Megan Sharpton Murder: Prime Suspect Donnie Jones Indicted For Her Murder, Rape

Posted by BOC Staff | Donnie Frank Jones,Flossy Davis,Kelly Sharpton,Megan Sharpton,Murdered,Naomi Jones,Timmy Gifford | Monday 5 November 2012 10:51 pm

Tullahoma, TN-   Donnie Frank Jones, Jr,  the primary suspect in the rape and murder of Megan Sharpton the evening of July 1, 2012, has been indicted for her rape and murder today in Franklin County, TN.

Additional arrests are expected in this case.


Reached at home this evening, Kelly Hale Sharpton, Meg’s Mother,  declined comment until tomorrow morning.


Please check back to for developments.


If  I may be so bold,  I would like to share this.   It reminds me of a song Meg might recommend we all enjoy.




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  1. Stars says:

    Just an update: Donnie Jones confessed to the murder of Megan Sharpton. They were seeking the death penalty but that low life made a plea bargain. Got three hots and a cot at our expense. He may finally be paying for the terrible crime he committed. But this jerk needs to fry. What a beautiful girl Megan was and was loved by many.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I knew this was going to be the way this DA solved the case. It didn’t have the total result that the community wanted, but the state saved the cost of a trial. It will cost a lot more to keep him in jail.

    This did not happen in a vacuum. Has there been any movement to charge the other conspirators in this crime?

  3. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know what the plea deal entailed? Peace be with Megan and family.
    Life w/parole but must serve 51 real years. He will never leave prison.

    The possibility exists there may be more charges associated with this crime for others.

  4. Starring at the Stars says:

    He got life WITHOUT parole. The first offer was life with parole. I had originally agreed to that because of the 51+ years thing and he still had the gun charges that would have added another ~15 years. He would have died in prison with that but I held out and asked that he be held accountable for the rape charge as well. It was important to me that he pay for that as well because he’s gotten excused for rape so many times before. Not this time, not my child. So we asked for that. He would rather go to prison for his life than add 10 years to his other sentence and would not admit to the rape. I agreed to life without only if the narrative of his crime included a vivid description of the entire event, yes, including the rape and he had to agree that the description was an accurate one. I am at peace with that decision for my surviving children and my parents who would have never seen justice without this answer. Peace for Megan. My angel who took down the devil himself.

  5. Jack says:

    Thank God that justice has finally been served. I wish peace to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the update Starring at the Stars. This guy got away with bad behavior for a long time. You and Megan put him where he belongs.

    He was not acting alone if the information about the map and bogus job offer is correct. The others need to be brought to justice as well.

    You and your family have performed a valuable service to the community.

  7. NY Liz says:

    Donnie Jones is attempting to rescind his guilty plea and go to trial. How awful. I hope the motion doesn’t go through. Starring at the Stars – I saw this on your facebook page this morning and had to post it here. I’m so sorry for you and your family.

    I know, this hump is unreal. Has no legs though.

  8. Christy says:

    I can’t wait to see the actual motion HE wrote.

    Dim M-Effer.

    (thats mine and B’s word for the week btw. Eff that)

    Someone suggested we all take pictures of our boots and post them on facebook. I say, get the address for the prison and Dumbasses # and send the pictures to him. :)

    lol, Christy is referencing what I was referring to my site issues over the weekend. #Mothereffer

    I appolly, I have been honest about my unfortunate word choices on occasion and/or frequently.

    I just do NOT want Kelly and the family going through endless motions and appeals and b.s.

  9. Cindy says:

    Is there any update on the filings?

  10. Christy says:

    Blink, I was reading the older posts in Megans case, still makes me sad to reread the tension we all had over dfj and the cast of idiots out there.

    You had said many times there were things going on that you could comment on after dfj was arrested. Can we go there yet?

    No. He is attempting to withdraw his plea/confession/sentence.


  11. Christy says:

    I know all about his hilarious attempt…he’s an idiot.

    And there are still others who’ve not been charged…so I understand that.

    I was just hoping some of the other observations you had would be ok to talk about.
    hope everyone had a good weekend!

    Right, friend. Gonna be a while till everyone is comfortable.

  12. Oneilgirl75 says:

    I just read on the Facebook that Kelly has been maintaining that she has passed away!! My heart is broken for her! For her children!

    Yes, she is with her Megan now. God rest her soul.

  13. Lisa says:

    My heart breaks for this family.

    I am profoundly sad for them. I am profoundly proud of her for her efforts to bring that waste of carbon to justice. I am profoundly pissed this was the solution to end her pain. I do not judge her. I love her. I just wish that as she had in the past, she would have reached out.


  14. Christy says:

    I’ve lost my friend and I’m heartbroken. her children, grandgirl, mother, boyfriend….all need continual prayers and love their way.

    Kelly was broken, tired, hurt forever. she only wanted it to stop.
    I am so sad and was blessed to call her friend.

    I know Christy, I know. I emailed you last night I believe. Hugs.

  15. January says:

    May God bring some solace to the Family of Megan and Kelly. I cannot begin to empathize with the pain of how much Kelly’s death must add to the Family’s already broken hearts. I too am so sorry that Kelly lost her battle of pain surrounding her daughter’s unspeakable death, Now, however, I pray for the family who must get through this next lifelong wave of pain. May Kelly rest in peace, and may her family members and friends, find comfort in the “light” Kelly always described. :( so sad.

  16. NYLiz says:

    I’m happy to hear the he withdrew his request for a trial. Hopefully this is the last we hear from him. I’m surprised more people were never charged though :(

    I do not think I could adequately articulate what a scumskankbag he is. In my view, he is responsible for the deaths of Megan and her Mother. I hope Ms. Kelly rests now. I love and miss her dearly- that is when I can bear to think about her.

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