Kyron Horman Missing: New Years Eve Settlement Ends Horman Marriage

Portland, OR- In a surprise court hearing,  Judge Henry Kantor signed off on the agreement between Kaine Horman and Terri Moulton Horman to end their marriage this afternoon.

Details of the agreement have not been released publicly, but according to KGW,  a financial settlement to include child support and a lump payment to Terri Horman has been reached.

In what can only be described as a bitter family court feud-  the divorce matter was last in court on December 16th to decide if the Horman landscaper,  Rodolfo Sanchez Estrada -who alleges Terri Horman tried to hire him to murder Kaine Horman at a lunch meeting – would testify.

Judge Kantor has not yet filed an order from that hearing but Attorneys for Terri Horman were granted a continuance from the pending temporary custody motion scheduled for December 19th and 20th.



BOC Associate Editor Tarin Kenley contributed to this report.




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  1. grasshopper says:

    I was wrong. I don’t have copy of ruling judge signed. what I thought it was was a copy included by engel in one of his docs of an old ruling, from sept, signed by Kantor. So 1 page letter from Bunch dec 23 that Judge claimed to have not yet read because he was sick and the signed ruling (at the very least) were not yet in data base or file as of dec 27.

  2. T. Ruth says:

    Legally, Terri & Kaine were married until yesterday. That’s 6 years is it not? They were separated in 2010, but married until the end of 2013. The divorce agreement looks pretty normal to me. Although I’m surprised KH does not have to pay for Terri’s health insurance, unless she has her own through another source. Possibly the Oregon Health Plan. This all appears to be exactly what Terri wanted long ago, a divorce with custody issues to be decided later. (Though I doubt she meant this much later.) Other than the weird criminal charges sentence we are all pondering, it looks pretty normal to me. If that was a typo, which wouldn’t surprise me, as there are others in there, but if it was it’s HUGE and needs to be fixed. However, since the release does NOT cover it (pending criminal charges against whomever), it doesn’t really matter whose criminal charges they are speaking of within this document, does it? Or am I just reading this wrong?

    The marital term goes by date of separation, not how long they actually were married to include stays or whatever.

  3. T. Ruth says:

    The marital term goes by date of separation, not how long they actually were married to include stays or whatever.

    I’m learning. I thought one was legally married until they were divorced. (I should have personally done some thing differently a long, long time ago. LOL)

    That is correct, I was referring to purposes for financial calculations in that regard, only.

  4. grasshopper says:

    Rose says:
    December 31, 2013 at 9:01 pm
    a media reporter, J Iwanaga, reveals his competence
    getting every stated fact right, even using the word “known”
    and capturing an on point sound bite from the “sole spectator”
    saw this video last night on news. just watched again and thankfully the sole spectator bit has been removed in favor of McCain’s remarks. interesting that there was emphasis on that child support payment. too bad Iwanaga forgot that the RO has been withdrawn.

  5. grasshopper says:

    erose says:
    January 1, 2014 at 2:04 am
    Emergency?? What was the emergency, this divorce has been in motion, or stalled for 3+ years. Why today? (and nobody say the judge wanted OT, ‘less it’s true).
    Not OT. surely the judge was still on the clock at 1:15! A big deal was made that the dissolution would happen upon the signing of the document even if it was not filed immediately. Judge said yes and signed on the spot. I doubt if they could have ever corralled this judge into signing that quickly if not in public view.

    He started the conversation (hearing) with “Why are we here.”

  6. grasshopper says:

    MockingBirdSings cites news report,
    Another hearing is scheduled for Jan. 12.

    You see that’s what KPTV gets for not attending the hearing or speaking to the sole spectator. Next hearing is FEBRUARY 12.

  7. T. Ruth says:


    thanks for your notes GH! Job well done.

    So it looks like the Feb 12 hearing will again be about whether or not RSE’s testimony can be picked apart and whether or not it can be crossed. Should be interesting. I hope it isn’t the same thing all over again, I’m getting dizzy.

    @blink says

    I am not ready to agree that it was an error. And it may be entirely coincidental that US v Landon Britt et al filed and was granted a continuance on December 30, 2013.


    How many coinkadinkys have there been in this case? Holy cow.

  8. T. Ruth says:

    So why would Terri and/or Kaine have a dire need to have the divorce signed 12/31/13. Does something or some law change on 1/1/14? Some statute expire? Some IDK what?

  9. T. Ruth says:

    GH, I also found it interesting that after calling Houze, Bunch said if Houze had any kind of problem being there on Feb 12, Bunch said he’d be there alone. No Houzes. Sounds like Houze is not too concerned about what may or may not come down that day. Hmmm.

  10. grasshopper says:

    T. Ruth says:
    January 1, 2014 at 4:00 pm
    I haven’t read all the documents yet, and am trying to catch up, but can someone tell me who filed the motion for the emergency hearing yesterday?
    certainly no motion in file or data base as of dec 27. only one and a half working days until hearing. besides that in the case motions don’t always show up in file. just responses by bunch!

    I wonder what bunch’s letter of dec 23 said (Kantor held it up to show he had it but said he had not read it, and did they want to go on anyway). he said he was sick. so when did he sign the ruling. before or after bunch’s letter. did bunch’s letter relate to that subject matter?

    It was certainly not my impression at the last hearing that Engel or Bunch were asking for a ruling, tho since Kantor agreed with Engel, he would ave been A-OK. The judge definitely wanted them to do briefs. I thought it was about relevant law. remember? we discussed this on here. it was not that clear what he wanted from the attorneys but the implication was (to me) that it was to help with his ruling. tho maybe not since he had clearly made up his mind to accept RSE deposition and not allow cross examination. Almost makes me want to order a recording of that hearing. don’t know what that costs but it would be good to listen to that last part. only there would be nothing I could do anyway!

  11. MockingbirdSings says:

    grasshopper says:
    January 1, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    MockingBirdSings cites news report,
    Another hearing is scheduled for Jan. 12.

    You see that’s what KPTV gets for not attending the hearing or speaking to the sole spectator. Next hearing is FEBRUARY 12.

    You made me smile. Thanks!
    I like the name “Grasshopper”, but if you ever change it, how about “Sole Spectator”? :)

  12. T. Ruth says:

    cd says:
    January 1, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    grasshopper says:
    January 1, 2014 at 1:42 pm


    First- it must be verified that it was not a typo or error. Rose may be right, but with so much scrutiny on this case that is one hell of an oversight if that is the case.

    I am not ready to agree that it was an error. And it may be entirely coincidental that US v Landon Britt et al filed and was granted a continuance on December 30, 2013. I do know that KH was asked about steroid use and purchase during his deposition. I respectfully disagree that TMH got the shaft in terms of equity in this agreement. This was a second Christmas for her, imo.

    If Kaine has to pay the 10% for early withdrawal on top of the 73.3%- when alimony is tax deductible to him, and TAXABLE and IMPUTABLE over min wage to her- AND it is subject to modification based on change of circumstances.. He makes 200K a year and has a 20 year 401K, was married for 3.


    Maybe the the pending criminal charges are about something Kaine has done recently. maybe he went crazy and tried to attack TH or her family in Roseburg. Could be why the sudden done deal on the divorce. Perhaps a trade for the Moultons/TH not pressing charges.

    cd- that is a “blink says” comment, not GH who I responded to.

    There are no current criminal charges filed, and I do not believe this agreement would have been reached if it directly involved the petitioner and the respondent and her immediate family. There is a current RO in effect.


    There is an RO in effect??

    Yes. Civil and mutual. Has been since the void of the FAPA

  13. T. Ruth says:

    With all the goings on, I think I forgot to tell you all happy 2014! May it be a healthy, happy, prosperous and enlightening for all of you!

  14. Rose says:

    I am not lookingto be “right” or “not right.”

    But criminal charges “in the offing” are the very Heart of this divorce case.

    And they are only “in the wings” wrt Terri.

    And only put forth in this Case’ pleadings (and in the media!
    by Kaine.

    Now we know Engel’s kings English has been inarticulate before.

    Rackner’s affidavit has been the equivalent of unsubstantiated toilet paper before.

    Bunch has been inattentive before

    So not seeking to be right or not right, I’ve suggested a solution to the
    brick thru the window of the “him” having a pending criminal

    To me, the best explaination was Bunch was snookered again.

    I feel ya Rose. There is no doubt the single brick theory makes the most sense and everything you said is entirely true.

  15. Rose says:

    there are no penalties for early distribution in divorce settlements.

    Varies by jurisdiction, no?

  16. T. Ruth says:

    Yes. Civil and mutual. Has been since the void of the FAPA

    Okay, thanks. I thought I’d missed something, didn’t know it was called an RO too.


    Thinking about the Judge’s question about “why are we here today?”. Did his question get answered, I mean as to “why today”? As in, why couldn’t this wait? It didn’t did it? What is it about the last day of 2013? Now this is gonna’ bug me.

  17. Rose says:

    Based on Grass’ notes, Imo we’ve overestimated Houze’ involvement in the Civil case whether Briefs or strategy apart from showing up, and taking depos of criminal case witnesses

  18. Rose says:

    According to my research Grass, signing “on the spot”
    is not normal Mult Cty procedure. Normally it goes to
    Clerk of Court first in that County.
    It is the signing itself that legalizes.

  19. Rose says:

    I thought sole spectator had a great sound bite.
    Without re-readjng your notes,
    did the Judge ask if she had a WRITTEN copy
    of the document and had READ it? If Bunch did not get that
    in the record, his malpractice ins better be paid up.

  20. Rose says:

    @TRuth. Rackner would’ve had a throwaway explanation like “tax needs.”

    If it was signed on 12/31, KH files taxes for all of 2013 as a single and takes alone
    the child dependency deduction & other deductions ie day care, medical. As Terri had little
    income to add in, this benefitted him tax wise.

    But not enough for an emergency hearing wrt ONE child imo which
    hearings Engel has previously disparaged

  21. grasshopper says:

    T. Ruth says:
    January 1, 2014 at 6:58 pm
    GH, I also found it interesting that after calling Houze, Bunch said if Houze had any kind of problem being there on Feb 12, Bunch said he’d be there alone. No Houzes. Sounds like Houze is not too concerned about what may or may not come down that day. Hmmm.

    Bunch said that Houze would be involved in a big long trial late in january but that this would be around the time there was apt to be a break. if Houze couldn’t get away then B would come alone. tho that doesn’t explain why Jacob didn’t come to this one. It could be that while Bunch is happy to have Jacob on board, he does not rely on him as heavily as Steven Houze.

  22. Rose says:

    @Grass. So it was Judge who said he was sick at previous
    hearing & thus could’ve screwed up
    and not Bunch saying Bunch was sick?

  23. T. Ruth says:

    Is the Robert Rosenthal mentioned in the new court document (Pg 8) related to Elden Rosenthal that represented Desiree in her case?

    Dunno, but he has to draft a QRDO to enforce the 401K distribution.

  24. Rose says:

    @Blink. is OR an equitable distribution State?


  25. patriciamochalatte says:

    With the recent conversation pre finalization of divorce revolving around KH telling Kitty her Mommy is (yikes!) deceased and regardless if true or not that LE told him to, KH would be held to account in the matter, would he not? Yes, LE lies. Who said this most recently? A Judge?
    What charges might apply in an instance such as this? And,
    If he lied to little Kitty telling her that her Mommy is dead he has effectively killed TH in the babies mind/belief.
    Who told Kyron that his Mom was dead?
    If Kaine has no issue to tell it once…


  26. Amys Sister says:

    Kaine did not look well coming out of the emergency hearing yesterday. I at first thought maybe it was because he had heard Terri’s voice for the first time in a long time. Now that the ‘pending charges’ is being discussed I wonder.

    @ TRuth: There is no restraining order in effect, it was changed to a no contact order last June I believe, leading Blink and others to find that there is probably no longer a MFH investigation and one of the reasons Desiree’s civil suit was dropped. (Blink correct me if I’m wrong or have misquoted you)

    It is one possibility that this hearing happened on the last day of December because they didn’t want the media attention and the actual hearing was scheduled for the first business day of January. That said, it is strange and could very well be due to these ‘pending charges’.

    I find Blink’s connection to the steroid issue via US vs. Landon Britt extremely interesting and it leads to a lot of questions.

    Looking forward to hearing more on that Blink.

    If Kaine is charged with a crime that leaves Kitty’s custody issue far more open and urgent.

  27. T. Ruth says:


    I was wondering *whose idea it was* to tell Terri the truck wouldn’t start? And/or who messed with the starter so she would not be able to start it? So that in the meantime it could be towed away by LE. Was it MCSO’s? Was it TY’s? Was it KH?

    I mean, at that time, why not just ask the Horman’s if they could search the truck for any clues? Terri seemed to be cooperating by all accounts according to MCSO, so did they ask her if they could search the truck? Why not? Kaine says they searched all their computers etc., why not offer up the truck on the up and up?

  28. Amys Sister says:

    Did Houze’s search for evidence to support Terri’s custody fight lead to information about Kaine? Why would charges, if true, suddenly be pending against him?

    I don’t think it’s a typo. I’ve always felt Kaine was hiding something and maybe whatever it is has been discovered.

  29. Rose says:

    baaaa. I could use a shearling coat & uggs.
    the value of this site is how often B disagrees with us, agreeably.

    I learn more that way :)

  30. grasshopper says:

    TRuth says
    There is an RO in effect??

    Yes. Civil and mutual. Has been since the void of the FAPA

    correction: not an RO (that involved the murder for hire). that has been withdrawn. what’s in effect is a Mutual Protective Order

    Thank you, jurisdictional semantics on me- they are technically all RO’s but the difference between the FAPA and the current order is still noteworthy.

  31. grasshopper says:

    vw says,
    Nice to hear TMH’s voice after all these years.

    What did you think of T’s voice? Could you hear her? I could hear it clearly, better than I can ever hear Engel who tends not to speak into microphone.

  32. T. Ruth says:

    Back to steroids. I know we’ve all talked about LE perhaps being the recipient of some these steroids, but has anyone every thought of sports figures? Like maybe someone from any of the local pro sport teams. Talk about an incentive to cover up and big money. Just wondering, because I’d not even thought about that before.

  33. grasshopper says:

    @TRuth, I’m don’t think it was really a question to attys, more like hi how are you today, almost like he was talking to himself, He said something like I know why we’re here, have the documents in front of me and have read them but why don’t you each tell me your specifics. This might be standard stuff in court, or at least this case. He asks each side to say what they want to say.

  34. Rose says:

    @Blink. 401k penalty is Federal, not State.
    No penalty as long as QDRO set up properly

    Yes, thanks rose, but it does differ in community property states- which Oregon is not. TMH will pay taxes on this in 2014- no way it was distributed yesterday.

  35. Rose says:
    Rosenthal is 1 of several who draft qdros in Portland.
    If his name is in that dissolution agreement, more subtle evidence Rackgel
    typed it up, as it was in KH’s interests to name the qdro pro in the doc.

  36. grasshopper says:

    Rose says:
    January 1, 2014 at 7:38 pm
    I thought sole spectator had a great sound bite.
    Without re-readjng your notes,
    did the Judge ask if she had a WRITTEN copy
    of the document and had READ it? If Bunch did not get that
    in the record, his malpractice ins better be paid up.

    I assume you are talking about the signed order. said he had a copy of Bunch’s letter but said he had not read it. a bit later Judge asked for a copy of his signed order. he (J) doesn’t have one. E doesn’t have it. B doesn’t have it. Clerk doesn’t have it. much later, I think it was during the time Bunch was in hallway calling Houze, there was some talk between J and clerk. don’t know if it is part of record/ audio recording or not. she said she found a copy of it. I assumed she meant that signed order they’d been discussing and that the copy was digital because she did not actually hand him a copy and he does like hard copies.. then Bunch came back, they went on. a bit later E said he had a copy of it on his smart phone. again I don’t think he specified signed order but that was my impression. at the very end E specified that he wanted a copy of the signature page. judge said all the pages? engel said no just the signature page.

    all or some of my impressions and assumptions could be wrong. tho I don’t know what doc would have kantor’s signature that E would want other than that signed order. it is also interesting that E did not already have a copy of the signed order. WTF? I’m beginning to think we kids did better playing court in the backyard than these folks.

  37. Rose says:

    I thought we were discussing a 10% withdrawal penalty.
    a proper qdro shelters from 10% withdrawal penalty.
    Whether she pays taxes idk, but in a tax year where she has no income…..

    Correct, and you are also correct that a QDRO properly drafted and submitted will not incur penalty. She will still have to pay tax unless she keeps it in a 401 or Roth rollover. This is possible with the QDRO as I understand it, but it is not subject to accruals or changes in the investment matrix.

    I presume she needs the cash, but I don’t know.


  38. grasshopper says:

    I can’t remember who asked who exactly was sick and who said it.

    Bunch said he (himself) was very sick during last hearing. I remember well that when I stopped him to ask a question as he was leaving he looked terrible. feverish with a red face. he said several times yesterday that he was sick and maybe that is why he misunderstood that it was a final order, when he thought it was preliminary

    Kantor said he (himself) has been very sick. did to specify when or how long, but would have been at some point between last hearing (dec 16) and this one. he looked completely recovered yesterday. no coughing or anything else. he mentioned that he had not read bunch’s letter dated dec 23. so maybe he was sick around then but why couldn’t he have read the letter say… in the morning before the hearing? tho maybe he though he had until thursday and so why do now what can be put off until another day. it would be very interesting to know when he signed that order. Was it immediately after hearing? then why wasn’t it in the database on Dec 27? or was it while he was sick. why sign that but not read bunch’s letter. I guess I ask too many questions.

    What did you ask Bunch GH?

  39. erose says:

    Yes, being single the day before year end would qualify KH to file taxes under that status, however, I don’t know of any instance (not saying they do not exist) where a single person with dependent pays less taxes than a married person with dependent. Maybe since TH has not lived with KH, her parents have used her as an exemption, so isn’t that head of household, which is same as single anyway?

    Rose you are quicker than I and I know you are never about being right. I’m just not totally grasping everything yet.

  40. erose says:

    What I meant to say is if TH is being claimed by her parents these past few years, would he have filed as head of household these past two or three years?

    1. The foundation has it’s status needs in terms of filing returns.
    2. TH parents cannot claim her on their taxes as an adult unless she has some sort of dependent care disability status- which to my knowledge she does not.
    3. On his 1040- if Kaine has filed his taxes which I assume he would have had to according to interrogatory regulations for the last 2 years, then he filed married head of household.

    Not to be considered tax advice, lol

  41. grasshopper says:

    quick review:

    vw has Vien’s resume on her website. might be good idea to look at over because he will be starting his evaluation soon and what he comes up with means a lot. glad vw has kept it handy!

    this link, also from vw, supports the fact that the RO was dropped and replaced with a mutual no contact order in August of 2013

  42. erose says:

    It could be that assets were equitably distributed MINUS assets brought into the marriage (ie. Aloha house) since the marriage did not meet a minimum of years. Hormans were not married very long. Not sure about Oregon, but I think there is a threshold in WA of 7 years, CA 10 years, etc. whether or not everything is on the table.

  43. Rose says:

    btw she has the option of leaving
    401 k in Intel plan if Intel permits,
    or a rollover into an ira, neither of
    which trigger income tax.
    Not quicker erose.
    Just nothing to do but sit here all day listening to
    (now sick) dau put in her 5 hours of practice.
    (If I leave, so does she).

    Based on the Opinion footnote criticizing the quality
    of Vien’s work in Lamont – Appeals go round 1 -
    calling out Vien by name, imo his cv is about worth
    what the hearsay RO was worth. Vw did respond with the cv link
    here when I was critical Bunch listed him originally.

  44. T. Ruth says:

    Money, money, money, money…….money. Name that tune.

    Seriously, if the only reason that Kaine Horman’s *team* requested this emergency hearing is taxes, I’d be amazed, could have done that last year. YKWIM? Something else is in the works, JMO. Perhaps the steroid ring, perhaps LE trying to intervene somehow, pushing envelopes.

    I think the timing of this may be important to someone, I’d like to know who and why. Does a judge just drop everything, on a semi-freakin’ holiday to attend an emergency hearing and not ask why it had to be NOW? I don’t think so. So, IMO, Kantor knew what was up, AND why. I think it absolutely must have something to do with the DA’s office. JMO, but this is all fishy. Couple that with no motions being available in the public record requesting said hearing….WTH is going on in Multnomah County?

    Also interesting that for the first time Rackgel said they wouldn’t comment about the specifics, and whoosh the documents show up at Olive. For once, someone else is making sure documents get aired via the media. *Entire* document, not a snipped up piece of work. Yet another interesting development.

    I agree that both Kaine & Engel’s demeanor did not look so good. I didn’t see a photo of Bunch, but it was interesting that GH said that Bunch seemed freindly to them.

    (Note to self: 2014 New Year resolution: find a better word than *interesting*.)

  45. T. Ruth says:

    Did I make this up? Didn’t Kantor once say all court requests in this case would have to come through the courts, not by phone or email?

  46. T. Ruth says:


    Since you and I seem to be the only ones talking about the truck tow, I’m directing my comment to you. (Happy New Year!)

    IOW, why were they lying to Terri Horman on June 16, 2010? Why, if Terri were the perp, and used that truck to somehow harm Kyron Horman, or knew it could possibly hold evidence to somehow arrive at the fact she did…..why would she ever let the truck be towed without a search warrant, and not only that, but write posts explaining why it was towed? Her father said it was searched “multiple times”, IIRC. So what was with media’s ominous reporting of the tow-job? JMO, the tow-job was just one more *let’s tell the media the truck is being towed, and see what happens, let’s see how she reacts*, aka another attempted sting. Which did not work, she acted normally.

    Sting one I think was she & Kaine’s gym trip, Kaine wired.
    Sting two the truck tow.
    Sting three the RSE arrival at her door.
    Sting four Michael Cook.
    Sting five would have been Dede but didn’t happen.

    Am I missing a sting? Wait, backing up, Sting 1A, a cop staying at their house. (Btw, I could swear in the very beginning of this case, Desiree Young was quoted as needing a place to stay once in Portland. How convenient then, that TMH opened her doors to allow them to stay at their home. Her husband’s ex-wife and a cop. No questions asked. Wow.)

    Where is Kyron? How did he end up gone, with absolutely ZERO trace, from a public school no less? That is the question. I hope 2014 finds him.

  47. Jae Joi says:

    Hypothetical situation: If Kaine had been busted for steroid use, and was trying to make a plea deal which involved forfeiture of property as one of its components, then it might be important that the property was definitely Kaine’s instead of being commingled with Terri’s interests, hence the need for a final settlement that established who owned what. This is totally hypothetical and I have no personal knowledge of whether Kaine was consuming steroids. Having said that, it doesn’t sound like that would give either spouse a claim on each other’s property. If there is no typo, another possibility is that someone is pushing for Kaine to be prosecuted for criminal perjury with respect to his affidavits in the restraining order. I say this because it could not be simple slander or libel, which are civil torts, not crimes. There must be a criminal charge that, once having been adjudicated against Kaine, would establish “res judicata” facts that give Terri a cause of action against him. The onlyi possible crime that I can think of that would do that is perjury.

    Jae- welcome to BOC.

    I agree that the verbiage is clear as to criminal charges, not tort remedy- however, since it outlines pending criminal charges specifically ( if correct) why would TMH agree to this settlement and verbiage? If she could prove perjury as an example, to what end? What is the favorable economic outcome to her in that scenario?


  48. erose says:

    TRuth, HNY 2U2. You are getting exactly what I’m saying. Highly orchestrated and proof it started well before the MFH sting. (LE must have expected SZ to read FB and show up at the gym.)

    T. Ruth says:
    January 1, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    Rose, Reading you on both threads. Bored or not, you are definitely ahead of the curve, and painting a dismal picture.

    Rose says:
    January 1, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Maybe the rush…KH wants to remarry, lol (not funny).

  49. grasshopper says:

    okay, all of you are depressing me big time.

    Bunch was very friendly with K’s team before hearing. many friendly interactions. no idea why.

    I’m sure it is no secret to any of you that I believe T innocent and that K has something to hide. whether it is related to Kyron’s disappearance I don’t know. I find it odd that since T has become participatory in hearings K has refused to comment. no more hallway pressers. again, don’t know why.

    I asked Bunch if a DEA officer was alsopresent at sting. reason was that E had said that three persons were present: terri, RSE and Kiara who was too young to understand. at least that’s what I understood them to say. He said yes.

    come to think of it, Kiara was not present at that meeting. She had already been taken away by K. so the three persons present at sting were T, RSE and DEA officer. I’d better go back and look at my notes!

    Lol. You best do that. I need to refresh several times a day on occasion so don’t feel bad.

    Present at the sting were TMH, RSE and a DEA agent in the truck parked outside the Horman home on June 26th.


  50. Rose says:

    @Grasshopper. So this is Kantor’s only divorce case, & maiden voyage at sanme.
    1) Can’t find his last (& a critical) order which should be on top in Court jacket.
    2) receives critical letter from Respondant’s attorney dated 12/23 and 8 days later at an Emergency Hearing for
    Final dissolution, he has not read it?

    Looks like Kantor is consistant behaviorally too.

    I cannot believe even the OR Dem party would nominate him to the Federal bench.

    Btw I keep getting emails from Merkley (isn’t he Oregon?)
    & no matter how often I write STOP to his office, I can’t turn him off.
    At Grass, I was referring to whether Terri attested she had a hard copy of & had read the Dissolution Order.
    I really feel an attorney needed to review it with her in person with a witness
    present in this case, as a layman. To ensure no Bar complaints.

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