West Memphis Three: Damien Echols Jessie Miskelley and Jason Baldwin Released

Jonesboro, AR- In a statement released Thursday, new judge David N. Laser announced an unscheduled hearing in the case of The West Memphis Three.

Damien Echols,  Charles “Jason” Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley have been incarcerated for 18 years for the murders of Stevie Branch,  Michael Moore, and Chris Byers.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com,  a source connected to the West Memphis Police Department has confirmed that Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin have already been released from the Arkansas Department of Corrections; Misskelley has not.

Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley, along with their families, and the families of the victims, are expected to attend today’s hearing.

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for this developing story.

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  1. Donna Marie says:

    I was wondering when they did the teeth imprints on the WM3. When did Jason get his teeth done. I just saw a picture and his teeth were fixed at a real young age.

  2. Ragdoll says:


    Those of us who know your heart and your passion, don’t need an apology. There will always be ‘hecklers’ and ‘condemnation’ when it comes to taking the road less traveled. I believe those kinds of reactions mean you’re doing something right. Believers of WM3 innocence, haven’t truly investigated or invested time in reading oppositional facts or reports, available on the webz. The most consistent ‘excuse’ they cling to (as well as the guilty 3), like it’s the end of their rope, is a lack of DNA evidence and poor LE investigation. While the investigation was amateur and faulty, it appears their knowledge of the case stops there. BAZINGA to the supporters….Stevie, DE and JB’s blood WAS found on DE’s necklace. Why the pros did not bring that into evidence, is mysterious and unthinkable. WM3 supporters manifested a belief system based on pure ignorance and you, in your ‘ness’ way, rattled those cages to kingdom come. It wasn’t hastily done, either. You did your homework.

    Well done, friendLY. Well done!

  3. Ragdoll says:

    @ vada says:
    September 3, 2011 at 3:20 am


    he covrs his mouth bc his teeth and cold sore. hes insecure.

    Hi Vada!

    My personal opinion of DE, is that he has no connection to his wife other than she helped liberate him from death row. He needs her to be consistent. If you read the ’500′, he scared his own family, beginning at a young age. He was passed around from home to home to home, unable to adapt. His mental health is a HUGE part of this case. It is consistent with someone who is capable of these types of killings.

    callahan.8k.com/wm3 <—– It's a long and slow read, but it's worth it if you want to get to the truth.

    As for hiding his mouth, he's controlling what comes out of it….like the truth. He can talk the talk about innocence because he's well rehearsed, thanks to all the interviews and PL series. He's also been enabled by this production AND celebrities. He's learned what to say. Practice, practice, practice.

    He's NOT well rehearsed on looking 'not guilty' nor confident of slipping up. I bet that's one of his biggest fears. I'd also wager he'd rather recluse than have any publicity…but the money is motivation. Not to mention, he looks shady, and can't shake it. ;)

    Just my humble opinion.


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