Kyron Horman Missing: New Years Eve Settlement Ends Horman Marriage

Portland, OR- In a surprise court hearing,  Judge Henry Kantor signed off on the agreement between Kaine Horman and Terri Moulton Horman to end their marriage this afternoon.

Details of the agreement have not been released publicly, but according to KGW,  a financial settlement to include child support and a lump payment to Terri Horman has been reached.

In what can only be described as a bitter family court feud-  the divorce matter was last in court on December 16th to decide if the Horman landscaper,  Rodolfo Sanchez Estrada -who alleges Terri Horman tried to hire him to murder Kaine Horman at a lunch meeting – would testify.

Judge Kantor has not yet filed an order from that hearing but Attorneys for Terri Horman were granted a continuance from the pending temporary custody motion scheduled for December 19th and 20th.



BOC Associate Editor Tarin Kenley contributed to this report.




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  1. Rose says:

    Had a terrible thought while driving. That Turning Tide FB TRuth quoted iirc started way back. From the title I assimed it was a page for Terriv”supporters” and ignored. Then at first I thought recent postings indicated another Soldier page. But, on reflection, it is too literate and grammatically OK for either Soldiers or their Generals. And this latest post indicates the language of LE, tho none too bright, and an insiders’ knowledge of investigative team resources, methods, progress, and plans.

    So my terrible thought is sometimes say in porn, pedophile, or bit coin like cases, with moving but “unknown” parts, LE sets up fake social media to troll for targets.

    So could that FB Blink linked have been set up, even in its title, to troll for “Terri supporters?” To what end when she is not a person of interest? MK FB and WS FB seem clearly set up and ongoing enterprises to persuade the general public, and media like Canzano, Terri is guilty.
    But social media set up specifically by an employee of mcso or his investigatory associates to troll for Terri supporters (to what end but paranoia?) by being deceptive with the general public is way out there.
    So TRuth, what’s the founding date of this FB page? When did Staton or Kafvre first tell the public a (youthful, aggressive, relentless, digitally interested?) primary detective had been assigned to the case? 2012?

  2. Rose says:

    If Terri’s motive is as you say Blink to refocus the
    investigation on Kyron and his actual abductor,
    she can fold em now. As long as the unnamed & unknown
    RA (Mr Relentless Aggressive) is mcso chief investigator,
    there will be no other focus unless she is charged and acquited

    I would say “she” says that is her motive. Not doubting, just clarifying.

  3. T. Ruth says:

    And btw, just how, does someone know someone is “known liar”, when using someone as a source? Is it someone who has a public record of perjury? I can’t figure any other way. I mean how does Maxine, Kyle, Pitkin, Jacquiss, whomever, determine that a person is a “known liar”. Never heard that term used before, so just wonderin’.

  4. T. Ruth says:

    In fact, how is credibility of “a source” determined in the first place? So many reporters in this case have reported what turned out to be either very misleading information and down right opinion as opposed to fact, (uh, remember HouzeofBunches declaring the disseminating of false information?), just how does a reporter cross check information if only one source is providing it to them? Hmmmmm? I’ve never taken a journalism class, though I think I’d enjoy it. Bernstein and Woodward, as I recall, relied solely on one source. So how was his credibility determined? I’m sure if he’d been known, he would have been called a known liar and worse. Just trying to educate myself.

    Credibility is often determined by the person offended. It is proper to corroborate a source at all times, I would say especially when information may be difficult to confirm in the first place. That does not always mean one presents the corroboration or is subject to doing so.

  5. T. Ruth says:

    Finishing my thought, I got so sick of reading “”"”"A”"”" source close to the case”, I could not help but wonder who IS this one source. Occasionally, it would say multiple sources, but mostly not.

  6. erose says:


    ILook is an all-in-one computer forensics suite originally created by Elliot Spencer and currently maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (IRS-CI) Electronic Crimes Program. It was made available at no cost to law enforcement agencies and US government agencies at the discretion of the IRS-CI, but is not available to the general public.

    Elliot Spencer publicly announced on May 9, 2008, via the ILook users Yahoo! group, the end of ILook. Due to the end of federal funding for continued development, the currently released ILook 8.0.18 is the final version.

    ILook is a powerful multi-threaded, Unicode compliant, fast and efficient forensic analysis tool designed to examine digital media from seized computer systems and/or other digital media. ILook has robust processing capabilities including advanced email deconstruction and analysis, thorough and comprehensive indexing capabilities, a wealth of reporting features, and advanced unallocated space data salvaging capability. ILook runs on Windows XP / Server platforms, both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  7. erose says:

    ILookIX and IXImager

    Perlustro L.P. is a privately held computer consulting firm specializing in forensic software development. We develop ILooKIX and IXImager, the world leaders in Law Enforcement Computer Forensics Tools.

  8. erose says:

    O/T, but WOW.

    WASHINGTON — For nearly two weeks last year, the FBI operated what it described as one of the Internet’s largest child pornography websites, allowing users to download thousands of illicit images and videos from a government site in the Washington suburbs.

    The operation — whose details remain largely secret — was at least the third time in recent years that FBI agents took control of a child pornography site but left it online in an attempt to catch users who officials said would otherwise remain hidden behind an encrypted and anonymous computer network. In each case, the FBI infected the sites with software that punctured that security, allowing agents to identify hundreds of users.

  9. Rose says:

    What I like here is we are analytic, not reactive, and I look firward to more of same.
    I cannot fathom DY reads here, yet has continued to follow Mr RA down the yellow brick road, or vice versa.
    Moving. All I can say is she needs far better PR advisors, a better crew of synchophants & search fundraisers,
    and to demand an FBI review of the approach & work product and path of mcso and Det. RA. especially in revard to investigatory software, pings, and forensics.

    I have no clue what GMA is (I’ve found the time) or Nightline. Is the latter really on at 12:30 am est?
    I swore off TV after Sesame Str, Barney & the Train dude were out of my life, tho I can get stuff on phone.


  10. cd says:

    Rose says:
    January 21, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    The Kyron Horman Case: Turning of The Tide.
    January 15 at 9:48pm · Portland ·

    ****************URGENT NOTICE************

    I want to share a few things with you that are known facts to me. Kyron’s abduction is not a cold case. There is an ambitious and relentless detective actively working on it day and night along with an FBI agent and other hired agencies who specialize in researching and analyzing every online detail of those with possible involvement ,their connections as well as people who have been used as surrogate voices for perpetrators involved. The FBI’s CART team just received a new GUI-based program that’s called iLook. I assure you nothing online is anonymous. Things are happening behind the scenes.”

    What I think is interesting about this statement saying Kyron’s internet posters are being tracked is

    If I was SZ i would only post on the hater sites to ensure the focus was staying on TH. LE must know that. So which Internet posters do the HC groups are being tracked?

    People magazine has said they did not pay Terri for her interview. I thought it was interesting that in one of many interviews since the news of the People article broke Desiree has said Terri did the interview for the money People paid her. Looks like DY was once again busted for a BS comment. I think that the whole push for the DA to arrest Terri was a desperate attempt to keep TH from speaking out in the media. I don’t know why the HC community would be so desperate to keep TH from talking. Maybe Terri is going to say some things DY would rather not talk about.

  11. MockingbirdSings says:

    Rose says:
    January 21, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    Had a terrible thought while driving.

    Maybe “terrible”, but logical and not at all unlikely.

  12. MockingbirdSings says:

    T. Ruth says:
    January 21, 2016 at 11:48 am
    snipped –
    In listening to TMH’s comment about I just wished I’d kept him home that day. It’s apparent that whatever happened, she believes would not have happened on any other day, such as the following Monday school day. Was that due to the science fair going on? Or was it due to circumstances that had been put in motion that could not have happened on any other day but that one? IDK, but it’s interesting. I’m still scratching my head about the 6 hours, Kyron was last seen inside that school at 9:45? That contradicts MCSO entirely.

    @T.Ruth – my first thought about her comment regarding “that day” was the same as yours. But she also put it in context by adding a reference to her makeup and the time it took to put it on – as though even 5 minutes would make a difference. You may well be correct, but I also know that in stages of grief, it is common for people to look for something/anything they could have done differently as though it would have changed the universe in some way, and therefore, the outcome. We often have to forgive ourselves before we can move on.

  13. Rose says:

    When cd repeated that post, my attention was again snagged by a phrase:
    “The FBI’s CART team just received a new GUI-based program that’s called iLook. ….”
    I finally wondered what is this investigatory animal CART, siccing irs software on unwary nameless strangers they deem “suspicious” due to online opinions in the Horman abduction? All this time I have been reading “fbi cart team” as something important, experienced in abductions investigations, actually composed of fbi professionals. Wrong.
    makes it clear fbi cart is an outreach of the Amber Alert program which advertises and seeks in locales a group of self-appointed volunteers willing to complete 3 day training and includes a diverse group of “laity.” Any Joe/Josephine Blow can call themselves a vic advocate. Our own 2 Staceys coukd take the training & join a team. I am decidedly unimpressed with the use of a local Amber Alert CART team as a primary investigative unit in a stranger abduction like Kyron’s. Much less that volunteers with personal agendas can sic such software (appropriate for money laundering) on say DDS and her social system, or Blink.

    Oh snap.
    In a case where no Amber alert was issued.

  14. Rose says:

    with this latest OR FBI Office Dir, after seeing 3 rotate through, I am beginning to form the opinion Portland is an FBI mgmt “solution” for men with previous career troubles to gain a little more time at a high GS pay level prior to expected near term retirement. Like giving a low tier possibly bumbling political donor Burundi as their Ambassador reward. Maybe with Malheur, Oregonians will wake up to being the equivalent of an fbi employee 3rd world country, ranking lower than Salt Lake City, imo. What Wyden does for Oregon is overblown. Perhaps Det. RA will apply to the FBI and the Horman investigative leadership issue will be solved.

  15. Sammy says:

    For those who log on to BOC and have this article bookmarked as the latest Kyron discussion … Blink has published a new article. (I’m sure I’m not the only one)
    Follow the new discussion here -

    “Can I ask ( and Ode is already on there) that we move to..

    In the next few days, I expect there is going to be an egregious amount of discussion here and it is helpful to keep current comments on the current thread. Does that seem as odd to others as it does to me? I counted Kyron’s articles and comments over the last 5 years today- there are no words.
    Desiree reads here. I am of the understanding Ms. Horman will be addressing Ms. Young’s feedback tomorrow.

    Thank you Sammy- I will try to remember to refresh that info more regularly with the quickness of the threads.
    who saw the GMA this morning?

  16. thatkewlgirl says:

    Goodness. Lil kitty is the spitting image of her mother. This new look on Terri is going to help her daughter connect with her by simply looking in the mirror.

    I’m sure someone else has provided the links, but just in case, here’s the GMA video, as well as the KATU local station’s link:

  17. cd says:

    I imagine MCSO is not very happy right now.

    June 4 1020 they (through the media and bio parents) said that They know who disappeared Kyron and MCSO had the evidence to charge her which would be any day.

    Now almost 6 years later They have not charged TH or anyone in Kyrons case and don’t even have a person of interest.

    I would think that would say to most people……

    1. MCSO is so inept that can’t find a suspect that is right in front of them

    2 They were not telling the truth about the level of evidence they claimed to have had.

    Add to that they participated in illegally removing a child from its mother for 5+ years. I think someone in their department will eventually take the hit for their smoke and mirrors media circus and their inability to do an effective investigation. Maybe more then Stanton will get nailed I would like to see some judges explain their actions also.

    I think I might add some light needs to be shed as to why CPS protocol was never used or followed. A toddler was covered by a FAPA order- hello?

  18. Rose says:

    Riddell was discussed here in Jan 2014.
    Someone contributed this

  19. Arin Marcus says:

    I solved the case over a year ago an LE has the information.

    In fact, the answer is in this blog and you totally missed it.

    Contact me on FB.

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