Disappearance And Deception Turns To Decomposition: Dogs Smell Death at Lisa Irwin’s Home

Posted by BOC Staff | Deborah Bradley,Federal Bureau Of Investigation,Jeremy Irwin,Lisa Irwin | Friday 21 October 2011 8:47 pm

Kansas City, MO- For the first time since 10 month old Lisa Irwin was reported missing by her father Jeremy Irwin the morning of October 4,  detectives with the Kansas City Police investigating her disappearance,  together with  the FBI, searched her home without the permission of her parents.

Through the execution of detailed search warrants and  seizing the home temporarily,  optimism for finding baby Lisa alive took a public nosedive.


An FBI cadaver canine,  with permission from Lisa’s parents to enter the premises Monday,  gave a positive alert to it’s handler, indicating the presence of decomposition in the area of Bradley’s bed, in a wide section of carpet which has since been removed for testing.

State Prosecutor for Clay County, Wes Rogers,  was unsuccessful in his bid to have the warrants sealed from the public.

Upon the canines alert,  Kansas City MO lead investigator Kimberly Shirley-Williams  prepared affidavits and a search petition while  the N. Lister St. home was sealed until a judge granted them a few hours later.

Beginning Tuesday and continuing through today,  crime scene technicians in white hazmat suits could be seen removing substantial amounts of brown bags and items obviously concealed with brown paper.  Officers could be seen in the rear of the property with small rakes, shovels and bags.

Detectives  will not reveal what was removed from the home, or anything else about the progression of their investigation.

However, a source inside the investigation speaking to www.blinkoncrime.com on the condition of anonymity, says  the clothing and a few belongings Deborah Bradley said Lisa was wearing when she was allegedly abducted from the front window of the family home,  were discovered and taken into evidence.

The source went on to say that there is no doubt that prosecutors expect a grand jury to indict Deborah Bradley on charges she is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter Lisa, and circumstances surrounding her possible death.

Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have refused to speak to police in order to answer questions from investigators which they  feel are critical to the investigation,  and only Deborah and Jeremy would be able to answer.

The couple has since  hired high profile defense attorney Joe Tacopina.

Photo Credit Kansas City Star

Aside from perfecting the Full-Double Windsor knot to the envy of the media savvy legal set, Tacopina previously represented a suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance, Joran Van Der Sloot.

Late today, Tacopina’s office released a statement on the couples behalf.

Police continue to guard the Irwin residence,  instructing neighbors to keep outside the marked perimeter.

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for updates to this story.

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  1. lizzy says:

    What? Tacopina wants to “fire” Short? He wants to allow the boys to be interviewed, and she doesn’t?


    lizzy is the most patient-est and smartest, loveliest poster ever on BOC.

  2. nana2 says:

    Actually as Joe T puts it “interviews with Lisa’s brothers scrapped..”


    From my Twitter account @nana_41


  3. nana2 says:

    “Justice For Lisa” from Facebook


    From my Twitter Account @nana_41

  4. nana2 says:

    @Eloise says:
    October 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    NBCActionNews NBC Action News
    JUST IN | Police say Lisa Irwin’s family attorney has canceled Friday’s interview with Lisa’s half-brothers pub.vitrue.com/61c
    2 minutes ago



    oh Eloise you screen grabbed my Twitter page by mistake with that link too..

    On Twitter @nana_41

  5. Sammy says:

    Yesterday Cindi Short said this about Joe Tacopino dismissing her from the Lisa Irwin case:
    “He’s not in a position to fire anyone. I work for the client, not him.”

    This morning … FoxNews and ABC are both reporting that Cynthia Short is now off the case.

    well then, who is he working under, he is not licensed in MO?
    Has to be hanging his hat pro hac vice somewhere.

  6. R.L.Haley says:

    How is a mother to tired to look for her baby,this makes me sick,and as a black lab owner theres no way that dog wouldnt have barked at some stranger crepping around the house,how stupid is this mother I have never heard her even say her babys name in interviews and plees for help,and now her ass is to tired, or hung over from another box of wine I think she knows there no reason to look.Im so sick of these kind of parents…just plain dumb!

    When I was a kid, we had a black lab. One day we had a substitute mail carrier, who went to the front door which had the ole screen door closed, but not the inner door. He kept knocking (mb was on side of house) and our dog jumped through the screen door to get at him.

  7. Angellica says:

    Can I please go on a tangent for just a minute? What the hell kind of nation have we become, when out children are disposable? Was poor little Caylee just the tip of the iceberg? I still can’t believe the aquittal in that case. Does circumstantial evidence mean nothing anymore? To look at this trend is alarming. The first day, I believed this fammily, but the ever changing story is enough for an arrest in my opinion. The truth doesn’t change.

  8. Eloise says:

    Judge Jenine P said live on Fox, local lawyer named Short fired. lol

    Are we in Fla yet?

  9. connie says:

    My dearest Blinkenstein,
    Happy Halloween! I am so confused about this case, so what can LE do to make D. Bradley (Momster) and company cooperate with them?

  10. Liz (NY) says:

    Interesting…Cyndy Short was forced off the case overnight. No word yet on why.


  11. dew says:

    Not only have they cancelled the boys interviews but Cyndy Short is being cut loose by the NY attorney. Sounds like the wheels are falling off the bus!!

  12. Doug says:

    The local attorney who had been representing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin is off the case, her law firm said Friday.

    Read more: http://www.nbcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_missouri/northland/local-attorney-representing-parents-off-lisa-irwin-case#ixzz1c5MTC8ss

  13. momintx says:


    Interviews of Baby Lisa’s brothers on hold as Irwin lawyer is apparently fired


  14. Teri says:

    This is NOT the behavior of innocent parents.

    Sometimes, I really, really hate our justice system.

  15. Futureman says:

    connie writes: “I am so confused about this case, so what can LE do to make D. Bradley (Momster) and company cooperate with them?”

    Show her old VHS tapes of Richard Simmons ‘Sweatin to the Oldies.’ I’d confess to just about anything after that sort of abuse.

    ROTFL. You have been missed.


  16. Eloise says:

    @ 1:45 is the gal whose phone was called at 2:30 am.


  17. lizzy says:

    LOL. I still do, feel better. I forgot to say you are the wind beneath my wings and you complete me, yin to my yang, cheerio and all that..

    sorry for the O/T all, but my lizzy deserved a Blink spirit award today.

  18. nana2 says:

    @Liz (NY) says:
    October 28, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Interesting…Cyndy Short was forced off the case overnight. No word yet on why.
    Probably because she spoke without raising her hand & saying “May I” to Joe T.

  19. Angellica says:

    Futureman is back! = Yay!

  20. connie says:

    Futureman- You are the man! Great idea!

  21. Marci says:

    LOL to futureman!!!

    What a mess this all is and for MR D H (sorry) up in NY do you not care about the children?? Is it all just about getting your mug in the news??

  22. everyone's a suspect says:

    Sadly there is someone out there who knows something, but out of fear they may be “Kronked” probably won’t come forward. (btw: Cheney Mason is writing a book..but that’s for another day)

    What is going to be the title?

    Single or Double Malt? The true dilemas of my heart- Lots Of Luck to the Little People


  23. hk says:


    Would you please explain why the 2 boys cannot be required to give interviews? Is there anything police can do to other than wait for permission from these uncooperative parents? Can CPS get involved?

    Several people have speculated but I just wanted to hear it from someone in the know.

    Thank you!

    My sources say they are in the process of being compelled to comply with an investigative subpoena.

  24. Kimberly says:

    Bringing this over from scared monkeys,

    *Jersey*, was staying at his buddy’s house??
    across the street from the Irwin’s?
    aroud the :59 mark.

    via, Jersey’s ex-gf Landlord.


  25. MrsLucyMuir says:

    From http://tinyurl.com/ABCphone, ABC News story this a.m.:

    Shortly after Lisa vanished, Bradley said that three of the family’s cell phones that had been sitting on the kitchen counter were taken along with her daughter. Police have been mum about the phones, but a Kansas City woman told “Good Morning America” today that she received a phone call from one of those phones on the night Lisa disappeared.

    “I received a phone call, well my phone did, the night that baby Lisa went missing,” Megan Wright said. “It was apparently a 50 second phone call. I don’t know who answered it or what was said or who was on the other end of the phone.”

    Wright said investigators tracked her down and have questioned her four times.

    “I told them that I’d been through the neighborhood with my ex-boyfriend,” Wright said. “I didn’t know the family, didn’t recognize the pictures, had never seen baby Lisa until I saw her picture on the news.”


    This is either exceptionally shoddy reporting–as in this part of the story is totally without context and makes NO SENSE, or there are other details surrounding this element that are not being released.

    Did Megan have her phone? Was it stolen too? Did she drop it while she was “through the Irwin’s neighborhood”? Who else had access to her phone? If the phone call lasted for 50 seconds, there was either a conversation or a message. Is it significant that the boyfriend is suddenly an “EX”? wth????? Am I missing something???

  26. cd says:

    Tammy says:
    October 28, 2011 at 3:13 am
    Notice In the Fox video with judge Jeanine, DB states without hesitation and matter of fact, “I turned all the lights off before I went to bed’ in another Interview with Megan Kelly she said “well I may have of turned the lights off I’m not sure my neighbour said i did”,…. but basically admitting she had had 5 or so glasses so wasn’t sure if they were off. Such a change of tune. I can find that interview if anyone wants it.
    Whats up with her neighbor who was supposedly drinking wine with her the night before Lisa was taken. I hope she has been checked out because it sounds to me like someone may have put something in DB’s wine to make her sleep soundly.

  27. Liz (NY) says:

    I’m thinking that if this was the first time the JI ever worked overnight, Lisa would be the first person he’d want to see when he comes home. If it were me, my sick infant would be the first one that came to my mind.

    I’m also thinking that the dumpster fire is involved in this case. DB would have had plenty of time to think of a story to tell JI. Not sure if JI believes it, but I think DB wears the pants in this family.

    So, Jeremy comes home, doesn’t see Lisa. He asks Debbie what’s going on and she puts on quite a show for him – acting surprised that she’s not in her crib.

  28. osu says:

    Regarding the dog, we have had several labs thru the years, yellow, black, chocolate and fox red! Every one of those dogs knew when a stranger was outside of the house. During the night, when a family member approached the house (even via tip-toe after curfew!) the dogs would NOT bark. If they heard unfamiliar footsteps even if they could not see the person approaching, they would bark quite loudly. Our most recent, a fox red, will spend the night in the garage in the summer. If one of us come home, he will not make a peep but if he hears a non-family member outside the garage, he goes nuts. Long winded but I don’t believe that an unknown person entered the house and the dog did not bark.

  29. PamVA says:

    The little boy I posted about that has been found alive and he is ok! He is 9 years old and is autistic. He has been in the woods since Sunday. Thanks for all the prayers. It’s nice to have a happy ending for a change!


  30. IMOIMO says:

    THEY FOUND HIM!!!! Sorry…. Little Robbie Wood, the 9 year old autistic boy that’s been missing in the woods since Sunday, Oct 23rd, was just found and flown to VCU Medical Center, he is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. zeus says:

    I’m beginning to think that Deb and Jeremy sold Lisa and all of this was just the staging of the coverup. Both boys in bed with her(but NOT the sick baby), front door unlocked, letting “buyer” stroll into the house-pick up the baby and leave.

    This is just starting to look like a planned event. Jeremy’s FIRST night working away from home, Deb’s supposed black out drinking, disturbed window screen(handy for making it look like a kidnapping), both boys tucked in safely with Deb, cell phones “stolen” so parent’s can’t call 911, dog doesn’t bark(maybe kept in outside trailer or shed, where elderly dog can’t hear or see the goings on), etc.

    Valhall’s new post is interesting.

    Especially this:

    “Did I mention that courtesy of statements made by Cyndy Short, Joe Tacopina and Bill Stanton in the past week, that we’re actually to Version 5.0. Joe Tacopina, in response to an interview question about a possible cadaver dog hit in the master bedroom said,

    That can’t be. That can’t be, because she [Deborah] was in the [master] bedroom with her two boys…”

    So we’ve gone from the two boys being in their bed and Jeremy finding Lisa not in her crib before he entered the master bedroom, to one boy being in bed with Deborah and Jeremy finding Lisa not in her crib before he entered the master bedroom, to one boy being in the bed and Jeremy not even checking on Lisa before entering the master bedroom (even though her bedroom door was open and right next to the master bedroom), to both boys being in the master bedroom and Jeremy not bothering to even look in Lisa’s open door before he entered the master bedroom.”

    Lisa Irwin case: Brothers to be interviewed, preempted by legal catfight?


  32. dolce says:

    The 8 yo autistic boy missing from Richmond was found ALIVE after 6 days lost (and it’s been VERY cold at night in Virginia). What most excellent news!

  33. twinkletoes says:

    Yay, Lizzy!
    @ all: I am so ready for this case to break open. So ready. I can only imagine what LE has that we are not aware of. It seems they are keeping their hand pretty close to the vest. Don’t blame them. Deborah will dig her own grave.

  34. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Maybe Mr. Tacopina is not working with Ms. Short, but another Attny. that we do not know about. How else could he even talk about removal of Ms. Short? Is Ms. Short a principal in the law firm? If not, JT may
    have asked for her removal and it was granted.

    Labs are my favorite big dog. They are very protective of their families and property. They are not “barkers”, instead they wait and warn with a growl. At 80 to 100lbs. or more, they are not to be taken lightly when upset. I hope the MC sub got away without damage other than a good scare.

  35. A Texas Grandfather says:

    At some point, both boys need to be interviewed by a qualified person. There is no doubt in my mind that they know a lot about what happened to the baby or led up to her disappearance.

    This household or family appears to be a strange relationship. The mother of the oldest boy does not have custody and appears to not have regular visits. Could it be that Mr. Bradley is a man that tries to help women who have problems, but is not very succesful in solving them?

  36. mary white says:

    Does anyone know who that young man was with DB when she was buying the box of wine and what his involvement may be.I watched the young man follow her in the store,she was the one making the decisions the same way JI seems to let her do the talking.I tried to look in JI eyes but he never gives eye contact,red flag.Who is the baby Lisas father? If DB $ JI are behind a staged kindnapping or we think something is not right we have a responsibility to interview the boys.

    Her brother Tony Netz

  37. osu says:

    How old is her brother Tony? It looked like he gave her money at the checkout, was she buying alcohol for him? Just curious..

  38. Eloise says:

    Nana- what did I grab? I am sorry, I borrowed, hmm I think from SM. So sorry- still not sure what part-lol.

  39. ode says:

    IMIO theory only,
    a) Abductor was at house with DB the night of the abduction.
    b) Abductor calls from DB cell phone to Ms. Wright’s phone (8:00 – 8:30pm).
    c)Baby lisa is handed out to someone through the bedroom window following that call and unknown to DB before she goes to sleep.
    d) DB did not check on Baby Lisa.
    DB wakes up and finds baby Lisa gone…(either with JI or before JI gets home). She knows who she thinks might be the abductor used her phone that night. She grabs phone and looks at records of calls made that night and she writes the phone number down on her hand. She is in a panic. She does not want either her husband or LE to know abductor was in the house. My guess is she found Lisa gone around 2 AM and called the phone number on her hand after the dumpster fire but got no answer. I also think DB may have started the dumpster fire and burned evidence that the abductor was at her house. DB went to bed with the lights off yet supposedly someone turned them back on after that and I think it was DB after she found the baby missing. DB never turned the lights off due to panic. This case is so similar to Kyron’s. Momma let in a dangerous vampire, does not want anyone to know, flies around in a panic, returns home, act normal for what should be happening at 4:30AM (sleeping), and then does an acting job for hubby of shock and awe at the discovery their child is missing.

  40. twinkletoes says:

    @Dolce, that is beautiful news! :O)

  41. twinkletoes says:

    Good God, now I am reading that little Jahessye Shockly’s mother served 8 yrs for child abuse, that Jahessye missed over a week of school before she went “missing” and that the other children have been removed from the mother’s home.
    Mounting the soap box: A good amount of people having children want sex, not children. Unfortunately the two are linked. Therefore, I must bring back my old idea of “opt-out birth control”. You don’t have to take it, but just like immunizations, you have to opt out.
    Stepping off soap box now.

  42. cd says:

    I Think that Kyrons abduction has a lot to do with gang activity RS as a member of a gang and TH’s involvement with him. I don’t know why a gang would grab Kyron. To keep TH quiet or as revenge against TY for arresting some of their members. Maybe RS started a relationship with TH just for the purpose of taking Kyron. I think the body found on skyline Javier Trejo-Richarte (member of the Harpys gang) was a message to someone otherwise why was his body dumped there. I wonder if TY ever did any undercover work with gangs.

    see Sassi’s SM post


  43. cd says:

    Opps posted on wrong site please disregard.

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