Blink On Crime 2014 Year In Review With DANA PRETZER

S. Christina Stoy, “Blink” , Editor In Chief of and “Red”, owner of discuss the Year’s political and true crime cases on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW with host Dana Pretzer.

CLICK Below to listen to the podcast.


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  1. Rose says:

    Rose says:
    January 1, 2015 at 11:30 am
    After midnight I remembered, duh isn’t there supposed to be a live stream year in review monkeys’ radio?
    and found the prerecorded podcast. I disagree politically with Red
    wrt Obama, whom I merely see as ineptly green & mistakenly reliant on Biden & Clinton era staff
    & appointees. I think Biden staffers past & present have been behind the scenes Admin movers.
    But I agree with Red’s analysis within his workdview, & his “rhino” comments. You were
    informative re where this blog has been & where it’s going now & with media consumer perspectives on
    “true crime.” I also wonder what foreign-funded gangs & issues operated in Portland in 2010. Imo the major change in Kyron’s life in 2009 was mother’s marriage. Like the Ray Gricar case, imo every one of Tony’s prior felony conviction subjects’ contacts should’ve been scrubbed & are more rational suspects than TH, esp the knife murder conviction.

    I try to stay out of the political conversations for the most part except to say that if it is reported that I pitched a tent outside Romney’s estate or I am seen at Wegman’s following Ann and pitching her on supporting her husband’s 2016 candidacy you can assume it is true. Red gets mad at me when I make references to the fact that our own party has been the dingo- and moderates like me are the tasty babies. Classic line on his part though, lol- can’t anyone not named CLinton or Bush live in the White House?

    Husband comment ” well, you did not lose your NJ accent nor your NJ minimum speed speech requirement. PFFT.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I have to agree with Mr.B about the accent, but the speed of the speech has gone down by one-third.

    Love to you all and may each of you have a wonderful new year.

    Deep belly laugh, ATG. You know I have that story of my concussion and my Texan friend- don’t make me re-tell it. Somehow though- I know that might have been in your frame of reference :)
    Love to you and yours and Blessings this year and always.

  3. erose says:

    I am excited about your new advocacy focus. Not sure I’m up to the challenge, if us bloggers can participate at all, or what the animal might look like other than choice in cases, but it seems the idea could effect change where change is needed. Wishing you the best & HNY 2015!

    You too erose and many thanks!

  4. sam hawthorne says:

    Listening to this broadcast i kept hearing ‘we all know there’s bad cops out there….’ but no one seems to notice that those ‘few’ bad cops out here are never brought to justice or reprimanded. as in the seattle area lakewood police shootings, after enough police brutality (that was never addressed), some lunatic will go out and aim at police. finally after that the justice department actually investigated the SPD and discovered a pattern of police brutality against minorities. my comment is that if the police would police themselves and not keep turning a blind eye to the bad cops out there, then probably there would be a whole lot less protesters and hopefully no more mentally disturbed people going out trying to kill whatever police officer they see. i would be curious to see the results of a poll that asked “do you know anyone that has been a victim of police brutality or been bullied by a police officer” when the police dont police themselves it allows a few bad cops to turn into a whole department of bad cops. this is actually being shown in the kyron horman case, in my opinion. a good old boys network of unqualified police that became judge, jury and villifier of a subject with no actual evidence, instead using their ‘gut’ feelings and trying to find evidence to convict a person instead of looking at evidence and trying to find a suspect.

  5. Rose says:

    LOL at Romney and subsequent censoring!

  6. Ed says:

    Blink, I enjoyed listening to your Year-End interview on Scared Monkeys. Btw, I thought it was one of the best you’ve done on his show.

    I wanted to ask you something about the Jennifer Kesse case since it was topic of discussion during the show. By the way, I’d like to ask Dana Pretzer the same questions but I can’t find a working email for him.

    Regarding Jennifer Kesse . . .

    I realize you have your theories regarding her disapperance. But I want to reference Greta Van Susteren’s show she did with the Kesse’s way back in September. I thought I knew all there was for the public to know regarding the disappearance of Jennifer, since I’ve followed it since 2007. I think I’ve done my homework regarding the case and have had many online discussions with others regarding it. And we’ve tossed around many different possibilities, including your own.

    But, I think all of us amateur detectives out here were shocked to hear during the Greta show that Jennifer’s ex-bf was no more than a half mile away the night/next morning of her disappearance–an ex who admitted still having feelings for Jennifer.

    The admission was startling to me because I’ve listened and watched several shows where the Kesse’s were interviewed. The same facts being gone over and over and over. Then this ex-bf tidbit seems to pop out of nowhere. And it was mentioned in the show as if it were common knowledge all these years.

    So, I have to ask: Did you know the ex was only a half mile away at the Blue Martini that night before she didn’t show up for work? Was it public knowledge that somehow we amateurs just happened to miss? What’s your opinion on him? It seems like the Kesse’s don’t suspect he had anything to do with her appearance at all. You’ve admitted you’re very close with them–what do you think? Granted, I realize you have your own theory regarding her disppearance and it has nothing to do with the ex-bf. But I’d still like to hear your thoughts. And if you know he’s been ruled out as a suspect, I’m sure many of us would like to know why.


    Thank you Ed. To answer your question about the ex boyfriend, yes. I have known about his whereabouts and the fact that he was in Jennifer’s condo the weekend she was away with Robb, etc, since the beginning. For reasons I can’t state publicly in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation I can say that neither the Kesse’s nor I suspect he was involved in Jennifer’s disappearance. I spent several hours with producers for the Greta show.

    My thoughts on this case remain unchanged in any way since I investigated it personally nearly three years ago. That limits me in what I can offer in terms of opinion outside of what I already have.

    Johnny Campos is a target subject worthy of further interview in this case- and he has not been cleared. I do not speak for Dana, but he and I have spoken at length about Jennifer’s case- there is an interview out there we did just after I published it that Drew and I did together. I can’t bring myself to listen to it because within it Drew says he feels that at that point, that we were the closest the case has ever been to being solved since Jennifer disappeared. I agreed with him entirely and it breaks my heart what he, Joyce, Logan and Katie continue to endure.


  7. Ed says:

    Blink, thanks for the response. I’ll kick your answer around for a bit and figure out if I have any follow-up questions.

  8. Starsky says:

    Blink, what’s up with TBI and the Holly Bobo case? Did you see this article of last month?

    Yes Starsky, discussed on her thread.

  9. Jan says:

    Thanks Jan, that is also on her thread. As much as I am glad to see this case progressing- I fear it more.

  10. Ode says:

    Judi thank you so much for the information that JM will be charged for Morgan’s death. This is the news I so wanted to hear. Shine on Morgan, justice will come and you and your family so deserve justice.

  11. tiberious says:

    Just wondering what is the status of the McStay case? Any movement in the legal case?

    Thank you

    Just continuances after continuances. Defense counsel trying a different case.

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