The Nittany Nightmare Continues: More Financial Incest At PSU- Accused Perjuror Gary Schultz Head of Nittany Insurance Pays First Victim Payout AND His Lawyers

State College,  PA & Burlington, VT-  In the latest example of financial incest involving PSU, The Second Mile, and a bevy of double-dipping board members and executives, we arrive at the first discovery between an accused suspect in the case and his principal interest in an insurance company that recently paid out a settlement to an alleged victim of Jerry Sandusky.  As the filing has likely been sealed as a condition of it’s settlement, it is unknown if Schultz or anyone else within PSU in addition to Sandusky was named in the civil action.

Gary C. Schultz, interim Sr. VP for Finance and Business returned  following  previous retirement from PSU this past July.


His return to the PSU payroll  around the time that a grand jury was meeting about his possible complicity, FOLLOWING his own alleged perjurious testimony begs the question-As Schultz knew he was under investigation as well as Sandusky and Curley-

Did Schultz come out of retirement in anticipation of  incurring significant legal fees he did not want coming out of his own pocket?

-Record Scratch-

You read that correctly.

Mr. Schultz, who along with Tim Curley were bound over for trial at their preliminary hearing on perjury charges and a misdemeanor failure to report summons last month,  is being provided legal representation costs through Nittany Insurance Company, where he is a paid Director.  According to Acting President Erickson,  it will also be used to cover any civil settlements and judgements in the Sandusky debacle et al.

This would seem to be in violation of the Vermont Captive Insurance Regulations Section 12, or conflict of interest.

In a letter sent to Penn State Interim President Rodney Erickson,  Senator Michael Stack (D) Philadelphia,  expressed his concern that taxpayers and donors should not be footing the bill for the Universities necessary legal representation for the various civil and criminal issues  and potential settlements.

In a response to Senator Stack,  President Erickson assured him that such costs would be accommodated by it’s liability insurance.  Nittany Insurance Company  is listed as the professional liability insurance company of record on the PSU site as well as the provider for PSU students in programs including the Hershey Medical Center.

President Erickson did not reference Mr. Schultz’s directorship position within Nittany Insurance Company although was able to confirm with the Vermont Secretary of State that as of this afternoon, there are no pending changes to its registration.

Gary Schultz’s co-director at Nittany Insurance Company, is Allan Anderson,  Former VP and Chief Executive Officer for Hershey Medical Center.

While the captive insurance firm is self-administered, as Director,  Schultz would be in a position to review,  award, accept, negotiate or reject settlements within the framework of their contract with PSU and appropriate regulatory requirements.   Captive insurance companies are often developed as part of a risk mitigation strategy and as an entree to the reinsurance market for payouts exceeding a fixed amount.  Registered in Vermont, Nittany Insurance Company was formed in 1993.

It would seem a good starting point for questions on the regulatory  and compliance matter might be how the bid is/was awarded for initial self-administered liability coverage directed by a potential party and what the premiums, which are deductible to PSU,  were and  are?

What adjustments to same have been made in relation to the known incidents and corresponding dates alleged against Sandusky, Curley and Schultz?

What else is Nittany Insurance funding it may have had ample heads up about?

Does Schultz have a poster of Ken Lay in the top of his humidor?  Bernie Madoff?
 poster erose contributed to the research of this article.




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  1. erose says:

    @Lizzy, That was the first article I have read that verified a 1998 GJ. I would have thought sloppy reporting, but there were a few reports like this one back in January. IIRC, there was mention of 2008 and 2005, but now it seems 1998 is on the list. It’s hard to think why Gricar didn’t prosecute if he had an indictment, but then look at all of the evidence right now, and witnesses (150) and no one is sure there will be a successful prosecution.

    PSU trustees: Sandusky investigated by three prior grand juries

    “We were told in May of 2011, by Cynthia Baldwin, this was the fourth grand jury that was convened. The prior three led to no charges,” trustee Mark Dambly said during a 20-minute interview with the Centre Daily Times at the Nittany Lion Inn.

    Read more here:

  2. erose says:

    Then again, was “sexually touching”, as the GJ indictment was said to have read, a young boy a certifiable crime in 1998? Did Sandusky get/take an ARD? Was that the point of contention with KJA and Gricar? Did Gricar see the enabling powers of PSU back then and think privately to keep an eye on Sandusky. Was he ready to go back in to it in 2005? Was the evidence on his hard drive, and it never made it to the GJ? Did Madeira take over the 2005 GJ (if indeed there was one that year)? Is that why it never went anywhere? Is that the irony of his 2009 “recusal”?

    You see erose, we never left here. Not one of us. Not you, beejay, Rose, lizzy, and whomever else I apologize if I missed ( me and 3 blink editors as well).

    I will go one better.

    I will say that it is my OPINION that the possibility exists that the Lee ARD, and the “gj issue” as it relates to Sandusky and his disappearance in 2005 have enough common denominators to warrant heavy scrutiy.

    The least of which is not most everyone’s quick denials of the possibility.

    That said, it could be related to external sources with a tie-in to Sandusky via TSM, or it could be someone’s gravy train at risk should Sandusky be removed from TSM.

    If someone is going to off a prosecutor, as I have said before, it is either personal, a need to avoid prosecution in some way or over a great deal of cash someone did the risk reward study and came out with “worth the shot”.

  3. erose says:

    The letters, which were allegedly written in Sandusky’s own handwriting, are expected to corroborate the testimony of the man known as Victim 4, now 28 years old, who met the coach through Sandusky’s charity, the Second Mile. The victim’s attorney won’t talk about the letter, but sources describe the letters as “creepy” and note that one was a story written in the third person.

    Ben Andreozzi, the alleged victim’s attorney, did say, “They have evidence to support his allegations, and there’s other evidence that has not been released to the public yet that I think will really resonate with the jury.”

    Alas, someone’s own handwriting and “heart”. I hope they serve the jury a lite lunch that day, for serious.


  4. erose says:

    @Blink, I’m learning here all the time. TY X3(editors) for the lessons.

  5. Word Girl says:

    Yes, Blink, I have learned a lot here. I read a lot more than I post, but I am still here. I need to do this. The victims are many.

    D’accord, erose.(6/6 4:27)

    @Blink, I’m learning here all the time. TY X3(editors) for the lessons.

  6. Word Girl says:

    What do some of you regulars here think of the 16 peers chosen for next week’s trial of Gerald Arthur Sandusky (dob 1/26/44)?

  7. Word Girl says:

    There is a photo of Sandusky holding files and loose papers as he gets out of a vehicle on Day 2 of Jury selection.

    Check out that left-hand thumb! Double-jointed or arthritic–both?

    Not going there, but it starts with opposing thumbs as an identifier. Good observation.


  8. erose says:

    Sandusky turned to two media representatives in the room and asked rhetorically, “What did you guys do to deserve me?” He chuckled before adding, “How did you guys get stuck with this?”

    They sat in the front of the class and did not allow themselves to be called out for a “guidance” appt.


  9. erose says:

    @WordGirl, If you’re going to throw around around the French, parlez lentement, lol.

  10. erose says:

    @Rose, Hope you’re well and checking in. We miss your posts already.

  11. erose says:

    The federal government began an investigation involving victim number four who told a grand jury Sandusky threatened to send him home during a trip to Tampa Bay, Fla. for the 1998 Outback Bowl and a trip to San Antonio for the 1999 Alamobowl when the victim resisted Sandusky’s advances.

    The federal government subpoenaed several records from both Penn State and Sandusky’s charity in february but it was unclear if this is a separate investigation from that one.

    Sandusky’s lawyers received a target letter which means the government feels there’s substantial evidence and an indictment is imminent.

  12. erose says:

    I wondered when someone was going to ask about the jury. Kudo’s WG. It’s reminiscent of nepotism (ironically, coming from the latin word nepos = nephew), but I think it can cut both ways, as others have speculated. He could be protected, because “He is Penn State” then again, they could hate him because he “killed” Paterno, brought shame to the university and put Happy Valley in a bad light. In a wierd way, I think that has the potential to make them fair. What is your take?

    Word Girl says:
    June 6, 2012 at 9:36 pm

  13. erose says:

    Going back to 1998 it would appear that either Schreffler or Lauro or both are not telling the truth. The question in my mind is whether Schreffler, the PSU cop would lie to protect said university, or would Lauro lie to protect TSM and Centre County’s fav foster family or are they deflecting? Was this outcome mutually beneficial for both at the time?

    Wouldn’t they both have been called to the GJ, or were they part of the investigation. IDK what to think, but Ganim ended one of these articles with a statement I will paraphrase that the only thing clear is someone is not telling the truth, (meaning Sandusky and the victims) but I see it the statement applies all the way back to 1998 between Schreffler and Lauro.

    One of the articles mentions Gricar’s nephew saying that Gricar (paraphrasing again) had a disdain for the football program at PSU, so I have to wonder if that extended to the university cop(s) as well. Disdain usually works both ways.

    And one last thought, that has been bugging me, Gricar’s BFF Sloane has a blog which says something to the effect of him residing in “Paternoville” which I find odd. I mean, if Gricar had a disdain for the team, that would have to include Paterno, and if Sloane and Gricar were friends, isn’t “Paternoville” enemy territory? Of course Sloane lives there, teaches at PSU, but to acknowledge Paterno as the “founder” is wierd, IMO.


    Retired University Park Detective Ronald Schreffler believed he had enough evidence in 1998 to charge then-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky with something after the man admitted to a boy’s mother to showering naked with her son.

    “At the very minimum, there was enough evidence for some charges, like corruption of minors,” Mr. Schreffler said on Wednesday, the day after Mr. Sandusky chose to waive his preliminary hearing on 52 counts that accuse him of molesting 10 boys over the last several years.

    Instead, then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar told Mr. Schreffler he could not file charges. The detective said Mr. Gricar gave no explanation.

    Read more:

    Retired Penn State Police Officer Ron Schreffler handled the 1998 case. When approached recently, Schreffler said he couldn’t comment and asked a reporter, “How did you see that report?”

    Lauro said Schreffler never told him the details of Sandusky’s confession at the victim’s house.

    “I remember my last conversation with him concerning him hiding in that room,” Lauro said. “He didn’t tell me details. All he said was, ‘There’s nothing to it — we’re going to close our case.’ And I said, ‘That’s fine, I’m going to close my case, too.”

    They never had another call regarding Sandusky, Lauro said.

  14. erose says:

    Steve Sloane – Paternoville!/profile/spsloane1

    Lemme guess? You found this from the floor, lol?


  15. Word Girl says:

    wow erose. The floor Googling is getting to be a high art!
    That’s a great profile and explains a lot more about Paternoville.

    As for Schreffler, didn’t he say, tersely, “I stand by my report.”
    I’m not sure what he’s made of, but I get the sense of resentment and of harboring some attitude of some sort…Hopefully that will all come out one day.

    Btw, you said it much better than I could have, but yeah, that’s how I’m feeling about this jury. It could go either way, although I have a feeling about two who said they could put their feelings aside–I don’t think they can or will.

  16. Word Girl says:

    Hmm, I thought I had commented earlier today. Must have been the wrong thread.

    Here is some information about jurors who didn’t make the cut, a story by SGamin.

  17. erose says:

    Thanks for calling that to my attention. I missed it. Cause to be concerned for sure.

    I am also concerned with the AG’s office. Corbett’s peeps and how he ties in to this whole mess, IDK, but I think he he has the trifecta on this as former AG, PSU BOT and Gov. Sandusky got busted because of Sassano and the interim AG William Ryan. But for him, Kelly could have sat on the indictment, like Corbett did before her, IMO.

    It’s bad when we lose faith in the jury (a’la Casey Anthony), but what does it say when you don’t even have faith in the prosecution? I think they will put on a convincing show for the victims and their families, but all they have to do is leave room for an appeal. So far, I think the judge is kosher, and I’m hoping the federal case is in good hands. I would have more faith in the OAG if they cared one hoot about finding Gricar. As always, JMO.

    Word Girl says:
    June 7, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    …although I have a feeling about two who said they could put their feelings aside–I don’t think they can or will.

    A reminder there is a Federal Grand jury meeting and we do not yet know the why who or whom.


  18. Word Girl says:

    erose–good to hear the experts agree, but woe is me. As you say, it’s hard to have confidence in the pros or the jury at this point-or any of those folks. When I said I don’t think the jurors who said they can put aside their feelings, I think that will land in favor of the prosecution.

    My opinion only, but I do believe Corbett did not want a Sandusky scandal anywhere near him–he didn’t care about the children, or he felt they were already damaged (being with Second Mile and all). His voice over the phone at the BOT infamous meeting must have carried the weight of years and years of guilt. Damn him, anyway.

    What is it called when the Federal investigators send you a letter telling you they are investigating and have probable cause? Didn’t they send one to TSM as reported by Sara Gamin? Do we know if Graham Spanier has received one, as well?

  19. erose says:

    Schreffler has not told the same story twice that I can find. Here is is throwing the load on the state (Lauro) even though Lauro is said to have taken Schreffler’s word on the sting that nothing was going on with Sandusky and the 1998 victim.

    A recent interview with former University Park Detective Ronald Schreffler, who investigated the 1998 case against Sandusky, sheds some light.

    In December, Schreffler told The Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the state Department of Public Welfare failed to level a charge of abuse in the case, which would have made Gricar’s job difficult if he chose to prosecute anyway.

    “It’d be a little hard for them to prosecute, when you have the state saying there wasn’t any abuse,” said Schreffler.

  20. erose says:

    @WordGirl, Apparently, it’s called a target letter. Like a big ol’ bulls eye on yer back.

    Sandusky’s lawyers received a target letter which means the government feels there’s substantial evidence and an indictment is imminent.

    Now about that federal investigation, this is Ganim’s CNN article, and it looks like a lot of people might go down if their theory shakes out.

    Sandusky federal investigation may have different focus

    BTW, intersting twist you have on the jury being more pro-prosecution. From your they say.

    Is my brain overwriting in this case, or did I miss the $200K figure in total to Corbett from “then” and prior TSM board members in contributions? No wonder his office missed the memo of the Federal probe.


  21. erose says:

    Seems Sandusky, Brown and Marshall all were at Juniata at some point in their lives, and we now know Sandusky went back after he retired from PSU, even though he was told not to be involved with the athletics department, he kind of did anyway. I guess Judge Brown would know all about that, or is the Junainta BOT just as uninformed as the PSU BOT? BTW, Lance Marshall went to Juniata.

    What are Juniata Alumni doing in the legal profession?
    Hon. Charles Brown ’59, President Judge, Centre County (PA) Court of Common Pleas

    Board of Trustees – Emeriti – 2011/2012
    Brown, Charles C., Jr. ’59, B.A., J.D., Bellefonte, PA (1976-79, 1981)

    On one occasion, during a meeting in the chambers of Centre County President Judge Charles C. Brown Jr. one month before he disappeared, Gricar seemed particularly out of sorts. According to Court Administrator Cheryl Spotts, the prosecutor was there to discuss the timing of an upcoming murder trial.

    “It just seemed that Ray wasn’t with it,” Spotts said, in an interview with the Centre County Times. “He was just looking around, which kind of shocked me because this was a death-penalty case.”

    Things got even stranger when the judge suggested a trial date in October 2005.

    “Ray just turned and looked at the bookcases,” Spotts recalled. “He didn’t even look at the judge when he said it. He just said, ‘I won’t be here.’”

    Lance Marshall was law clerk for Brown and also attended Juanita.

  22. erose says:

    Page 12 the name Jeff Spotts from Lewisburg. Is he related to Cheryl Spotts, Judge Brown’s court administrator? I wonder. Then there is the name Delbert McQuaide. Must be McQuaide Blasko aka Wendell’s boss? Judge Brown and McQuaide teach at Juniata. Sandusky was at Juniata, even though he was told not to be. I guess the Juniata BOT was no more informed of the Sandusky problem than the PSU BOT.

    Jerry Sandusky wouldn’t stay away from Juniata College after failed background check, school says

    BTW Jeff Spotts was on the football team. Class of ’03.

    Juniata Football Team Places Seven Players on MAC Team
    (Posted November 19, 2001)

  23. erose says:

    I never thought about this before, but why would a college, that Sandusky does not even officially work at, who has no under age children as students fight a subpoena? More to the point what would they have to offer the case?

    Juniata College joins Sandusky subpoena fight

    A background check that caused him to not receive an offer of employment and I am missing another affiliation but there is one, iirc, maybe to Ganter? Not coming to me.


  24. erose says:

    Looks like the Kids for Cash Team is all over Sandusky. And, he has experience in sorting out charitable $$$.

    Gordon Zubrod

    Then Ciavarella took aim at the lead prosecutor, Assistant U.S.
    Attorney Gordon Zubrod, saying Zubrod had introduced the term “kids for cash” to describe the case, setting off a wave of negative international publicity.

    The non-profit charities entered into agreements with Gettysburg Auto Exchange to collect, transport and sell donated used vehicles and to send the proceeds to the charities, with the transportation fee and selling fee deducted from the proceeds by the Gettysburg Auto Exchange.

    Stake, assisted by Burk, engaged in a scheme to defraud both the charities and the donors of the used vehicles by selling the vehicles and keeping a significant portion of the proceeds of the sale for himself.

  25. erose says:

    According to pictures, Brown and Ganter both were at the football banquet on Penn State Campus for the up and comers. (page 2)

    Just not getting why Juniata would have a problem turning over the background check, unless they need the court order to do so.

  26. Word Girl says:

    I’ve always had a question about how Juniata ever got information concerning Sandusky’s backround, specifically that he was being/or had been, investigated by a Grand Jury.

    Grand Jury proceedings are not public and wouldn’t show up on a standard background check.

    If they used hearsay to disqualify him for the position and banned him from participating in their program (which does not involve children, as erose observed), even as a volunteer, they could be called to account for those decisions.

    It’s just an instinct of mine–opinion only–that Juniata College may
    have discriminated against Sandusky and now fear lawsuits.

    What I think is that there are many colleagial relationships that are common to all or most of the players or witnesses in this case. I don’t care what anyone says. Blind eyes were turned. People talk.

    A retired coach spending all or most of his time with young boys, traveling together and sharing hotel rooms when he had an accompanying spouse- be for real. Many people had concerns. Many “knew” or suspected.

    By the time this is all said and done, we will be looking harder to find people that did not know or suspect, than the alternative. Respectfully, if it applies of course, this crew has nothing on an ostrich farm.


  27. beejay says:

    Maybe Amendola was fishing to find out what all came back on that background check on Jer by Juniata. Here’s some relevant
    tweets by a reporter during Judge Cleland’s hearing wrt various subpoenas:

    Attorney for Juniata College-This subpoena different. It wants background investigation documents regarding Sandusky’s application for a job. Not relevant, should not be produced. Sandusky wasn’t hired. Regarding defendant on campus, not relevant.
    by WGAL5/9/2012 6:39:38 PM May 9 at 2:39 PM

    Amendola- objective make sure Juniata doesn’t have adverse information on Sandusky. He was told they received adverse information from another school…regarding alledge abuse of a minor.

    (I can’t post if i include link. This is probably in court filings. Tweet is by Barbara Barr from outside centre cty courthouse on May 9. Credit to Live Wire WGAL coverage Jerry Sandusky hearing)

  28. beejay says:

    Blink: Juniata College–PSU via Greg Curley & his uncle Tim Curley is all I know of.

    May 17, 2011
    “HUNTINGDON, Pa. — Juniata College head men’s basketball coach Greg Curley has been named Juniata’s athletic director on a permanent basis, after serving as interim athletic director for the past four months….
    His father, Stephen, is the University Budget Officer at Penn State, and his uncle, Tim, is Penn State’s director of intercollegiate athletics. Greg’s brother, Kevin, is currently the head men’s basketball coach at McDaniel College. His wife, Jen Frazier Curley, hails from Huntingdon and is the daughter of former Juniata men’s basketball standout Pat Frazier ’63.”


    Yup, lol, that is it.


  29. beejay says:

    Juniata didn’t think Jer’s background check was relevant to Sandusky’s trial since they didn’t hire him.

    Now, I still want to know why Carmen Felus let JS hang around, in defiance of administration’s thrice orders (so admin said).

    I do know Felus was under a lot of pressure to build his high school team. And his forte is offense; needed JS’ defensive experience. And one would think the college too would benefit from that. So, there’s the question of how vigorously the admin actually objected at the time. Vs. reconstructing it after things hit the fan.

    Ya’ll can review our links and discussion of Juniata, Felus, etc. I know i have a post at May 3, 2012 at 3:36pm. From there forward, I believe there’s stuff.

  30. beejay says:

    I’m still coming up empty on the nature of Carmen Felus’ relationship with JS (as Juniata’s admin says they refuse to speculate on. Hmmmm…). I mean other than being friends; Juniata admin said that Carmen was the one who requested that JS become a volunteer coach. Internet rumors say JS got a TSM kid into Juniata, but didn’t give a year. Rumors also imply JS was helpful to Carmen in recruiting from central PA high schools.

    As to how far back the “mysterious” relationship goes, the best I can do so far is say JS was on LHU campus in Feb, 2001 promoting TSM programs. And that Carmen’s younger brother Nicholas/Nick was still enrolled at LHU at that time. Finishing up his senior year in 200l. His last football game having been played for Juniata around Dec, 2000. Pretty weak connection. Relevance to JS’ crimes is questionable, but I’d like to see Carmen discuss that relationship under oath sometime. There may be nothing other than mutually beneficial interests in football. JS still wanted to keep his hand in, I suspect, having retired and all.

    See next post(s). Having trouble with links and posting.

  31. beejay says:

    These Felus bros both graduated Penn Cambria H.S. Nick (34) is teaching/coaching at a public alternative H.S. in Coatesville, PA. Whole family is athletic, multi-sports.

    Carmen and Nick’s dad is Michael A Felus (“Mike”), who plays amateur golf, now as a “senior” (he’s 66ish). Mike’s a longtime Penn Intercollegiate Athletics Assn (PIAA) official and youth coach. Basketball for one. PIAA sponsors many sports, all junior high & high schl; perhaps lower grades too—IDK. All the Felus’ should have Lilly, PA addys plus others.

    Carmen played football at LHU for only 1 season, I think: 91-92. then transferred to Western Maryland.

    This link will not post for me. On Feb 23, 2001, LHU student newspaper had an article about JS being on campus, promoting TSM’s ongoing programs there. Greeks were supporting them. Doing the Friends program involving fitness mentoring.

    In 2009, local online publication in Lock Haven had an announcement involving LHU’s involvement with TSM programs (events including the ever-popular swimming); this implies involvement of Clinton County school counselors and/or parents as referral sources. Can’t get the link to post, but this should be easy to find info. I got it and will just paraphrase for content.

    TSM and its Clinton County Chapter started the 2009-2010 season of their Friend Program on Oct. 4 with a picnic.

    The picnic, and most of their other events are held on the campus with students from Lock Haven Univ serving as College Friends. “

    (really helps to map all these places and estimate the mileage; Lockhaven is just up the road from Bellefonte. Lots of these places are just a daily commute for us big city types)

  32. erose says:

    Here is Judge Brown again, at the same event as Ganter and Curley. Judge Brown is part of the “Friends” program.

    The Juniata Councel of Twelve (see last paragraph page 1)
    Member includes Judge Charles Brown

  33. erose says:

    One name I recognize well, and the other I wonder how I missed.

    Potential witnesses in Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial: For the defense

    Karen Arnold: former assistant district attorney in the 1998 Penn State police investigation into Sandusky

    Thom Brewster: former Second Mile fundraising employee

    Read more here:

    Thom Brewster, Centrepeace

    Judge Lunsford & Brent Pasquinelli are on the Centrepeace BOD

    So shut the front door.

  34. Rose says:

    nice Ganim article on prosecuters

  35. beejay says:

    Speculation on another alternative explanation, since I’ve done this myself when I needed to fire someone but couldn’t do it for the “real” reason. Maybe Juniata set Carmen up. I know they never actually fired him, but he left pretty quickly for a new job. Could’ve been he knew he needed to leave.

    This theory would be consistent with Juniata’s Admin failing to just step in and throw Jer off the grounds themselves. Why not do that? Why simply keep telling Carmen to do that? And knowing he hadn’t done it. Third time’s the charm; by then Carmen has found a new job and resigns.

    Maybe that written background check didn’t include all that Juniata found out about Jer. Juniata repeatedly referred to the mysterious relationship btwn Jer and Carmen, yet “refused” to speculate on it publicly, pointing a big arrow at it: LOOKEE HERE, folks.

  36. beejay says:

    I’ll give the link for Juniata College’s public announcements webpage. Here’s a snip from their most recent update wrt JS:

    “…Juniata’s peripheral presence in the investigation of Jerry Sandusky is a matter of public record and the College played no role in the charges leveled against the defendant. A broad subpoena to compel participation in a process in which Juniata had no role is why the College seeks to quash the subpoena….”

    They say, correctly if it’s true (lol), they played no role in the charges Jer is currently facing.


    Here’s a snip from how Juniata describes, at that link, their initial response to the Jer thing:

    “When Sandusky was initially arrested, Juniata administration received information and communication from individuals close to and employed by our football program. We interviewed athletics staff still here, reviewed public safety reports, and worked to ensure we understood the facts. We contacted the state police on Nov. 9, 2011, and let them know Sandusky had been around our team. We offered to be of assistance….”

    Hmmm. Got info from people close to/employed by their own football program.

    Here’s a snip from what Juniata said, at the link, they knew about Jer at the time:

    “# In May 2010, Felus, then the football coach, asked to have Jerry Sandusky serve as a volunteer coach with our football program. As is standard practice with anyone who wishes to do significant volunteer work or work on our campus, Juniata ran a background check on May 27, 2010. We received notice on June 2, 2010 that Sandusky was under criminal investigation.

    # Sandusky did not mention the investigation on the form for his background check. He was informed in a letter sent to his home that he was to have no association with Juniata’s football program.
    # At this point Juniata College did not know the full nature of the criminal investigation affecting Jerry Sandusky. We knew only that he was under investigation in Clinton County….”

    The whole story per Juniata admin is there. Long; worth reading. More snips:

    “We do not know and will not speculate on the relationship between Sandusky and the former head coach[Carmen Felus], nor do we know or wish to speculate on the reasons Felus had for continuing to enable Sandusky to be present….”

    “Juniata made changes as soon as the former head coach resigned on March 3, 2011.

    * The first thing we did was to hire an upstanding member of the Juniata community to serve as head coach – Tim Launtz….”

    Um, so, as soon as that Carmen guy finally resigned, they replaced him with an UPSTANDING member of their community. As opposed to Carmen, who was not??

  37. beejay says:

    The new “open” webpage for PSU’s Budget Office, accessed by a link from Feb 3, 2012, doesn’t show Stephen Curley as Budget Officer. It shows Rachel E. Smith. She’s a 30 yr PSU employee; one former position was a special asst to a Vice-Provost. for Smith’s resume as of 2008

  38. beejay says:

    Oh. Stephen/Steve Curley retired from the PSU Budget Office in Sept, 2011:

  39. Rose says:

    @Beejay. Your post about school counselors as referral sources to TSM reminds me of Portland.
    There one bio’s attorney (the civil suit litigator) wife’s business is completely dependent on school principals and teachers for referrals and conducts their interventions on school property during school hours. Vilnerable kids are referred to her program (reading weakness). Their contract employees are self-selected (paid) volunteers trained in her methods. Who knows what the background checks are?

    No school district whether PA or OR should allow “special relationships” with charismatic individuals who found and chair service providers to children, especially the vulnerable, where principals or counselors refer kids to that program directly. TSM highlights the dangers. Counties should have a uniform list of multiple vetted resources and let parents chose. And programs of charismatic people shouldn’t bring non-employee volunteers to schools during the school day. Let’s scrub our communities.

  40. Rose says:

    @erose. Re-visited yr posts re Erickson’s statement on U settling civil suits, plus yr queries re why Davis plus Freeh plus U attorney?

    I think Davis and Freeh’s chief tasks are sizing up and settling civil suits asap–Davis representing PSU interests (Erickson) and Freeh the BOT. Both are different clients with conflicting interests. The civil suits are not related to or dependent on criminal trial as burden of proof is so much lower. I bet Davis is darn busy processing settlements on psu civil suits that have been or may be filed. The Univ GC would not have this in their portfolio;it’s like they’ve referred out to a litigation outside counsel. That’s all my guess.

  41. Rose says:

    @erose. TY for Fed focus url. Gotta love it unless you’re a PS alum.
    the systemic meat and potatoes investigation.

    Re Juaniata/PS employee connections. In my
    limited sports experience the few unethical skanks stick together,
    people know what they are but play for them glumly because “they win”,
    and much of their motivation is
    what for them is money-making enterprises on the side.
    And its an enterprise with a community lockhold. ie here one
    known cheator coach who also emotionally abuses her players
    neverthess got a former player’s family to go in joint ownership
    of a winter indoor field facility, thus ensuring quiet from teams’
    coaches who want winter access.

    So the Curley family system, or others, might be interesting for ownership
    stakes, even silent partner, to pre-college youth leagues, summer youth
    sports camps, sports facilities,
    etc. Such speak to motivation and/or
    informal power bases.

  42. Rose says:

    yes, I think the only reason of Juniata to hold on the background check on JS was because the negatives didn’t come back that way (nod to word Girl & civil suit idea re job refusal). Probably the “barring” based on some prohibited gossip re grand jury investigation. Anyway, I think Juaniata acted responsibly by barring him and dispensing with the coach who was determined to keep him.
    I was suggesting to look for any Felus Curley common youth sports associated investments.

  43. erose says:

    Probes could produce answers after Sandusky trial

    First and foremost, the state attorney general’s office has repeatedly indicated it has an “active and ongoing” related investigation, and the mere existence of the open investigation suggests additional criminal charges could result.

    The university has said its president has been in talks with state prosecutors about when he will appear before a grand jury to answer questions, and Penn State disclosed last month that it would cover legal expenses of eight employees who also received subpoenas this year.

    Read more here:

    “been in talks about when he would appear”??

    Lol translation: “been in talks about the level of immunity my client will receive or he will be uttering a pleading starting with a 5″


  44. beejay says:

    Maybe Steve Turchetta let Jer have free reign at Central Mtn high and Jer helped get Turchetta’s football players into colleges.

    I’ve found one of Turchetta’s players at Central Mtn who went to Juniata in fall of 2010, playing for Carmen Felus. (Jer had applied for the volunteer coaching in May, 2010, to get on board in time for summer players training.) Not posting the player’s name.

  45. erose says:

    @Beejay, Adding to your post, this from Ganim’s 06-10-12 article about Victim #1. Seems Turchetta enabled, at the very least. What this kid has been through, in addition to the abuse, subjected to the mind set of the “football” community. Keeping the secrect of the investigation for as long as he did. He most likely will be the youngest to testify. If I could tell him I think he is the definition of a real man, I would.


    Instead he became a target of his community: seen as a troublemaker who toppled a revered philanthropist and caused upheaval in an area that worships Penn State and its legends.

    One day after school in late 2008, Victim 1 told his mom he was afraid his teachers thought he was a bad kid.

    “Why?” she asked.

    He told her Assistant Principal Steve Turchetta — also the head football coach and the athletic director — called him down to the “principal’s office” a lot so that Sandusky could talk to him privately.

    The mother said she found out there was a meeting of football parents.

    Things like, “We heard it’s [your son] who accused Sandusky,” and “You guys are just looking for money,” and “We know Sandusky will be back to coaching soon.”

    One woman confronted Victim 1’s mom in the Goodwill store, the mom said. “She told me … no charges will ever be filed, and he’ll be back to coaching before long,” Victim 1’s mom said.

    At the request of the state police, the family kept the allegations a secret for nearly three years, and as time passed, people settled down and inquiries faded away.

    Until Nov. 4, 2011.

    There was relentless bullying, his mom said.

    That week, Victim 1 changed schools.

    Because I am very concerned about giving away any identifying information of this victim, I will simply say this- That kid was revictimized by school staff and some parents, without a doubt.

    Does it give folks a tone of how people saw this as upsetting an applecart as opposed to the tip of the iceburg? I wonder if anyone has take the time to apologize to this family.


  46. erose says:

    Same link, but wow, just wow. Didn’t Turchetta see one red flag?


    According to the grand jury presentment, Turchetta, who is an assistant principal, testified that it was not unusual for him to help Sandusky get students out of an activity period at the end of the day.

    Sandusky would often request it.

    Turchetta told the grand jury he knew of several students who were left alone with Sandusky, including the boy who would eventually become known as Victim 1. And, he called Sandusky very controlling within those relationships.

    Turchetta said he witnessed shouting matches between Sandusky and some of The Second Mile students because Sandusky wanted more time than the teenagers were willing to give.

    Often, Turchetta ended up being the mediator. He also testified that he helped Sandusky find and reach students who Sandusky had unsuccessfully been trying to call in the evenings.

    All of it was characterized by Turchetta as suspicious, according to the grand jury presentment. He called Sandusky clingy and needy when a student would break off the relationship, but said he wasn’t made aware of allegations against Sandusky until Victim 1 came forward in 2008.

  47. erose says:

    Same link. Why do they trust the school?


    When the district was inundated with questions from the press in November, board members were given drafted statements to read if they received phone calls from reporters, sources said.

    Unlike Penn State and The Second Mile, the school has not publicly boasted about launching an internal investigation. And the school district has been able to avoid scrutiny.

    Local officials, none who would talk on the record, pointed out that parents and students aren’t filing complaints.

    They trust the school, they said.

    I am a sports Mom, member of the booster club, etc. Let me say that while your child is a contributing Varsity team member and the threat already existed that speaking out was going to ostracize them, who the Hell would? That is like intentionally making your child a pariah.

    Is that right? Of course not, but it is reality. I say this because I think if that was not the case, parents would have absolutely filed complaints.

    Kind of an echo that was heard through PSU, but just with way more at stake- cash.

  48. erose says:

    Jerry Sandusky trial: What to expect during early proceedings

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