Searching For Bains IS NOT In Vain: FBI Ups The Reward, Places Mayes ON Most Wanted List- Mayes Thinks He Is Their Father

Now facing aggravated kidnapping, first degree murder and felony flight charges, Adam Christopher Mayes has been named on the FBI Most Wanted Fugitive List.

Earlier this week, the discovery of Jo Ann “Jodi Bain” and her eldest daughter  Adrienne Bain, buried on the property Mayes recently rented in Mississippi resulted in the arrest of his Mother Mary Frankenfreak Mayes and his matrimonially status- challenged wife, Terre.

All In The Family

This afternoon Scarey Terre’s charges were upgraded to include first degree murder.

Adam Mayes, who was a prior brother in law to Jodi’s husband and father to the girls, Gary,  is allegedly responsible for abducting  Jodi, Adrienne, Alexandria and Kyliyah from the home in the early morning hours of April 27th.

Adam does not have a criminal history.

Gary Bain did not hear the family leave, and assumed that the girls were in school.  When he did not reach Jodi later in the day, he alerted police.

The cause and manner of death of Jodi and Adrienne Bain have not been released, although murder charges have been filed.

However, probable cause warrants for the arrest of Adam and Terre Mayes, say Jo Ann and Adrienne  Bain died at their home in Whiteville, TN.

Warrants say  Mayes killed Jo Ann and Adrienne in an adjacent garage to the property at 8590 Whiteville-Newcastle Rd in Hardeman County because  Mayes believes Alexandria and Kyliyah are HIS DAUGHTERS and they were set to move to Arizona.

A multi-state and multi-agency manhunt is under way for the location of Alex and Ky Bain.

In a press conference this afternoon, the award for the location of the Bain girls and the whereabouts of Adam Christopher Mayes has topped $170,000.

Mayes’ mother-in-law told The Associated Press that Mayes thought he might be the girls’ father and it caused trouble in the marriage to her daughter, who’s jailed in the case.

“She was tired of him doting on those two little girls that he claimed were his,” Josie Tate said in an exclusive phone interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. In an earlier interview, Tate’s daughter Bobbi Booth said Teresa Mayes suspected her husband was having an affair with Jo Ann Bain.

(Editors Note: An example of when you do not want the Mamaw speaking out for you.)

Tipsters are warned NOT to approach Mayes, but to call the tipline:












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  1. tea2 says:

    Just read on he killed his self and girls are safe. tea 2 new computer

  2. Sammy says:

    Thanks be to God !

    Alexandria, and Kyliyah Bain have been found safe.
    Conflicting reports about Adam Mayes – he’s either dead from self inflicted gunshot – or in grave condition.


    He is brain dead, not sure if they pulled the plug yet.


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