showing up to her home hiding out in the carport and attacks her because he is there to teach Clint how to cook meth? Ftlog, who gets any immunity for making up shit in the first place? I do not know if Holly Bobo actually was an informant due to her concern over her cousin Natalie’s relationship with Adams or if they BELIEVED she was, but that was the reason she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and in my view tortured (allegedly on video- whatever happened to that?) Fwiw, Gwinn has always been on-point as to the facts of this case, imo.


  19. Ode says:

    I wonder about Clint being an informant and in some convoluted way that is where the “meth” story originated.

    Right- I wondered the same at some point and I suppose I am not satisfied that I can exclude it, although I do not believe it personally. Where I keep coming back to- are early witness accounts, some of which were stated to me personally in an interview basis, (which I turned over to TBI to assist although I most certainly was not obligated to but I requested permission from the source) indicated to me that Natalie Bobo and her drug use/potential distribution ended up getting Holly involved where she paid off a drug debt, or offered to. This was before Holly was located, and the lead investigator has since admitted on the stand that the actors (accused and in Austin’s case deceased) were known in the first days/weeks of this investigation and absolutely NO investigation of them was preformed.

    These creeps were well known drug suppliers in this area- and the case was removed from the local jurisdiction, I will let y’all draw your own inferences on that.

  20. BMan says:


    I didn’t follow you comment “the prosecution strategy is to yank Autry’s “deal” due to committing perjury. I have no doubt in my mind that the prosecution in this case feels the ends of justice will be best served this way”

    Are you saying that you believe Autry was lying on the stand and that the prosecution knows this and ultimately plans to use this against him?

    Also didn’t a witness (neighbor in the area walking one morning) claim that Zach (not Shane) was in the vicinity stalking Holly days before the murder?

    Thanks for your comments – B

    I am saying it is possible that Autry is testifying to mitigate his own involvement, or to avoid detection of ancillary crime- keep in mind Autry is a co defendant- why are we willing to believe that he remains a co defendant after immunity if the State believes his story because no charges have been dropped against him in the first place. There were over 600 witnesses in the original discovery and over 190K of discovery documents in this case (4TB data)- does it bother anyone else that the prosecutions case may not even last 2 weeks, considering?

    I am absolutely confident that it was Shayne Austin who kidnapped Holly from that driveway/carport- which I would expect to see presented in the defense’s case. Not sure that it matters much now, except how are they going to prove the aggravated kidnapping charge?

    The prosecution offered Austin a plea agreement for his involvement of the unlawful burial (disposing of a corpse, the TN equivalent) so one can assume that he had the “original” Autry story- and once again, Autry is only testifying to what is tantamount to the same- pretty convenient for him.

    According to Frizzell (cell data expert) all phones were “off the grid” at the time of Holly’s abduction, yet hers was not. I can tell you that in my work (in similar cases) I would expect to see a subpoena return on any cell towers that ping with Holly’s at the same time in addition to the suspect cell numbers- why you ask?? Because most drug dealers use multiple phones and burner phones and I would add Holly’s phone and sim card end up pinging off the tower near her home for the last time at 9:25AM when neither Shayne, Autry nor Zack’s phone ping anywhere near there- Dylan’s apparently was inactive (evidentiarily speaking that has no value). My point- this is a very incomplete picture as to events when we consider all that can be said with certainty is what the cell data can tell us, not necessarily confirming who was in possession of who’s phone per se. I have never seen a criminal trial where there are stipulations between the State and the Defense where those agreements are not entered into the record prior to testimony. The jury has a right to consider that when evaluating testimony. Another example- the State never qualified when exactly these reports were generated and it’s chain of evidence to support Frizzell’s findings. If I am a juror, and I see that Adams/Autry’s phones are pinging in the location of ultimately where Holly is found 3 years later- don’t we think they (or some) are asking wth that area was not searched when these people were identified in the first 2 weeks? Its mind boggling.

    I have to believe that also means Adams will absolutely be presenting a defense and its experts.

  21. Jerry says:

    Not sure if you are saying all of Autry’s testimony is false or just parts, but it appears that cell phone pings on both his phone and Adams’ phone confirm that, at the minimum, they took that route that day. Otherwise why wouldn’t there be any defense rebuttal? I do agree there is a reason they took her but I also believe that Clint’s story does not add up. Pretty much everything Autry said on the stand has, to some degree, been corroborated. If not, then you are suggesting a conspiracy, as LE would have to manipulate. Your thoughts?

    Hi Jerry- good question.
    As I understand it, there are (or were) 5 different people that have executed immunity deals with the state. ALL of them require truthful testimony and NONE of them grant immunity for perjury. I have worked on cases personally where this has been a prosecution strategy when there are multiple defendants. I can’t say for certain if this is the case here, but one question I ask is why would all of them need immunity deals to convict one person if they are alleging multiple defendants? That is a story I believe the jury will wish to hear. Autry absolutely knows what the State “has” and what they need from him- AND keep in mind one of the defendants is now dead.

    I am not suggesting a conspiracy- I think the early errors in this case have made it an absolute nightmare to prosecute people I believe were absolutely involved in her death. I am not at all comfortable immunity-protected testimony of a co defendant is enough to convict Adams or will survive appeals when NONE of it (while not hearsay under TN law) is being offered as the “truth of the matter asserted” – it will be very interesting to hear the Judge’s final jury instructions. As far as a defense rebuttal- an actual rebuttal occurs after the completion of the defendant’s case (if they present one) and it is requested by the State. A court usually requires the State to notice they will exercise the option- I don’t know if they have. I will be the first to admit I am very unclear as to the defense’s strategy thus far, but in the event there is none, and the “strategy” is not to present a defense under the guise that the State did not present its case- I will have plenty to say. Because right now, Thompson comes across as scatterbrained, unfocused and seriously lacking in forensic knowledge of any kind, but specifically DNA and pings. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but it is painful to watch.


  22. Dr. Pepper says:

    I didn’t realize they had finally gone to trial until I saw it late last night on Reddit. (HysteryMystery has been covering the heck out of it on the Unresolved Mysteries sub).

    I quickly read through highlights of testimony and obviously came here immediately to see your thoughts.

    i was wondering earlier this AM “why in the hell were these creeps not suspected early on” …. well, we know why.

    Honestly, following this crap is giving me a headache. I just pray that prosecutors provide the jury with enough evidence to convict.

    Frankly, I’ll say that it’s my belief that certain members of LE (whatever dept) had a reason to avoid investigating these creeps early on. Why on earth would the dots not be connected? Natalie was obviously in contact with Holly. Did we ever hear a peep from her?

    I wonder if Clint will be questioned on the stand in order to deny the meth accusations.

    Lawd. I can’t with this case

    I think the handling of the case by local LE and the TBI is abysmal and needs review.
    Clint testified he never met Zach or Autry- I found him to be an extremely credible witness and I still say this culminated with Natalie Bobo.

  23. Ode says:

    Blink I have read that Natalie is in Italy. I know at one time she was living in Kentucky. Do you think she is avoiding this trial by being out of the country?

    I don’t know where she is, or if her location has been confirmed… and… to be perfectly honest I am not sure I trust any official sources on the issue. I am caught up 100% on the trial testimony and I literally have no idea wtf is going on, its a hot mess.

    ETA: She is stateside and has been subpoenaed. It is true that the State itself cannot enforce deuces tecums for out of state folks on its own, but there are many ways to accomplish this. My assumption is that the State decided she is a better witness for the defense and they can get her involvement “in” through Autry in the first place. The defense likely doesn’t want her because she leads to guilt for her defendant by supplying the true motive. This situation destroyed the Bobo extended family- one can note Natalie’s parents are nowhere in sight to support Karen and Dana.

    This girl is a very large key to what happened to Holly Bobo and why- but considering the defendants were passed up as suspects for several years although it seems like just about every LEA under the sun interviewed them early, one FBI agent even snapping shots of Zach’s scratches and bruises, I think she presents another example of how effed up the investigation on the ground was. The investigation itself needs serious review. I cried when Karen Bobo testified that the original case agent promised her Holly would be home by specific Holidays repeatedly. What LE professional does that and for what reason? What has happened to him as far as sanctions?


  24. Jerry says:

    It is indeed a strange trial. It’s amazing to me how much both sides are allowed to lead the witness. The other thing I find strange is that everything the prosecution has done so far is directly related to JA’s testimony, so the question is: What did they have to arrest these guys on before JA’s deal and statements?

    Shayne Austin’s proffer.
    The prosecution has no case without Autry because they can’t even meet their burdens- there are so many holes and unanswered questions in a capital case (3 defendants) hinging on a guy who is charged similarly. The State has the fact that in this jurisdiction it may just be enough that the jury thinks they could give a rats ass who did “what” per se and convict them all- I will give them that- if the trial survives some of the antics (to your point) that may end up presenting as judicial errors in appellate court. This poor family.

    While we are at it- I would like to see Shayne Austin’s autopsy protocol. My imagination is starting to get the better of me- is he dead or in WITSEC? Seems like a fair question.

  25. Dr. Pepper says:

    B- did Britt’s name ever come up when you were working this?

    I learned more from Dicus’s testimony than I knew/uncovered on our end, but to date, he cannot be excluded. The story about his wife going to work briefly (and then he calls her and she takes off), also they delivered papers until 4am but they went to look at a bathtub at 8 am? Not being able to exclude someone does not implicate them per se, but honestly, in this case, there is no more evidence against the 3 men, and moreover, I don’t think enough forensic work has been done on the overall cell dumps per tower.

    The fact that both TBI and Fed agents testified in this case that they (sic) believe Dicus is the guy, in open court, for the defense is a UGE deal. From memory, first time I have seen it in a high profile case.


  26. Cindy says:

    I’ve questioned Natalie Bobo’s involvement since way back during the search when she was interviewed. Her tears were insincere, or she was scared for her own safety. I think it was a “everyone for themself moment”. Did I read correctly that she was in touch with Holly while Holly was disappeared? Or did I mis-read?
    I, honestly, need a diagram to put determine how all of these thugs interacted and stole a young girl’s life.
    Prayers for her family.

    SHe was not. Ditto on Natalie.

    What a God forsaken Hot Mess this case is.

  27. Dr. Pepper says:

    I want justice for Holly. Part of me feels like the prosecution must have some sort of smoking gun that was ruled inadmissible, they wouldn’t just go after these guys for no reason. But history tells us sometimes the state has tried the wrong person. Something is missing from this trial, I honestly don’t know if ZA is guilty. Really really sucks.

    Pep, sadly, I learned a long time ago that “justice” is subjective and the dead never get it or want it because they know that is an “earthly” term. I am a deeply spiritual person and I do believe “Vengeance is mine” and the Lord repays.

    By the time I was able to respond to this, Zach Adams has been convicted on all counts. I am not at all surprised, and he may actually be guilty. That said, the goal in any criminal matter has to be “the truth”. I can’t believe anyone watching this trial believes they know any aspect of “truth” as to what actually happened to this sweet child, and why.


  28. Cindy says:

    Wow, that was quick, in perspective to how long it took to bring this case to trial. Zach Adams convicted on all counts. How will “the truth” be unraveled?
    Will it be done in the courts or somewhere down the road or never as I suspect to protect some of those involved. Who sings first?

    This is my very concern. Unraveling the truth.
    Once I look past the under performing crim def counsel (oh and that term is a complete gift) and the prosecutions “lets string em all up and whoever talks first- thats our evidence” it occurs to me what my fundamental disappointment in this case “is”. It is a physical impossibility for the states theory to have been true in certain charges that technically “continue” ( the TN version of “in the commission of), yet they presented it and apparently a jury did not care- this after asking a judge 2x how to weigh an entirely circumstantial case. And this- mark my words- this case will be reversed on appeal.

    What happened to this girl, and why, is critically important to her, her family victims, the community, LE and behavioral analysts. How else can we understand what type of causation, crime, actors are in play so it can then be prevented by some means? How do we assess risk or threat to public (community) safety?

    Lastly- How the eff do we know we have the right people locked up?


  29. Ode says:

    Blink I think he is actually guilty but not the only one guilty. I can’t say one is more guilty than the other. This was just a swarm of drug fueled heartless men that hunted a victim and struck. I pray they drugged Holly so much that she was not aware of the pack of hungry wolves that devoured her. What happened to her is one of women’s worse nightmares. It was not quick it was torture. The only thing I can imagine worse would be an assault upon my child. I am glad he was convicted no matter what part he played. God will deal with him, he needs to be put away for life.

    As you know I have been saying for years that what happened to Holly is unimaginable. This girl was tortured in every way for hours- and to be clear, there are some that believe it was actually days. I do believe she was drugged and I pray she was. This crime started with Holly intervening in her cousin’s issue with Adams- and Natalie was never even called as a witness. Nobody was paying attention (reporters as usual) but Holly’s former bf (she had a restrainer order against him) Blake Barnett was actually arrested last week in a drug bust. That’s one Hell of a coinky during this trial, imo.

    God is always the ultimate judge and punisher, of that I have no doubt. We owe it to this child to know exactly why and what and who- if for no other reason than to have others take their intended lesson from it.

    Maybe it’s me- I refuse to believe such a sick and egregious violation can happen without exposing the truth about those that dared, and how others can learn from it and frankly, protect themselves.

  30. Jane says:

    I asked same question re Shane’s death back in March 2015. Thought maybe he was put in witness protection. Can’t imagine what the Bobos have endured sitting through this trial and reliving this horiffic crime. I sure miss Blink and all the great contributors to the site.

    Im still floored the US Marshall had to have the AUSA Attorney present so as not to discuss use of a stingray (presumed) or some other tactic that told me in no way could this have happened as the prosecution presented during the trial and most definitely not her remarks during her rebuttal close.

  31. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Any thoughts on this monster taking a plea deal on the day jury sentencing deliberations were to start, Ms. B? Was following a reporter’s tweets last week to keep up with trial. Relieved this part is over for the Bobo family and friends.

    Hugs from NC!


    My thoughts are that it was definitely in his lawyers and his best interests. While I have a great many reservations about what happened during the pendancy of this case, and I do not believe prosecutors actually know what really happened and who was involved, I do believe Adams was. My concern is overall constitutional, but specifically if this family is put through an appeal and Dylan Adams trial all over again. Autry’s deal was decided before he testified and the jury had a right to know what that was in assessing his credibility- that alone has a chance at overturning this verdict. The thought of this family being put through more pain- most especially the criticism of Clint is outrageous for me. My earlier comments also stand THG, hugs to you too.

  32. Cindy says:

    I am fully aware that justice does not always come as it should. There is a lot of law enforcement and judicial personnel involved in this case. I am not saying that there might be a cover up of sorts, but plausible. But why? To cover there mistakes? Or, back to my original thought to protect someone of wealth and power in the area? We all know that if “we stick together, it will never be known theory” only works for so long. Shane could have been so over-whelmed with the distaste for what he had done and committed suicide or was threatened to the point of taking the easy way out. I’m sure that there must be some evidence to prove that point. It’s hard to believe that this group of sickos were able to out smart law enforcement without some help.

    I do not disagree Cindy-

  33. Ragdoll says:

    Hey, y’all!

    Just learned about the outcome of the trial. I’m still processing emotions…especially where Holly and her family is concerned. The trial certainly didn’t reveal Holly’s horror. Maybe for the best

    Hi FriendLY!!
    You and me both.

  34. Dr. Pepper says:

    Wait, I thought Blake Barnett was her actual boyfriend at the time and was turkey hunting. I thought it was actually another ex boyfriend who she had the RO against…but I never saw his name. Iirc we never suspected her boyfriend?

    Drew Scott was her bf at the time, the RO was def against BB. Drew’s name is actually on her headstone, God rest her sweet little soul.

  35. Dr. Pepper says:

    Ok I was remembering incorrectly. I just googled. I’ve thought B.B. was her current (at time of disappearance) boyfriend.

    np Pep, thanks for checking.

  36. Dr. Pepper says:

    Never mind, Drew was her precious boyfriend. RIP sweet Holly

  37. Looking for says:

    Okay, this may seem really weird but I was wondering if I could get any info on Victor Dinsmore, I´ve been trying to find him because he may be my father and this court case is all I can find of him online. Not a very flattering first impression as I´ve never met him but regardless, it´s the only lead I have.

    Hi there- I do not allow “anonymous” as a user name here, and no doubt you would not know that so I just changed it, and then I changed it again considering I came up with looking for VD, lol, which of course won’t work- my apologies.

    Unfortunately I am not able to give out that sort of information (not that I have maintained any current files) so my best advice to you is to contact the child support enforcement division where you live and request they help you with any resources to locate him.

  38. Cindy says:

    Zach Adams convicted on all counts. What has happened to the others involved? I am guessing still awaiting trial. And, why did Natalie Bob get a pass on testifying? And will she in other trials?

    For me, the TRUTH is always the goal. Truth first, hopefully justice second. That is my order of priority for a litany of reasons, but the least of which is because in a case like this, there is not going to be any justice on earth per se. It may be of some comfort that some creepy criminals are off the street, but I seriously doubt the actual truth of what happened to this sweet girl will ever be known publicly. Natalie Bobo effectively got her cousin killed- and she did not do a flipping thing to aid justice for it either. Not a fan. I realize my response may sound unprofessional or emotional, but that girl is not going to get a pass from me. I will search my heart for forgiveness, but I am being honest- it does not seem to be forthcoming as far as she is concerned.

  39. Cindy says:

    I agree with you.
    My opinion only, Natalie new at some point and let it happen. Cannot prove it. But it is there like the elephant in the room.
    Not a random kidnapping and planned.
    I pray law enforcement (all) has learned from this case.

    Innocence lost, a family and friends devastated and a community torn. Despicable.

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