Jerry Sandusky Plays 52 Pick-Up And Hooked On Histrionics- Sandusky Once Again A Defense Coordinator, Prosecution Set To Throw A Rock Dottie Set To Take The Stand

Bellefonte, PA -The second week in the 52 count indictment trial of Gerald Sandusky began today with the prosecution reducing Sandusky’s 52 pick-up to 51.

Victim 7  allegations  involved in 4 of the counts against Sandusky was past the statute of limitations prior to 1997 for only one of the 4 allegations.

The prosecution rested its case following a gripping and heart wrenching testimony from the mother of a victim who had extensive stomach issues at the ages of 15-17 and would frequently discard bloody underwear following an involuntary sodomy encounter with Sandusky.  “I dealt with it”, he said.

Coordinating His Defense

Starting today, Sandusky suits up and gets off the bench.  Perhaps literally.

Sandusky Attorney Joseph Amendola alluded in his opening statement his client would testify.

The PA Attorney General’s Office contacting NBC Friday for an authenticated transcript of Jer’s interview with Bob Costas, appearing on Rock Center with Brian Williams last Friday seems to confirm the possibility.

Among the edited and un-aired version of the televised but edited interview are some of Sandusky’s “hooked on histrionics” examples.


 Sandusky:  ”I’m a very passionate person in terms of trying to make a difference in the lives of some young people,” Sandusky said in the interview. “I worked very hard to try to connect with them. To make them feel good about themselves. To be something significant in their lives. Maybe this gets misinterpreted, has gotten depending on. … I know a lot of young people where it hasn’t. I have worked with many, many young people where there has been no misinterpretation of my actions and I have made a very significant difference in their lives.”

Costas : “But isn’t what you’re just describing the classic MO of many pedophiles?” he asked. “And that is that they gain the trust of young people, they don’t necessarily abuse every young person. There were hundreds, if not thousands of young boys you came into contact with, but there are allegations that at least eight of them were victimized. Many people believe there are more to come. So it’s entirely possible that you could’ve helped young boy A in some way that was not objectionable while horribly taking advantage of young boy B, C, D and E. Isn’t that possible?”

Sandusky : “Well — you might think that. I don’t know. In terms of — my relationship with so many, many young people. I would — I would guess that there are many young people who would come forward. Many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and — and what I had done for them made a very positive impact on their life. And I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped. There are many that I didn’t have — I hardly had any contact with who I have helped in many, many ways.”


The excerpts that were edited and unaired during the “Rock” interview clearly confront the issues within the indictment in place at the time.  Bob Costas was not shy in forming his questions which were also well researched.

So the question becomes- why did NBC edit and withhold what will be construed as damning testimony?

Were there agreements between Jerry Sandusky via his lawyer Joseph Amendola and Bob Costas?

I doubt that highly, but if there was, you can bet it will be uncovered if the transcript is going to be used by the prosecution- which it will.

Judge Cleland Rides the Rail

In a surprise revelation outside of the presence of the jury yesterday, The Honorable Judge Cleland made both sides aware he had his doubts about the evidentiary burden bull’s-eye on the prosecution going into trial and has really only been slight shifted on the fence with enough testimony and evidence presented during the prosecution’s case in chief to meet the threshold for juror deliberation under Pennsylvania law, which is stupid, according to Deadspin.

Are Judge Cleland’s comments incongruent with his rulings on motions to date?  You betcha.

Some say stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does as I always say in honor of my friend Forest, but then again, I never had a friend named Greanleaf.

Senator Stewart Greenleaf, a Duquene alumni and 2005 fellow commission member to Cynthia Baldwin and Attorney General Tom Corbett on the Pennsylvania Courts and the Commission for Justice Initiatives held up the bill immediately after the grand jury was meeting in this case, according to Philadelphia Weekly’s Tara Murtha- “he had problems with it.”

As it sat gathering dust, state Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, offered various tone-deaf reasons for the stall.

In December, to the surprise of both of the bill’s sponsors, Greenleaf told PW he needed to “fine-tune” the legislation. In February, Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim, who broke the Sandusky story, wrote that the reason for the delay was that “Greenleaf wants to make sure any bill allows for the defense to bring an expert into court, too.”

After more pressure from groups like Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, HB1264 finally passed out of committee on March 27—but it still isn’t law and, with a 60-day effective date along with the news today that the trial will not be delayed again, it will not be in effect during the Sandusky trial.

Cynthia Baldwin is the pending former counsel  and Board Of Trust member for Penn State University who has recently hired her own attorney following a lawsuit filed by fired former Nittany President Graham Spanier to access emails so he does not end up in the perjury pool with colleagues Curley and Schultz.   I mean, so he can refresh his recollection which is apparently in conflict to prior statements Mr. Spanier has allegedly made.  Baldwin accompanied both Schultz and Curley to their respective trips in front of the grand jury.  Mr. Greenleaf’s Son Stewart Jr is the Montgomery County controller.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are currently awaiting trial on perjury charges stemming from their grand jury testimony which resulted in the current Sandusky indictment.

Despite Senator Greenleaf’s recent turning over a new one in finally passing the bill through, the creepy love letters the prosecution introduced into evidence during the testimony of the first witness have allowed the defense to provide an expert  to explain those writings are from an individual with histrionic disorder.



In order for the prosecution to be in a position to cross examine the defense expert as well as rebut or impeach any testimony, Cleland ordered Sandusky to undergo a Psychological Evaluation on the very befitting Father’s Day.

It is likely among the topics of discussion during the prosecutions cross of the defense expert will be the fact that although published in the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders, it will not be included in its next publication.

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (due out in 2013, and known as DSM-5) has eliminated five of the 10 personality disorders that are listed in the current edition. Narcissistic personality disorder is the most well-known of the five, and its absence has caused the most stir in professional circles.

The currently awaiting “law status”  PA bill signed into law will not be usable during the Sandusky trial so the scope of the expert’s testimony will be limited to the letters, not applicable to Me. Sandusky’s guilt or innocence in the accused crimes.

Will He Or Won’t He?

While many legal analysts disagree on whether or not Jerry Sandusky will take the stand in his own defense following what has been described as a “Tsunami of evidence” .

It is this author’s belief he absolutely has to testify on his behalf if he is to have any chance at an acquittal or more in the realm of reality, a mistrial.

Will at least one of the jurors be “Touched” by Jerry Sandusky’s own words in his defense of the charges against him?   It would seem Sandusky’s defense coordinator background has not left him.

Only one hold out is his fumblerooski.  Dottie Sandusky set to take the stand today.

The jury may begin deliberations by the end of the week.


Check back to for updates.



Research Credit on Histrionic Disorder BOC Poster beejay.

Research Credit on Greenleaf/Baldwin BOC Poster rose.


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  1. Rose says:

    Peetz is an Alpha female.
    Without the money & job though…….
    She woukdn’t be on the BOT.
    She’d just be a less competent Arnold.

    The only difference between their differing fates
    is political imo.

    Maybe it is the Pate’.


  2. Rose says:

    How about Scooby Do on Zombie Island “Terror Time Again”
    on google images under “Scooby Do begging”

  3. Rose says:

    On second thought, maybe a whip fantasy fits better.

  4. Rose says:

    great. she’s been on BOT since 7/1/2010.
    Someone tell me Baldwin was sent by BOT to be Gen Counsel
    after that.
    Hopefully Feds will offer Baldwin a deal she can’t refuse.

  5. Rose says:

    the real uncle tim burns is in Maine (and there are many there)
    so much for my earlier speculation

  6. PaMom says:

    I am so so glad that you are featuring this awfully sad story. It is my concern that there may be a network of pedophiles involved. I don’t think this story will ever truly be told; because, there are to many people in high profile positions that stand to be damaged by the truth. At least, it is being debated openly here and not being shoved under the carpet which enables others to be hurt. The suffering of these young men is an atrocity that could have been avoided by allowing the truth to be told. I would not want my children or grandchildren exposed to any institution that would allow this to occur. It has been such a miscarriage of justice for these victims, and it’s brought shame and embarrassment for the name of what was once considered a prestigious college.

  7. A Texas Grandfather says:


    As erose pointed out I gave the credit to her when it should have been you.

    What is this about Ed Rendell speaking for free? Every time I see him on TV it reminds me of a “snake oil” salesman speaking.

    That NE Philly accent and baratone voice are not kind to the political set, lol.

    No offense to anyone who has tinge of accent, as I certainly do not :)


  8. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I feel you pain and concern. There is a federal case in the making snd it may uncover some things not found for this case.

    The problem is that some people were allowed to stay in a position of power way too long and to engage in outside activities while working for the university. This is not limited to Penn. State. Every state has similar problems at various universities and colleges. Maybe not pedaphillia, but other problems of lawless or questionable behavior.

    This can only be cleaned up by the people getting actively involved in every level of goverment and the school systems. It did not get this way overnight and it will take many years for this to be corrected. Big money is the reason for this as well as a change in our personal value systems.

    If you take a good look at the administrative positions at a lot of the major universities, you will find that many people move from place to place across the country. There is nothing wrong with trying to better one’s employement or positions in life. However,sometimes these people move because they have engaged in an activity that is less than proper. Covering up poor behavior and not making the person responsible for it only transfers the probable behavior to another location.

  9. T. Ruth says:

    redly says:
    June 20, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    sunshine_4me says:
    June 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Is this normal for a closed door meeting without the prosecution, or am I reading this wrong?

    “The defense rested after an approximately 40-minute closed-door meeting involving attorneys, Sandusky and the judge overseeing the case.”


    The prosecution would be included within the “attorneys” group. The judge could not meet with the other side without them.

    He will easily be found guilty IMO. Putting him on the stand would have been insane, though I have sometimes thought his attorney was trying to throw the case.


    Exactly what I thought was going on since his attorney let him talk to the press i the first place. Even though Sandusky didn’t get on the stand, I still think that he is being played for the fall guy and freakin’ doesn’t even know it. Guilty yes for sure, but taking the rap for a bigger, more powerful circle. I’m still of the mind that perhaps there are bigger fish to fry, and once JS was discovered, a unanimous underground vote said Sandusky who?

  10. erose says:

    This confirms I am no expert, not that it was doubted, but I couldn’t disagree more.

    Experts expect quick deliberation from jurors in Sandusky trial

    Read more here:

    I believe it will be over by this evening if they get the case before lunch, absolutely.

    As much faith as I have lost in juries in high profile cases, I have complete faith that Amendola underdefended this case masterfully.


  11. erose says:

    I know this is old news, but can’t you just feel the love ooze out of this woman? It would have been better had she said they were troubled or they were a challenge, but to specifically have individual negative attributes associated to each of these former boys puts Ms. Gross in a truthful light, IMO.

    She remembers her husband’s accusers, though. One youth, she said, was “clingy,” another “demanding,” and a third, “a charmer. He knew what to say and when to say it.”

    In particular, I find myself almost as angry at this woman as I am her husband. It is not often I allow that sort of emotion to come into my work, but then to see her speak disparagingly about disadvantaged children that had issues synonimous with same, I want to sock her one.

    Interesting absent were the 6 adopted children, no?


  12. Malty says:

    I have paid attention to all this in the
    Back ground
    I hope they have proved the case
    I find Dottie un- believeable
    Infact JS too
    How could this have happened

  13. Rose says:

    @word Girl. Hope you’ve now sedn this thread. To answer, it was not Hilton’s father but his uncle from Maine. Appareny his parents & brother are deaf, so he probably talks to uncle.

    These news reports confuse me. One report, copied widely, said Burns called the defense & Rominger called the recess upon David’s surprise when told that. But another report said this event happened during McGerrigan’s cross. McGerrigan told Hilton the police had persisted with him because the uncle had called them before Hiltonwas ever interviewed, which surprised him.

  14. lizzy says:

    erose says:
    June 21, 2012 at 1:07 am
    This confirms I am no expert, not that it was doubted, but I couldn’t disagree more.

    Experts expect quick deliberation from jurors in Sandusky trial

    Read more here:

    I believe it will be over by this evening if they get the case before lunch, absolutely.

    As much faith as I have lost in juries in high profile cases, I have complete faith that Amendola underdefended this case masterfully.


    If/when JS is convicted, part of me will be so relieved. The other part will have an anxiety attack wondering what this “masterful underdefense” kept swept under the rug.

    O you got that right lizzy. Here’s the thing, if JS is unwitting, it won’t stay under the rug.


  15. T. Ruth says:

    Sources: Adopted son as possible witness helped keep Sandusky silent

    By Michael Isikoff, Hannah Rappleye and Tom Winter, NBC News

    BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Jerry Sandusky decided not to testify in his child sex abuse trial after his lawyers were warned that prosecutors would call a surprise new witness — one of the defendant’s own adopted sons — who was prepared to deliver damaging testimony about his father, sources tell NBC News.

    Matt Sandusky, one of six adopted children of Jerry and Dottie Sandusky, was observed by NBC News entering the courthouse, accompanied by Pennsylvania state troopers, on Wednesday morning as the defense was preparing to wrap up its case— and apparently still wrestling with whether Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coordinator, would take the stand.
    Advertise | AdChoices

    Matt Sandusky, 33, has been a stalwart supporter of his father, visiting him at his home after he was charged with sex abuse and showing up at the courtroom last week to sit with his mother and other family members. But after the trial began, according to the sources, Matt Sandusky contacted prosecutors and agreed to provide testimony about events that he witnessed.

    (more @ link)

  16. NY Liz says:

    So I was going to post a link to an article on

    There was a story about how 1 of his adopted sons (Matt, I believe) has always supported his father. However, at the beginning of the trial he started to talk to prosecuters. The story went on to say that the prosecutors warned the defense that if JS testified, they would call Matt as a rebuttal witness. Matt is the adopted son that victim 4 stated was in the shower with him and JS and then Matt left to another shower area once JS started ‘throwing soap’.

    I dont know if removed the article or what. I’m still searching and will post it if found.

  17. Rose says:

    ATG: for the DC/VA/MD region.
    Rendell will be holding forth tomorrow to the public on his book promotion tour at Prose & Politics bookstore.
    This is always a talk followed by as many Qs as you want from the audience. Maybe I should ask his reaction to Sandusky verdict? Or why Corbett as AG had the case so long? Or who else he thinks
    might be involved? Or what Tom Corbett’s future holds? Otherwise I wouldn’t cross the street to hear him.

  18. Sammy says:


    If Sandusky is found guilty of the majority of the charges against him. (3 more counts taken off – so now at 48 charges I believe) ….
    Will the judge order him directly to jail after the verdict is read ?
    Is it likely that Sandusky will be remanded directly to jail pending sentencing and the likely appeal process to come when he’s found guilty ?

    Hoping this perverted old goat is not allowed out on bond among society ever again.

    He will order him to remand. Cleland would not want an eldery guy, even on a bracelet, facing what will amount to life in prison out on bond pending appeal or sentencing.

  19. [...] Sources inside the courtroom have confirmed the jury has received the deliberation instructions and is now deliberating the charges against Gerald Arthur Sandusky. [...]

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:


    If you have the opportunity, ask the question. In my reply to you about Rendell, I should have said it has nothing to do with his voice. I always look a peoples facial expressions and in particular the eyes to help me determine if what is being said is truthful.

    My normal Texas drawl is so bad that if I am going to be in another part of the country, I always spend a few days practicing speaking in a manner that I hope will not offensive to the listner. We speak like we hear others. Texans have a tendency to speak slowly and leave the beginnings and endings missing from a lot of words. It sounds like mush to those who are not accustomed to hearing it.

    My voice is bigger and in the same range as Rendell. As some of my friends say “you have a big radio voice”. My normal singing range is from E (first ledger line below the bass clef) to A on the second space of the treble clef.

    It would be interesting to know the discussions held with the attorneys and the judge behind closed doors. Did it involve one of JS adopted children?

    I have to agree with Blink about the fact that JS would be immediately placed in custody if found guilty. At age 68 he could very well decide that he didn’t want to face living in prison for the rest of his life and simply kill himself. I don’t think the court would give him that opportunity.

  21. Word Girl says:

    I know Blink’s got the new article up and we should all transfer there, but I hadn’t caught up with the rest of you and I have a few random comments. Feel free to scroll and roll!

    Rose, TY, yes to the reporter checking credentials. An Ed.D is not a Ph.D. Everyone has a specialty area, as well. That’s why cub reporters start on Sports stats and Obits, because you damn straight better get those right. Gamin is bright and determined–I hope she’ll find the time to review this blog and take notes.

    As for the sick juror, I was surprised by the replacement and wondered if Judge was pro-prosecution there. A 20-year-old generally wouldn’t go to school or work sick, but a 40-50-year-old woman would.
    Doctor’s note or not, I think the judge just didn’t want the 20yo out there where she could get ‘tainted’ and talk with friends, facebook (that’s a verb now) and make a lot of appeals-positive mistakes.

    Same reason for Judge going over every account and trying to find anything that doesn’t fit to make a conviction stick tight.
    I’ve got a mixed opinion on the Judge but mostly think he’s doing a good job.

    Prosecutor McGettigan is fantastic–Excellent closing. His name, some believe, means “Son of the Wounded” and also “Fleet of Foot”.

    All I can say is thanks:”Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  22. Word Girl says:

    *Judge going every count*

  23. [...] molester Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky hit the Northern Virginia Civil Courts.  A Pro Se Federal personal injury suit was filed by Jonathan Amendola requests a  restraining order based on fear of imminent bodily [...]

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