Boston, MA– Phil Markoff, the alleged Craigslist killer appears to be an equal opportunity offender.  Reported this morning on the Today Show, Markoff used the email address sexaddict5385 to send explicit pictures and emails of himself to men he found on craigslist ads labeled M4T, meaning “men looking for transvestites.”  An edited picture of his account can be found on page 2 of this article. 


Markoff is accused of kidnapping and armed robbery of Las Vegas prostitute Trisha Leffler and the kidnapping and murder of 26 year old masseuse Julissa Brisman.


It is not known if the image above is actually Phil Markoff but a source inside the investigation has confirmed to the background in the images matches a residence of Markoff’s.

On Tuesday last week Markoff was visited by his brother Jon and sister in law Deanna; a visit in which he told his family there would be more “coming to light” and they should forget about him in prison.

Boston Police have named Markoff as a POI in a Providence, RI attempted robbery of a masseuse; his fingerprints were found on the wall in the Holiday Inn Express.

Images and research courtesy of Klaasend


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  1. coolio says:

    Red, she went to St. Kitt’s – not exactly top notch. Read here:

    Sister, yes feel her anguish as well and realize it is tough to just turn off what she had with him. BUT, my point and I think point of most of us here, is we see ZERO benefit to hanging on to the past, believing he really is/was good and supporting him. It just isn’t going to help her at all and doesn’t reflect well on her.

    The sooner she moves towards accepting reality, the better for her. Yes, she can still tell the truth to both sides, but let them fight it out. Who he was to anyone in his other life really isn’t going to matter in the long run.

  2. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Coolio, My bad. I thought I had read that they had continued from SUNY into the same program. I did not realize he was going to be a recreational proctologist,(Redact as needed) and she was going to be a witch doctor.

    Since she was two years ahead of him in school, wouldn’t she be a resident somewhere now? I hope she is keeping up with her career so Samedi is not angered. Maybe instead of professing his innocence, she can answer the age old question, Who do that voodoo like you do?

    I am praying dat choo are right about her academic affiliation to de islands, mon.

    Blink, I apologise profusely for this post, in advance.

    (insert image of Blink looking the other way :)

  3. coolio says:

    Red, does this means stupid is no longer ruled out in your analysis?

  4. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Coolio, Stupid was my first instinct. I then kicked it around a little and doubted it. Not only is it ruled back in as probable, it seems to flourish with each press release she authorizes. I do not think she should publicly support or condemn him. I still think she should just fade away. Another Doc prolly already has his eye on her. She will end up okay, living a different meaningful life.

  5. Gypsy says:

    I took it from her attorney’s comments that she loved the man she new..which means she isn’t loving this guy so much. The wedding is being dismantled and I think they are trying to say let justice play out without her having to part of the thre ring circus. What’s the point..she is cooperating with LE. Meaning..she wants the trial to go as planned without her meddling in the middle like the Anthony’s have done with their daughter. She wants to be left alone by the she can pick up the peices and get on with her life. She isn’t the one on trial here..he is..and she is a victim of his too for the way he portrayed himself to her and everyone else in his family. Compared to the way some family’s react in this situation and for her age..I think she has handled this fairly well…better then the circus the Anthony’s and their daughter Casey have made in Florida.

  6. kuaitzudog says:

    New reports say police found 16 pair of women’s underpants — allegedly souvenirs from his victims — and 60 pair of plastic restraints hidden under the bed Markoff shared with McCallister.

  7. Red Ranger says:

    She visited him in jail. The wedding is off. According to her attorney she still believes in him and loves him but is now ready to move on with her life. They spoke for 25 minutes but the contents of the conversation were not disclosed.

    It’s time for babygirl to get her flirt on, yo.

  8. coolio says:

    I bet he finally told her to forget about him and move on. I’m betting jailhouse security all watched that meeting go down.

    Here is article for anyone interested:

  9. Chris Sanders says:

    Does anyone have any nude or naked photos of Phil Markoff. It would be great to expose his nude body for all to see.

  10. mee craigs says:

    glad they got the dude before he got another victim

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