Christine Sheddy Case:Murder In Maryland Chapter 2

Devil Went Down To Georgia Maryland Lookin For A Soul To Steal

Christine thought everybody was cool. She would say that all the time, So and So is cool. Q, their cool. Even if they weren’t, she did not really see it. I begged her not to go to Pocomoke. I think she was just tired and thought, she resigned herself sometimes that she would never get away from Levi. She was my best friend, I loved, love her.

– Jimmy Quail, “Q” Christines BFF.

Cultivating a Criminal Enterprise; now that is a feat. A family affair, you might say. Grab a Pen. Grab a moist towlette. Grab an adult beverage, I may need 2 chapters just for these introductions. In this one however, I am outlining the primary players in Christine’s case.

Tia and Clarence

TiaandwomenTia Theresa Lyn Johnson Weisenburg, daughter of Teresa Johnson and Stephen Johnson. Former wife of Shawn Weisenburg. Born of that marriage: son, Austin. Shortly after their separation, Tia files a paternity suit against Jerry Davison. She wins. Austin Weisenburg is in the custody of non babydaddy Shawn, currently. By all accounts, Shawn is a decent guy and Father. He had the sense to get a restraining order against “JR” for weed in his house.  Born later, father unknown, daughter Cierra, or CC. Tia is pictured 2nd from the left.

Apparently, unsuccessful personal injury lawsuits notwithstanding, Tia has herniated disks L4 , L5. This is public record. What is not so public, is the witness I spoke to, upon the condition of anonymity, is that Tia has an unusually high tolerance for Oxycontin.

JrtiaClarence  Butch “JR”  Jackson. Now, here’s a pip. Clarence is also no stranger to the judicial system.  JR, born in June 1974, has been a busy dude. He has a rap sheet from Ocean City through most of Worcester Cty. In lieu of a “Tom Tom”, let’s say that is the equivalent of vast pokey visitin’.

Kindly allow this to be a cursory introduction, more on “JR” later. Contrary to what both Tia and JR have told Christine’s family and police, neither child was at the farm on the 12th or 13th of November.

Dominick and Erin VonGraevenitz

DominiccrzyDomo, Father of 7, *ahem*, 8, as he likes to be called, is JR Jacksons brother. Not sure about the brotherly thing exactly, as Domo sought a peace order against JR in 2003. Domo has asserted on any blog that will allow his grasp of the English slang, that he was not at the Farmhouse November 12, 2009. Not so. He exclaims he was enjoying his wedding anniversary that evening. He does not own a Vizir , but he wants one. He is 5’5” in contrast to Erin, who is 6’1”.  2002 and 2003 were particularly trying for Domo. His mother in law took out a peace order on him and he was arrested for a sex offense and assault on a minor.

Erin, is not in the running for Mumsy of the Year. She may be however, the most fertile woman in the saga. Erin was pregnant with the couples youngest son at the time of Christine’s disappearance. Erin

Dominick has since left his compound and is now bringing slices of heaven to 23 year old Mary and their new baby. He was ordered to pay child support for the starter family last month.

Justin Hadel


Justin Hadel is Tia Johnson’s cousin. Justin was the current boyfriend of Crystal Freeman, who has a child with Charles Timothy Johnson, Tia Johnson’s brother. Justin could be heard in the background of more than a few of Christine’s phone calls to “Q” extolling his fondness for Christine. Justin’s mother, Susan Shelton, whisked him back off to Texas immediately following Christine’s disappearance. He is in the Md. court system under the surname Hydon.

Charles Timothy and Jennifer Johnson

Charles is Tia’s brother. He is married to Jennifer Waters Johnson. He has a child with Crystal Freeman. Jennifer filed domestic violence charges against Justin Hadel and Byrdie Johnson last year that she refused to pursue.

Charles was arrested for second degree assault the same month. Charles has a history of harvesting Conch and Horse Shoe Crabs without a license. It is alleged by her family members Jennifer has a substantial drug problem. According to court records, she has children from 3 different men, that were not in her care in 2006 and an outstanding failure to appear warrant in Virginia. Charles and Tia’s mother Teresa also attempted to remove custody of their child. Jennifer was put on probation supervision the day Christine was reported missing, November 13, 2007.

Stephen Dale and Byrdie Johnson, Jr

Stephen is Tia Johnson’s brother. Stephen has oodles of files in the criminal courts ranging from burglary to several domestic violence and peace order incidents. One month prior to Christine’s disappearance, Stephen and Tia’s mother Teresa filed for custody of Stephen and Byrdie Johnson’s children. Stephen and Byrdie have an extensive history of trading off domestic violence allegations against one another, most recently November 2008. Byrdie has been arrested for assault, burglary and dangerous weapons charges. She is pictured in the first pic in this article on the far left in the pink.

Levi Hall


Levi was the longtime boyfriend of Christine Sheddy and father of their two sons. Levi met Tia and JR through his cousin Steve, who Tia described as her best guy friend. Levi arranged for Christine to stay with JR and Tia, although has never divulged under what auspice, and why he would not come pick her up when she begged him to. He last beat up Christine a month before she disappeared from the farmhouse in Pocomoke City, MD. He has maintained a solid record of arrests since 1997 from disorderly conduct, DUI, forgery, theft, and domestic violence. If I had the letters for his name while playing scrabble, I would spell out e v i l instead.

Joyce Hall

Joyce Hall is Levi Hall’s Mother and Grandmother of Isaac and Zeke, Christine Sheddy’s sons. She was also an employee of WGMD, who has covered the case since Christine’s disappearance by Dan Gaffney. Joyce did not mention to anyone there that Christine was the mother of her grandchildren or that Levi was her son until Lynn Dodenhoff was interviewed on a radio program mentioning her by name. 

Steve Magg

StevekidSteve Magg,  Levi’s cousin on his Dad’s side, had driven Christine, Levi and the boys to a weekend stay to the farmhouse a few weeks earlier. Steve introduced Levi to JR and Tia and per Tia he is her best friend.  Steve arrived at the farmhouse on November 9.


Jr, Tia, Charles, Jennifer, Stephen, Justin, Dominick and Steve were all in attendance at the farmhouse party on the eve of November 12, 2007.

QThe last person to speak to Christine, her best friend Q, spoke to her after 9PM and she was desperately trying to whisper something to him. He could tell something was “up” because it sounded as though she kept trying to move from the background noise, then whisper, but she could not seem to get the privacy she sought. Q asked Christine if he should come pick her and the kids up, she replied:


..”No, it’s cool Q, Levi is coming..”  


Contributing Editors to this article: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Ryan Tettemer, Lucas Cain

Audio/Video/Images by Klaasend

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  1. wymzie says:

    I don’t believe that is Domo!


  2. boo says:

    DOMO. What we want is christine’s location. We want her off that Farm, Domo. Her family and friends and Christine wants this. You were there, you know. Be the Man in your family.

  3. Public Eye says:

    1. Comment by domo — August 24, 2009 @ 8:58 am
    domo is not jrs little bitch and i did not do anything to her.and i was not there the day she went missing

    Public Eye; Ok how are you going to prove that you “did not do anything to her” and that you were “not there”? Statements and video say otherwise which puts you in a tough spot.

    by domo; there is nothing for me to say

    Public Eye; Oh but there is a lot for you to say and why Christine’s DNA may be in your washer and dryer.

    by domo; and you would think with all of you looking into stuff of my and his past you would have turn up that me and his is not close to each other and in my opion he is danger4ous and needs to be taking off the street.

    Public Eye; What makes “him” so “dangerous” and why does he need to be “taken off the street”? the past has nothing to do with why Christine is missing.

    by domo; and finally for the record so if i new something i would say it just to get him off the streets.

    Public Eye; Now is your one and last chance Domo, do the right thing or you may be seeing more of your brother than you would like too.

    by domo; we may be brothers but i have a heart i may be a ashole
    Then prove it for your family, they need you at home.
    and i am the first to say i am,but i am not some who hurts people.and i dont even think he should have been able to leave the state.

    Public Eye; What reason(s) do you have that you think JR should not be allowed to leave the state? If you do not know anything you would not have “reasons” for him to be less mobile.

    by domo; i love my brother just cause he is just that my brother i dont like the way he acts,treat,or talk to people,always wants respect but gods knows he dont give it he care for know one but himself and thats in plain sight cause if he did he would not be running to a different state

    Public Eye; Why would you think JR is “running” better yet why would JR be running? What’s he running from Domo?

    by domo; while everyone is dealing with his shit i have done my shit and i am not proud of the shit i did in my past but that is what it is the past,jr just cant get out of the past.i will never be like him never want to.the times i met christine she was really nice

    Public Eye; Yes, Christine was a wonderful trusting person that trusted you and others that no harm would come to her, what happened Domo?

    by domo; at my brother inlaws birthday party she was the only one that was helping with everything while everyone else did whatever at the end she helped me and my mother inlaw clean up she was cool people to cool to be with my brother in my thought.

    Public Eye; She was “with your brother”? I thought TIA was with your brother?

    by domo; if i new anything i would say something if i was able to help i would with out a second thought.

    Public Eye; You can help Domo, contact Blink and tell her what you know before it’s to late, don’t take that “second thought” your first instinct is always right. Do the right thing NOW!

    by domo; if jr did it

    Public Eye; Did what Domo? What did JR do that he needs to run and what is the “it” you keep referring too?

    by domo; and i know he reads all of these sites on her so he is going to see this so please if he did do it get him before he hurts someone else,

    Public Eye; If your brother has clean hands in this tell us, why does it matter that JR reads this, why does an innocent person “read all this”? and if you know nothing why are you concerned about your relationship with your brother? And.. there’s that “it” again, and you say “get him before he hurts someone else” …”someone else? What has he done to others to make this a “someone else” Domo?

    by domo; either way after he see this i will be for sure less of a brother then we was before which was not much.

    Public Eye; Someone that loves you would NOT put you in a spot like this Domo, he’s no brother he is using you so you will take the fall.

    by domo; i stoped hanging with him alot when i let him in my house and he did something to me that was fucked up and when he started having trouble with his neighbors cause they helped him out with furniture and fed his snke and invited them to parties and he had to do something fucked up like always he just does not care

    Public Eye; What did he do Domo? What did he do to you that you do not want to come out?
    Why are you letting someone use you like this?

    by domo; and thats to dangerous for him and everyone else.i have a feeling after he see this i will be seeing in so if he did do it please .find out

    Public Eye; “if he did do” what Domo? You know, it’s time to speak-up. Your brother has been using you for a long time Domo, do not let him put this on you like he has done other things, it’s not your fault Domo, but you were there and you know.
    It’s time for you to let go and let your brother take the heat for once. Email Blink and let it out before your family has no man around because your brother puts it all on you like he always does.

    If nothing else Domo, tell Blink where Christine is.

    Last line is all that matters. We can get there with or without you. With, we can control events, do you understand what I am saying to you?

  4. boo says:

    Be the MAN DOMO, not the b*tch your brother taught you to be. Christine’s daughter and son’s need the truth. They suffer Domo, they had their mother taken from them. They suffer. Give them the truth and get back your manhood, your independence.

  5. boo says:

    DOMO you are right, christine was not the first and she will not be the last. We want christine home, in deleware, not pokomoke.

  6. boo says:

    Blink left you instructions, if you want your post to be private, just say so.
    not following boo-

  7. boo says:

    DOMO, you think about what you said in your post when you sleep tonight. Christine didn’t beat you down, she lifted you up.

  8. PrivateEYE says:

    Blink I hope you have the capability to cross reference -

    I shortened your comment appropriately, I have that covered. Thanks

  9. seekingjustice says:

    Domo – I find your post and the timimg of it very interesting. You say you are not his “bitch” – then why did you wait until he was on the road to post it.

    Do the right thing before the devil seals the deal.

  10. boo says:

    You still awake, DOMO? Yeah, I thought so. Do you feel the hot breath of Justice on the back of your neck? You get some sleep now, ya hear? Time is running out.

  11. spot on says:

    Out of this whole cast of characters I think the weakest link is “Tia” Appeal to her as a mother.She is still in town,she works at “Wallyworld”

    I think that ship has sailed “spot”, in my personal opinion, these people think we need a body first. Not so. I wonder if they are following the recovery of the Crisfield man who had been missing for 2 years in the past week?

  12. boo says:

    I just read chapter 5, DOMO and I want you to know you are screwed. Times up.

  13. PrivateEYE says:


    Don’t know if you seen my other post, but for some reason im not getting your emails.Can i email you and see if it goes thru that way.If so let me know the email to send.

  14. Public Eye says:

    have you checked your spam box

  15. PrivateEYE says:

    checked spam box and inbox nothing.Hope it is getting sent to the right email.Cause i accidently posted the wrong email on the tattler.


    You do realize that your posting 2 different email addys in this very comment.. I have tried both

  16. boo says:

    I keep hearing the sound of screeching brakes….Uh Oh

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