Missing Iowa Girls Lyric and Elizabeth: New Evidence Found, Lake Cleared, Dad Dan Morrissey Is Suspect. Is A Jailbreak Connected?

Evansdale, Iowa-  Lyric Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins have been missing from what their Grandmother Wylma Cook described as “within her view from the home” for over one week.  Myers Lake, approximately a 27 acre body of water surrounded by a Nature bike trail which yielded the tweens bikes and purse, has been cleared after consultation with the Elite FBI CSI dive team.

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On July 12th, the day before the girls disappeared,  Daniel Morrissey was due to enter a guilty plea in a pending Federal drug arrest.  Instead, he requested the matter be scheduled/reset for trial.  In response,  prosecutors swiftly requested the court place Morrissey under appropriate pre-trial supervision for his alleged crimes.

On Thursday, prosecutors with the Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office asked a judge to review Morrissey’s release, pointing out that Iowa Code state people charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth being a second offender — one of the charges Morrissey is facing — shall be under supervision as a condition of their release.


Occurring almost simultaneously to Morrissey’s plea filing which he did not attend personally, a Black Hawk county prisoner broke out of jail, robbed a pharmacy and was on the lam for over 18 hours.

Jeremy Alan Mask, fond of controlled substances which led to his arrests is now in custody and additional charges related to the escape were filed against Mask the following day.  Mask was sentenced to a residential treatment center following a burglary of a Walgreens last April.

Are the incidents connected?  Investigators are not talking.  Except to say they now have video footage of the girls at about the time they were both seen.  No mention as to whether or not the girls were on their bikes.

Investigators may be tight lipped- But they ARE acting.

Yesterday  Black Hawk County detectives revised a no contact order barring Dan Morrissey from being near his wife Misty- although they have appeared together and have been living together for weeks- following a domestic violence assault which landed both Dan and Misty back in prison last August.

As reported exclusively last week on www.blinkoncrime.com, Dan Morrissey for the assault and Misty Cook-Morrissey for extensive probation/parole violations.

The pair are now permitted to be in each other’s company, provided LE agents are as well.

Misty Cook Morrissey’s sister Tammy Brossueau has confirmed that detectives have directly confronted Dan Morrissey with information they developed pointing to him as a suspect and as a result the estranged couple have refused to cooperate further in the investigation to locate their daughter and her cousin Elizabeth.

Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office Captain Rick Abben officially declared the case an abduction at a 4 PM press conference yesterday afternoon.

Abben also announced a $50,000 reward is being offered leading to the person or persons responsible for the disappearance of the girls.  He confirmed  said evidence has been seized in the investigation and sent to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation crime lab in Des Moines.    While he would not comment on the evidence specifically, sources inside the investigation speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com have confirmed that items from the home including a computer and other electronic devices are among the listed property inventory.




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  1. Word Girl says:

    The families have been notified and the bodies shipped to the ME in Ankeny, Iowa. Hopefully we’ll have the identification soon.

    I’ve had to stop myself from once again jumping on the parents and families of these little girls. The onus is on the Criminal(s).

    We will find them and bring them to justice. Soonest.
    Rest in peace, Little Sweeties.


  2. [...] speaking on the condition of anonymity  have confirmed that the remains are that  of  Eliazbeth Collins and Lyric [...]

  3. Kerry says:

    Is an RSO named Michael Klunder on your radar for this kidnapping and murder? He lived about an hour away from Evansdale and had a past of kidnapping in pairs. He kidnapped a pair of 3 yr olds and most recently had kidnapped a pair of 12 & 15 yr old females in Iowa. The 12 yr old is currently missing, an active search is being conducted, her name is Kathlynn Shepard, the 15 yr old escaped and found help. LE followed her description of the location she was at as well as a description of her abductor, in which they found Michael Klunder deceased by committing suicide. It has been proved by DNA that Kathlynns blood was found on his clothes, truck taillight as well as in hog confinement that he took the pair to. Given the location being relatively close to Evansdale and a history of a violent past as well as a history of kidnapping in pairs, do you think he may be a viable suspect? Would LOVE to here your analysis. Pray for Kathlynn Shepard, pray she is found safe, although the odds look like they are not in her favor :( . Thanks Blink!

    I think it absolutely has to be run down, and I am not fluent in the facts of the Klunder case outside of what I have read, but I am of the opinion that Lyric and Elizabeth’s abductions and murder were relevant to activity on behalf of Lyric’s parents/family.

    I have no idea what Klunder was doing on the street in the first place or why anyone is surprised he re-offended in this way. These poor girls.


  4. Kerry says:

    Klunder had a RSO friend on his FB that lived in Evansdale and his house was very close to where they were abducted. I wonder if he visited that friend and saw the girls, random opportunity? Idk, but the more I read about him, the more it makes sense. LE still hasn’t found Kathlynn :( …thanks for getting back to me Blink!!

  5. Wolfscratch says:

    http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com/dmr/index.php/2013/06/21/evidence-in-dayton-evansdale-cases-headed-to-fbi-crime-lab/article 06/21/2013

    Evidence in Dayton, Evansdale cases headed to FBI crime lab

    Some of the evidence gathered from crime scenes in Dayton and Evansdale is being sent to the FBI crime lab for analysis, a state official said Friday.

    It is regular protocol for state investigators to seek FBI assistance in some cases because the national lab has greater capabilities than those at the state level, said Gerard Meyers assistant director for field operations with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

    “It’s predominately evidence that would have DNA relevance,” Meyers said. “We’ve been working for the last week or so to determine what evidence would meet the necessary submission for the FBI crime lab.”

    It must have come back with a need for amplification

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