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The Crime Review 2011

January-  David Anthony Durham shoots police officer after playing hookie from work in anticipation for an arrest, his house is located in the grid search for missing 7 year old Kyron Horman.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

February- “Onda” Chris George- featured in a cold case investigative report in November 2010, Chris was recovered on February 21, 2011 .  **Unresolved Possible Homicide

April 1 2011- Successful prosecution and life sentence of James Hattaway.  No April Fools joke.  Hattaway, a suspect in the disappearances of Onda Chris George,  and Tracy Ocasio, was convicted of attempted murder of Rachael Clark .

The alarming violent abduction of 20 year old student Holly Bobo.   Miss Bobo has not been located and their have been no updates by the TBI in her case for several months.  No named person of interest  in the case.  **Unsolved, **Unrecovered

May- Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is executed upon refusal to surrender by US Navy Seals.

May/July- The trial of Casey Anthony resulting in her acquittal in all changes except 4 counts of lying to police.  Ms. Anthony has been renamed the C-word by and recently released her first video diary as a blonde with a really bad cut.

June- Disappearance of Jacque Waller, wife of former cop and general con man Clay Waller.  Jacque has not been recovered, but Clay is in prison on  unrelated charges currently and the couple’s children are in the custody of Jacque’s family.    According to Clay’s dad , he has already confessed to her murder.

June -Successful prosecution resulting in a life sentence for the murder of Christine Sheddy, a 5 part cold case series developed in 2010 and featured on BOC for the purposes of progressing her case.  Justen Hadel, one of the primary suspects in the case ending up confessing, and our information was correct that Christine was murdered on the Byrd road property.   I spent a day on in 105 degree weather followed by a mini-hurricane on this hell-hole property I will never forget.  I continue to seek justice in the hope a prosecution will follow for Clarence Jackson and Tia.

July/August 2011- Celina Cass missing, and recovery of her remains.  While it is presumed a homicide, her cause of death has not been determined or released.  Wendell Noyes, her stepfather is the only non-official person of interest. Celina’s mother left him while he underwent psychiatric care upon the news of Celina’s recovery.  It is my solid opinion that Wendell is involved in Celina’s death and disposal of her remains in a water treatment ().  There have been no arrests or indictments in this case to date.

August 19, 2011.  West Memphis Three-  Two days after I wrote a series about the murders of 3 8 year old boys in June of 1993 by 3 teenage boys known as the West Memphis Three,  all three plead guilty to an alford plea after the state agreed to a deal proffered by the defense team, funded by the Hollywood elite.  So far, Reese Witherspoon has been cast as Pam Hobbs, mother of Stevie Branch.  In November, the parents wrote a letter to the Chair of the AMPAS documentary committee asking that they not con sider the HBO commissioned Paradise Lost 3, Purgatory for an award.  We featured the entire letter as a front page on the site, in support.

September 2011-  The Susan Powell case-  The roller coaster of we found remains, wait, not remains, but former remains in burned wood chips.  The subsequent arrest of Susan’s freak in law

October 2011- The disappearance of Karen Swift, mother of four.  Karen was located on December (), and has yet to have her autopsy completed or her remains released.  Sheriff Box of the Dyer County Sheriffs Office has not named a suspect, but it is widely known that the primary person of interest is David Swift, Karen’s recently estranged husband.

Missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin- No new anything in this case, since Joe Tacopina of Joran VanDerSloot fame took the case to represent the parents.  A lead developed from Deb Bradley’s phone produced a juggalo chic whose phone was called in what is believed to be in the middle of the alleged crime, and did ping close to the Irwin residence.  Megan Wright’s former boyfriend known as Jersey was subsequently arrested for tampering with a vehicle.  She claims not to know anything in the case and that her phone was used by several members of a household she was since asked to leave.

Amanda Knox Acquittal- what many did not know about the prosecutor will change most of your opinions in this case.  Blink dubs Giuliano Mignini  “The Mike Nifong” of Perusia.

November/December: The Nittany Nightmare-

Over 40 counts of child sexual abuse are filed in an indictment against former PSU offensive coordinator and Second Mile founder Jerry Sandusky.  Tim Curley and Gary Schwartz are indicted and held for trial for perjury in their grand jury testimony.  Mike McQueary stands firm in his testimony during the preliminary hearing.  Blink uncovers a possible insurance scandal paying the legal bills.


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  1. Word Girl says:

    Lots of good info here, Blink. Has the year passed so quickly and so grimly?

    Adding to the Question Pile, I read your words that Tim Curley and Gary Schultz were “indicted and held for trial” due to alleged perjury in response to Grand Jury questions.

    Is this correct and where are they being held?

    That was poorly worded WG, I apolly. The indictment was held over for trial meaning it was not dismissed on motion to do so. My bad.

  2. Lauren says:

    You were VERY busy this year. Thank you for keeping these cases current Blink.

    TY kindly Lauren. I am enthusiastic about some of the casework in the queu for 2012, and I am most proud and appreciative of what I consider the best in the biz- our editors and readers.


  3. zeus says:

    I sincerely hope that 2012 will be the year that justice is served on many of these cases, that victims still missing will be recovered, that families involved will receive at least some type of closure and that all evil people everywhere will mysteriously implode-never to harm again.

    Blink-keep on keeping on-you are the shizznit!

    thank you friend


  4. annals says:

    Great to hear you again. Happy New Year.

    How kind, thank you- and very nice to see you also.

    Happy New Year.

  5. wpg says:

    It was good to hear 3 voices of reason tonight amidst in particular the lingering insanity and consequences of a certain jury and their verdict,
    the ongoing insane silence of uncooperative mothers and fathers of “missing” babies and children, and the sheer insane magnitude of evil that exists.

    Thank you for all you do Blink, and all the Blinkers here.


  6. Word Girl says:

    No problem on the wording, B. It’s so hard to keep up on all of these cases–I frankly don’t know how you do it! (But then again, you are one of those smart and purty blondes.) Thank you. Always.

    Please always continue to call me out friend- it is important.

  7. Eloise says:

    Great radio show tonight and recap of cases. Sounds like the coming year may prove to be exciting, keep up the good work!

  8. erose says:

    Heard the podcast, my first. Not sure I would have had the nerve to post here if I would have known. I guess it’s good to be naive once and awhile. Eloise gave me words of encouragement and I will be forever grateful to her. Also grateful for the work Blink & Co. does and the venue for us to contribute. Grateful, humbled, and once again in awe.

    Erose, you made the NYT crossword. I have yet to finish one, although I can do People magazine.

    I am so thankful we unite in our advocacy and contribution with our varied talents and skills.

    Some are gifted researchers, some are talented legal minds, some are skilled intermediaries, and some are wounded kin of the cases we cover. Give me the cheerleader who says, I don’t know how I might contribute, but I wanted just to say I appreciate reading your work and Yeah.

    We are all the sum of our parts, and all the links are equally strong.

    I want every erose out there to read this and dip a toe in the water, wherever they fall above.


  9. January says:

    My first Blink Podcast.. I loved it, soo interesting to actually hear your voice Blink..great job.

    Thank you January.

  10. Boz says:

    Blink, thanks from me for keeping us informed and for your hard work to attempt to bring to light many of these cases that wouldn’t get the attention needed. You are an awesome person!

    About Penn State: Have you ever considered how many pedophiles have been created because of this and they can’t come forward now because they can’t tell on themselves? I’ll bet there’s a few and it’s too bad for everyone around we can’t figure out a way to let them tell their stories without fear of retribution. Then again, if they’re now pedophiles I, myself, would probably not give them any slack. What do you think they should do? I’d like to hear your opinion on that.

  11. Boz says:

    Van der Slut going on trial today, unless he pleads out.

    I really can’t believe he’s still alive and well in that prison.

  12. lizzy says:

    Good show. Unfortunately, I missed January getting my own recalcitrant 7-year-old to bed.

    Thank you, the pod cast is up, I covered the Kyron/DAD connection.

  13. Bam from Mississippi says:

    You know we MUST ask…. Are you gonna comment at all on the the “C” word video that was “accidently” leaked?
    We really want your thoughts!

    Much love to all Blinkers! Happy New Year!

  14. Malty says:

    I just had time to listen this morning
    It was just great
    All of you people work so hard on these cases
    And we need you out there
    Thank You

    Thank you kindly.

  15. Lòni says:

    Great work Blink…as always

  16. Chris' mom says:

    Blink– To have a loved one go missing (in my case, my son, Chris) is beyond description. Something I’d like to do here, is to share the rest of the story…what better place than on your site?

    You’re right this is a club that no one chooses to be in but since I’m in it I am honored and blessed that you have been by my side. I have never experienced such kindness, love, concern, dedication, perseverance, guidance (I’ll quit now, I see that your face is turning red) from a complete stranger. I have no doubt whatsoever that God planted you squarely in the middle of my life.

    The Ocasio’s, too, have been a blessing. It’s been an honor to share this path with them and they have certainly come to my rescue many times. I remember the time when I was having a meltdown as I was driving to the scene of Chris’ recovery (same day I called you – really bad day). I called what I thought was Liz’s phone and got Joe (turns out it was his phone). Poor guy…just imagine having a hysterical woman on the other end of the line first thing in the morning! He immediately got in touch with Liz and she was calling me back in seconds. It was a short conversation, I was losing it and I needed her. She hung up, got in gear and true to form, made it to the scene before I did.

    It’s a tough thing to be on the side of a road in the Florida heat with cameras pointed at you while law enforcement is recovering, labeling and categorizing your son’s bones. Not many people can be there for someone in a situation like that but both Liz and Joe have been there for me time and time again.

    God has and continues to bless me in so many ways, too numerous to count. Sometimes in ways that might seem so very small but were so meaningful…God has a knack for doing just the right thing at just the right time – rarely early but never late.

    Like a family member, driving up with a couple of cold drinks in his hand. Other friends and family that were with me at the site or called, texted, emailed, prayed as the minutes/hours passed. One day as I was talking on the phone on the side of the road a man stopped, turns out he is a local pastor and had driven by the site regularly. He stopped just to encourage me and let me know that he was praying for me. People have held my hand, mowed my grass, prepared food, and simply been there when there were no words to say, only tears to share.

    God used so many people in so many ways and it has enriched my life immeasurably. Yes, the many blessings are the rest of the story. Chris’ disappearance and death have been what I call hard blessings. Just because they’re hard it doesn’t negate the fact that ultimately God uses the most unlikely things for my good, just as He promises in Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” He has, He does and He will.

    Does that mean that I understand it? Not likely – Isaiah 55:8, “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.”

    Does that mean it’s not painful? No – Psalm 56:8, “You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.” It’s painful, hence the tears but just pause for a moment and envision the intimacy of a God who collects your tears…the love, the compassion – it’s beyond words – and it’s real.

    He continues to let me know of his loving care and presence through the people that have shared this with me. That includes readers to this site that have been so compassionate, encouraging and kind as well.

    Thank you Blink and Team! Thank you Blinkers! It’s been a real trip and I’m privileged to be traveling with you. –Rachael

    Professionally- few times do I recall feeling as helpless as I did that day where I made you pullover during our conversation out of concern for your safety. I briefly mentioned it in the interview, but the intensity and darkness of that day is just one of the “invisible to others” battle scars we share in Chris’s case. When Chris’s case is closed officially, with your permission, there will be much to say I believe will help others in the undesired club membership.

    As you know, it is my firm belief that Chris’s struggles were just that, and telling his story will be an inspiration and motivation to others that may find themselves on a similar crooked path they are trying to make straight.

    It is also my sincere belief that Chris’s death and Tracy’s disappearance are absolutely linked, and I pray for answers and the recovery of Tracy Ocasio, to the family that loves her.

    Love to you and Chris’s other girls.

    I really do not think people that have not been through it personally can understand what it is like to pursue the cold case of your missing loved one with the all consuming The trust you placed in me

  17. Word Girl says:

    Rachael, you’ve left me without words. But then, words are always a precious commodity.

    When I first heard about Chris being missing, I just felt that something was wrong. It’s that internal nagging that makes me want to find out, not for some logical reason, but for an ethical and situational resolution. I somehow knew that we, at would unearth the truth of the situation.

    I also believed the truth about Chris, no matter how beautful it was.
    Chris was very much like me…Wounded, trying to do better, subjected to temptation, and yet, still such a wonderful man.

    Please know that Chris is celebrated and loved! Our favorite photo is with his legs over the end of the loveseat…You raised him so well.
    So full of love and trust and spirit. Thank you, Rachael.

  18. Chris' mom says:

    WordGirl, how kind of you…your post brings tears to my eyes.

    He reminds me of me too, only with a different set of struggles. We should all strive to be more compassionate and understanding of others. That too can be and is a really hard thing to do at times but it is certainly more rewarding than the alternative.

    Thanks for setting the bar high for all of us to care more about others.

    We’re not sure which of us sent the loveseat photo and were surprised to see it posted. Chris would NOT have liked having it published! However, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy it…sorry Chris. –Rachael

    Lol, it was his other lady, and I knew the second I saw it I would use it for the piece.

    I agree he might not have liked it posted, but it is raw, comfortable and vulnerable.

    It was not lost on me that he fit on that loveseat like he thought of himself at times- too big for the small spaces. I know you will know what I mean and I say that affectionately.


  19. Chris' mom says:

    A couple more things…

    Never ceases to amaze me what I can overlook. Talking about blessings, and there have been many…but not mentioning two of the biggest ones.

    Always at the top of the list is that, though Chris is gone, I have his two other girls in my life.(No, he did not have a harem.) They are special in so many ways!

    A second huge blessing is that his remains were found! It is painful beyond measure to not only not know what happened to your loved one but to not know where they are…a double whammy!

    One of those hard blessings but a blessing none the less – I am so grateful that he was found!

    Thanks for all you do Blink and Team! Thanks for having such big hearts and caring for so many! –Rachael

  20. Al Miller says:

    Hey, Blink, hope you’re well. Thanks as always for your work. I’m wondering if you’ve followed the Smily Face Killer at all? (College kids “stumbling into” rivers after having a few and walking home alone)… : Autopsy shows son of Packers coach drowned –
    Do you feel this is another one connected? Creepy! I’ve heard theories like that it’s an over-the-road trucker and/or that all victims had relatives in law enforcement….thoughts? My brother is actually following closer and I told him I’d run it by you…

    I actually consulted privately on this case, so unfortunately I am not in a position to comment.

  21. Ode says:

    20.Al Miller says:

    January 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm
    Al Miller, thanks for asking the question of Blink. I have wanted to post something about this but was uncertain as to how. Something does not seem right with this drowning,again.

  22. Al Miller says:

    B – Thanks for the info, I feel better knowing you’ve been involved with that case. They are smart to consult you. Scary stuff!!! So sad for these young men!

  23. christy says:

    Damien Echols has one of the *most* arrogant mugshots I’ve ever seen.
    Full of contempt, true narcissism; where only arsonists, rapists and murderers show their true ghostly faces.

    It made me physically ill to know all that Blink has presented, then watch Paradise 3 where he is, (I am at a loss for words othertwise) presented as a white-angel-martyr, a patron saint of misfits.

    I watched it twice (free) just to make sure I fully understood, after I rewatched 1 & 2, to make certain that I was watching a one-sided glorification and money-making machine, and I feel strongly that this is still holding true from when I first watched in the 90s.

    What a sick effing trio.

    I will be the first to admit, I have not and cannot bring myself to watch it- I am on deadline and I just know it will derail me big time. Will weigh in when I do.

  24. Coen says:

    “Damien Echols has one of the *most* arrogant mugshots I’ve ever seen.
    Full of contempt, true narcissism; where only arsonists, rapists and murderers show their true ghostly faces.”

    I’m on the fence about the case (and much of Blink’s unconvincing, amateurly compiled and often contradictory evidence has not tipped me in any direction), but whether they did it or not, this is the kind of crap that is only giving fuel to those who support them. It is judgemental nonsense and completely unindicative of guilt. If they are guilty, their freedom is the direct result of people like you. If they are exonerated and are actually guilty, their freedom will be the direct result of people like you.

    lol, not only was his mugshot full of “exactly as described” he went on to act “accordingly” as captured and documented. Is is so hard for those of you to concede a point that is true, ever? Echols himself has said so in many interviews.

    Frankly, I am shocked that I am not hearing the biggest piece of information to come out of part 3

    Who is calling who an amateur- be glad to review your work on which you base such a critique.


  25. christy says:

    Coen: “It is judgemental nonsense and completely unindicative of guilt.”

    Nonsense. Mugshots are forensically salient.

    Coen: “. . .the direct result of people like you”

    By this, Coen, do you mean,
    educated folks who know that “unindicative” is not a word,
    and folks who know how to spell “judgment”?

    ok, let ole pooponastick Coen go spread joy to others and move on :)


  26. christy says:

    will do. gotta love B

  27. Ragdoll says:

    Sandusky was diagnosed as a likkely pedophile in 1998?! Why does this kind of info just slip into the cracks?

    The issue of pedophilia is not being taken seriously in our countries. Graham James, who assaulted many hockey players he coached through out his career, got 2 years (some of them are/were NHL players). The likenesses between James and Sandusky are text book identical.

    James will only serve a third of his time on good behaviour. Drugs on the other hand….life. I’m trying to figure out the bottom line and all I come up with is government + drugs = dollar signs. Money is more valuable than humanity.

    On Graham James (Canada):

  28. j4k says:

    I am. Please post here first line marked private.

    Only you and I will see it until I delete.


  29. Ash says:

    Hi blink,

    I know this thread is kind of old but I’m trying to write a paper about the WM3 and I see where the ice pick info comes from but I was wondering if you have an sources about the grocery bag with the clothes found in them.
    Link or something I could use since I cant seem to come up with anything besides your website about it.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for typing (have a tiny keyboard on my phone)

    I am not sure I understand your question, but this piece is your reference source for any new information developed in the case you referenced.

  30. Rose says:
    54000+ followers. 54000 people more insane than….
    magic, tarot, selling own art.
    reminds me of Jody A.

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