Special Guest On THE DANA PRETZER SHOW: Discussing Making A Murder and Kyron Horman Case Developments

Please join Editor in Chief of www.blinkoncrime.com Christina Stoy LIVE Tonight At 9PM EST  On THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.   Dana will be interviewing Christina as part II of his Making A Murderer Coverage and discussing recent developments in the case of missing Portland child, Kyron Horman.





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  1. Malty says:

    I can’t understand what morning this Kyron program was or is going be on

    Not sure if this is what you are referring to. Dana and I are discussing MAM case and Kyron’s case this evening, Malty.

  2. Rose says:

    Malty at 9 PM EST (what is that in OR?) you click
    on that dana p show underlined above for the link.
    I think. I usually fail & wait for archeive.

  3. [...] you missed it last night, please listen to the podcast of last nights Dana Pretzer Show with Christina Stoy (Blink) as we discuss “Making a [...]

  4. [...] you missed it last night, please listen to the podcast of last nights Dana Pretzer Show with Christina Stoy (Blink) as we discuss “Making a [...]

  5. Ode says:

    Very very good show Blink. So Dana has only commented here once and that was to my post. I am slightly horrified he thinks I am anti police because of my questioning the phone call made by Sgt. Colburn. I just think it is possible he saw Teresa’s car in the Avery lot before they had a search warrant. JMO

    Ode- lol- I was thinking about you when Dana said that. It is a question everyone is asking and because of Dana’s 33 year career in law enforcement he is certainly an expert for what could be alternative explanations to Colborns call as submitted. I absolutely agree with you that IS a possibility.

  6. erose says:

    @Blink, You are a better journalist, FTR.

    Thank you kindly erose!

  7. erose says:

    …better than MSM

  8. Dana says:

    Interesting Dateline NBC on tonight “The State of Wisconsin vs Steven A Avery”

    Lots of stuff not in the Netflix documentary. Ode I don’t think you are anti Police you stated an opinion based on what you saw. I just said there might be other explanations for it. Sorry if you took that wrong.

    Lots of good discussion.

    For all the Dateline link is available:

    Lots of good discussion indeed Dana, BOC thanks you very much for your input and coverage!

  9. Sunshine says:

    Attempted to listen to the podcast but my iPad is acting up so apologies if this was addressed by Dana and yourself already. I Watched the Dateline special last night and found the short interview at the end with averys new attorney interesting, especially that she went out and bought an exact model of the RAV4 Teresa was driving. She said part of their investigation will be looking at other possible suspects as well as doing any and all up to date forensic testing available at this time. I’m glad they had someone address the vial of his blood that the defense said was tampered with. I think it’s possible it was but I’m glad the expert set the record straight about the little holes in the top of the caps and how that is normal and not a sign of tampering. I personally think that one blood stain near the ignition of the rav 4 looks like it was put there with a q-tip but I’m no expert on blood splatter or blood patterns. blink, in your opinion do you think she will be able to put together a strong enough case for a retrial or complete exoneration? Ps-I think Dasseys new attorneys should consult with you regarding his case.

    Sunshine- I did not personally see anything new on Dateline I was unaware of- with the exception of Zellners team purchasing a Rav 4 ( I presume I know exactly why). As you will hear in my interview, I personally do not believe that Avery’s blood was planted in Teresa’s car- and frankly, I doubt that is what Zellner is after. I do agree with you that the contact transfer stain near the ignition appears to be altered and possibly by a swab- but it is my belief that image was taken following the presumptive test by Culhane- it precedes the swab for DNA. (not protocol but par for the course in this case)

    What was very important to me about Zellner is that she is basing her belief that a wrongfully convicted person would support forensics that could either prove guilt or innocence (meaning no guilty person would wish to use updated tests if it may prove guilt)- while I do agree she is a brilliant attorney, I don’t believe that is a fact-based statement. (ie: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01/12/AR2006011201210.html). However, I am convinced that the key was planted. Stupid, stupid move.

    I can’t say yet if Zellner will be successful- I am comfortable saying I think Avery did not receive a fair trial- but so far, everything I have seen points to his guilt.

    On Dassey- Drizin is one of the countries experts on “coerced or involuntary juvenile/compromised confessions”. To my knowledge, the only thing I could offer ( and I have read the habeas ) is support from the perspective of an advanced certification (Reid). As of 2012- my training of a juvenile or even a suspected mentally compromised suspect was an entirely different protocol. Wiegert and Fassbender hand no such training I am aware of.

    Thank you for the kind words. The deeper into the appellate system this goes, the harder it will be- Kuchinsky sunk this kid- and in my view I have zero idea how that is not a malpractice suit.


  10. Ragdoll says:

    Is is unreasonable to think that Avery wiped clean, the key, completely removing Teresa’s DNA…but still leaving his own? Dumb things can be done in haste or with a brain fart.

    Still out on everything else. I appreciate Dateline’s focusing on both prosecution and defense. Still can’t cover the stench of WM3 similarities with this case.

    Not unreasonable Ragdoll. It is possible on a variety of levels- fair point. Not probable, but certainly possible. For me- I am not understanding why the key was tested but not the corresponding lanyard to this day. Unless I do, lol. Will present in III.

    I agree there are serious comparable underpinnings to WM3.

  11. Ode says:

    Blink you said
    “As of 2012- my training of a juvenile or even a suspected mentally compromised suspect was an entirely different protocol. Wiegert and Fassbender hand no such training I am aware of.”
    I am so glad you brought this up. During MAM there was a video of one of the prosecution members making a statement that someone had come to LE dept prior to teach the detectives how to get the answers the detectives wanted. This just smacked me when he said it.

    IIRC I saw Buckley on a prosecution witness list, never called and I bet I know why. Buckley likely watched the interviews and interrogations and told Kratz his testimony would refute nearly every technique used.

  12. Ode says:

    I agree completely with you in regards to the vial of blood. The state of the vial can be completely plausible, however, I did not catch the fact that there was no evidence seal over the vial nor in the box until Dateline. Sloppy again? Also the nurse that had drawn was on the witness list but not called. Is it suspicious? Could be. What was chain of command for proper evidence labeling? Sloppy Sloppy does not help anybody.

  13. Ode says:

    Blink….Dateline seemed to state that there were bones only found in the 2 fire pits on Avery property. What happened to the bones at the quarry. Did I miss something somewhere?

    I saw that, I am researching that because it is different, agreed.

  14. Ode says:

    Dana…I was actually honored you replied to my post and believe Blink should award me with a virtual plaque, for that achievment signed by Harper. ;)

  15. Ragdoll says:

    More questions…and apollies if his has been asked.

    1. Did cadaver dogs ever hit Teresa’s car?

    2. Can we write off family, friends, etc…..for compromise of crime scene? I can’t believe LE would plant evidence for a law suit that would never pay out 36 million. Many wrongfully incarerated never saw a dime from their civil suits because the decision was over turned or the amount paid out, was chump change (ex: Connick vs. Thompson http://www.innocenceproject.org/news-events-exonerations/holding-prosecutors-accountable ). Avery seems to have had time to shift things around….and maybe willing family members who didn’t want to see him go back to jail. SA was the last one seen with Teresa. She was on Avery’s property. That’s been established, as well as the *67 calls. I’m not ready to clear LE either, but I am leaning towards Steve Avery being Teresa’s killer. This guy, just like Damien Echols, had some kind of history to suggest he is very capable of killing ( perhaps not as disturbing, but did it all start by robbing a bar at 18 years of age?) What do we know about his childhood…can’t get the tortured cat out of my mind.

    “Humanity’s true moral test, it’s fundamental test, consists of its attitude towards those that are at its mercy; animals”. -Milan Kunder

    Preponderance has to be established and unblemished. Good luck with that. Looks like a Picaso, if it were art.

    Praying for the truth, either way.

    Shabbat Shalom

    1. Yes, it is my understanding a cadaver dog hit in the rear cargo area of the Rav 4, however, I don’t believe that was in MAM.
    2. Someone- we do not know who, accessed TH voice mail (without use of her actual phone) on Nov. 2 ( day before she was reported missing by her Mum, but apparently was missed by someone with access). TH former bf Ryan Hillegass, who also ends up downloading her cell records on the 3rd sounds like he may have been the candidate for that- as well as there were voice mails that been deleted from TH believed to be between 2-3rd. Hillegass (while in no way do I think he was involved) gave bizarre testimony on the stand as to the last time he saw Teresa. He said he saw her when dropping something off to her roommate but could not remember what time of day- not morning, afternoon or eve which I felt bizarre. Although he did not testify- in his statement her roomie said he last saw Teresa on that Sunday at 2PM. So to that end, either Hillegas never saw Scott or nobody compared statements. To your point it does seem to me the actions of Sturm and Hillegass et al indicate they knew where her car was. Nobody will ever convince me they found Teresa’s car on a lot with almost 4000 vehicles, obscured by debris and a treeline in 20 minutes without the intel it was there.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    Check check 1 2 check check

    Must be the Lord’s wisdom. I cant remember what I posted anyways. Better to be silent then speak and look like a fool ;)

    Merry Monday, at least.


  17. Ragdoll says:


    I posted a comment which didn’t seem to stick. When I tried posting the comment again, a message indicated it was a duplicate comment. It ‘s probably floating around in the net ethers or something.

    I’m trying to make light of it..is all.

    I found it!!! It was hiding out the back with one of Roses :) Thanks for letting me know to look. Just responded.

  18. Marchmallow says:

    Any chance that Teresa’s car had a tracking GPS on it? Not sure if that was possible back then.

    Good question- did not.

  19. Ragdoll says:

    No worries! I honestly thought it was a glitch since the post never showed up in moderation, from my end. Sorry for the confusion

  20. chevysgirl says:

    Any ETA on Volume III Dear Blink?

    Not soon, lol, unfortunately I have a few major projects occurring simultaneously but I truly hope to get back to this case. My thinking is evolving.

  21. chevysgirl says:

    It’s been a long time since I submitted a post. Hope I got my info right!

  22. Grace Wilson says:

    Did you ever do an interview with Terri Horman?

    Yes, ongoing.

  23. Cherie Gift says:

    Hey Blink! Just checkin in….not sure if my hat REMAINED elusive butterfly or if FB FORCED ME to use my real name Cherie Gift!

    Just wondering if you retired?? I check in from time to time, but no real current infidelity! I realize you prob have teens/ young adults by now! I miss your FORUM & insight, along with all the great friends I made!

    No dear friend- just extremely taxed with my own casework and pressing publications here. I appreciate your checking in and my next publication will be in Kyron’s case.

  24. Cherie Gift says:

    Ha! Ha! Infedelity… Should have said Current INFO

  25. Cherie Gift says:

    Geez…current infidelity should have said “Current info” …..my apologies! I hope you are all well!

  26. Starsky says:

    Blink did you give-up writing about crime stories?

    No Starsky, but unfortunately the amount of time, resources and a busy litigation support practice make it incredibly difficult and I cannot write on any cases I work on professionally. My next planned publication is a series including interviews on the Kyron Horman case.

  27. Ode says:

    OMG.. Federal Judge overturns Brendan Dassy’s conviction. I don’t have a link yet.


    Without question this is proper. With any luck they will get a bond date- and keep this kid away from his family because this is going to change everything.

  28. Ode says:

    Dr. Phil is on a roll this season.

    Super Interesting. Regardless of where one falls on the guilt spectrum for him- he is a terrible interview.

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