Blink On Crime Series Exclusive: New Prosecution Evidence Uncovered In The West Memphis Three Murders

West Memphis, AR- On May 5, 1993, three 8 year old best buds were brutally murdered and submerged in a drainage ditch in West Memphis, AR.

Stevie Branch, J. Michael Moore and Chris Byers were located the next day; beaten, hogtied, and worse.

On June 3, 1993,  Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were arrested for all three murders.

Damien Echols is on death row, Baldwin and Misskelley received life sentences.

In a four part series, presented by’s investigative team, new prosecution evidence is uncovered in the case against The West Memphis Three.

Part I debuts tomorrow.

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  1. Im from the UK an from what little knowlage I have on this case wasnt an admisssion of guilt from one of thease boys practically all the evidence L E had against them.The one that fessed up was educationally challenged.Also the timeline he gave didnt match up with the facts,I saw a documentry about this case an remember feeling uneasy about one of the murdered childrens step father.

    ecossie- we are covering all of that. To date, this is the one of the most challenging cases I have ever worked.

    Applying 2011 investigative analysis to an 18 year old capital case, where the crime is just as heinous, and of course involving 3 children, I can definitely live without. I was asked to review it by a colleague with the agreement I would publish my findings, whatever the outcome, and I am.

    It will stay with me always.


  2. Ragdoll says:

    Blink, I have been DYING for you to cover this story. Can’t wait for your pieces.

    Infinite blessings, friendy!!!!

    Heart u friendly. Steel yourself, you have a wee-man, this is going to hit home double-time.

  3. Kym Johnson says:

    This was West Memphis, Arkansas not TN. Thought you might want to correct before the series starts. Thanks for a great site!

    Kym, thanks so much for pointing that out, as you will see in the report, that was a freudian error on my part.
    Much appreciated.

  4. Jinxmom says:

    First time poster but love love love reading here. Consider my interest piqued. I have read a little on this as well as caught a few things on tv. Can`t wait to see what ya`ll have uncovered.

    Welcome and cool hat.

  5. shyloh says:

    I have followed this case as well. Blink I pray your findings aren’t pointing the fingers at the West Memphis 3 because I believe in their innocence. You’re starting to scare me ha. I had my thoughts on the step father. But I know and trust you have done your work well. Of course I haven’t gotten a hold of all that you have. May the truth come out in this case. It’s been a lllllllllooooooonnnnnngggg time waiting.

    I hope that at the end you will feel our diligence has brought about as much of the truth as one can in an 18 year old case with a 2011 “microscope”, if you will.

  6. CJinTX says:

    Thank you for covering this story Blink! I have followed it on Investigation Discovery and now to have you on the case makes me very happy. There is definitely something not right here. I do not think LE has the killers of the three 8-years-old. Anxiously awaiting your series!

    I think people that follow this case are very passionate in their opinions about it.
    For me, I had never followed the case whatsoever so I went into it completely unbiased.

    I am no longer unbiased. I am hopeful everyone is able to keep an open mind, and try to consider the facts and not the hype, if you will.

  7. Cat says:

    This case was a witch-hunt, the boys appeared to fit the mold, and were convicted on false pretenses. In light of the new DNA evidence, all three of them, at the very least, deserve a new unbiased trial. It would appear that there is more evidence against Terry Hobbs than the three boys currently serving. I look forward to your article Blink.

    Cat- I will look forward to your feedback after publishing, I know there are many folks that share your sentiment.

  8. Moi says:

    Blink, it is clear you have a gift for what you do. We were all placed on this earth for something. Most folks never realize that but I believe you have and embraced it!

    That said…this is off topic…but since you’re so good at this we have a local case that is heartbreaking for the little community in which it occurred. The Smart family murder. Dad, mom, and 9 yr. old girl all shot in the head. Girl found across state line and tossed off a bridge into a stream as if someone were tossing a can out the window :

    Has been 9 yrs and no breaks in the case. Sadly this is more complicated by the fact the county sheriff was under suspicion for criminal activity and WAS eventually charged. So whether he had direct knowledge or whether he just didn’t care at the time may be a factor.

    If you EVER have time, please consider taking a look at old and sad case. New sheriff says they are closer, but I have to wonder.,0,3648746.story

    I reviewed that case briefly a while ago, I personally believe LE should be speaking with Jett Duncan in an effort to exclude him.

  9. Carol says:

    I vividly remember this case, I have a nephew who was about the same age as the boys who were murdered at that time, I live across the bridge in Memphis, the tertor was so real to us, people were afraid to let their children play outside.
    The community blamed the Wiccans for it , I only know that once these 3 young men were apprehended, there was a collective sigh of relief .
    It is a very emotionally charged case , esp for people in West Memphis and their neighbors across the bridge from them.
    Where do I stand with this ?I am torn , between wanting justice for those little boys and not knowing for sure if we had the right suspects in custody.

    well that is about as fair and open of an opinion one could hope for.

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Unfortunately, I’m too familiar :( I stumbled across this a few years ago. I have a special place in my heart for Michael, Stevie, Christopher, and their families. I’m 70% certain of ‘the who’ and pray for justice.

    I have a feeling I share your opinion, Blinkness. You’ll do this story justice.

    Heart ya too, lassie! XO

  11. Ragdoll says:


    West Memphis, AR- On May 5, 1993, three 8 year old best buds were brutally murdered and submerged in a drainage ditch in West Memphis, AR. It is confusing, being that West Memphis is literally west of Memphis, TN.


    West Memphis, AR is considered part of the Memphis metropolitan area, and is located directly across the Mississippi River from Memphis.,_Arkansas


    Not sure where the freudian slip was? …but I’ll let B tell the story. Hope you got your steel on too, friendy <3

    Welcome to BOC Jinxmom! :D

  12. coppertopper says:

    Blink- Long to reader- I have followed this case for several years and there are sooooo many questions. I have watched the Paradise Lost documentaries and read several books on the wm3. I feel that the 3 should at least get a new trial. I am not convinced that they murdered the 3 boys. Thank you for all that you do – I have read for a long time but only posted a couple.

  13. Angellica says:

    I can’t wait to read Blink’s take on this case!

  14. Moi says:

    OOPS. Actually it is the SHORT family murder. Lord. Brain fart in my world today :)

  15. StephG says:

    Glad, you’re covering this Blink. Such a tragic story, but ultimately I DO believe the boys charged with the crime are in fact guilty. I know there is some controversy surrounding their convictions, but I have yet to see anything that changes my mind about their guilt.

  16. OhioSheryl says:

    Blink ~ I am anxious to read your series…I still have many questions that need answered, and still have an open mind to all possibilities.

    The findings of the recent dna test should have put this case back in the courts ASAP, or more investigative hours at the least.

  17. Mom3.0 says:

    I understand now, why you warned me about the new case you would be covering…
    Aw Blink- I never followed this sad case closely, butI do rememebr beng haunted by what was reported IRT what those three little boys went through….and I remember thinking why/how would anyone do that-?…I also remember the whole satan worshiping angle did not sit right with me.

    Very eager to hear the whole story, but I am bracing myself, as I know this is one, that will haunt me forever.

    I sincerely hope that if these young men are innocent, they will get a new trial. If they are guilty I hope they remain in jail.
    I sincerely hope if the guilty person/s are roaming free they will be apprehended and prosecuted…
    I sincerely hope LE does not let ego or anything else stand in the way of true justice.


  18. Rubyrose says:

    Blink -So glad you are covering this story. I have followed this from the beginning and truly believe the three to be innocent.

  19. Al says:

    I too look forward to reading this. I have an open mind about this but I also know that everything I have read advocates mostly for the 3 convicted. It does sound questionable for sure but I also know that as cases get older, passionate advocates for people who are supposedly wrongly convicted tend to drown out the rest of the story. I have followed the stories of Leonard Peltier and Jeffrey MacDonald, two convicted murderers who have a staunch line of people advocating for their innocence including Robert Redford in Peltier’s case. IMO, both men are exactly where they belong.

    Excellent Points, in editing, posting in about an hour

  20. Bam from Mississippi says:

    I have read “Almost Home” by Damien… I’ve read “The Devil’s Knot” by Mara…. I’ve watched part one and two of the HBO documentary…I’ve gone to West Memphis and visited the Beacon, Robinhood Hills…. and the street where the kids were last seen riding bikes….. I’m attached.

    I am VERY anxious to read this work by Blink!!!! Especially before the new evidentary hearing coming up!!

    HI to all!!

    Well I hope you feel I am being fair and thorough.

  21. connie says:

    I have watched this case for years hoping that the truth would come out, and I am so thankful you are on this case now. The details of this case are so offensive on so many different levels… but the victims and the accused deserve the truth.

  22. M Harris says:


    MAN! I’m going into this with such a heavy heart. This is just not something I usually do but having entered both Kyron and Caylee’s case way, way in I’m anxious to see you do your thing from beginning to end. I’ve never heard of this case so I’m sure I’m in for quite a ride. I do not envy you.

  23. joan says:

    I too have followed this case very closely over the years …started out believing their guilt,then later questioning…very interested to see what comes out from under the rocks you turn over Blink.

    One nagging question that I hope does get answered. While the stepfather appears to be a fairly strong suspect on the surface, I’ve always thought that there had to be more than one killer to be able to “contain” if you will, three boys, even young ones, or especially young ones…logically,that leads me back to the men in prison…three older boys capable of silencing three small boys,thus no screaming or crying heard..just throwing that out there. Will be following closely.

  24. Wilhelm says:

    Well, just another typical example of christian mass hysteria (google Salem witch hunt) mixed with bad media coverage, at best uneducated American white trash and fear of the unknown. I mean, come on! How can these three kids (at the time) have been prosecuted and convicted with that type of ludicrous “evidence”. The truth will set them free, just you wait.

    Scary how the American “justice” system works. People in important place that got their networks collaborating to make themselves look good while sacrifising all that is right. First, they were afraid to look bad in the public’s eyes so the HAD to find somewhat to pin it on – FAST – and when they got one leg in the sump, they had to follow up with more lies to get a conviction. Even NOW they are afraid to lose face and people who had nothing to do with this FARCE have been protecting “the system” for the sake of its reputation.

    Who will pay for destroying the lives of three young men? Who will suffer the consequences? And will the real killer(s) be caught?

    Well, I knew this type of rhetoric was coming-

    After all, It could not be that these 3 killed three innocent children brutally, are now finally admitting it, because they have been made aware of the states updated evidence against them and a new trial would result in another conviction- right?

    What bothers me more than anything is that people will put their own inability to be wrong, in front of advocacy for these little guys.

    I do not understand that way of thinking. If you want to ask ridiculous questions- I have one.

    What are these three going to do to bring back these three children to their families?


  25. Wilhelm says:

    Haha! Yeah, that was a ridiculous question. Even if they were guilty, would the death penalty bring back the dead kids? Btw, the death penalty, very Christian way of thinking, Christian America.

    This whole case reeks from the beginning. Where’s the EVIDENCE? A Metallica shirt? The fact that he had a book by LaVey? Or a “confession” from a retarded kid who was held illegally by the police and questioned (harassed?) without a lawyer present? The latter would be a breach so serious, and probably more than enough to dismiss the whole case in a normal, civilized country.

    And could 3 youths (one of them retarded) kill three kids and dump them in the woods without leaving ANY traces or DNA? Haha, you got to be kidding me. Common sense. It will get you a long way. Again. Where the hell is the E V I D E N C E?

    Everyone in rural-America that is a tad bit different than or stand out from the rest of the so-called normal, God fearing-righteous hillbilly Christian should be afraid, very afraid. You’re only a little ludicrous crusade and a court failure away of being locked up, or worse – killed by your court of “law”. White trash extravaganza!

    It worries me that this case don’t worry you.

    You obviously have not read the first installment of my series if you don’t feel this case worries me.

  26. Al says:

    Wilhelm, exactly what kind of crusade are you on? You sound like a ‘radical is cool’ guy who perceives that he has been persecuted, or you have a vendetta against rural Christians. Well I got news for you. The human brain evolved from an animal’s brain and still carries certain basic instincts. One of them is to take note of something that stands out in one’s environment. It’s cool if somebody wants to be radically different but it’s stupid as hell when they expect nobody to take notice. Fact is that people who make themselves different want to be noticed. Just like celebrities, sometimes you might not like what you wish for when it comes true.

    As for the DNA evidence, the suspects that WM3 supporters wish to shift the focus too are not Rhodes Scholars either so your point about leaving DNA is invalid.
    Lack of DNA is easily explained by the crime having been committed in water. That is also common sense.

    Now, I suggest you read the history of these young men and forget they ‘looked’ different. I put my emphasis on how they ‘acted’.

    It’s too bad nobody took notice of Harris and Klebold’s ‘difference’. Maybe those kids in Colorado would still be alive if they had.

    I cannot tell you how many times I edited out that reference so I felt this was a stand alone piece-

    That said, I did sneak it in as the Columbine Massacre conversation I had while at a class a week after.

    Sometimes killers look different, sometimes, they do not, as a society, the label thing needs to end.

    People that kill are killers- let’s start there.

  27. [...] However, before you jump on the Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder band wagon that that the three were innocent of any crimes, one best look at some of the great investigative work done by crime blogger, Blink on Crime. Sure there were screw ups, but there was also more than what the WM3 and their mouth pieces are saying.  More at Blink on Crime including the previous investigative work regarding the murder case of the West Memphis Three, HERE and HERE. [...]

  28. Lisa Allen says:

    I am anxiously waiting for part II in this series. When will you have it on the website?

    By 5 PM EST

  29. The 3 will now sue the state officials for 30 Billion dollars in damages. That will be a settlement which includes all court convicting officials who prosecution the boys in the first place. Plus the judge’s job and Judge be placed into custody for his crime of miss judgement. I work for the Media News. I own it.

  30. Blink says:

    Sue the state
    Your joking right? As part of the plea they are barred from suing the state or any persons in it’s employ, and by position the judge has sovereignty anyway.

    What is likely to happen is they will get sued for wrongful death, although they may run into some statute of limitations issues.

    Lol you own the media.

  31. Todd Moore says:

    Blink… This site was pointed out to me a couple of days ago and you have done a great deal of work and I am grateful. Please contact me, I have many questions and ideas.

    Mr. Moore, You have my deepest condolences, and as you can read for yourself, those of the readers and contributors here. I will email you at your address which is private to anyone but me.


  32. Shaun Wheeler says:

    After fifteen years the only thing I’m convinced of is that there should have been three people sentenced to death instead of one.

    Dr. Thomas David swore an affidavit and subsequently testified that he found adult human bite marks. The same marks that have now been called “animal predation” by yet more defense experts. Dr. Harry Mincer, who is twice past president of the only recognized board for forensic odontology, reviewed the photos in 1993 and said he saw no bite marks. At my request, Drs. Homer Campbell and Peter Loomis reviewed the so called “lake knife” and the wounds and concluded they were within 0.5 mm of each other.

    If you think those are the only bogus conclusions presented as fact by the defense you’re in for a hell of a surprise. Fifteen years of uncovering fraud. Nothing has changed.

    Hope you do justice with your article.

  33. williams says:

    Those boys are innocent,I feel bad for those families of the fallen.those cops should be ashamed of yourself and your police will pay for your mistakes.god don’t like ugly.

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