Orlando, FL– Appearing in court today, in advance of an approved pro hac vice motion, Casey Anthony’s lead defense counsel Jose Baez introduced the latest addition to the Baez Bevy of Barristers: Andrea Lyon. Baez took the opportunity to introduce Ms. Lyon in the form of a impromptu commercial, as pointed out by Prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton.


Lyon is an associate Dean for Clinical programs and Professor at DePaul University School of Law. From her profile, Ms. Lyon claims to have defended over 30 potential capital cases at the trial level, and of those 30, 19 through the penalty phase, winning all 19.

(Editors Note: If a case is in the penalty phase, wouldn’t the term “winning” be an oxymoron? Perhaps a more succinct explanation means “19 of her convicted clients will not fry.”  Does that mean she tossed the other 11 losers right after conviction because she knew she had no prayer of saving their hides?)  

Baez delivered a 16 page amendment last night following court filing hours and expected the media, who has not as of yet been served, to appear and argue their request for the video of Casey Anthony in the prison infirmary following the news that remains of a small child had been found a few blocks from the Anthony home. Judge Strickland ruled they would have 7 days to intervene and he will hear their arguments to Baez amended motion late next week if requested. Counsel for the county objected several times as to specific incidents contained therein, and deposition transcripts they have not yet received.

Next up, attorneys for Roy Kronk, Jesse Grund and Amy Huzienga argued against the outstanding duces tecum motions surrounding their clients phone and text communication records as an invasion of privacy.

Collectively, a strong case presenting the lack of a good faith basis and materiality for the motion in the first place was argued by all.

Baez responded by alleging Jesse Grund, “for all intents and purposes,” was a suspect in this case who took a polygraph; the good faith basis has been established by the state in available discovery. He went on to say the OCSO should have requested this information from Roy Kronk; at which time Judge Strickland interrupted and informed him he was “straying” and that he did not wish to hear what “they” may have done wrong, but only what the defense good faith basis entails. 

Motion stayed pending attorney agreement, motion granted for non- present parties.

Enter Stage Left; Macaluso. I admit it, this is what I was waiting for. As a professional, I feel compelled to acknowledge I was not disappointed. I am on record from the announcement of his potential involvement on the defense team I felt he was the strongest chance Casey Anthony has at an actual defense strategy. Still do. His current embroilment in millions of dollars in civil litigation and looming California Bar charges notwithstanding. He is engaging, charismatic, said “um” the least and bar none had the coolest watch.

(editors note: I couldn’t get a tight enough shot but I’m pretty sure it was the un-affordable to most, Big Bang model Hubolt. Sweet.)

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  1. Susan says:

    Blink, I was just lurking on Scared Monkeys (not a member) and they were talking about the fact that Caylee was the only missing child in this area, when the news broke about a child’s body being found. Would you please remind them of Trenton Duckett. Even though I personally don’t believe that Trenton is dead, it is a possibility. When the news broke that morning in December, the public wasn’t sure if it was Caylee or Trenton. However, Casey knew. Thanks

  2. Kleat says:

    Susan, I remember a comment about that from maybe a Sherriff’s office rep (not sure) at the time and that this comment was saying this is the only missing child in that area and that there were no other missing children reports from in or around that neighborhood. So, it seemed more specific as it could relate to the Anthony home area.

  3. diz says:

    I have read your posts from the beginning of this case on WS, then on Scared Monkeys and now here. No, I am NOT a stalker!
    I find myself agreeing with you 99% of the time, and I look forward to your article on where you see this case going.
    I was wondering: what are your thoughts on how involved Andrea Lyons will be in this case? (if it ever goes to trial). I was under the impression that her role as death qualified would come into play only if KC was found guilty, not from the get go. Am I wrong about this? Will Baez move over and let her take the reins, or will they butt heads about who is running the show?
    Thanks again for all you do!

  4. Susan says:

    Oh, I agree. I live in Mount Dora and everyone in this area knew there were only two children missing in this area, Trenton Duckett and Caylee Anthony. While we were pretty certain it was Caylee because of the location, we didn’t know for sure. We were open to the possibility of it being Trenton. However, from the reaction of Casey, she was not open to other possibilities. Why? Because she knew for sure that it was Caylee. How? Because she put her there.

  5. Kleat says:

    diz, good question and notice that the deposition for Unser at least, was not done by Baez afterall, but by Linda K-B using Skype. So, why would she do it instead of Baez… I have a hunch that she and Ms. New D.P. Lawlady worked on the questions together via conferences. Cheaper than having the new DP travel to Florida for the needed days, and it would cover a DP qualified lawyer overseeing the depos, maybe even having direct input through K-B during the depos.

    And then she could come in for her own curtain-call entrance with CV highlights when cameras were rolling.

  6. Susan 2 says:

    Because there are 2 Susans commenting on this board, I will use Susan 2 in the future so as not to confuse any one. Thanks

  7. Angela says:

    Kleat #100 Interesting post, but I want to respond to your post #95 – I believe the reason Casey only wanted to visit with George at that point is because he was the only family member NOT asking her questions (I am just referring to the jailhouse vid where they are discussing who would be her visitor). Both Cindy and Lee would throw questions in among the endearments, but George just encouraged her. Any time someone would ask Casey a question at that time it was like “OK… next” to see who would let her sit with her fictitious stories.

  8. Susan 2 says:

    I agree with you Angela. I think the reason George didn’t ask questions was because by this time “he knew”. He knew she wasn’t going to tell the truth and he didn’t want to hear more lies.

  9. Kleat says:

    Yes Angela and Susan2, I think that too, but then, ‘if’, just for the moment, we assume that there could have been incest, the perpetrator would also not ask questions. They would want to keep things smoothed over and ‘normal’ to not draw attention and keep the person under control and on side, keeping the secret.

    Fits also with Casey saying she was protecting the family as in, keeping the secret. Fits with Lee at the memorial, saying to ‘CMA’ that he will always keep his promise to her. It fits with Cindy needing to take back control from Casey, but also fits with her wanting to assure that Casey has not said anything in jail to anyone. Fits with a victim of incest reversing roles, taking over as a surrogate wife, but in this scenario, she had Cindy to deal with and Cindy would ‘deny’ what she knew of Caylee’s father. Fits with Cindy wanting to take back control from Casey by controlling her baby as her own– afterall, if the incest story is correct, she could have adopted the baby, the only grandparent who would have needed to, the other would be in that role already. Maybe the adoption would have raised the issue of paternity and got some answers they didn’t want public, maybe it was not a money issue afterall.

    And fits with no report on paternity for any male member of the immediate family but Lee– why not, that one bothers me as a loose end.

  10. Kleat says:

    And if Casey was taking herself into an imaginary world, becoming the magical Zanny the Nanny, then developing this into a Zenaida Gonzales identity, ready to take a target patsy with the same name, just adding in the other bit for detail and believability, she would become ZG, the ’10′ with perfect teeth, close to the same age and description, with a great job, her own office, her own work supplied cell phone, with a budget for travel to stay at Hard Rock Hotel, interests in whatever tailored to her individual friends and lovers, money (which could easily become real. She could steal from Cindy with impunity as she was in control, keeping the secret, they couldn’t do much about it like call the police and risk the secret coming out). And if Casey made up stuff, lies as her imagination allows, then no one would believe her if she said anything about sexual advances by a family member anyway, so another way the secret is safe.

  11. Kleat says:

    But we will have to wait and see if the father is ever identified to debunk these as some wild notions, or fact.

  12. Susan 2 says:

    Check out Wesh news in Orlando. It’s been reported that the Anthonys and the Milsteads chased Lois (Dakota’s Grandmother) away from the Caylee Memorial Sight. Lois and a friend had gone there to leave a wooden cross for Caylee. I would post a link, but I don’t know how. My guess is the Anthonys and Milsteads are the people who cleared out all the stuffed animals, signs,….from the memorial. Why? Because they don’t want anyone to go there now. Why? Because we are going into the rainy season here in Florida and they don’t want anyone to see the condition of that property in June. They don’t want anyone to report how much water is standing there. They don’t want anyone to know what that property was like when Casey put Caylee there.

  13. Kleat says:

    (Susan 2, for posting a link, copy and paste the link into the comment, that’s it! (like this!– thanks for the story)

  14. Kleat says:

    Q: does anyone notice adult spoken words around the 32-36 second mark? What is Caylee trying to say, is she being taught something? Why is there no interaction between the camera person and the baby? And why the camera creeping below the highchair table but with no playful ‘peek-a-boo’ game.

  15. sela_b says:

    Blink, I am grateful for your candid reporting. It is refreshing. I have thought there is incest involved in the Caylee Anthony case from the very start–even before I saw so many posts from other people hither and yon having reached the same conclusion. I identify strongly with the Anthony family because there was incest in my family (not me, thank goodness)….but a close family member. I recognize all the cover up type manuevering and the neurotic personality disorders. The only thing that doesn’t jibe…if true…is how George didn’t kill himself and stood up to eulogize Caylee. Certainly if he were Caylee’s Dad he wouldn’t be able to show his face anywhere. UNLESS Cindy doesn’t know (which is even possible given the woman’s boundless capacity for delusion and denial) and he felt he is getting some sort of reprieve from public scrutiny somehow.
    We are not “allowed” to discuss incest on the WS discussion board–which strikes me as funny. Murder is technically a more severe crime than incest…isn’t it? And murder is discussed at WS out the yingyang. Incest= not discussable. I guess incest makes people much more uncomfortable than murder. Anyway…will you please weigh in with your thoughts on incest in the Anthony family?

    I admit I considered it strongly in the beginning, mostly because of how effed up Casey was, and how vehemently the A’s defended her. I thought, there’s no possible way they could defend this freak unless she had something “on them”. However, absent any evidence, and I think given the love lost within the extended family, I truly believe if that was the case, there would be at least the intimation of that from someone. An allegation like that is just not something Im comfortable with being speculative on.

  16. Felicity says:

    How DARE the Anthonys steal the cross that the ladies left for baby Caylee, as a show of love and grief?? Apparently the Anthonys think, and really believe, that they are ABOVE THE LAW!! I hope and pray that the Anthonys are thrown under the bus by the new attorneys! They deserve it! They have the graciousness of PIGS! How can they get away with such behavior? I imagine the ladies were terrified! I would be if someone came after me like that!

  17. susan says:

    kleat that was really creepy it spooked me bad,no seriously that was gross and is making me cry ,i immediatly thought george could be the father when this case started,his throwing up in interview, suicide attempt,aggression, tampering with evidence, have thought he might be guilty party ,but thought he was ruled out as father, but i truly was not prepared for that , and didnt like it,if there were words from another person present sounded female

  18. susan says:

    kleat, i found very interesting in the secret police taping of george,he didnt mention caylee once

  19. nickel says:

    I keep reading about how Casey thought she was being taken for medical treatment the day little angel was found. What did she need treatment for?? Anyone??

  20. susan says:

    i think that video should be removed from you tube its disturbing made me feel like i am part of it and brings to mind the concept of untracable (i havent seen that movie) the movie they watched.couldnt, wouldnt watch again.

  21. susan says:

    if casey had a fake id and casey writes stolen checks, wouldnt casey use fake id to cash stolen checks at some point, ever ?

  22. JM says:

    Thanks so much, Blink. You’re wonderful at what you do. I totally respect you putting forth your efforts and concentration in trying to find Tracy – that’s a sad story and I have a gut feeling it’s not going to end well.

    Thanks again!


  23. westsidehudson says:

    I think that you are right. I think that the defense is going to say that Casey was emotionally abused by George & Cindy. (and perhaps physically, if the choking incident comes in). Also that she had PTSD following the fight, and either couldn’t remember what happened to Caylee, or failed to report it for fear that Cindy might kill her (literally or figuratively).
    Or that during the fight, Cindy unintentionally harmed/killed Caylee, put her in the trunk and told Casey that she needs to get rid of her, essentially blaming Casey (for her escalated anger about the stolen money) which inadvertently caused the death. Casey is so traumatized that she leaves Caylee in the trunk for days. Cindy gets even with Casey, later calling police, after discovering that the car smells of death and that Casey left her in there too long, not following Cindy’s directive immediately. There were witnesses to the smell, that’s why she was compelled to call. Also, they’ll intimate that Casey originally made up the nanny Zanny story in order to keep Caylee away from Cindy’s watch as much as possible and to get a new identity in order to escape her home life. Cindy goes along with this story of the nanny to cover her own butt so that Casey doesn’t spill the beans on her. In the jailhouse video, Cindy, knowing there was no nanny, plugs Casey for potential people that she can blame it on. I’m, of course, not saying that any of this happened, I am looking at how the defense could use to their advantage the inconsistencies the Anthonys have gotten caught on and also their aggressiveness & volatility that has been caught on tape. Or like many other Mothers who have killed children, in the penalty phase, if one, that she killed Caylee to save her from Cindy.
    Showing the Anthony’s antics could conceivably convince a juror that they are at the least, fiery, impulsive and not forthright. The biggest hurdle is getting past the 31 days of not calling police. This might cover that.The DP lawyer may actually love that all this continuous drama is going on with them.

  24. Ann says:

    ok do we need to be patient a little longer…..well it is always worth the wait Blink. Thanks for helping the rest of us wade through the muck of this case. Will enjoy your full insight when the case nears and then finally ends.

  25. Sister says:

    Blink, what happened at the hearing in California yesterday? My curiousity (sp) is about to get to me.

    Proceeding to trial. Pretrial conf 9/22/09

  26. June Bug says:

    Too long for here, I will do a piece on this next week. It’s time.

    It’s worth waiting for! Thank you for your hard work and sharing your thoughts with us Blink. God bless~

  27. June Bug says:

    Can someone indulge me and maybe shed some light on my question.

    If Casey is running with the ‘covering for her family’ angle, it still doesn’t explain her partying behaviour and stealing from Amy. Are we to believe this was a part of the cover….REEEEEEEEEEALLY?

    Thank you to anyone who responds. Love and light!

  28. Sister says:

    JuneB, in my humble opinion, momster will not cover anyone’s butt butt her own. The question that plays over and over in my mind is if If they humans (I don’t even want to call them people) really believed someone else did this crime, they would be knocking on doors, start talking straight without snippy little comments, going to see their slore of a daughter for any hints, tidbits, etc. Instead, they try to make money on their dead grandchild, hook themselves with known criminals, tour around the country like some damn heroes, and speak beautiful Caylee’s name like it was a badge of courage. It is for those of us who want Justice for Caylee and absolute torture for those maggots who have been living off her remains, yes George, that’s all that was left, thanks to all of you. (sorry, I’m on a tear right now and sure do need your love and light!)

  29. Felicity says:

    I have never thought incest was involved. Casey could never keep her big mouth shut if that was the case. Also, LE has George and Lee’s DNA. Wouldn’t they know if incest was involved? Casey totally ignored G.&C. the last time they were in court. I think she is going to blame the Anthonys for Caylee’s murder to at least suggest “reasonable doubt.” At this point the realiy of the situation is becoming more real to Casey, and she will say or do ANYTHING to save her a$$.

  30. GRANDMOTHER OF 4 says:

    Casey Anthony Case: ‘Mommy’s Little Girl’ author defends title, book. Fanning QUOTES The Anthonys will profit from the book.

  31. CB says:

    Blink, did I read here or on someone’s post that the medical examinor has a vial of Ortiz’s blood or did I dream that?? If he is Caylee’s bio then his family would be able to put that to rest or keep it as info they do not wish to share. Would sure put to rest all the incest talk. Also on your other post where I opined about the ZG DL, office break in, etc. believe me I had no idea there was a website that “outlined” it so well (topsecretsite). It really was from my reading your posts, though I don’t always have time to read all the comments that go with.


    Onionskin- to clarify, topsecret or whatever, is a complete thread based on my work, my original content. It is very hard to find, but their is an attribution in there somewhere I am told. We will know who Caylee’s Bio Dad is if this goes to trial, there is no doubt in my mind.

  32. CB says:

    So, Blink, are you affiliated with this site or are they ripping off your hard work? I don’t understand. There is indeed an attribution to you. This site gave me a creepy gut feeling like I didn’t even want it to show on my computer that I had even gone there. I do so read your every word and try to keep all thoughts on getting justice for our Caylee. TIA and have happy and safe July 4th.


    I am NOT affiliated with any site except this one and ScaredMonkeys, and Scared Monkeys Radio. We have lawyers to keep track of that stuff, I never get involved with it personally, but thank you and same to you and yours

  33. CB says:

    Thanks, Blink! I decided that I wasn’t going to pay heed to my gut feeling, so went back and have read all night on this white on black print site (BTW very hard on the eyes to read with reverse print colors) and all I can say is WOW, they are very close to the line. Also, some verrrrrry scarey stuff there that I’m sure LE has probably picked up.

    I’m way off topic for me as I still have the lanyard to figure out and, like you, I think I have a head ache on that one. Another also, I still think it’s the sandle and the disturbed dirt. I think I’ll lite a sparkler for our Caylee for the 4th. Can’t you just see the sparkle in her eyes and hear the giggles. Look who else we have to behold in heaven.

    Gotta go feed my “girls,” Kissee the Maltese and Bubbs the Cat Queen of the House. And, then get their servant some sleep.


  34. boo says:

    Thanks for that recipe boo, sounds yummy.

  35. TJ says:

    He seems very shady to me..In his 1st interview with detectives..He claims the first encounter was ..He was in the woods with his partner/partners..and he saw what he thought was a “human skull”..he told his partner/partners..but they didn’t see anything…he then went home and told his girlfriend, who said to call it in to the police…so he did. The next time he went back to the wooded area…”a few days later”….He saw a completely closed “BLACK” plastic bag…he poked into it with his baton…and a human skull fell out at his feet. My question is,,,during the first encounter…how did he see a “HUMAN SKULL” through a “COMPLETELY CLOSED BLACK PLASTIC BAG”????? Hmmm…..I wonder?
    TJ, that’s not the half of it

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