Kyron Horman Missing: Civil Suit Against Terri Horman DELAYED AND SEALED- Prompted By NEW LEADS

Portland, OR-  As many of you have been following since June 2010,  there is a new development today in the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

As predicted at BOC,  the civil suit brought by Deisree Young, Kyron’s  Mother, against Terri Horman, Kyron’s step-mother and the defacto suspect in his disappearance has been granted an abatement.

In a sealed filing,  motions by Assistant District Attorney Michael Schrunk and Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton were granted,  delaying the suit .  The motions included supporting affidavits that continuing the action as already ruled would compromise the investigation.

The decision presents an ironic twist .

Terri Horman’s lawyers originally  fought vehemently to abate the action,  but were unsuccessful.  As recently as last week, the Judge in the case ordered medical records to be accessible to both parties to the action.

In Judge Kantnor’s decision to NOT abate the suit at the request of Attorney Peter Bunch for Terri Horman,  the Multnomah County Prosecutors Office declared “no position” on the matter after being contacted by the court.

It is not known if that order prompted the request to delay the suit .

Sheriff Stanton,  Eldin Rosenthal,  Norm Frink and Stephen Houze declined comment at press time.

On Monday, Judge Henry Kantor granted the motions to abate the civil proceeding and ordered the motions and affidavits filed by the district attorney and sheriff sealed.

A  hearing had been scheduled  for Dec. 14 to hear Young’s attorney argue before the court to compel testimony from DeDe Spicher,  an alleged witness in the case.  Today’s ruling is likely to render a postponement of that proceeding.

Sheriff Dan Staton,  told Oregon Live,  it is based on early leads that are now panning out:

“There are a couple of investigative pieces that are going to open up,” Staton told The Oregonian Tuesday. “Our belief is they’re going to open up several investigative doors.”

He said the new “investigative avenues” are based on information collected in the early phase of the investigation that are now yielding some results.




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  1. vw says:

    At CD, rose, etc. Regarding Willamette Weekly

    press suffrage

    From Pulitzer Prize winner James Pitkin, July, 2010

    In the above he is referencing the….

    “Strange Press Conference” Snipped

    “First came Horman’s “ground rules,” as he described them. No cameras. No recordings. Everything was off the record and couldn’t be reported, unless agreed otherwise. Horman made everyone in the room agree to these rules before proceeding. And so this roomful of reporters consented, in essence, not to be reporters.

    Horman then laid out how the meeting would go. They would take questions, make some phone calls (presumably to investigators, to find out what they could say in their answers), then return and make an on-the-record statement. But first, Horman wanted all the reporters he didn’t know to introduce themselves.

    KEX radio, KATU, The Portland Tribune and “Inside Edition” all got the nod from Horman. But then came Shane Kavanaugh and Bryan Denson of The Oregonian.

    Horman said the family didn’t like The Oregonian’s coverage and wanted them to leave. Horman said the daily had failed to be a “team player.”

    “This is a team, and if we’re not going to play as a team, there’s no point in being here,” Horman said. “This is about Kyron.”

    Denson objected, saying he’s new to the story and after 28 years in journalism he’s “a pretty good reporter.” But there was no arguing. The family wanted The O gone, and a woman who said she’s a manager at the church escorted them out. The biggest newspaper in the state had been eighty-sixed.

    I introduced myself and said I’m with Willamette Week. Horman said the family has the same problem with WW. I agreed to leave. And so the paper with the second-biggest circulation in Oregon was also kicked out.”

    Pitkin continued to cover the case from different angles until the middle of August. I don’t remember if he gave a reason, but there was barely a word mentioned again about the case by anyone at WW.…..although they continued to expose MCSO’s abuses on OT, etc.. Can’t remember when he left the WW, but there must have been an editorial decision made to not pursue as a known “Non-team-player”.

    Which begs the question, why Bryon dropped the case and Maxine took it up. But it also answers the question about why we continue to get only one side, although Maxine and/or Lynne have stated that if TMH’s side would talk, they’d cover it.

    However it was Ch. 12 that Houze sent his note to on the “meritless” suit. Stating, ironically that he hoped that “suit” would get scrutiny by the press. Haven’t seen an “analysis” of the suit yet. Anyone expect to? WW would have done a good job with that.

  2. vw says:


    Lol. Just read it last year with my daughter. “2 legs bad, 4 legs good”!

  3. mas says:

    mas- there is no factual backing to your claims, none. I would ask that if you make claims, you provide the source link, and there absolutely would have to be several, given your claim.


  4. graceinthehills says:

    erose says:
    August 6, 2013 at 12:44 am

    The reason, imo, that TH was originally suspected was the doctor’s appointment. I was highly suspicious of TH at the time that the teacher reported TH creating confusion over which Friday Kyron was to see the doctor. That doctor’s appointment was the single most incriminating piece of information for me to get past.
    Yes, I agree, erose. I think that threw everyone for a loop for quite awhile. If I recall correctly, he was scheduled to see the doctor the following Friday. For me, her alibi of driving around with baby K from 10:00 to 11:25ish sent up a red flag for me. I think this may have been one of the reasons why LE was looking at security camera images for the route she indicated that she took that morning. I just hope that one of these days we know what happened to this child. It is so difficult knowing so few of the details of what transpired that day.

  5. sam hawthorne says:

    vws post earlier mentioning the groundskeeper dave stenson reminded me that when he came forward on his own, that le and the school had, and still probably has no idea who was at skyline that day. that is why the sz theory is still bumping around in my head. blinks site has given me enough knowledge about sz s and insight into this case that isnt covered in the press to cause me and anyone that is not caught up in mob mentality to pause and consider this possibility. the thing keeping me on the fence is that i think it would be easy enough for a sz to talk a child into going outside, but to get him all the way across the parking lot and into a vehichle with alot of other people that kyron would know there, seems less likely than someone that already casualy knowing kyron would be able to do. i realise its possible, and the thing kaine said about recently telling kyron he had to do what grownups said because apparently he hadnt been listening to staff would make it even,more likely. i cant think of what an sz would have said to convince kyron all the way out the school door, across the parking lot, and into a vehichle with no scuffle. come see the puppy in my car might get him to the car but not in the car. pushing or grabbing him and putting him in the car would have alerted someone nearby, imo. a car speeding out of the parking lot would have drawn attention also. perhaps someone has a likely scenario that would work, idk. posting such a scenario on here would give other sz s ideas so im not asking for that! but do people in this site that know more about the actions of child abductors think its possible a sz could have done this? also do you think a sz would have had to previously met kyron to pull it off? the theories of taking him out of the school subdued in a container, etc where discussed here at blink and on scared monkeys early in the case.

  6. sam hawthorne says:

    cd excellent post!
    the press imo used to love getting the scoop and thereby selling papers, but in the digital age i think sensationalism has trumped that. also back in the day there were things in printed papers that a reporter had to stand by. now we see “updated” which also seems to mean edited and earlier things ommited. also something that bothers me in this case particularly is there is not so much archives of early press reports by the news stations. its like a web news site can just push delete and thenthat means we didnt say that. the press though, i think, is giving the readers what they want. sad state of affairs when people want to jump on a wagon of “i know they are guilty just put them away!” internationally it is even worse, they are guilty just send a drone, we dont need a trial!i read that in the comments of national news stories alot, and i fear the mob mentality is local and national. i am hoping that sites like this can not only help people form opinions but also solve cases, the old school way, with open evaluation of facts and critical non biased thinking and being willing to be wrong occassionally. thats why i like this site, blink is spot on in those reguards.


  7. Rose says:

    $&$X I am slow. Reflecting on gofundme, I just realized Kaine HAD to incorporate BKHF as a tax exempt nonprofit with a generalist purpose of multiple missings children, or that cause generally, to shelter that $80,000 or plus counting as his assets in divorce, whereas gofundme would just be his own $ asset. He was thinking ahead.

  8. Ode says:

    Blink…Any chance you are watching this.
    Hannah Anderson’s abduction and her brother’s abduction or possible murder victim?
    This is so similar to the Bain girls abduction by Adam Mayes as well as the crazy Hoffman killer in Ohio that killed a mother, her son, her friend and abducted the daughter. I heard on Nancy Grace that this current killer abductor was an IT guy. Sounds also like Joseph Duncan who abducted Shasta Groene and her brother after murdering her family and later killing young Dylan, Shasta‘s brother.

  9. [...] to prove their claims would not be forthcoming.  In an article analyzing the suit appearing on BOC it was predicted that Ms. Young would face possible countersuit and associated fees should the suit [...]

  10. grasshopper says:

    Can we assume that the Horman divorce is moving forward since stay ended Aug 1 and we have heard of no request for further delay? It seems that both Terri and Kaine will need to do depositions in that process. Should be interesting! Will DA once again try to protect Kaine from repo?

    Yes. If they do not settle, they will go to trial and will be subject to deposition.

  11. Nelmel says:

    Not about Kyron at first, then this will be about Kyron.

    RIP Sharon Tate.

    Friday is the anniversary of your horrible murder. I truly believe your murder changed countless processes in justice, police training, and new reporting in The United States. What was lost in all the chaos and ugliness of your murder’s story was that as of August 9th, 1969, film industry insiders believed that you had talent and would have a long career, including comedy. I watched your early movies. You were good! If what was to be remembered from your short life was that your name would forever be tied to the wholesale upheaval of a crime scene investigation, then you did not die for nothing.

    Now….to Kyron.

    All I wanna know is this.

    Why the hell hasn’t ANYONE involved in a search to find out what happened to Kyron, other than people on Blinks’ website, discussed SUSPECT ZERO?????????????????????????

    I have no earthly idea except to say that I encourage all to read Mark Fuhrman’s The Murder Business.


  12. redrose says:

    Are we supposed to move over to Parts 2-3 any time? Noticed this batch of notes is getting kind of quiet. Thanks.

    redrose, please join us friend :)

  13. Rose says:

    I thought it was an excellent summary until my eye landed at major fact error no. 1.
    at least the hapless inaccurate copiest, and the fact checker, are unnamed.
    Don’t they remember she lived at the Horman home for a bit post-Kiara’s abduction?

    “……and hasn’t spoken to Kyron’s stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, since March 2010….”

  14. [...] our polygraph, or provide the information we believe you have, or, I don’t care, we will tell the family that we do think you’re [...]

  15. Concerned Parent says:

    It is interesting the comments on the conflict of interest with Svetkey and Houze’s involvement. It is also interesting that, just because Svetkey presents herself as a children’s advocate that she is seen as such. I can say for fact that Svetkey is not advocating for children. I have seen numerous cases where Svetkey has removed children from safe loving homes and placed them with their abusers denying children any voice through her bias attorneys on her Children’s Representation Program, who are trained through her Child Centered Solutions Program. These non-profits are run by Svetkey and she has paid professionals who often write reports to support Svetkey’s bias rulings. They result in an incriminating paper trail of Svetkey’s rulings damaging the victim of Svetkey’s court (most often the mothers and children) for if there was even a chance of Svetkey recusing herself (which she has never done besides on the Horman case only due to the recognition of a conflict of interest by Oregonlive). There are approximately 95 attorneys who Svetkey has on her list to represent children. She hand selects the attorneys for the children on her cases and those same attorneys report to Svetkey. Most of these attorneys are inexperienced in family law and don’t represent the children as well as a volunteer CASA would. This program, being used by Svetkey herself is also just as much a conflict of interest as Svetkey and Houze’s involvement on the same case. Another conflict of interest is the professional “experts” Svetkey has on the board for the two non-profits, Dr. Charlene Sabin. She is licensed as a pediatrician with the Oregon Medial Board, however she claims that she is a behavioral specialist and preforms custody evaluations, often times that are paid for by grants through the non-profits that Svetkey runs. Go look at the reviews online about Dr. Sabin and see for yourself the number of families affected by Dr. Sabin and her twisted evaluations. I can say for certain that Svetkey, Houze and the cabal they operate is not in the best interest of children and they certainly are not the solution to any child centered issues; they are the problem and they must be exposed for what they really are: Power hungry criminals who destroy the true meaning of justice.

    These are some pretty big allegations CP- are you prepared to provide info or examples to bolster same?

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