Jodi Arias Trial: In Her Own Words.. How I Killed Travis Alexander With HIS Gun and HIS Knife

Posted by BOC Staff | Jennifer Wilmott,Jodi Arias,Juan Martinez,Kirk Nurmi,Travis Alexander | Wednesday 20 February 2013 1:30 pm
Photo Courtesy AP Pool

Photo Courtesy AP Pool


Phoenix, Arizona- In today’s highly anticipated morning testimony,  Jodi Arias finally “gets there”.

After weeks of what can only be described as the dog ate my defense testimony led by Kirk Nurmi,  Jodi Arias explains the events leading up to and during the murder of Travis Alexander.

Arias describes an irate and menacing Travis who bounds from the shower, causing her to drop his new camera and pouncing on her, knocking her to the wet tile floor.

“ A five year old can hold a camera better than you.” Arias stated Alexander screamed at her among other threatening expletives while she struggled to break free.

She then ran to the master bedroom closet and apparently using the Spiderman techniques she absorbed via osmosis from the alleged Valentines gift,  retrieved a gun she claimed Travis owned over two feet out of her reach while he was sprinting behind her.

She pointed the gun at him, did not realize it went off and then Travis, still coming at her, stumbles to his knees on the now bloody tile beneath him.  ( Editors Note:  As I have always said,  I believe the order of this injury is true and is important to the charges against her)

Enter gratuitous memory gap.

“I have no memory of stabbing him.” – Jodi Arias

Although Arias admits to having flash backs,  she states she cannot remember any other details with the exception of her crouched in the bathroom covered in blood and drops a knife she believes was upstairs used by Travis to cut ropes he used to tie her up to the bed.

She did however, have the presence of mind to grab the ropes, the gun, apparently removes and loses her shoes and has no idea what happened to the knife she used to stab Alexander 29 times and slit his neck from ear to ear.

Next memory she is driving in the desert with the gun she alleges was Travis’s  when she pitches it out the window at a random location,  then puts the ropes in a dumpster behind a gas station and washes blood off her hands.

Pause for Arias innocuous driving babble and road scenery.

“Why didn’t you call 911 and tell them what happened?”  Kirk Nurmi asks his sniffling but tearless client.

” …He attacked you, why did you feel You messed up pretty badly?”

“This time it was different, he had done it before and nothing happened, it was heightened.” Responded Arias.

While approaching a check point in Utah,  she feels like she will be apprehended there.

Arias decided to do a “whole bunch of things” to cover up she was ever there.

So .. “I called his phone to leave a voice mail”.  For nearly 16 minutes she says she tried numerous times to leave a cheery voice mail  to ask as if she was not present in Alexander’s home.

“I just thought they would be listening to his voice mail, so I just thought it would throw the scent off for a while.”

– Jodi Arias

Yes, she actually said that on the stand.   Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi was observed writing a note to co-counsel Jennifer Wilmott to send an assistant out to Sam’s for an industrial size supply of Tums.

I made that part up.  Testimony continues following jury lunch break.




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  1. wolfsden says:

    Hi Blink! *waving* I have just found your posts, and am enjoying what you have to say!, and will start to follow! But think, if YOU were shot in the face, would you charge and go all violent, with a bullet in your face?…or would you be astonished that you were STILL alive?…and astonished that you were STILL vertical, and get the h out of there??
    Jodi’s ‘fog’ was ‘after the gun shot’, but she says she remembers, “Screaming, dropping the knife to the floor, and a loud clanking noise. crouched in the bathroom, COVERED in blood”. She wiped ALL that away = palm, hand, footprints!…’wildebeast stampede’ where she cut his throat was to mask her singular. blood soaked, sock prints. (notice NONE on bedroom carpet, and NONE on stairs.) She was covered in blood from head to toe, put him in the shower, and SHOWERED over the TOP of him. Martinez, “You took a shower in the same place where you placed his body after you killed him, right?” (referring to her activities AFTER the photo session). She replied, “Yes”. THAT’S what flooded the bathroom floor (TA’s body was covering the drain) She makes it seem like she just had a tiny bit of blood to wash off her hands….bull!!! EVERYTHING she says is a LIE, and makes NO sense!

  2. wolfsden says:

    P.S: Also, can’t remember what she did with all her bloody clothes, shoes, socks, bloody floor mats from the rental car. There were obviously several/many bloody items Jodi removed from the house that left traces on/in the rental car. The rental was a covered-up, bloody mess. We will probably NEVER know just HOW MUCH was stolen/removed from the slaughter scene, after Jodi decided she was done, and had better get the hell out of there. “Tossed out of the window of a car?” NOT A CHANCE!! NOT EVER!! The gun?…tossed? It would PROVE her stmts that he OWNED one! They would have had Nurmi’s ash out there with a Metal Detector EVERY WEEKEND to find it! GRANDPA’s gun will NEVER be found!

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