Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Brad, Baez and Baden Can’t Read

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 Discovery Review Part I

Orlando, FL– In the last 2 weeks in the case against infamous tot-mom Casey Anthony, The defense appears to be in an all out media blitz to support their recent motions for dismissal. Most legal analysts feel they have  missed the deadline for such tactics, and that could very well be the reason for the affront on public opinion recently.

The editors have been scouring the recent discovery release. 

There are some very compelling facts the Spin Twins de Baez have conveniently overlooked.

The Duct Tape


Reported exclusively  at last June, the Henkel Duck tape industrial grade was located on the skull of Caylee Marie, the  gas can and the shed at the Anthony residence. Today, WFTV after rifiling through some old footage, reminds us what we already knew.

Caylee Tape

(Editors note: Say what you will about Kathy Belich, that Dom Casey cheat sheet with her picture and “disseminating hatred towards the family” remark had her in that news room with a whip and a hot iron all day until they found it– I don’t blame her.)

Yesterday at Brad Conway’s client driven press conference, he specifically referenced there are no fingerprints on the duct tape. I heard it again this morning by Linda Kenney Baden.

Brad Conway

Let’s break this down folks, shall we?

On NO document, that we have seen, does it state anywhere that there are no prints on that duct tape. Specifically, I am referring to FBI Evidence ID Q62, Q63 and Q64.

In fairness to the defense, with a combined experience mean of 2o years in the “expert” fields, less Jose “” Baezs’ token 3 years, I can see how such academics could come to that conclusion for the time being.Jose

Within the response to Kenney Baden’s discovery request from the FBI, this statement appears:


It does not say “latent impressions”, which in the forensic “speak” means all friction ridge detail images.

Seriously? With a woman’s very life hanging in the balance we are expected to believe such a panel does not know the difference between a latent lift and a friction ridge image in 2009? Not to be glib, but as a practical matter, as a layperson, just imagine when your scotch tape slips off the cutter and you stand there for 10 minutes trying to thread it again with your fingernail. If that did not immediately furrow your brow, you will be wrapping all the christmas presents this year.


 These assertions by the defense team are nothing more than an attempt to double dare the State to open their Kimono. Insert euphamisms at will. 

As a matter of fact, a close look at the examination protocol used by the FBI,  tells a very, very different story. 

Tape Q62, Q63, Q64 is originally presented  NOT to be tested for DNA. Who gets it first? Latent Print U and Chem. Why is this important? Because the two work together when we are talking about applying chemically based “lifting” techniques such as sticky powder, for example.  

Yes, before you ask, this is where the heart sticker residue is seen by LPU on the NON ADHESIVE side prior to it’s own testing procedures. That residue is consumed and no longer visible in this phase. You can assume LPU saw that image under ALS, not visible to the evidence collection unit or ECU. 

Occurring simultaneously, lets also assume a conscious decision is made to procure the latent images on the adhesive side of Q63, even at the risk of the consumption or ruin of residue of the alleged heart sticker that everyone already knew would not yield DNA. 

Who thinks there are no other digital originals of the duct tape, bearing the sticker residue from the Medical Examiners Officer or CSI in the field? While I agree the residue chemistry itself may have been probative, this was  not the woopsie the defense would lead you to believe.

LPU was assigned to do visual oversight when the Trace evidence unit, or TEU receives the samples next.  Ms. Fontaine has a T shirt she wears under her lab coat for just such an occasion.

It reads: DONT BE SWABBIN ON MY PRINT on the front, on the back it reads: I’LL JUST WAIT TO BE SURE.

Is that so that their friction ridge was not destroyed? OF COURSE.

Next stop The Questioned Documents Unit, or QDU. For those unfamiliar, this is another “ARod” Jose Baez so astutely coined the analogy when referring to Dr. Neal Haskell being on the State’s expert list.  This is where the mysterious “contamination” occurs. Brad Conway went as far as to say yesterday that this was a mysteryperson, a possible unsub if you will. Ms. Baden said it could be an alternative culprit. Yeesh.

It is clearly stated in the report that CONWAY released, that the ID from the partial profile, is Lorie Gottesman, of the QDU.

I am quite sure Ms. Gottesman has an alibis for June 16th. Perhaps this is a good thing as I hear Ms. Gottesman is well versed in expert testimony.

Ppppssst. There are 2 other samples of the duct tape, all 3 latent results have not been released except to say that George, Lee and Cindy have been excluded.

Wouldn’t you have to have a control latent to compare them to in order to exclude  A N Y O N E?

Their ARE prints, folks. Eazy Peazy.

While we are on the subject of the tape, textile fibers WERE recovered from Q62 and Q64 and Q66 (house duct tape) and preserved for future testing.

It was not true to say there was no transfer evidence whatsoever, how would they know when those tests have not either been preformed or the results completed? Ms. Baden feels the public is being misled?

I would offer the misleading is being orchestrated by misinterpretation.

The decision was made to consider testing the tape for DNA after an initial pre-amplified DNA result came back from Baby Caylees tibia (I apologize for the graphic).

To be continued,

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  1. ada says:

    The heart shaped sticker residue was in the February document release. The lab matched the top of the sticker found elsewhere with the residue on the duct tape. All was entered into evidence.

  2. ProvokingPoirot says:

    Peggy, no no no apologies!!!! You make me think!!! No confusion, my friend. Casey’s whodoovoodoo doesn’t work on the ones that are focused on CAYLEE….that’s why I’m here.

  3. Kleat says:

    You know that I meant — “we know it’s NOT blood or decomp”– (but was trying to say that we, as laypeople think of those first)

  4. Kleat says:

    ada, I think there might be a distinction between ‘discovery’ and ‘evidence’ that is entered formally for consideration at trial.

    The discovery is as it is– doesn’t mean it’s entered for trial by sharing the findings, whatever they might mean, with the defense.

  5. karen says:

    Kleat your post 168- You just described my husband. Does the article state if there is a “cure”?

  6. PookyBear says:

    243 — Titch — the duct tape found by Kathi Belich was in a video dated 7/20 at the command center at Publix — no volunteers were searching at that time. Isn’t the common thread of the Henkel duct tape the Anthonys and I would think that any argument the defense may have about a searcher placing Caylee in woods is out the window now that at least 2 other instances of the rare duct tape appear to be memoralized in a picture or video and both seem to be connected to the Anthonys — George set up a command post at Publix to raise money to find Caylee — in another picture found by a TC at SM, see page 7,, which I believe is also at the command center at Publix (MOO)

  7. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Oh my. George’s anger management gone murder-plot. Blink, in light of this, do you believe his intent plan could be entered into trial?

  8. suz says:


    A raised, pink heart shaped sticker was found stuck to a piece of degraded cardboard at the remains scene Q188 sent to FBI 1/12/09 (photo: n.b. labeled as heart sticker ) (3500, 3751)

    The FBI Latent Fingerprint Unit, while processing the duct tape, found residue on the tape in the perfect shape of a heart and sent it to another FBI lab for analysis (3381)

    The FBI Questioned Documents Unit found no stickers or sticker fragments on the duct tape (3798, 5583)

  9. Kleat says:

    Cure? For sitting on foodstuffs??? You are on your own there girl!!! ;)

  10. karen says:

    Kleat- Your post 217 I posted this info on another forum once. Re Magots on pizza. Many years ago my son heated up some left over pizza in our oven. We were in the middle of packing for a week long vacation and he wanted lunch. Well long story short he left the pizza in the oven and when we came back from vacation I had an oven full of magots . gross I know. But true too. soooooo.

  11. sosad says:

    Blink’s Part II is posted — time to back out of this thread and onto the next!

  12. karen says:

    gerogiamon in answer to your question who has nine hairbrushes and combs. Answer: the same people who purchase 13 pairs of shoes for a toddler who will outgrow them in a few months. These people loved to spend money.

  13. lily says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there is any actual ‘evidence’ of the heart shaped sticker residue? No images (that we know of), nothing. That’s what started a whole discussion thread to begin with . . . I’m not disputing that it was probably there based upon the FBI technician notes.

    I am a little bit concerned about some of the new comments lately taking for granted some things that have been speculated on – as actual ‘evidence’. Such as, the Ant’s cleaning the car. I have not seen that documented anywhere.

    Now everyone who’s seen me post here for a while knows I’m not an Ant supporter – I just want to get back to what makes this site so great – facts.

    as you know I respect that, I feel that an observation by E.Fontiane is substantative, but I respect the other side of the coin, it makes the debate as unemotional as posible.

  14. karen says:

    gerogiamon in answer to your question who has nine hairbrushes and combs. Answer: the same people who purchase 13 pairs of shoes for a toddler who will outgrow them in a few months. These people loved to spend money.

  15. suz says:

    Kleat, do you really think the shape of the stain (which maybe is or maybe isn’t shaped like a body in the fetal position) is going to make it into evidence? Even the FBI backed away from it, saying more or less that the body print (or not) is in the eye of the beholder. Seems mostly sensationalistic to me.

    My gut says it’s a well intended analyst with a good imagination (and who is sure casey did it—she says right in her email, and I quote “we are not certain of where CASEY ANTHONY did what to CAYLEE”) that spotted it, so maybe she really, REALLY wanted to find something like that. FBI agents are only human, after all.

    But who knows—it could be mold or condensation or whatever you are theorizing. I guess we’ll never know for sure cuz, what—the carpet is destroyed? Is that right?

  16. Jan says:

    MsEnscene #178 — STELLAR! Bravo! I love reading what you write!

  17. Titch says:

    PookyBear – Thank you. Yes, I do think the defense playing against any of the searchers would be thrown out. I was worried b/c I thought they may try a new “spin” on things, though. I think they missed an important deadline and are doing damage control right now with all their interviews & such.

  18. SuzeeB says:

    #247 Randie

    I heard about scratches on the inside of the hood on the trunk of the car but could not find anything concrete about that. Maybe some blinkers know more. I hate to even think about the implications of that.

    I have never heard of any scratches inside the car. outside yes.

  19. Kleat says:

    Todd, I’d bet that Jim Campbell might have something to offer, at least what he observed and heard directly in the household. Not sure they could bring in anything that just reads into George’s state of mind, unless there is a witness or some direct evidence. Not sure what good it would do– the defense could say George did not know what he was doing.

    You know I wonder if he actually worked for the Anthony’s or the defense at any time and might have some level of immunity.

  20. Justice seeker says:

    thank you ProvokingPoirot

    were all here for one common puprose to seek justice for caylee we are her voice! where her grandparents failed her!

  21. MsEnscene says:

    #196 Thanks Blink…I think the boating and coctailing of GR and JB is hinky(not Hinkel) as is GR’s constant carping at LE evidence.

    3197 Kleat, I listend to Mickey Sherman three times and it was very garbled. I thought he ended by saying Casey might plea because she is innocent. Huh? I must be in error! Seems as if both GR and Sherman are both shrugging along with Jose’s “That’s up to Casey” if she cops a plea. Something in the wind.

    These pundits really attack every kind of “weak” forensic evidence but ignore all the strong circumstatial starting with never reporting her child missing. I think Blink is correct that the pundits really don’t know other than what the host puts in front of them. Kimberly Guilfoyle outdistanced both GR and Sherman handily because she knows the case.

    How did you like GR castegating the Orlando Sentinel for being the head “cheerleader” in the case against Casey? Grrrrr. As if Casey didn’t put herself where she is.

  22. chica says:

    thank you ProvokingPoirot

    ypur sweet and here to do what we feel is right by little caylee

  23. chica says:


    How irritating that he would stoop as low as cindy to pull something off like that!! what a media stunt for attention it seems everything that family does is for attention seeking!!

  24. chica says:

    its been a long day sorry provoking I meant the pill stunt tat wasnt even real!!

  25. chica says:


  26. Joan says:

    Two points here -

    Lori in Comment #161 – the “over the top” on Cindy (aren’t they all??) IMO are the following: – which begins the 11-part interview with Cindy and the FBI. These interview give new meaning to PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!
    AND – which is over 65 minutes in length!!! And at the end – Yuri Melich literally is hugging Cindy BEGGING her to work with them, not against them.

    Also – someone else brought up Scott Peterson and I thought of the Scott Peck book on “People of the Lie” – for anyone hurt by a “romantic” flim-flam artist – this is a must-read.

    However, getting back to Scott Peterson and the connections with Casey Anthony’s case:

    1) Scott got involved with Amber Frey even before pregnant Laci went “missing”
    Remember: Casey already had several odd incidents “sleeping over” at Ricky Morales when Caylee was not there in the morning allegedly because Cindy had called during the night and Casey had allegedly taken her home to Cindy. I bet that poor baby was knocked out on xanax and sleeping it off in the trunk of the car.

    2) Once pregnant Laci was “missing” – unfortunately because Laci has a TREMENDOUS MOTHER, Scott couldn’t hide the disappearance ….
    but all during the search for Laci – Scott was either marginally participatory or AWOL. His main concern was keeping it going with Amber – yeah! right – he was in Paris – and all the while he’s trying to avoid being center stage at vigils for Laci and and sweet baby Connor

    3) Clearly the jury didn’t like what they saw about Scott. His attorney Mark Geragos made the huge error of saying something to the effect that “my client is innocent and we will prove it” They couldn’t even prove reasonable doubt! OOPs!!

    4) Yes, I know, the accused doesn’t need to testify at their own trial …but when your accused of this type of horrible crime – and there is this MOUNTAIN of evidence … and you think there’s some way you’re going to establish reasonable doubt by remaining silent??? Of course – with her history of lying – she would be a DISASTER on teh stand.. Go ahead Casey – your private cell on death row awaits you! Although Lord knows, I really feel that the best punishment is for her to spend the rest of her days in the general population. They HATE child abusers.

  27. Joan says:

    Also – and I know that this is way ahead of the facts …

    but I am hoping when this case is concluded – and hopefully Casey is either in prison without parole or on death row – that all of us NLBs could have some sort of a – in poor words “convention” – or teleconference – some type of an NLB “Keeping the Faith for Caylee Memorial”. It would be nice to put faces to names – and to see our numbers!

    I have frequented several of the sites dedicated to this case, and I recognize many names occur on multiple sites. I believe that there is a very strong community of people who truly love sweet Caylee and have only tried to champion justice for her. Since her family has considered her easily “dumped.” any of us are on blogs at all hours of the day and night when we normally would never do such a thing! It’s that sweet little face that just haunts us.

    Furthermore, I feel that there are certain people who certainly qualify as “hero” in how they have doggedly followed this case and these details and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts and how that has been appreciated. That list would be topped off certainly by Blink, but also include Yuri Melich and John Allen, Kathi Belich and Tim Miller and Mark Nejame – and certainly the Prosecution.

    Just a thought …even with Bozo Baez now hinting that a “plea” is up to his client – I fear this is gong to trial … But I still think that it is an idea for the future.

    Blink – again – you are AWESOME!!!

    Thank you Ms. Joan
    I could not agree more, when this case concludes, there are a few things I would like to accomplish in Caylee’s name.
    Does everyone know that John Allen was due to retire this past January and is staying on to see this case through?

  28. dee says:

    Joan, that is a lovely idea and I have thought about that many times, I have made a very good friend because of this case and Caylee and honoring her in some kind of way bringing some closer to this case and would heal many, it would be a really nice thing to shake the hands of many

  29. ChicagoJudy says:

    Blink… Yuri M… John A… Kathi B… Linda DB… Appie W…

    I’d be honored and privileged to sit in the same room with them and have a discussion about this bizarre case.

    I’d even like to talk with Leonard P and Rob D… and that blonde tv reporter who gave Cindy a run for her money in an interview a while back. Wish I could remember her name.

    There are so many people involved with this whom I admire greatly. Thanks for all you do.

  30. melissa says:

    I think it says a lot about someones character to stay on past retirement to follow any case through. He really cares about justice for this beautiful baby just as we do.

  31. Charlotte says:

    Mr. Grund I personally feel you should sue Cindy Anthony for defamation of character. You and your son have both conducted yourselves very professionally on any shows I have watched. I watched your son on Nancy Grace and he actually felt sympathy for these Grandparents in the beginning as we all did but they learned very quickly how to get their own agenda going under the title of sympathy. To mention ones name in a depo or when trying to put together a timeline is one thing but to keep trashing that person is another thing entirely. The same is true with Zanieda what are the odds they meant someone else when this lady was at the very apartment that day and Casey gave description of the car she was driving etc. It is obvious they are used to calling the shots and this is one shot that could backfire on them.

  32. Janice says:

    Does everyone know that John Allen was due to retire this past January and is staying on to see this case through?

    Blink, your partial statement in #276 comments from Joan above just shows the dedication from this detective, the patients of the other investigators and how this case has affected everyone who has been involved and listens to the local, state and national news that has broadcasted this Casey Anthony saga.

    Does anyone know, has a trail date has been set for the utter of forge instrument (check fraud case) against Casey Anthony?

    Blink, I would like to take a moment and my apologizes for last post submitted it was in response to and quite different from your statement statement below in #232 Comment by cindeefromwisconsin

    I personally believe we witnessed that fleeting second at the 8/14 jail visit, well, Cindy anyway.

  33. karen says:

    kleat- 259- no not that post the one above it. He does not sit on foodstuffs. ( at least not to my knowledge)

  34. Dondura Miller says:

    In reference to #201, the link…2/14/MNGL7ABKFL1.DTL says I do not have permission to see this. 401?? Huh??
    #246-Also if you wanna know about putting dead people in the fetal position. Sure, they stay in whatever position you put them in. After rigor leaves or you massage it out, you can re-position when you want to. But CA would have had the functioning brain cells to know to google that and there isn’t any evidence yet that she did.
    #275-who said these people are normal? I am the grandmother of 7 and if any one of them came up missing, I’d tear the planet apart to find him or her and if my own child had a hand in the loss, God help him or her! But hey, I’m normal…

  35. skeptic says:

    I learned a long time ago to listen to defense bs with a critical ear. Pay as much attention to what they DON’T say as to what they DO say. Conway has a habit of taking his information from OLD discovery. My best example is the claim that there was no duct tape over the mouth. Of course there wasn’t. There was no mouth left. However if the sticky side of the duct tape were poxitioned toward the skull, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the tape was across her mouth or at least covering her face. The defense always assumes that people are stupid. They are not.

    Good Advice,

  36. sky says:

    I loved when Jose got irritated with Kathy after a court hearing, asked her why ‘her name was changed’ apprently he investigated her, then ignored her completely because he said ‘you’re killing my sound bite’ & started speaking Spanish to a hispanic reporter hoping Kathy would go away..she didn’t.
    LOL and what was her name before ? IMO they have been botching this from the beginning. You don’t have a family that does there own investigation, and destroy potential evidence that they assume a dead body is involved ! Then continuously yield from the telling the truth, instead they run to protect and aide to their daughter with no real concern for their grand daughter IMO. This is the beginning of Exhibits IMO.

  37. Kelli says:

    This maybe far off the wall for many people, but it’s something in all facts about this case that points to Casey screaming how unfit and a liar she is. One thing I know for a fact: If Casey”s dad did do sexual abuse, why would she leave her daughter with him if he was that kind of man? No abused female would leave their child with the person who sexual abused them. That would of blown her testimony about her dad out and put the ? on the jurys mind. “What kind of mom would do that?” You have to prove a liar is a liar with their own actions.

    I don’t think the jury believed George abused Casey. The jury believed George was a bald faced liar and the State could not prove how Caylee actually died.

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