Alexis Murphy Missing: Suspect Randy Allen Taylor Arrested For Abduction Under Investigation For Possible Serial Abduction and Murder With Ties Also To Samantha Clarke and Alicia Showalter Reynolds

Nelson County, VA-

Randolph Taylor

Announced this morning by  Virginia Commonwealth Attorney an arrest has been made in the abduction of missing Lovington woman Alexis Murphy.

Randolph Allen Taylor,  is being held in Albemarle County Jail on a kidnapping charge.

Murphy’s vehicle was found over the weekend in a Charlottesville Carmike parking lot near her job at a consignment boutique,  Murphy has not been located and was last seen at a gas station approximately 39 miles away.

Taylor was the recent recipient of vacated charges when Green County, VA Major Randy Snead authorized the placement of a GPS, without a warrant, under Taylor’s 1993 Gran Marquis while investigating his association to another missing woman- Samantha Clarke.  

Snead was exonerated in any wrongdoing after he chased a 19 year old man who had stolen a deputies vehicle out of his jurisdiction and was part of over twenty officer’s responsible for shooting the suspect, Colby Eppard.

The FBI is also looking for a GMC Suburban which is also associated with Randy Taylor.

During today’s press conference,  Richmond FBI Chief announced that law enforcement will not be commenting on reports of Taylor’s  suspect status in other possibly related unsolved cases, however,  www.blinkoncrime has learned that at the top of the possible case list is the unsolved abduction and murder of Alicia Showalter Reynolds.  Taylor bears a strikingly similar resemblance to the sketch generated in Reynolds disappearance and murder.

1996 Showalter Suspect


Two unsolved murders in 1996 Shenandoah National Park, Julianne Williams and Lollie Winans which resulted in a 2002 indictment against Darrell Rice ended in the withdrawal of same in 2004 due to a DNA profile found that did not match  Rice.  It is not known if police are investigating any potential involvement by Taylor in that case.

Although Virginia State Police and the FBI have a DNA match to whom  they believe is responsible for the assault and murder of Morgan Harrington after she was denied re-entry into a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones arena- which matches a composite sketch of an African American man also wanted for a sexual assault in 2005 in Fairfax,  sources inside Harrington’s unsolved murder case have confirmed that they have been asked to look into any similarities.

This is a developing story, please check back to as more details become available.








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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:


    We all contribute to the whole here on this blog. It takes all of our thoughts, research and personal experience and knowledge to learn from each other. Learning is a life long experience and as I wrote on the instructions given to a new clarinet player (age 60 and brave enough to try and play at a professional level after many years of not playing) in our community band, “keep learning, never stop”.

    You may not have been given the same opportunities for access to the sciences or the opportunity to learn about the functions of a court or LE agency, but that does not mean your contributions are without merit. Your love for those who are in trouble and cannot speak for themselves or a family that has lost a loved one to the evil in our world is just as important as all of the knowledge that the rest of us can share. You are equally one of us and you must give yourself credit for doing the lovely things that sometimes we do not do.

    Thank you for your compliments and also to Hummingbird.

  2. first-time says:

    Hello everyone. Still here, almost every day. Wish I has something to add to the discussion.
    2 4 1

  3. Ragdoll says:


    Thank you for being so understanding AND as kind as can be. You are a true character builder! The world needs more gentlemen, like you.

    I appreciate your encouragement dearly. I wish I had more to offer besides the human aspect. It’s frustrating, but it’s also not about me. I’m grateful to help, when I can. I’m even more grateful that BOC has a collective group of incredible minds and hearts, that lend to the advocacy of the victims (and their families). That’s the bottom line.

    Big hugs to you, our dear ATG…and Happy Father’s day to BOC fathers. You daddies are earth angels <3

    God bless you xo

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Ronald Taylor was convicted of murder. Has anyone learned of the sentence handed down by the court? Maybe the sentence hearing has not been held.

  5. redly says:


    Randy Taylor’s sentencing is set for July 23. The jury recommended life though, and that is what he will get.

  6. messimamm says:

    Interesting turns in the Morgan Harrington case. Most interesting to see locals comment on her own culpability. Gotta hand it to the parents. They are making a difference in their pain and loss.

  7. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the info Redly. I hope the judge will follow the recommendation of the jury.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your link to the Harrington lawsuit. The judge should allow the case to go forward. If a large enough judgement is awarded to the Harringtons, it will make other event companies change their way of caring for people who get in trouble at one of their sites.

    The discovery process will probably expose some very poor procedures regarding youth. The fact that the company did provide protection to a drunk LE officer and ignore Morgan is very telling.

    Was Morgan in any way responsible for the condition that allowed her to fall and get hurt. Yes, I think she was. However, she went to the concert with three friends and in her car. The friends should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Morgan out of their sight for a single minute. I have always considered rock concerts as dangerous places for young women. This music attracts people on drugs and those that are willing to take advantage of unsuspecting concert goers.

    With three other couples, Mrs. ATG and I attended the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Super Star in Houston. It was not held in Jones Hall, the place of regular opera performances, but in the Houston Coliseum. This is the place that indoor sporting events were normally held.

    The audience was nearly all people less than thirty years of age. The stench of POT hung in the air amid the smoke. The loud talk and poor behavior of those attending made hearing the music impossible.

    We left after the first act. On the way out, we met a Houston police officer that we knew who was providing security. I stopped and talked with him regarding the behavior and all the POT smoke and why were the police allowing that to take place. He told me that he often worked concerts of that type and most of the audience were there to get high and the music didn’t matter. They thought there would be a riot if they tried to go in and stop the smoking.

    It was a real awakening for all in our party. We had late teens at home during that time. I sat them all down and told them of our experience and what I and their mother thought about such behavior. I also told them that I would never sanction them going to such an event as long as they lived under our roof and by our family rules.

    I think parents have the responsibility to teach their children about the risks associated with these type of events and how to take care of one another if they do attend them. Most college students of today think of themselves as invincible and that bad things happen to others without recognizing that it could happen to them too.

    O/T: Jesus Christ Superstar was my Mother’s favorite and she used to play that soundtrack and belt it out when I would get home from school. I have it on my ipod because we played it in the background at her memorial. A week later I was running and on it’s own my ipod kept switching to that playlist, lol. I got the message :)

    I just re-read Atty Stone’s comment that there is no evidence that anyone from RMC knew Morgan was injured. That is flat out inaccurate. An RMC worker actually posted his exchange with her, I have a copy of it. RMC is trying to get the Harrington’s to add JPJ to the suit apparently.

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Here I was trying to explain how I felt about the dangers of Rock concerts and this morning I learn of a near riot at such a concert in Boston. Dozens of people were injured with many being taken to a hospital.

    Atty Stone is just testing the water to see what will happen to such an assertion. This is the side of civil and criminal law that I dislike. However, unless the RMC worker’s post were used to refute it or other information, the court would not know. There should be fines for such assertions when they are discovered to be not true.

    I have no doubt that RMC want the Harrington’s to add JPJ to the lawsuit. Spreading the risk to themselves. The Harrington’s actually work for the University of Virginia system. They probably thought long and hard about the fact that they would be including their employer in the case.

  10. messimamm says:

    Blink, you are absolutely correct… I am fairly sure the Harrington’s attny. will counter, with good evidence, that bit about no RMC employee knowing Morgan was injured. Dan and Gil are very savvy. They know perfectly well that no law suit is going to bring back their daughter. This is just one of a number of ways they press on to Help Save the Next Girl. (Check out their now national organization by that name.) Gil’s words of grief are poignant, they cut to the core, yet they press on to bring forth change. The Harringtons have reached out time and again to others suffering with the loss of a child by abduction/murder. AND OF COURSE, they are still determined to FIND the monster who killed Morgan. This is a very real and horrifying thought: The one who killed Morgan is still “out there.” And so many want to brush it aside and “move on.” This suit is one more way to bring light to that very real threat in their community. I do hope the judge will see merit in allowing it to go to trial.

    ATG: Yes, we all hope and pray that policies and procedures will be re-vamped through this horrid loss. That is the least we can do, is it not? Make some changes so these events don’t turn into grave yards. When did our society deteriorate to such debauchery? I am all for fun and frolic, but these are the very LIVES of our citizens being lost. Lost in the name of what? fun? really? Senseless loss.

    Thank you, sir, for painting that visual of JCSS… Who are we? What have we sacrificed?

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Found A minute so here I am-
    TGf thanks for adding yr thoughts i agree w/yr post:
    A Texas Grandfather says:
    May 31, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    IRT the warning everyones sensibilities differ so I wanted to try to make sure not to offend anyone.

    Ragdoll, you are a sweetheart, sorry I cut and run but my summer schedule up till now seems to only allow me the time to read not post.

    Hummingbird ALWAYS good to see you flutter by

    First-time, I so appreciate your thoughts as well as cent aways Redlys, judis messimamms– and everyones posts

    without the updates many of us would be unable to keep up

    AJMO Peace

  12. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks to messimamm for the link

    TGF- you wrote in part:

    Was Morgan in any way responsible for the condition that allowed her to fall and get hurt. Yes, I think she was. However, she went to the concert with three friends and in her car. The friends should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Morgan out of their sight for a single minute. I have always considered rock concerts as dangerous places for young women. This music attracts people on drugs and those that are willing to take advantage of unsuspecting concert goers.


    I realize this was never about the money for The Harringtons- if the jury feels like you, that Morgan somehow negligently contributed to her situation they may never find for Gil- (unless jury nullification occurs perhaps this would be to send the message that Virginia needs to change its stance on negligence cases)

    Because as it stands now VA is a Contributory negligence STate one of only a hand full of States are: As of 2012, only Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington D.C.


    Contributory negligence is deemed more severe than comparative negligence. Under contributory negligence, any negligence, even the tiniest of slivers, acted on the part of the plaintiff, is sufficient to constitute a complete defense for the defendant against the claim brought on him/her. In contrast, under comparative negligence, the extent of a plaintiff’s acting negligence only matters when determining the compensation package and the percent in damages owed.

    TGf, many IMO might not see things yr way and instead could see their way to thinking the fall and injury which was not attended to- could have been a direct result of negligence on the arena or RMC… it certainly seems the lack of followup care and refusal of reentry was their fault-
    As to yr thoughts on the friends those type of feelings could also put up a barrier to a “win” for Gil- as you are willing to agree others may be negligent other than RMC… I know I felt much the same IRT her friends in the beginning but I no longer share those thoughts- IMO it was no more their fault then Morgons- especially since thRMC neglected to inform them of Morgans plight her behaviors her injuries and what that might mean- they were not given the chance to weigh the circumstances by someone who gave Morgan first aid who saw her bizarre actions her erratic behavior and who KNEW there was NO chnce of her reentering- (remeber w/the last convo she was still gonna try other doors etc– I do not think Morgan was in the right state of mind to access the situation accordingly- she was impaired.

    we still dont know exactly what happened- the jury would presumably hnow more than we do-

    who tore up her ticket- why wasnt her party contacted to come to her aid? why didnt she receive first aid or a trip to the ER- a taxi or a trip to the drunk tank- if she was thought to be “drunk & belligerent”- or acting erratically strangely bizarre etc- why wasnt she held for observation- or more why wasnt her id checked to make sure they werent about to send a intoxicated injured incoherent minor (for all they knew she could have been a mere teen) out in the cold wet night to fend for themselves in a darkened parking lot?

    I hope the suit goes forward I think presenting the complete picture so it will be seen can help the next girl and it will help any good Samaritans in the lots who tried to help and are now haunted by the “whatif” more was done…. It would help the next employee who is haunted by the knowledge that either policy or a supervisor or? prevented them from doing what they felt was morally right- leaving them to forever wonder what more could have should have been done to try and help an injured lone patron trying desperately to re-enter.

    Blinks right IIRC there was such an employee who “wished” he could have done more-

    blink wrote:

    I just re-read Atty Stone’s comment that there is no evidence that anyone from RMC knew Morgan was injured. That is flat out inaccurate. An RMC worker actually posted his exchange with her, I have a copy of it. RMC is trying to get the Harrington’s to add JPJ to the suit apparently.

    — It certainly seems it was obvious to SOMEONE that Morgan was in need of help- did this person offer help or was he barred from doing so… did morgan ask for help from him or others… and was denied? Did it become apparent to her that they RMC would never let her renter nomatter what hence her not accepting a new ticket or other concert/lot attendees offers of aid?

    RMC claims:

    RMC’s brief, it says the University of Virginia’s policy restricted re-entry to concerts after exit. It also says there’s “no allegation that Morgan requested assistance from any represent of RMC.”

    HMM no evidence
    but who says she didnt ask? who says she wasnt black listed? meaning even if she was able to get a new ticket which was offered etc…why didnt she reenter?

    no evidence well could that be due to the fact that the surveillance videos went *poof*?


    Blink- why is it to the Harringtons detriment to also include JPJ? or is it? not following this thought:
    RMC is trying to get the Harrington’s to add JPJ to the suit apparently B

    - please to explain TIA.

    AJMO Peace

    Dr. Harrington is an employee of the same CO- UVA, and RMC would like to have a better honeypot, imo.

  13. Mom3.0 says:


    apologies on typos to include Morgans name-

    also- *evidence* perhaps should have read *allegations*…
    which has me thinking…

    Is RMCs team trying to get The Harringtons to show all their witnesses/cards before the trial?
    by stating no allegations:

    “no allegation that Morgan requested assistance from any represent of RMC.”

    TGF- I intended to respectfully give you my thoughts on this portion of yr opinion:

    “I have always considered rock concerts as dangerous places for young women. This music attracts people on drugs and those that are willing to take advantage of unsuspecting concert goers.”

    TGF I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree with yr opinion that this music attracts people on drugs and those who are willing to take advantage of unsuspecting concert goers.

    IMO no more or less so than any other music or concert whether it be rock rap country punk pop Jesus Christ Super Star or other

    Although I Do agree that all Large Public concerts create a higher risk of assaults especially those where alcohol is served or liquor/drugs are illegally imbibed which can create a more dangerous place and therefore should require special attention w/better security measures…. I do Not agree that Heavy Metal or Rock concerts should be treated in a different manner than Pop or any other genres concerts where the same can and has occured.

    TGF I am a HM fan i have went to concerts this music attracted me, and countless other law abiding good Samaritans who did not partake in drugs or alcohol and would never take advantage of unsuspecting concertgoers.

    IMO there is good and bad everywhere- and nowhere have we seen or heard evidence that Morgan Harrington was abducted or killed or harmed by a concertgoer -

    But we have read accounts of these metal fans coming to her aid or offering her help including a new ticket — so IMO if it did turn out that this case was solved and the culprit was a HM fan …than Id have to say thank God its solved and justice is coming-

    BUT The blame should be on that attendee-

    in no way should that fan that culprits horrible actions define who i am or who Morgan was or who her friends were nor any other concert goer/ HM fan Because we are not all abductors or killers

    and whther it be a large Punk concert or a country pop or rap concert security and safety should be at the forefront and special precautions should be taken- most certainly by the security firm and by the venue- regardless of the group or the genre of music or the mistaken belief that one type of music “attracts” bad clientele over good clientele-
    any fan can be a good person or a bad person whther they listen to Manilo, or Metallica

    Thanks for allowing me to express A different opinion- although I do respect yr right to yrs, TGF

    AJMO Peace

  14. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your are always an advocate for those with good behavior and sometimes those of less than good behavior. I respect that. The Jesus Christ Superstar concert was in 1970, almost a half century ago. The drug culture was in its early stages. There are always excesses at the beginning of a cultural change.

    Was every person in the JCSS audience smoking POT and making a general fool of themselves? Of course not. However, the crowd numbered over 5,000 and those who had bad behavior numbered far more than those who did not. Our party did not and I am certain that there were others there that had good behavior. In general, the behavior was at a level that we thought to be poor.

    If you took my words to mean all concert goers attending the rock and rock/jazz/country music scene, I am sorry that I was not clear. It only takes a few to create problems for others and it only takes very few or one or two to create danger and a problem for young women at such a concert. We cannot eliminate that danger. We can only provide assistance when needed along with good procedures for those managing the event.

    I have attended Alabama concerts where the music was loud,but no one was smoking anything and if they were on drugs of some sort, they behaved themselves.

    Mrs ATG has attended three of the Willie Nelson outdoor concerts with her father. There was dope and alcohol present according to both of them. Did anything take place that was dangerous? Yes, but those assigned the task of managing the crowd took care of things in short order. Does Willie Nelson smoke dope? Absolutely! He has been stopped in nearly all the Texas Hill Country counties at one time or another and charged with with possession.

    Do all musicians or those in attendance at a concert consume dangerous amounts of alcohol or drugs? No, but some do to the point of death.

    While you and many others do not consume dangerous substances while or before attending a music concert, does not mean all do not.

    What percentage of rock/country/metal or other genre concert attendees go there for the wrong reasons? We don’t know. However, if as little as 2 percent of a crowd of five to six thousand fit that profile, there is danger to all as the number would be 100 to 120. If only .2 of one percent the number would be ten to twelve.

    This is why I believe those events pose a danger to people.

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    RE A Texas Grandfather says:
    June 28, 2014 at 3:21 pm


    Your are always an advocate for those with good behavior and sometimes those of less than good behavior. I respect that.


    Hello,Thank you TGF-
    I believe we are all capable of good and bad- and we have all made our share of mistakes. So yes i do not lump a person into a category based on a particular behavior or action i may have observed or encountered. A person is so much more than that.
    Doing so helps me to stand back to perhaps view an “Eddie Haskell” as something less than a well mannered boy- or A Jason Baldwin as perhaps capable of murder or perhaps viewing a Damien Echols as nothing like the next Ted Bundy -
    In my experience Based on knwn behaviors or appearances alone we often come away with the wrong picture…. and it often makes us unable to view the evidence presented in an objective way

    Take Ted Bundy himself he wasnt a fine upstanding Christian citizen- It only seemed so based on his “mask” or outward appearance/behaviors/persona- The evidence at trial showed him to be far different than his known persona/behaviors let on…

    You wrote:
    The Jesus Christ Superstar concert was in 1970, almost a half century ago. The drug culture was in its early stages. There are always excesses at the beginning of a cultural change.

    How true TGF, and there are usually accesses at the beginning of a “new thing”-

    Its far more likely that a new young drinker will make the mistakes most have made earlier in life to drink too much or too often- or to mix types etc.

    The same can be said for those who smoke weed ( dont forget its legal now recreationally in 2 states-)

    each person has to figure out the dos and donts and their thresholds etc in order to partake responsibly although from the beginning all should realize NEVER to drive while under the influence.

    I am not a saint TGF :0 I just never felt the need to partake at a concert- Plenty of people do and not just at concerts but at sporting events laser shows clubs bars etc

    some cont to make mistakes regardless of age or experience or other

    STILL no matter what all need to be safe and secure regardless of what type of patron they are or what type of behaviors they are exhibiting.

    We seem to agree that special precautions and better security measures need to be in place. Its not about the safety and security of just those who are showing outward signs of “good behavior” but it should be safe for those who are not as well.

    Its not just about the dangers to young women TGF- a young lady alone and not making the best decisions should be as safe and secure as one who is- the same should be true for any other patron whether they are male or female young or old- drinking or not stoned or not -rowdy or not etc…

    There should be a standard of security and safety whether the event is sporting or a Music concert or other
    As Gil said:

    “While Harrington’s attorney says RMC ‘arranged for a taxi for a drunk, off-duty police officer who was attending the concert.
    Harrington say if this type of attention would have been given to Morgan the outcome could have been different.

    She says it’s not about the money, but trying to set a standard for how security and surveillance is handled.”
    end snip

    The drunken cops safety and security should not have been more or less of a concern than Morgans-or anyones

    Morgan should not have been sent out into the night- at the very least RMC should have made sure to announce over the loud speaker that Morgans party should come to the lobby- and then they should have been told their options together- everything should have been done to ensure not only Morgans safety and security but her parties as well Had it been then that could have went a long way in to ensuring the safety and security of Kickee as well as bookkeeper- as well as the BBP as well as their emploees as well as themselves and so on-

    A standard of practice should be in place to deal with all types of patrons/situations – whether a patron is a cop or a excon a young woman or an oldman drunk or sober rowdy or belligerent injured or not erratic or not

    XYZ should happen followed by 123 all done to ensure safety/security

    Thanks for the cont conversation TGF- just so you know, im thinking if you hadnt left after the first act- you may have got a contact high and enjoyed the show more…who knows…. LOL J/K TGF

    PS please tell yr lovely wife I am jealous I love Willie and have never had the privilege of attending his concert …Alabama aint bad neither.

    hmm maybe Alabama and Willie arent the safest artists to see tho if you are totally against smoking or drinking- not With Alabama songs like “Im stoned” and Willie Nelsons.. well with Willie -just being Willie ya know :) God luv em all

    keep on keeping on
    AJMO Peace

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    You are probably right about the contact high at the JSSS concert. The smoke hung like an early morning fog.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the safety that should be recognized for all by an event management group. The point I need to emphasize is that in today’s society, as in times past, there is always danger present. Each of those who attend have to learn what dangers could be present and make an appropriate safety plan for themselves and those in their party. Everyone in the party should be invested in making the plan operational.

    Your example of what should have happened in Morgan’s case is the quality way that all such instances should be handled. Particularly is this true for someone who appears to be injured.

    I do not think that the Harrington’s are looking for a punitive settlement for Morgan. They have now organized the group “SavetheNextGirl”. It takes money to create a successful organization and to produce quality educational materials for meeting the organizations stated goals. One of the goals should be to force the event management companies around the country to review their policies of safety and correct them where needed. When the offending party has to pay monetary damages for their unsafe acts, it usually results in policy and procedure changes.

  17. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I didn’t miss your question about who are we? I like to add the following to a discussion related to yours. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

    Who am I?

    You and each of us are the imperfect children created by our bio parents and watched over by the “Father of All”.

    Why am I here?

    We all have a purpose in life to meet the mandate “be you perfect as I am perfect”. We are the experiential children of the “father of all”. We are all tasked to be the best we can be within our material limitations. It is our task to love others, teach and learn from them and their life experiences. All of us have some form of handicap. We cannot have perfect bodies or minds. Some are brilliant while some barely shine. The main road to perfection is the service to others. We do that very well on this blog through our advocacy for truth and the desire to help those who cannot speak for themselves.

    Where am I going?

    No mortal has the answer to this question. We can only live day by day doing good to our families and others as we meet them where they are.

    What has happened to our society and its strong value system? Following the 1950′s people failed to accept values held by society for many generations. For whatever reason, the mantra of youth became “don’t trust anyone over thirty”. Little did they know that by choosing to follow that course they were tossing out wisdom from their value system. A society without proper values becomes coarse, vulgar and dangerous to all.

  18. redly says:

    RMC is not trying to get the Estate to add JPJ or UVA to the lawsuit. They know, as do the Estate’s lawyers, that the statute of limitations period to sue ran well over two years ago now. They are simply saying that they acted reasonably/not maliciously because they were following the property owner’s established policy.

    Respectfully redly, there are vast exemptions to that, and I am not sure that I understand your reply to suggest that the Harrington’s suit is untimely. That would also be incorrect.

  19. redly says:

    Blink, there is no exception that could conceivably apply. You may be thinking of the “discovery rule” that can toll the running of the period if the discovery of the cause of action is hidden from the plaintiff, but Virginia doesn’t recognize that rule, and, even if it did, it wouldn’t apply here anyway. I wasn’t suggesting that Estate’s claim against RMC was untimely. Gil filed it in roanoke a week or so before the statute ran. The transfer to charlottesville court doesn’t change that. However, a new claim against new defendants would be untimely.

    It is conceivable, depending on the agreements between RMC and the owner of JPJ, that RMC could bring a claim for indemnification against the owner (not sure if that is UVA or if UVA has some in between entity set up to own it) should they get dinged for simply upholding the owner’s no readmit policy, but I doubt they would do that.

    Yes redly, you are correct, I was- thank you for correcting me under VA statute.

  20. redly says:

    The judge confirmed the double life sentence for Taylor today. It is being reported that he offered to tell where the body is if his sentence was reduced to 20 years. If true, makes me feel even better about the result. I hope he pays in this life and whatever comes next.

    Ditto, but I also hope they find his other victim and slam him for that.

  21. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the info redly.

    Clever perp sets the bargain place low for the information. The family deserves to have the body if his bargain chip is true. Will the DA be willing to let him sit in prison for a short time and then go back for whatever information he has? I hope so and in the process get the heads up on the other victim including all the details of the crimes.

  22. Dr. Pepper says:

    Hey all- I’ve been coming to this thread a ton lately, type a comment and then forget to submit it!

    So, I’ve seen the Rt 29 Stalker sketch a ton. A few days ago I saw a sketch from the unsolved 5 yr old Morgan Nick abduction that occurred in Arkansas in 1999.

    Right after seeing it, I came on here and saw Rt 29 sketch.
    Do they look similar to you? You can see them side by side here:

    I know RAT couldn’t be the RT29Stalker because he was in jail.
    Was he in jail in 1995?

    I know Arkansas is far away and it’s a long shot that any are connected. But I had to post.

    I’m not very good with establishing resemblances. So feelings won’t be hurt if they don’t match.

    Just had to throw this out there!

    Hope y’all are doing well….I’m still here- just not commenting much

  23. Tango says:

    Hey Blink and all, Dr. Pepper, etc. Interesting sketches Dr.P. I’m still checking in occasionally to see if there are any new developments in Morgan’s case. I don’t have anything to add but I do want to report a change of mind I’ve had about the timeline. For the last 2 years my workplace has required us to clock in on the exact moment of our scheduled start time. In my previous department there were 15-20 people clocking in at the same time and we didn’t think we would all be able to clock in at 8:00 before the minute changed to 8:01. But to our surprise, not only were we all able to do it, the wait for the right minute seems so long! I used to think it was impossible for all the basketball players to leave, for Morgan to go to the portable toilets *and* get to the bridge in time to be seen by the father/daughter duo. I think someone once actually walked it and said it was doable, but I was still skeptical until this perception of time issue arose on my job. There’s a lot of activity that can be accomplished in 60 seconds. I changed shifts in January of this year and now walk through a parking lot around 10:00 every night and think of Morgan. I’m still hoping and praying for a break in her case.

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Dr. Pepper

    Good to see your post. I looked at the two sketches. The black and white sketch is a straight frontal view and the color sketch is from the right front. By removing the facial hair and changing the hair style the two are similar. There really is no way to determine since we cannot see the jaw line in reference to the neck in the black and white sketch. The color sketch also shows larger bags under the eyes.

    Alma, Arkansas is just 12 miles from the Oklahoma line and is five miles East of Fort Smith on I-40. From Alma to Charlottesville is 1115 miles by my road atlas. Truckers in large rigs have governors set at 74 mph to take advantage of the optimum power of the diesel fuel. The drive time with a single driver, taking into account stops for food would be about 13 hours. That is a very long drive, but experienced truckers could make it. Charlottesville to Nashville is 531 miles.

    I hope you have a choice of where you park in the lot and are able to park near a light. I would get a small high lumen flashlight that is capable of temporary blinding with a rating of 150 or more. If you can conceal carry, you should, otherwise get one of the pepper spray guns that can shoot up to 35 feet. Be always alert to potential spots for cover where a thug could hide. Practice with the light to be able to instantly bring it to eye level.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:


    My late night writing including mis-reading the calculator for the hours to cover the distance from Alma, Arkansas to Charlottesville, Va. An eight was mistaken for a three. The drive time is 18 hours. When driving on interstate roads I try to maintain a rate of 100 miles for every hour and one half of driving. During peak periods near large cities, that is not possible.

    You are considering in your post that a possibility exists that someone working as a long haul truck driver was involved in Morgan’s abduction. While that is a possibility, what does the fact that someone placed the T-shirt on shrubbery in Charlottesville near one of the women’s support centers days after the abduction? It tells me that a local placed the T-shirt to distract the search efforts.

  26. first-time says:

    Sigh. This case seems very cold. It saddens me greatly. Morgan and her family deserve justice.

  27. CentVA Native Away says:

    Cold cases get solved. Keep the faith.

  28. tarheellvr says:

    I’m still here as many are!

    Sending positive thoughts to Dr. and Mrs. Harrington and Alex.

    I pray resolution is on the horizon for you……….

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