Jodi Arias Trial Continues: Blink Discusses Live On The DANA PRETZER SHOW Tonight 9PM LIVE (Podcast Added)


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  1. Ragdoll says:

    As I posted, I’ll be tuned in. Say hi and I’ll wave back…LOL.

    Well done, all your hard work, Miss B. Well done. #advocateheart #truthseeker xo

  2. Rose says:

    can you post a link to “rerun”?
    could never get live to load (my bad).

    I will post the podcast as soon as I get it Rose- have a peanut butter egg, lol.

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Don’t feel bad Rose, this often happens to me. My link is by satellite and the timing gets off. I didn’t get it tonight so I’ll wait. I do want to hear Gil Harrington regarding Morgan’s death.

    Of course, I always enjoy Blink’s remarks. So “tomorrow, tomorrow” as the lyrics in the opera Cinderella’s last chorus goes.

  4. Hummingbird says:

    Ha Ha very good Blink and ATG tomorrow tomorrow and a peanut butter egg!!
    In the words of the English Authorities during the German blitzing of London in the second world war
    “Keep Calm And Carry On.”
    Words I live by …..Shout out to you both my friends, you too Rose xoxoxo

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    Good show Blink- loved your thoughts on JA trial Dana sure has had enough of listening to her…poor guy

    Sending my prayers to the Harringtons- I am glad that both were able to appear on the show. It is hard to believe its been 3 years.


  6. whodunit says:

    LOVE this interview!

  7. Ode says:

    Ditto to ATG, I want to hear Gil Harrington and of course our lovely Blink. Yea I don’t have to hear JA’s voice on stand today and I get to listen to Dana’s.

  8. Ode says:

    Good show Blink. Yesterday I was in fear of Martinez bringing in a mock closet and having JA demonstrate her spidey jump…I like your idea much better. I am suffering from TMJ..too much Jodi.

  9. Joan says:

    I listened to the show Blink. That was great!

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Good Show Blink. I am sorry that Dana had to switch to Martha Stewart to get his sanity back.LOL

    I agree about the prosecution missed an opportunity to show via a video of someone climbing up the closet shelving that it could not match Jodi’s story. Martinez did let her know that the shelves were rated for only forty lbs.. I really canot agree with that and realize that he may have obtained some specifications regarding a load test.

    Even with wood pins, the total load supported would exceed forty lbs. Pins would be made from oak, maple, hickory, cherry, ash, or birch. All of these are heavy dense hardwoods that could support more than forty lbs. per pin. The real weak point is in the material making up the verticle walls of the unit. Laminated MDF may not be able to handle the sheer force applied to the drilled holes. Because of the tip-up of someone stepping on the front of the shelf, all forces would be applied to the front pins only. The shelf was kept in place by the front frame, so it could have broken the hole and dumped the person onto the floor and the shelf contents as well. The only way to really know is to do a load test with static weight and then with dynamic weight.

    With a jury as large as the one in this case, and no one knows which twelve will actually do the deliberation. There is a chance that someone would hold out for a lesser charge and create a hung jury. However, because of the participation of the jury, I like the way they are alert and interested in clarifying facts.

    Thank you, ATF.

    Agreed, but he may also have additional information as to how many of those dowels were used per shelf and their placement. That would definitely change the load capability and throw it to the front or back as well.


  11. Rose7 says:

    Well, been there, done that. It would have been a one time occurrence had the shelf not collapsed or flipped up. The dowls don’t have enough ‘space’ to NOT stop the shelf from falling through with the weight bending the shelf. Or. The weight on the front is an illustration of the ‘step on a rake’ concept. Like I said, I’ve learned that lesson well. Aggravation all the way around; one that will never be repeated.

  12. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There are only four pins per shelf as indicated in the photo. This is normal construction. I have built more than a dozen units over the years for books, closets and kitchen. Some I have used steel tracked supports and others have used brass, plastic, steel and wood supports.

    Heavy duty construction may have another pin at the center of the shelf, but this is not normal. If one visits a home improvement center and goes to the closet section, the exact unit can be found that was in the closet of TA’s home. It is a four pin unit with holes for 1/4″ or 7/32″ pins on 2″ centers. The inset of the pin rows, two per side is between 1-1/4″ to 2″ depending on the depth or the unit.

    Large units such as my entertainment center are built with plywood and are 16″ deep have holes inset at 2″ and the vertical spacing is 2″.

    The shelf unit in TA’s closet is probably 11 1/4″ deep based on the shoes shown in the photo. The back is 1/4″ material and the front facing is 1/2″ to 3/4″ material making the overall dimension either 12″ to 12-1/4″.

    And now all you need is access to tools and you can design and build you own. Since you already know how to take a door off its hinges, this should be a piece of cake. Teasing!

    o/t: Now ATG, you KNOW I have my OWN tools.

  13. Word Girl says:

    ATG, you know I have my own tools, too. :)

    If I was a savvy shelf climber, I’d cling to the dowel edge and go up (lightly–ha) one, two, or three steps, the third of which would probably dump me on my kettle, unless I could athletically catch myself, mid-air. That’s way too much control to have during a flight-or-fight-for-your-life scenario, dontcha know?

    The defendant admits she killed the victim, but doesn’t remember stabbing. She does remember cleaning up afterward. She does acknowledge she left the victim for dead for five days before he was discovered.

    How she got the gun, whether she can remember stabbing or not, doesn’t she admit to killing the man after a struggle with him? Do I understand guilt or innocence here?

  14. Löni says:

    Dear Blink i loved to hear your voice and it was a very nice and interesting show. I am totally with you on your opinions ( the only thing where i think otherwise is for the shooting ) but that doesn ‘t matter. You are a very bright nice and well outspoken Lady. It was so nice to hear you. xoxoxo big hug!

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    That is too fancy climbing for me. LOL You forgot to tell me if the unit was attached to the wall. Jodi ,in her state of mind and lacking real knowledge, could build a story that out performs spiderman.

    I agree. She did admit killing Travis. The only thing left to decide is do the charges match the evidence that can be proven. And can the defense provide enough information to mitigate the charges to prevent a LWOP or DP sentence.

    Jodi is an actress. There has been enough time in jail for her to study all sorts of medical and legal information. The problem is she has zero experience with either. She could have been a world class debater had she continued in school and chosen to learn that skill.

    O/T. Another tool girl. Girls can do whatever they decide to do and are willing to take the time to learn the skills required. My youngest daughter as a newly married woman helped her husband finish the interior of an unfinished house they purchased. Years later after her children were grown, they purchased a house in FT. Worth from a builder. She didn’t like the layout and finish of the interior so she made the builder give her a set of blueprints and she reworked them to make it like she wanted. The builder was so impressed that he incorporated her ideas into some of his houses.

    Yes, girls, when given the opportunity, can do great things.

  16. Look when you use say only one foot it tottaly changes the dynamics of weight per load.
    You know the cooking stoves with glass ceramic tops were the rings are.?
    I had one of those type cookers/stove.
    For years I had stood on it I weigh about eleven an a half stone.
    For dusting high shelves changeing light bulbs ect.

    We moved into a new home an a light went in the kitchen.
    Didnt bother getting steps out just hopped up on top the cooker
    The light fittting was a wee bit higher than previous so I had to strech an put all my weight on one leg.

    As soon as I did so I was suddenly no longer a top the stove but standing in the oven any further an this he wouldve become a She.

    Crashed right through because all off my weight was put onto one condenced area one foot.
    Same thing would have happened with JA description of useing her one foot to elevate her up to reach the non existant gun.

  17. A Texas Grandfather says:

    ecossie possie

    You are so right about concentrated weight on a small surface. This is the very thing that makes Jodi’s story unworkable.

    More than fifty years ago when ladies high heeled shoes were in style with little small heels with less than a half inch of surface, a group of us decided to do a force study of what is concentrated into that small area when a woman makes a step. There were several surface areas and several different weights used. The end result was about two tons of weight would be exerted on the little heel.

    This is what happens when a bunch of engineers who don’t have enough things to do get together for a fun session.

  18. Word Girl says:

    ecossie! almost in the oven!
    and you don’t even weigh that much….I’ll bet you didn’t like having to repair your misstep, either.

    Thanks for the stories everyone. They give much credence to what we already know is a JA Lie.

  19. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Well Word Girl, I would never have thought that the glass top on a cook stove could support 165lbs on the surface area of two human feet. I would not trust my glass top stove to hold me.

    I am not certain of the formulation of the glass used in these stove tops although the glass used in the face of smart cell phones is called gorilla glass by the maker, Dow Corning. A quarter inch sheet could hold up considerable weight. The Corning glass laboratory at Corning, New York is a fascinating place to see.

  20. Word Girl says:

    ATG–tis not me with the glasstop cooker. Only a gas range with grates for this chef. Verry interesting info though. thx!

  21. Lyndsay says:

    Blink, do you know where to get long video clips of Jodi’s testimony online? I haven’t had a chance to watch it live, and I’ve only seen bits and pieces in between Nancy Grace’s lineup of experts on hlntv. (And I’d rather see it unfiltered without NG’s commentary).

  22. Lyndsay says:

    Nevermind, found long clips of testimony on YouTube.Wow. I gotta say, she might be nuts and a sociopath, but a pathological liar, but watching her go tit-for-tat with Martinez was like watching a tennis match. She had him jumping up and down, he was so frustrated with her – I think she was trying to throw him off balance the way she carefully worded every response with nary a pause. (her whole “like” vs. “enjoy” debate with him was so comical it was ridiculous). ATG you are right – why couldn’t she have put her obvious debate skills toward more productive use? Another thing I noticed – when Martinez catches her in a lie, she makes no expression of having been caught in one – she is just smirking her way through the whole thing. It seems like she’s on a mission to let him know he’s not going to get to her. (Although that will probably work against her with the jury – she is so determined to appear cool as a cucumber that any sympathy/relatability goes out the window). (I also think Martinez is trying to push her to have a “snap” moment with him in court to show how she was capable of snapping and killing Travis.)
    if she is found guilty (and not overturned on appeal), think her lawyers will be kicking themselves for putting her on the stand?

  23. Lyndsay says:

    meant to say “and” a pathological liar above, not “but”

  24. Sheri says:

    BLINK!!! I don’t know if this is old news *I hope not*! There is a picture of Jodi Arias DURING COURT with her “broken finger” COMPLETELY STRAIGHT!! Is there any possible way to get this image to Juan Martinez? If you google image these words.. “dr drew jodi arias weight then & now” The picture is on the second row. She’s holding BOTH hands straight with her fingertips touching. (like half a box) PLEASE tell me everyone already knows about this! I JUST saw it & was wondering if Juan Martinez could get it into court!
    Thanks so much

  25. Karina says:

    I think jodi had this murder planned months in advance. I believe when she realized Travis didn’t want her and she knew she couldn’t live without him she then planned to move away to start planning this . It was all very methodical . She had to start a fake relationship with Ryan burns also . She thought if she moved away that no one would expect her . The moving away and Ryan burns was all premeditation..

  26. Lyndsay says:

    I am still so very curious as to what it was that set Jodi off that Blink aluded to on Scared Monkeys radio.

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  28. Cindy says:

    Blink, Wow, you are good. Great insight. I did not realize that JA had so much notice regarding the pics. What an oversight. Geez, and I think you have to have a criminal mind “JA” to know and plan the manipulation of the evidence.

    Thanks for all you do.

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