Holly Bobo Missing And Endangered: Are Suspects Naming Themselves- Odd Dodd?

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Darden, TN–


On the eve of the 4 week anniversary of missing Darden, TN nursing student, Holly Bobo, new investigative details are being learned about the case. Two unofficial persons of interest have taken their case “public” in a way.

While blinkoncrime.com was aware of this information, a decision was made to withhold it in the interests of the cases “active” status previously.

That was, until today, when one of the known person’s of interests in Holly’s disappearance, outed himself publicly.

Jonathan Dodd, son of Bradley Grafton Dodd, and Dena Logan Dodd, chose the Parsons topix forum to “defend” himself against what he termed “death threats”.

Blink, Editor In Chief of www.blinkoncrime.com, was able to confirm the poster on the topix forum was indeed, Jon Dodd.

Speaking exclusively to www.blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, an extended family member of the Dodd family, sheds more light on Master Dodd’s claims.

“.. Yes, that is definitely him. I have no idea how he can say he does not know the Bobo family, he went to Scotts Hill with Holly for a short time. Karen Bobo, Holly’s Mom, worked for Grafton Dodd, his grandfather, when he was the principle of the Parson’s junior High when it was still there, Brad and Grafton are on the school board, there is no way that is true what is said.


Jon Dodd High School List From His myspace


When he is saying something was stolen from the property, he is talking about the ATV you wrote about before, when I saw that, I knew you were aware of him.   Sandy  called the sheriffs department before she knew that Holly was missing to report that their ATV was stolen. Sandy is also the cheer leading coach at Riverside High, since forever, and she got into some minor trouble a few years back because she got caught rigging the tryouts. Nothing major, but everyone knew about it. Dena, his Mom, was a teacher at Riverside shortly after he got transferred, which is weird again.

Everyone in this family has been covering for Jon since he was a kid. I could not believe when he stabbed Brad with a scissors when he was about 8 1/2, there was a big cover up. Last year Dena moved to Gwinnett County because the grands let him get away with anything. He has a baby with Shelby Sellers and nobody really even knew about that until after.

Jon went to the great-grandparents for a while in Arab, Ala in 2006 after the girl was killed in the car accident that got his ass beat up when he said she deserved it, and again, nobody said a word. Brad and Dena started up that Boy Scouts thing for him and (redacted by blink).

What is he talking about? What does donate DNA mean? O that is totally him, I can tell by the “I get paid to hunt” or whatever. Speaking of hunting, the abandoned cabin that volunteers found, when Grafton was told, was when he refused permission for any other searches and they got a warrant. Grafton and Sandy were seen removing a mattress from that part of the property, the one they found in the place where the outhouses were used recently. (redacted) saw him in WalMart, he looked at her and said he did not do it, I swear. Really scary.

He (Jon) did not donate DNA, it was taken from him in the parking lot of Tuckers Diner, he did not have a choice. The LE came there and showed some papers. Grafton’s was taken too, but I don’t know were, I heard it was at the area of the Pugh property, by that Shayne Austin’s parents house.

Another doozie…”

The X Factor

A former boyfriend of Holly Bobo’s, Blake Barnett, is also doing nothing to avoid being scrutinized. It is clear from his facebook postings that he is aware of his “celebrity”, and that folks following this case, are reading.

While it does not make him a bad guy, we have confirmed that he has had a background of  alleged violence, in a former relationship with Holly Bobo.

He was the first name utttered by Holly Bobo’s parents, Dana and Karen, when they learned of her abduction.

That said, there is no known evidence linking Mr. Barnett to Holly’s disappearance.

Barnett is no stranger to violence, unfortunately, Blake, his brother and sister lost their parents Timothy and Janice in a brutal murder in 1993.

John Robinson, with actus reus assistance from his wife Kimberly, murdered both of the Barnett’s because they were after him for bounced checks.

Amelia, Blake’s little sister, was left in her crib for 48 hours before police found her while looking for the Barnett’s.  She survived.

There have been no official suspects or persons of interest named in the disappearance of Holly Bobo in 4 weeks.

There has not been a LE update to her case since May 2.

The search effort for Holly Bobo continues.

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