Boston, MA– Boston Police announced they had a suspect in custody today for the Murder of Julissa Brisman, and will face other charges including kidnapping, illegal posession of a firearm, and probable others.

Phil M

Pictured above with an unidentified female from his facebook account, Phil Markoff, 22, is a Boston University student originally from upstate New York. 

Boston’s Police commissioner Ed Davis said during a news conference this afternoon Markoff had been under surveillamce for days. He was stopped on 95 in Walpole, MA and taken into custody without incident. Police received over 150 leads in their hunt for the Craigslist Killer.

Check Back to for updates to this developing story.

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  2. deena says:

    wow…I am wondering what the heck is going on with people? A med student!?!? Things are getting crazier and crazier by the day. I am sure we will find out that he is a textbook Sociopath.

  3. ken says:

    Hey that girl looks like Natalie Holloway.

    Sorry Ken, I dont see that. But she does look alot like his victim Julissa Brisman, I noticed.

  4. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Yes, it doesn’t appear we are going to learn he needed the money for his drug addiction as suggested by a nationally known criminal profiler.

    Maybe he has some gambling debts he’d rather payoff than have Rocko, Tony, Frankie and Johnny come after him..


    lol, I admit there are few “experts” I feel really do their homework before commenting on a case. JD, Clint Van Zant, and Wendy Murphy come to mind.

  5. Obviously this young man is a victim of poverty and reverse racism. He should be let free immediately and the American Justice system needs to be put on trial.

    Actions are not an end in themselves. This young man is a total victim of stereotyping and antiquated male bashing.

    The goal here is to properly counter blind retributive justice seeking. There is a need to heighten public consciousness of metropolitan interdependencies and to assist in the struggle against recalcitrant racisms.

    Well then, thanks for setting us straight. Grab some doritos and maybe some ramen noodle soup and enjoy the rest of your time at Berkley.

  6. Christen Allen Iman says:

    I see my earlier comments about his possibly having gambling debts was on par.

    At least it wasn’t for feeding a drug habit as was suggested by another criminal profiler.

    Shows you the difference in the way each profiler looks at the situation.

    I still believe he would have escalated his crimes to include murder.
    Maybe we will get some hint of this when the case develops?


  7. meliss says:


    A killer can be in medical school, that is Ok, I am petrified that Megan Mcllister is in Medical school too. women are supposed to get the vibe about the guys they are dating, but she is either clueless or ignored it all for the \”catch\” she managed to net. A smart wealthy stud. Beware of this Dr Megan mcallister, she will have a diffferent last name soon, but can anyone trust her judgement? When she changes her last name the state should make it public as we have a right to know our doctor. This guy seems far better than amanda knox, atleast normal reactions in court. AGAIN, I would never have thought Megan is a medical student too, the vanity and greed in the website looked like a spoiled brat. GOOd they are getting into medical schools too with all thier stamina and wealth. We need fair representation of blondes as doctors.She could make a good OBGYN with all the bimbos and thier husbands wanting to se her

  8. Absinthe_thesin says:

    Would you care for some ice in your cool aid?

  9. jana says:

    Jerry…you are so right…but you know because it takes one to understand one..right? Poor you…poor male you…poor victim you…

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  11. gettingstunned says:

    Does he come from a rich, Jewish family?

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