Missing Fort Bragg Soldier Kelli Bordeaux New Evidence: Ride Home From Aggravated Sex Offender Nick Holbert, Undisclosed Signs of Violence

Fayetteville, NC-  Kelli Bordeaux and her husband of two years  Michael Bordeaux recently separated.

For the first time since boot camp, she was on her own living in the Meadowbrook home the couple previously shared.

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The blonde 23 year old private first class left Valencia College to enlist in the Army as a medic team member to pay for her continued education.  Bordeux is a St. Cloud native

Tragically,  Kelli’s encounter with a convicted and classified as  aggravated sex offender Nicholas Holbert may have ended in a violent altercation and she is now missing since 1:20 am Saturday.

Police interviewed Holbert, a bar hand and resident of the Froggy Bottoms Bar for the second time yesterday.  Froggy Bottoms is located in a heavily wooded area of Ramsey St.

Holbert went on record that he believes he is being targeted because of his criminal past which resulted in his conviction at age 16 for indecent liberties with a minor and aggravated sex offender status.

“As soon as you drive into the entrance to Meadowbrook, she said stop right here,” Holbert said. “So I stopped and she said, ‘I’ll walk home.’ I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Yeah.’ I said I figured she didn’t want me to know where she lived, or somebody was there and she didn’t want to be seen together.”

Holbert is living in a lean-to behind the Froggy Bottoms Bar, which is a violation of the registration requirements under his parole.

Police sources who do not wish to be identified have confirmed they have recovered evidence that suggests Bordeaux may have been injured, and although they will not reveal what it is,  believe it is tied to Holbert.

His last verified address check was April 4, 2012 at 52 Ranger Lane in Spring Lake, NC;  a trailer park located in Harnett County, approximately 9 miles from the bar.    Holbert  is facing arrest on a parole violation pending the recommendations of his parole officer.

Bordeaux’s cell last pinged late Friday evening or early Saturday morning in the Ramsey St corridor, which is less than .8 of a mile from the entrance of her home at Meadowbrook at Kings Grant.

Investigators are focused on scouring the area between her home and the  tower pings which are too close together to define if her last location was the bar or her apartment.

At the time of this publication,  www.blinkoncrime is working to confirm reports that Holbert was in court in February and again last Friday April 13th for a separate criminal court matter.

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for updates to this developing story.




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  1. GeorgiaDad says:

    Your article was much more informative than any of the mainstream media articles I have read. The MSM articles have all left out the fact that she and her husband were separated and not living together.

    The idea of a sex offender working in a bar is frightening.

    Thank you GeorgiaDad. Agreed, and not living where he is supposed to be.

  2. Ode says:

    Yeah Blink, I was hoping you would comment on this case. There was another female soldier raped just weeks ago half a mile away from the Froggy Bottoms bar. I read several articles yesterday about a possible serial rapist in the Fayetteville area. There were references to 5 rapes in 2006-2008 and 7 rapes in 2010. Morgan Harrington is always on my mind, I can not help it. Discussion brushed occasionally about a military connection between the 2005 Fairfax rape by sketch to the 2009 murder of Morgan. It just seemed the dates were kinda. in sync. Fairfax 2005 Fayetteville 2006-2008, Charlottesville 2009, Fayetteville 2010 and 2012. Way out there I know especially since she was in the company of a RSO who liked little girls, babies actually when he was young so maybe he now likes small women.


  3. Ode says:

    Blink or anyone, do you know if they every found this guy? Does this guy look anything like the sketch from Fairfax



  4. melissab says:

    Hello Blink! Long time no post from me…but was reading! I thank you for this article and think Mr. RSO is gonna be making his addy permanent at a prison facility soon after he’s convicted! Just who would hire a RSO to work in a bar. Haven’t looked up his record but off hand do you know if it was for a child or over 18? I guess if he’s in the re-offending mood anything female and a pulse would be in danger! All MOO and he’s def not guilty until convicted but…..
    One more OT question. Have you had time to look at the Sierra L. case? Do you have an opinion on the Mom and her Boyfriend????
    Nice to see you doing so well and I hope Mr. Blink and the Blinkette’s are wonderful!

  5. Ragdoll says:

    She resembles Holly Bobo and Morgan Harrington. We’ve been around this track before.

    I agree with Georgia Dad. This is a far more informative piece than what I’ve been viewing on the tube.

    I’m praying she is only injured and rescued in no time. Holbert’s story is too simple. If that’s all he’s got to say wrt to his involvement, he’s covering up for himself.

  6. Jack says:

    ABC News is reporting that Nicholas Holbert was convicted when he was 16 of “indecent liberties with a 5-yr-old child.” That certainly means he’s a yuk, but doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty.

  7. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the extra information Blink. The rest of the blog world has left out the part about the RSO.

    North Carolina needs to limit RSO’s TO jobs that have little contact with people.

    Somehow the public must teach young women that if you are alone in a bar, you have chosen an unsafe place to be.

  8. twinkletoes says:

    Is the non-smiling creepy guy in the first photo her soon to be ex? Poor lady. Again, ladies, use the buddy system when partying.

  9. twinkletoes says:

    Blink, I hope you are planning a story on the disappearance of Sierra LaMar. There is not very good coverage, except for Hinkymeter, and none of what is on HM is in the mainstream news. Poor kid is obviously presumed dead by LE but no reasons offered as to evidence. Do you plan to cover her story?

    I have done a significant amount of work on her case and had planned to cover it, other commitments or developments have me behind. Not sure friend.

  10. alabamamom says:

    Blink , Thank You ! Yes , I too have found bits & pieces , looking & reading & watching different news reports to get to the facts of what is known in this case. Once again Blink , you beautifully put the pieces together in one spot. Many Thanks !

  11. Jane says:

    I was curious how Kelli got to the bar. Was she alone or with friends? Did any friends see her that night or talk with her? Gosh, I’m not trying to be funny but my husband has recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons. His biggest problem is walking. Every time he goes out alone I preach “Stranger Danger”. I don’t care your age or how someone presents themselves. Just know not everyone has good intentions. Do not EVER get in a car with a stranger – male or female. Call the cops if you’ve lost your keys, are too intoxicated or just frightened. I pray for this young lady but given the time involved,I have a bad feeling.

  12. connie says:

    Again, why would a bar owner hire a RSO? Another young blonde- will it never end?

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    I am praying for Kelli and her family.

    Good write up Blink -I especially appreciated the links to further information.

    Kelli was 5 foot 1 and weighed 102 pounds- even though I am sure she was/is an excellent soldier and adept at self defense etc I cant imagine it would be very hard for someone to overpower her- especially if she was incapacitated quickly.

    I have some questions and concerns-

    Was she friends with this bar keep? If Holberts story is true- She must have felt secure enough to get in his vehicle and get a ride home… although Kelli’s Mom thinks she may have never left the bar area safely…

    Did Holbert make a habit of offering rides home to the other patrons – perhaps playing designated driver, did he do this for all patrons male and female or was Kelli the first and only?

    Did Kelli go to Froggy Bottoms alone? How was she planning on getting home? Such a whimsical friendly sounding name- How could anyone think something bad could happen to one of the patrons of Froggy Bottoms?

    Are there witnesses to Kelli leaving willingly with Holbert?

    Was Kelli drinking? I suppose it is easy to assume she was, but not necessarily she may have went but had no intention of drinking.

    The only reason I ask is if she was, it would be easier for an attacker to incapacitate her, and if a bad guy is a barkeep it seems it would be easier to slip something in an unsuspecting girls drink.

    I do not like Holberts account of that night- although it is plausible that Kelli accepted a ride from him never intending to let him know exactly where she lived- it does not seem likely- for if a woman is concerned enough about her escort home, why even allow him to know the neighborhood?

    How far is her home from Froggy Bottoms, and how far away was her phone when discovered- – not from the are so i have no idea..
    Last did Holbert have a cell that was pinging too?

    Very concerning details surrounding Kelli’s trip home – and very disheartening info IRT evidence of Kelli being injured…what happened?


  14. Mom3.0 says:

    Sorry about the color change Blink- but its still me Mom3

    Again Great write up Blink!
    PS no soldier is just going to walk away – in less they want to be AWOL and from all info thats released so far Kelli doesnt fit that- JMO

    I hope this article helps to bring Kelli home to her family.



  15. Jinxmom says:

    Pretty girl. Many thanks for reporting on this. Though it did make me a little more uneasy about my step-dad being deployed at the moment. My mom lives in Spring Lake, NC. RSO is a dummy…”believed he was being targeted because he has a criminal record.” Umm yeah that and you admit to being to the last person who saw her!

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    RE Jack-
    Jack says:
    April 19, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    ABC News is reporting that Nicholas Holbert was convicted when he was 16 of “indecent liberties with a 5-yr-old child.” That certainly means he’s a yuk, but doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty.

    –Hello Jack- yes that info is included in the links Blink supplied- just click on the underlined words in the article.
    You are right- just because Holbert at 16 was a “yuk” does not mean he is guilty of any crime IRT Kelli’s disappearance.

    But his story is suspect- and so is the evidence which they think may link him to Kelli and an foul ply of somesort….

    We cant really know at this point- there could be many persons of interest that still need to be cleared.

    I realize that Kellis estranged husband was out of town- and most likely had nothing to do with this at all- but the spouse must always be cleared first—was he has his cell phone been checke? I realize he is said to be fully co-operating with police- which puts my mind at ease somewhat-but I can not help but think for a moment of Terri Horman and her possible murder for hire plot against her husband…

    I dont mean to be a cynic or to cast doubt on anyone- – but in following these sad cases I have learned never to just assume all people have been cleared and to never assume it is always the most likely culprit.

    My prayers to Kelli and her family, friends and fellow soldiers.


  17. mosaic says:


    In this interview, Holbert says he’s “grieving too because she seemed like a nice and cool person.” Grieving is such an odd word to use when she has not yet been found.

  18. mosaic says:

    Holbert is 25 yrs old. He spent 7 years in prison for a crime he committed when he was 16. Does anyone know when he was released from prison?

  19. Blink says:

    2008. He was not in seven years

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I am sure you hope that these young women have the necessary training to protect themselves. Most of the time they don’t. They couldn’t beat up their 16 year old brother. This is a sad fact.

    Most cannot even carry a pack the distance on a ten mile hike. If it were not for the guys covering for them, they would never make it. The
    DI’s just look the other way.

    This young woman was in the medical support group. Most of her training would be associated with that work.

    I am all for women in the armed services, but until they get serious about strength tests and other skills associated with combat, none should be considered fit for such duty.

  21. Amber says:

    My question is if he picked her up, he already new where she lived? Correct. Dumbass

    Amber, if you are referring to yourself as a dumbass, I will allow it, lol.

    Not ok if that was to someone else.

  22. Jinxmom says:

    I heard something on the news about a bag with bloody clothes on it found in the area. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  23. spiciest says:

    Well written!

    From the NC Department of Corrections web-site:

    Last Name
    First Name
    Middle Name
    Name Type

    Most Recent Incarceration Summary

    Incarceration Status: INACTIVE Total Incarceration Term: 7 YEARS 3 MONTHS
    Conviction Date: 09/15/2003 Projected Release Date: 07/12/2008
    Primary Crime: CHILD ABUSE ISI (PRINCIPAL) Primary Crime Type: FELON
    Special Characteristics: REGULAR Current Status: N/A
    Admission Date: 09/17/2003 Admitting Location: WESTERN YI
    Control Status: REGULAR POPULATION Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
    Custody Classification: MEDIUM Next Custody Review: 10/01/2008
    Current Location: CUMBERLAND COUNTY Previous Location: COMBINED RECORDS
    Last Movement : TERMINATED PAROLE Last Movement Date: 04/08/2009

  24. Blink says:

    Short answer is 7 years 3 months on consecutive sentence of 3 counts.

  25. melissab says:

    Someone clarify for me please…weather bad here in FL and it seems to be fogging my brain, lol…RSO picked her up? Where from? If RSO is driving her vehicle after she jumped out where did it end up? Did he ever state plans to return her vehicle the next day? Could she have downed all 4 shots and beers by herself? What do the patrons of the bar from that night have to say? If she was texting someone most of the evening at the bar is there any clue yet as to whom? Is guess I would be happy if someone could just unfog me as to the facts of her arrival to the bar. TIA and sorry for so many questions. I’m thinking LE has locked up the correct perp but is determined to find more evidence or a body.

    He is now saying he picked her up and dropped her off, so unclear.

    No patrons have spoken publicly and you read what I know from the bar owner (s)

  26. melissab says:

    So unclear indeed! Glad they have him put up for a while at least! Thank you!

  27. jeff says:

    I am unclear on how she got to the bar and back. I would find it a little strange for her to jump out of her own car if the rso was driving her home in it. Can anyone explain this to me.

  28. Word Girl says:

    ATG, your comments about women in the military lead me to believe you are serving or have served with the armed forces.
    I thank you for your military service.

    I have some questions about that 10-mile hike. Did you ever meet a man who had trouble making that hike with a full infantry field pack?
    Would you establish a high “combat readiness standard” for all soldiers, even though many, such as those serving within the Medical Administration branch–e.g. M.A.S.H.’s Corporal Radar O’Reily–do not have that work as part of their duties?

    Let us not lose sight of the fact that this is a female American active duty soldier, who has likely been murdered. I don’t know many male soldiers who could properly defend themselves at 0200 with eight ounces of ethanol in them.

  29. melisb says:

    Just heard on HNN Kelli’s brother tell Vinnie Politan that Holbert did give her a ride to and from the bar and it was in his car. He said it had been searched by LE and they showed it as a mid sized 2 door older model. Couldn’t make out what kind it was. Holbert also played pool with Kelli and a family friend of hers. I’m on a dying small tablet and can’t go get the link. I apologize!

    Thanks MB- 100K is a steep bond

  30. Word Girl says:

    I thought it was foggy bottoms guy on 100k bond?

    Nick Holbert is on a $100k Bond for failing to register and has since had driving w/out insurance and fake registration.


  31. Jer says:

    Love the site, this story just continues to intrigue me. I’m both frustrated and perplexed as to why the trail seems to be getting cold.  Thanks for all you’re hard work B.

  32. Hollysmom says:

    Just so everyone knows, Holbert DID in fact pick her up from Meadowbrook where she lives & take her (he says anyway-which I seriously doubt) took her home. NOW, Nick Holbert was convicted of not only raping the 5 year old, but beating her as well (she was handicapped btw). This guy is a pathological liar & is much like a child with a diluted sence of reality. I have had several “dreams” associated to this incident & I can tell you that he turned right when he left the bar that night…not left, in the direction of Kellie’s apartment. I also feel like he would even say before he spills the beans about Kellie, that he himself was molested as a child, and in his mind, he is one….an extremely devious child in fact. I also find it strange that, just like a child, he tends to “point fingers” alot in reference to “men”…just like that “man” Kellie was playing pool with weeks prior to her missing….WHO IS THE MAN? And if I or anyone else cut in on a game of pool with 2 folks, you get to know both of them, no? He consistently brings up “men” & “texting all night”, furthermore, he also speaks of her in past tense fashion….”She seemed like a great person”….ect ect. I know people who know who he is and all say he is psycho…obviously. I feel like he drugged her, it ws planned, he turned right out of the bar & also in these reoccurring dreams, he has her down a dirt road (the dirt isn’t whitish, it’s accually a reddish color, there is a fence of sorts, something to keep something out, not in ( 3 or 4 lines on it), there is tracks, like train tracks & Trans….something comes up in these dreams) & electrical service station or the like is there & is surrounded by woods and narrow roads a way back on the land. He also has several links to the Linden Nc area as well. Look, the only way they’re going to get him is by either finding Kellie, or somehow mustering up compassion (even if it’s fake) for him to get him to confess….However, if they can get him to talk about HIS (probably not true, but as he is childlike, he must have an excuse)abuse, then he will tell it. I continue to pray for Kellie & her family that they find peace & find her as well. I also pray that Nick Holbert is haunted with this everyday of his life until he confesses.


    I do not know if Holbert committed this crime or not. I do know that LE has not ruled anyone out, or declared a suspect in her case.

    I can tell you that Holbert was telling the truth about everything I saw him interviewed about that at this point is confirmable. Kelli and Justin met him a few weeks before, and that is who she was texting most of the evening.


  33. Hollysmom says:

    Oh & so strange how he said she was “tired”, but yet she wanted to walk home from the front of meadowbrook…Okay, so my daughters friend lives there & we go there all the time and it’s quite a hefty walk from there to Kellies apartment…just saying, a tied girl who has drank 8 drinks total isn’t going to walk that far. He never even went that way & THE LAST TIME HE WENT THAT WAY WAS TO PICK HER UP & TAKE HER TO THE BAR….When he left with her, he had NO intention of taking her back home, he turned right.

  34. Hollysmom says:

    She probably was texting, I have a daughter & she textes all day long, but his interview is shady, he knows something & he’s hiding something as well. At first he said that he dropped her off up front because she wanted to get out of the vehicle at the start of meadowbrook, he says, “Maybe because she doesn’t want me to know where she livED or somebody was there she didn’t want them to see me”….upon further investigation, he in fact picked her up that night. He lied, no? If he KNEW her like he says & he picked her up, wouldn’t he also know that she lived there alone & her husband wasn’t there? He knew & it gave him opportunity.

    No, he did not lie, he told le and in an interview he picked her up and dropped her off.

    Respectfully Hollysmom, you need to review all my coverage in this case. Nick may have harmed her, I do not know, but there are very specific issues that point elsewhere, and I can tell you as a fact that there is one person who has told a great many lies in this investigation and that is Kelli’s husband Mike.

    Does that mean he harmed her? No, but I would certainly seek to understand what all the lying is about.


  35. cosmo says:

    sex offender and bar owner did it

    You really detectives would be spending the last four days in St. Cloud and Kissimmee if that were the case?


  36. cosmo says:

    i think we can all agree after following these type of cases for several years now that it doesn’t really matter what detectives do, does it?
    if they can’t solve a crime or get enough evidence for a conviction on the sex offender and the criminal bar owner, then they will keep moving around with no real idea of what happened… the case grows cold.
    look at all of your other unsolved cases here alone. rhyme and/or reason doesn’t real play a part. so sure … i really think detectives would be spending the last four days in St. Cloud and Kissimmee even if the sex offender and bar owner did it. we have seen rampant leo incompetence and mistakes in many many other cases less complex than this one.

  37. Summer12 says:

    To Hollysmom – I live less than 1/2 a mile from Froggy Bottoms. I just want to point out that anyone leaving Froggy Bottoms MUST turn right out of the parking lot, because there is a median on Ramsey Street preventing a left turn. Someone leaving that bar who wants to get to Meadowbrook would have to turn right, then at some point make a u-turn to go south. However, you have certainly described the area around North Ramsey Street – there are lots of dirt roads (reddish), fencing, and train tracks.

  38. Naughtia says:

    The 5 year old girl that Nick sexually assaulted, he also beat so bad he left he to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. He is vey violent.

    He is, and if I am not mistaken, the child was special needs as well. That particular issue can be a paraphlic indicator. In that instance, we can be sure, that he has at least 2 or 3 other deviance issues.


  39. knm says:

    Has this gone cold? No new updates…or posts. So sad! This is a solvable case.

  40. Word Girl says:

    Just checking in and re-reading. It finally sunk in what the paraphilia was about. omg. I felt sick so I looked up the wiki definition and felt sicker.

    Really? I mean, Really?


  41. overdog says:

    Holbert is reprehensible but FPD hasn’t developed any new evidence to tie him to the case since Kelli disappeared.He may not be the guy.In recent weeks the name Merle Shamblin has surfaced.He was a truck driver/car hauler and now an RSO.He recently went to prison in FL.The charges? Sexual Exploitation of Minors Tteenage girls).All the girls in his computer files had blond hair.
    He was in Fayetteville,NC, on 14 April 2012.
    There’s much more to detail about Shamblin.
    Stay tuned.

  42. melvin says:

    Just curios if any of yall have seen the vids with that nick holbert an that kelly bordox long time how long have they known each otherfriend

  43. hollysmom says:

    I knew nick holbert did it & now he’s having to face the judge this a.m. I am also hoping that he’s given the death penalty! When I posted a few years ago, some people were ready to let nick walk & blame Mike the husband. I went on searches for kelli and searched extensively in the river rd area (deep in the woods, red dirt road ect.ect.) the closest I believe that I came was a search that I did with a group near a pond area just so happens that fpd dogs hit on the area. He did make 2 rights & he also did kill her one place & eventually placed her there, like I thought. Mike may not have been a wonderful husband, but he certainly is not a killer. So nick did lie consistently in his interview.

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