Christine Sheddy Murder: Unidentified Remains Found in Snow Hill, MD

Snow Hill, MD– Late this evening,  Human remains have been recovered behind the Post Office on North Washington Street in Snow Hill, MD.


The source of the tip is not known at this time, and no other information has been provided. It is not known if the remains are that of missing Delware Mother of 3, Christine Sheddy.

The disappearance and presumed homicide of Christine Sheddy was investigated by the Worcester Co. Investigative office until recently.

The Maryland State Police maintain jurisdiction on this case currently.


Check back to for updates.






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  1. MQ says:

    B- I see that Clarence Jackson lived in Snow Hill for a short period. Is it possible he worked at the River House at one time?

    That is unconfirmed at this time. He does have an relative in LE in Snow Hill.

  2. Friend says:

    Thank the Dear Lord that Christine has been found. Many of us only learned of her case through Blink. There are heros in this story to name a few: Christine’s mom and family, Blink and team, Billy and his wife, and SA and State police (who recently got Christine’s case). I give my appreciation to you all, especially on behalf of those 3 beautiful children.

    I take solace in hearing that there is a larger investigation going on. As Blink so well said, a proper investigation by the Fire Dept. and subsequent arrests of the POS at the farm very well could have prevented this tragedy. Also, it is quite evident that the local LE jurisdiction was not just incompetent, but wholly negligient. I want to know WHY and look forward to the repercussions of their investigation.

    God bless Christine’s children, mom, family, and the friends that stuck by her though the hell they’ve been subjected to, not only by the lowlife Jr.and crew, local LE, and last but not least,those locals who have been beyond offensive to this family (I have never seen anything like it.)

    Lastly, thank you Blink and team and keep that skin thick! God bless you.

    How about that, what makes people “about face” on the family of a murdered love one?
    I will tell you. When it no longer suits their purpose or agenda.

  3. Friend says:

    Sadly, once again, it’s location, location, location. I am not a local but reading comments on other sites. If what I am reading is correct, Christine’s recovery location already speaks volumes.

    Justice for Christine.

  4. sassy says:

    i watched that video that was on that link i think burke left and the first thing i notice was the privacy fence but from what i could see in the video there was big enough crack between plank that u could see if someone was digging a hole or grave , i guess im floored cause with a parking lot for mutiply business , a post office , and a b&b which usually have renters for weeks and months u would think that someone would have seen something . i’ve live in apartment and we had a guy that was constantly late at night in the summer time trying to dig up a root and it would wake me up u could hear it im just wondering too much i guess the not knowing is killing geez i want answers i’ve followed this case for a yr , i told people 3 states away i cant not imagine how lynn and jennifer and the rest of the family has felt and are not doubt feeling tonight rip christine and my prayers are with the family i am so sorry

  5. MQ says:

    Ok – I just read from a pretty reputable local source that Mr Jackson did work at the River House B&B at one time so now it makes alot more sense. Obviously they don’t do background checks (and will get an ear-full from the local community, I’m sure). Looks very promising that this is Ms Sheddy.

    It is her.
    I actually have different information as to the connection of JR employment.

  6. MQ says:

    What we know is that the MD State Police went to visit Mr Jackson in Tenn then came back and found the body. Did he give up someone else to get a better deal for the current charges/sentence he is facing? I guess it is possible it could be one of the other men involved in this case.

    That is not accurate.

  7. sassy says:

    darn i missed the dana show wish i could heard it tonight and was ther one last night too

  8. melissa says:

    Did Red Ranger finally get the one nut to crack we were all hoping would?

  9. melissa says:

    I know you don’t want to hear it but I nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize, a blinged out set of Angel wings, a St. before the B, 10 pair Christian Louboutans’ and a gold pair of cahones! All joking aside,I hopeBlink Jr. and Blinkette get to know all the wonderfull selfless things their Mom has done for others. You are an amazing woman.

    TY, I think they just think what I always tell them, which is that if someone needs your help and they ask for it, you should do what you can. You may need to ask it of someone else some day and you have to be able to believe in your heart that you would do such things for others, that you might require.

    They know of Christine’s children needing answers and are thankful they will get them.

  10. suz says:

    Billy, I surely hope no firemen/fire officials/fire depts are involved. I do know that the Fire Marshall’s office ignored my (emailed) requests for information over the past year. I never bothered to try a FOIA, and hopefully that’s not needed now, and the truth will come out, no matter whom it points to…and how many people conspired in the cover up…and how high or low they are…

  11. suz says:

    Dag, that was a pretty big backhoe they needed to get her unearthed. Was that just due to frozen ground, or depth, or did they have to dig a large area—or did they pinpoint exactly where she was? Man, I can’t wait to hear the details as soon as they can be released. Are we going to read about any suicides tomorrow? Is somebody out there getting mighty nervous? Turn yourself in!!

  12. suz says:

    Ok’ this answers part of my question:


    Police said in a statement that the remains were found after several hours of searching.

    end snip

    Must have been quite a tip if they were willing to search for hours…!


  13. suz says:

    How’s Q taking the news?

    I know you will understand that I feel compelled to respect the privacy of Christine’s family and friends right now, and I won’t be sharing their comments publicly for a while unless they specifically ask me to.

    Thanks for your support of Christine’s case Suz

  14. Candice Bond says:

    God Bless Christine, her friends and her family.

  15. Destiny says:

    Gosh, this is the first I’m hearing of this case and I live in Maryland. Let’s hope they arrest the scum of the earth soon. B — Who has custody of Christine’s two boys?? Let’s hope and pray it isn’t the sperm donor.

    I cannot discuss that issue except to say that they are NOT in the custody of their biological father.

  16. Susan says:

    Who is the children’s biological father?

  17. PookyBear says:

    Susan — Here is a link to Chapter 2 — all of the chapters Blink and team have put together are all very informative and well written.

    You may want to listen to the song Q wrote for his beloved friend, Christine (also at this link).

  18. sandyeggo says:

    Wow, havent been online in a few days and just saw this. What a bittersweet ending. I’ve followed this case since you first brought it to us. I am so happy that Lynn, Christine’s sister and children will finally have answers and that Christine will finally be brought home and laid to rest properly. However that does not negate the pain that is felt in knowing that Christine’s life was ended far too soon. I know she is in a better place but my heart hurts for her family who will not experience the joy of having her in their lives. I am sending peace and love to the Sheddy/Dodenhoffs who cared enough about Christine to never stop searching for their girl. Xoxo.

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