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…”Your daughter seems to have vanished.  We do not know how or why, and we really have nothing to go on.”

If you can possibly imagine hearing those words, which is exactly what Drew and Joyce Kesse were told about their missing daughter Jennifer in 2010.   After an exhaustive and fruitless 4 + years searching for the 24 year old enterprising  analyst for Central Florida Investments, the very agency tasked with reviewing the case gave the Kesse’s their latest emotional contusion.


…”I begged for an FBI review of the case, but at the time, I did not know that only meant that they would review the case and provide recommendations.  I had always been told that the FBI was the best investigators out there.  Those words rendered us despondent yet again.”- Drew Kesse


Island  Girl


Jenn Kesse was in love.   At 24, she owned her condo, made an excellent living just 2 years out of college and was contemplating the “big step” with her boyfriend of one year,  Rob Allen.

Rob, an Englishman, lived in South Florida about two hours away from Jennifer. He had his own career successes and a prior marriage that left him gun shy.

Personal Photo

The couple  was at a crossroads, and the impromptu trip to St. Croix spent with friends and members of Rob’s family was an important one for the relationship.

Jenn phoned her family from the island, and was jubilant.


“…Dad, what kind of rum do you drink- I am in the shop and I don’t and I am in the store here and I want to bring you back something ..”


 “Why are you calling me on your vacation and you do not need to bring us anything go enjoy yourself..”, Drew told his thoughtful first born.

 While she was away, with her permission,  Jennifer’s younger brother Logan Kesse was enjoying a male bonding endeavor at big sisters new condo in Orlando.  Jenn gave Logan a set of keys over Christmas.

Logan’s posse et al traveled from the family home in Bradenton and arrived Friday January 20th.

The weekend was a great time had by all,  the condo was restored to its pre-frat status and the worst kerfuffle was that Travis Bourguignon,  childhood friend of both Jennifer and Logan, absently left his new work- issued cell  behind.

Jenn and Rob returned to his home via Miami due to flight cancellations Sunday evening.

Jenn left Ft. Lauderdale straightaway Monday morning at 6am for the commute to her job in Ocoee.

She arrives by 8 , works a full day and is walking out of the building with her supervisor, John Willman, when she rings her family from her cell.

At 6:15 PM   Jenn  is on her cell with Mom and Dad while leaving the office.  Logan chimes in to ask sis to FedEx Travis’s phone as he needs it for work.  Jenn commits to sending it overnight the following day, she reminds him she had not even been back to the condo to locate it yet.

Enroute to her condo at Mosaic at Millenia Jenn was gushing about her trip as each family member passed the phone.

This conversation will be the last time Jennifer’s family heard her voice.

As often happens during Caribbean rendezvous- things gelled for the couple, and they decided that they wanted to take the next steps and move in together.   The “who and the where” to be decided upon return to their respective “real worlds”.  The conversation about the “real world” began as Jenn spoke to Rob shortly after her family; the couple ended up in the familiar back and forth regarding who would have the easiest move and so forth.

At 9:57PM Jenn speaks to Rob on her landline  for the last time.

When Jenn misses an 11:15 am meeting the following Tuesday morning,  Joyce Kesse gets a call that Jenn did not make  it in,  and as every Mother very close to their daughter does,  she KNEW.

Joyce Kesse knew immediately her child was in some sort of distress and in minutes had mobilized the family convoy to Orlando.  They arrived at approximately 1:30 after calling the manager on the way and learning Jenn’s car was not there.

The Kesse’s would not leave their missing daughter’s home for 8 months as it became the “Find Jennifer Kesse” headquarters.

Upon arrival, Logan Kesse began banging and kicking doors in the Mosaic at Millenia condo complex he had spent last weekend.   With very little occupancy came scant tenants, and even less information.

The Kesse’s discovered Jennifer’s shower appeared to be wet, a damp towel draped over the dryer, and her bed appeared as if she slept on one side with outfits described as “suitable for work”  draped on the other.

Jenn’s duffle from her trip lay unpacked in the foyer. The pepper spray she had to remove from her keys due to flight regulations lay on the dresser she restored herself.

Her blow-dryer was on the vanity, her pj’s lay on the bath mat outside of the shower, the mail she retrieved when she got home from work  stacked neatly on her counter.

3537 Conroy, Unit #2226  once the proud accomplishment of a beautiful and driven young woman, became a crime scene.



Victimology 101- Low Risk

Jennifer Kesse was very close with her entire family, but she was a true Daddy’s girl.  Mom and Dad mentored her through her car and home purchases, and Drew Kesse managed the punch list of her newly constructed abode.  He made her ask the condo workers in her condo to put the white paint for the crown molding  in a Tupperware for him and he would paint it himself- it was taking so long.   Or, Dad and Mom welcomed the excuse to come and see her.

Jenn was most uncomfortable with the amount of landscapers and workers around the complex on a daily basis and shared those concerns openly.

Photobucket User Photo

What Jennifer was not open about and known only to her family and close friends, was that she was a four year Spanish major and she was beyond fluent.

She knew what sorts of misogynistic jeers were being shared between a sneering worker or two.

Jenn shared a great deal of personal and romantic information with her parents by all accounts and were in frequent daily contact.  When Jenn  told Drew she expressed her feelings of love to Rob Allen, and he did not “say it back”,  she felt hurt.  The trip with him was a definite test.

She felt the weight of the every- other-weekend commute for someone she had been dating almost a year was going to have to move forward or Jenn was considering moving on.

Jenn had also been approached by a vendor turned personal friend who was working with her to launch the companies new debit system- to consider going out on a romantic date with him.

Scott Stryker would have to cool his jets for now.  Jennifer told him while they had a business relationship and she was currently in one , there was no chance of anything more.

In another Dad-Daughter chat,  Jenn told Drew that she was having an issue with a co-worker who was overly fawning and complimentary, asking her out constantly.  Jenn asked her dad his thoughts about the concept of just going out to lunch with a person to tell them that you were not interested in them.   Was that was a kinder option than just saying no, where she stood to risk an interpersonal situation she did not want?  Jenn did not disclose that her office admirer was married with children.   Drew believes that fact may have raised some necessary red flags for him back then.

Drew advised Jennifer not to go on any outing that might be perceived as a  date, but to agree to lunch and have the conversation in a lighter setting, and that was the best she could do.  In a follow up discussion between the two,  Jenn told Drew she had done just that and it went fine.


Commensurate Panic


“She had a fight with her boyfriend, she took off, happens all the time, she will be back in a couple hours.- OPD detective”


The Kesse’s knew better.  Rob Allen and Jenn’s best friend Lauren were at her condo by the afternoon and the people that knew her better than anyone were terrified; Jennifer was in trouble and panic set in.

While it was unknown until discovered 2 days later, a closed circuit camera catches an unknown suspect parking her 2004 black Chevy Malibu in the visitor spot at the Huntingdon On The Green apartments, approximately 1.2 miles away from her condo, at noon.

At approximately 7PM a missing person report was filed for Jennifer Joyce Kesse and a BOLO was dispatched by Orlando Police Department for her car.

On January 24, 2012 Jennifer Kesse will be missing for 6 years.  In that time she has had a dozen detectives working on her case, it has been transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Kesse’s request, and her case is being reviewed by the 8th review team tomorrow morning followed by a press conference arranged by Orlando Police Department and FDLE.

There have been numerous  searches,  both organized by the Kesse’s efforts as well as law enforcement which have not yielded a shred of evidence associated with Jennifer Kesse.  Last week was the largest search effort to date.

This is largely due to the fact that the 2 detectives originally assigned to the case who retired on the same day 9 months in, never kept a single note.  Not even a water-stained cocktail napkin with a smeared phone number. Nada.


Prevailing Theories For The Weary


Because Jennifer appeared to have slept in her bed and got ready for work, the prevailing theory has always been that she “at least got out the door” the morning of Tuesday January 24 and was abducted prior to getting to her car.

Water droplets in the tub at 1:30 PM notwithstanding,  I have never understood why investigators seemed to be so married to this theory.  In fact, in the few years I have known Drew Kesse  through our respective advocacy work and mutual associations,  it was not until a few months ago we ever discussed Jennifer’s case for that very reason.

I told Drew I would absolutely be willing to have my team’s resources look into Jenn’s case,  but to be honest, I really didn’t believe I could offer any insights as I did not subscribe to the prevailing theory in the case.  I have worked on cases before where that has been the situation and found it futile in progressing leads, which is of course is the goal.

The last thing I want to do is upset the apple cart, and in my mind, this is a personal crime, not a random construction person or landscaper.  The odds of Jennifer being abducted by a stranger in broad daylight at that hour, in full view of a handful of people in visual proximity, carrying her keys and a briefcase at her size, and with her physical strength does not jibe for me.     It also does not even begin to touch the statistics that agree with my position.

I told Drew, “I really think it is likely someone Jennifer knew.  It might be someone she did not know well, or their intentions certainly, but everything I have ever reviewed on the case has not excluded that possibility for me.   Statistically speaking alone,  if this is a homicide case, and preliminarily I do believe that is the most likely scenario- there is a greater than 90% chance she knew her killer.

Jenn is a low risk victim for a random and stranger perpetrated abduction, period.

His response to me was crisp.  “Christina,  I do not care about theories or whose they are, I just do not want to go in the ground without knowing what happened to my daughter- if you have a different thought or approach,  there is nobody closed off to any possibility.  We just want her found,  it will be six years of Hell, and she deserves to come home.”

For the last 3 months the investigative team at has analyzed thousands of documents, conducted numerous interviews of sources both willing and unwilling to discuss her case publicly in conjunction with on-location review.

Separating the wheat from the chaff would not come easy.  But wheat we found.

Exclusively on,  all new facts in Jennifer’s disappearance are marked with an asterisk.


Random Abduction In Open Stairwell


Despite the fact that there were literally over 100 different workers on site, all of which would have been there by 7am when the bulk of the workday started for landscapers and contractors, neither saw nor heard anything unusual that morning.  In fact, not one person interviewed remembers seeing Jennifer’s car* that morning upon arrival.

The door to Jennifer’s condo was locked with no sign of forced entry or any sort of scuffle in her home.  Dishes in the dishwasher were clean*, and likely ran by Logan when he left, no dishes in the sink.  (Editors Note: If you have not already, run your shower for 15 minutes at the showerhead trajectory of a 5’8” tall person and keep track of the time you can say with certainty you do not find water droplets.  It should be noted of course that the assumption continues to be made that it was Jenn that actually showered.)

To my knowledge the only conclusive fact about when Jennifer Kesse was last in her apartment is that she spoke to Rob Allen on her landline to his cell phone at 9:57PM.

Well, that, and her phone was NOT in it* at 10:40PM when it’s power source was removed after pinging in a location intentionally being withheld by

Jenn’s condo was equipped with a working intrusion alarm*.  She had disarmed it because Logan was visiting for the weekend.  It was not* armed when the family arrived the afternoon she was discovered missing.

According to a source inside the management company servicing Mosaic at the time, they have never been asked to produce any sort of reporting* as to its settings by Orlando Police (OPD).

In a conversation with the condo’s current owner, those records would no longer be available as of the date of this writing.

The ancillary objects pointing to Jennifer sleeping in her condo that night could just as easily reflect that she took a nap, showered and went out, or was roused from her bed by an unexpected visitor known to her.

Jennifer’s glasses* were located in the bathroom, not next to her bed.

Missing from her closet are her favorite taupe snake print pumps*

Found in Jennifer’s hamper was a man’s sweater* that does not belong to any known male associates of hers and is believed to fit no larger than a medium build individual.

Previously thought to be missing but discovered after being returned to the Kesse’s by OPD years later, was her brown pocketbook* she used on her trip.  It had been packed in the duffel bag located on the floor in the foyer.

There were 2 workers that had access to work orders inside Jenn’s condo*.  Both men were interviewed, agreed to take polygraph tests administered by the FBI and were subsequently cleared.*   The identities of those individuals did not produce any criminal records.

To date, Jennifer’s keys, wallet, iPod, LG phone and briefcase are missing.  Travis Bourgignion’s phone has never been recovered and pings from his phone confirm it ran out of power over the weekend.*   


2004 Chevrolet Malibu


#2226 parking spaces was located to the rear of the building which allowed those familiar with the complex to access the back entrance, which was not enclosed due to the construction.

Jennifer used the front entrance* that evening when returning from work to pick up her mail on the way in.

There was no sign of any foul play in either the exterior or interior of Jenn’s car.

Found on the floor of the front passenger side of her car were the flip flops she wore home from work that afternoon as well as a pair she wore in St. Croix.* Also found* were aspirin, her broken mail key, a business card, her sunglasses and cell charger (not plugged in and wrapped around the gear shift).

A DVD player for her bedroom given to her by Rob Allen and strapped in with the seatbelt was located in the backseat.

The Malibu was found locked in the lot of The Huntingdon On The Green apartments on January 26th.

It was removed at the request of OPD by a flatbed tow truck prior to CST processing, and prior to any assessment as to whether or not it was in working condition or impaired in some way, causing Jenn to need assistance.

As it was equipped with coded keys*, the suspect who parked it had to have Jennifer’s original key. Attempting to use a spare  would have been rendered it inoperable.

Drew Kesse was never asked to provide a second coded key in his possession at the home in Bradenton so it is unclear how OPD was able to gain access and perform any necessary diagnostics. 


Fatal Familiarity?


Distrust all those who love you extremely upon a very slight acquaintance and without any visible reason.  – Lord Chesterfield

It is ironic that the initial LE theory was that Jenn was essentially pitching a fit over a boyfriend, but spent the bulk of early efforts running down the potential illegal alien and day-labor dujour angles.

The usual suspects were easy to clear- Rob’s cell was at his home and then work, where he was, but he agreed to and passed a polygraph test.   Matthew Sullivan, the former boyfriend who was so devastated at the news of Jennifer’s disappearance he drank himself senseless for two weeks and was described as “inconsolable”-cleared.  Vendors- cleared.   Any and all known male associates-cleared.

Astonishingly, it was not until almost 3 and half years after Jennifer Kesse disappeared that the first of Jenn’s co-workers were interviewed.   You read that sentence correctly.

Connections to completely unassociated cases (Grinstead) and abduction by a Dubai sheik theories were apparently the priority.   Apparently the Liam Neeson blockbuster “Taken” was at least partially inspired on the publicly known aspects of Jenn’s case as the Kesse’s received a call from one of the movie’s producers.

Occam and the good men and women of OPD assigned to this case are strangers, I fear.

In their defense, and I guess also by default, playing the hand they were dealt by the early detectives who apparently had developed their own secret decoder implements without sharing, was the wrong kind of flush.

As I began my interviews among colleagues of Jenn’s that would speak to me on the condition of anonymity only, I was repeatedly asked if I spoke to an individual by the name of Johnny Campos*.

In a subsequent follow up interview with Drew Kesse, I asked him if he was familiar with that name.

“Yes, that is the guy I told you about that Jenn said was asking her out constantly and I told her to have lunch with and let him down easy that way instead of a date.”

“I  remember because I asked her to repeat his name.  I thought it odd for an adult businessman to go by the name “Johnny” at the office.   I can’t remember what year, I think it was about 2 years ago, Joyce and I were at one of our sponsored events at the Mall and he introduced himself.”

I said, He introduced himself to you?

“Not to me, I was talking, but I saw him.  He walked up to Joyce and said that he had worked with Jenn and that before she went missing the office had a secret Santa exchange where he got her name.”

“He bought her this ornament type thing, really beautiful, in a red velvet box thingie or stand that sat on her desk.”

I said,  Didn’t OPD secure the things from her cube?

He answered, “I have no idea, he just said she kept it on her desk and he thought we should have it.”

Further interviews and  investigation led me to Campos’s subordinate, who knew both Johnny Campos and Jenn Kesse.

In fact, he was stationed in the cubicle next to Jenn and what I learned next will undoubtedly be the WTF moment in this case.

Because of the open investigation and his status as a possible material witness, I will refer to him as Adam Frank, which is not his real name.  Frank’s statements to me have been independently verified through multiple sources or you would not be reading them here.

Adam had been working for Central Florida Investments for eight years before being fired for asking his bosses to investigate the alleged harassment perpetrated against him by his supervisor, Johnny Campos, since the day Jennifer Kesse disappeared.  He believed it was because he knew specifics about them, and for what he told Orlando Police and subsequently the FBI, which was corroborated by the polygraph he requested to take.

After his superiors had met with OPD weeks earlier, In May 2009 Adam Frank received a subpoena served to him at the office in full view of his peers, to meet with FDLE the following week.

He told them the following (notes from our interview):

He was friends with Johnny.   One time when he said to Jennifer in an email about work, but wrote at the last line she looked nice today,  Johnny asked him why he would say that to her,  was he interested in her?  Adam told him that he was just being nice and asked him how he knew about it in the first place. Campos ignored the question.   On another occasion,  he had walked past Campos and Jenn in the hallway and they were laughing.  He thought it was about him because of the email so he asked them, both replied absolutely no, and shared whatever they were laughing about; alleviating Frank’s angst.

It was short-lived,  on Friday January 20th, upon learning of Jenn’s impromptu trip with her boyfriend, Campos was bending Adam’s ear like a wanna be jealous boyfriend.   Campos told him that Jenn was a jerk for dating that Brit a-hole and other fill in the blank derogatory insults.  Adam was uncomfortable and reminded Campos that Campos was a married man and he did not want anything to do with the conversation or get in the middle of whatever was going on; he needed his job.

Johnny Alberto Campos Facebook Pic

On Monday morning January 23rd, around 8am, Adam overhears Campos confront Jenn upon her return while in his cubicle, unbeknownst to them.

While I have the full statement of what was said between the two,  in the interest of preserving case sensitive information I will provide a summary.

Campos confronted her about where she was and who she was with.  Jenn responded she had a fantastic time, loved it and hated to leave; Campos was audibly and visibly perturbed.  At no time did either become aware that Adam overheard the exchange.

At least not until he met with OPD for the second time in 2009 where they informed Adam that Campos had been interviewed based on his information.   At this time, everything made sense to Adam as to what was going on since the day Jennifer disappeared.

When Campos showed up for work around noon * on Tuesday January 24th appearing overtly nervous and pacing around,  Frank thought he was acting strangely, but it did not escalate to “scary” until a few hours later where it was learned through the grapevine that Jenn Kesse might have been abducted.  Campos is a supervisor and therefore not required to keep a timecard.

The next day, Wednesday January 25th,  if you can believe it, proved to be even stranger.

Johnny Campos asks Adam to drive the pair to the new Westgate office at Lake Eleanor.  Adam thought it bizarre since it was not either man’s responsibility to do such, but agreed.

It is not clear if Campos was without his 2000 blue Ford Taurus that day.  On the way, Campos asked Adam how far his brother lived from there, the one with the vacant apartment next to his and if they could stop there and ask him if he heard anything.

During the drive Campos told Adam wherever she (Jenn) was, “she was likely eaten up by alligators already.

Adam asked him not to say such things- Campos repeated it.

Adam and Campos stopped in at the lake Eleanor office , said hello to a few colleagues and headed back.

Over the next four years, until Adam Frank had the second meeting at HIS request with the FBI in an attempt to further allegations he felt were not being taken seriously by OPD, he claims Campos harassed him on the job relentlessly.  Things were about to get worse.  The FBI advised him if he was having problems at work over the issue, he should go to his superiors.

On January 19  2011, he did.  In three subsequent internal meetings with varying levels of seniority Adam repeated his story about his treatment by his immediate supervisor and concerns for his physical safety if Campos was involved in what happened to Jennifer Kesse.  He finally requested a meeting with John Willman and told him the events he was going through were making him physically ill and asked for his help to review and or expedite his complaint.

Three days later,  Adam received a call from Willman where he told him his issues with Campos and the Kesse case were not good for the company and he would be terminated effective immediately.  At no time was Frank ever told the status or outcome of his complaint against Campos.  Johnny Campos is the only contemporary of Jennifer’s to maintain his position to date.  Attempts to reach Mr. Campos and Mr. Willman for comment were not returned.

Ironically, Adam Frank files a grievance against Johnny Campos 5 years to the day Campos returned to CFI after a short stint in Lake County jail for ripping up a citation the morning of January 16th.

Campos was remanded to Lake County jail on bond, and after his wife posted the required $500  and a brief appearance on the 18th returned to work on the first day Jennifer Kesse was off; likely learning about her departure then.

The only known suspect in the disappearance is the individual that was recorded parking her vehicle.

The Kesse’s have been invited to a review of Jennifer’s case tomorrow morning at 9am, followed by the invitation to local media to ask questions on the status of the case from OPD and the Kesse’s.

Drew Kesse and Christina Stoy,  BOC Editor In Chief will be discussing the case on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW Wednesday January 18th at 9PM.



Check back to for breaking developments to this story.

Jason Mateos and Jacqueline Beufort, contributing editors

Images by Klaasend

Kesse Photos courtesy of the Kesse Family




















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  1. Karl says:

    I couldn’t help but noticing from the surveillance footage that the headlights were on when the POI was parking Jenn’s car. Is this true? But then I noticed another car parked two spaces away (last space) that also had its headlights on. Is this true? That seemed very suspect to me. I wonder if this piece of information has ever been looked into by you personally or anyone else? Thanks.

    That is a reflective artifact of that particular CCTV playback image.

  2. Kim says:

    B, Jennifer going through the pain in the neck time consuming act of removing the DVD player and putting it in her car is weird and seems like something a angry girlfriend would do . I know Rob is not in any way involved but do you know for sure if their last phone conversation was fine / pleasant ? Also I doubt she’d lend out her beloved boyfriends DVD gift . your investigation / coverage of this case is fantastic , I sincerely hope she’s found and the case solved , such a lovely girl and family

    There are a few details about that “last day” that my investigation uncovered that have not been made public- keeping in mind here that at some point there is likely to be a prosecution that needs to be preserved.

    I think it is Possible that Jenn was going to be returning the DVR player via shipping. I have never been able to exclude that possibility. It is one of the reasons the early possible theory was that Jenn left that night to go to a UPS store or some other shipping outlet. It is my personal opinion that she did not leave to ship anything she could have easily done from her office the next morning. But imo she definitely left her condo that evening and her cell pings corroborate that.

  3. Aimee says:

    The DVD player in the car suggests to me that she may have packed it up with the intention of going over someone’s house to watch DVD’s (unbeknownst to Rob). Whether or not she made it there, we can’t say but I wholeheartedly agree with Blink and the commenters that Jennifer knew the perpetrator.

    She knew him. Her trip with Rob was the precipitous event causing the reaction on the part of this individual which unfortunately led to Jennifer’s death.

    I suppose it is possible that she was taking it to use somewhere- however, that is not my personal belief. I believe the evidence suggests she was likely returning it to Rob via commercial shipper, likely the carrier she was going to use to ship Travis’s phone.


  4. Aimee says:

    Also, I have a question. I’ve read several reports that the inside of Jennifer’s car (steering wheel, handles) seemed to have been “wiped down”, with only one partial smeared fingerprint intact. If that’s the case, do you believe this was done after the car was parked by the POI?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to prove a negative. Jenn’s car was parked for days in enough heat to break down any possible friction ridge elements. I cannot speak to the level of CSI processing that was preformed then (reg lift attempts vs closed environment/gas/glue technique). From a technical perspective though- if a partial print is “smeared” anywhere, it does not qualify as a useable or suitable print for comparison in the first place- as is my understanding. We know from the CCTV footage that the person who parked Jenn’s car touched a few areas inside the car- I guess what I have never been 100% clear on is if there was any further activity captured until the vehicle was located.

  5. Mark says:

    Hi , anything new blink ?

    Do you still think the abduction is work related?

    Whats your theory on the ex in the mall bar that night ?


    If by work related you mean potentially related to work associates/someone she knew- yes I do.
    I have no reason to believe he was involved.

  6. Jennifer M Hill says:

    WHY the hell has Johnny Campos not been questioned? I am BEYOND disgusted. That little shit is reeking or quilt… He showed up FOUR hours late for work, and has anyone thought to match him to the video, what he was wearing that day… ANYTHING? OBVIOUS suspect starting them in the face. I’m staggered.

    He was interviewed voluntarily initially. I can tell you with certainty he is not the individual in the video seen parking Jennifer’s car. It is my strong belief he definitely knows who is.

    OPD is not willing to say so publicly, but Campos is a suspect. Not that it matters apparently. That dude is going to have to break into the Orange County Jail and lock himself in before they so much as question him again. Welcome to whatever Orlando’s version of Reno 911 would be called.
    Not being glib, I am as frustrated as you are.

  7. Bill says:

    There’s always been debate of whether or not the cell phone forensics/ping study is reliable? How does it confirm that Jenn’s cell phone was in fact at a location outside of her condo from 9:57PM until its last ping at 10:40PM? And how do we know for sure that the battery in her cell phone was removed? And was the battery in Travis’ phone also removed at the same time?

    Unfortunately I have been asked by OPD not to address anything re pings outside of what I wrote previously. Also, I stated the battery was removed from power, not removed, I can’t say (nor can anyone) how that occurs. Travis battery ran down at the apartment and was dead when Jenn located it at Logan’s request. It was not powered on again. Travis’s phone also missing with Jenns, her ipod and work bag, yet the ups forms she brought home from work were sitting on her desk is one reason I believe also supports she left. Her pocketbook was found in her residence, but her wallet and associated cards were not-


  8. Bill says:

    Do we have an account of the missing set of keys that Jenn gave to Logan that Christmas? For the door and deadbolt locks? Missing because Logan was the first one to arrive on the scene and didn’t have that set of keys with him, neither did his parents who arrived after him. They had to call management to open up Jenn’s condo for them. What happened to the set of keys Jenn gave to Logan? Thanks!

    All keys accounted for except Jenn’s. I discovered the missing pepper spray during my review/investigation of the case. I do believe it is very possible the pepper spray fob was located as written.

  9. Bill says:

    You write that Jenn brought home UPS forms from work that day to fill out to mail Travis’ phone back. But if she didn’t know about Travis’ phone being left in her condo until she got home that night around 6:15PM, then how could she have known to bring them home from work? Did she have spare forms in her desk? Thanks!

    Jen knew from earlier in the day (while at work) from Logan that Travis BELIEVED he had left the phone in the condo. Iirc, Logan reminded her of it again during the call the fam was on while she was driving home. After Jen returned home she found it under a chair. Jen’s department had forms, in her duties she did not ship anything out as a rule- but she was planning on using the form and paying for the shipment herself and not on the company dime-

    I am always glad to answer any questions, especially reasonable ones, lol, but I will tell you, I have never come to any other conclusion or “direction” and it is my opinion that this leads directly to JC. This is your garden variety very simple case of unrequited affection triggering an outcome.

  10. Bill says:

    I have a problem with the deadbolt lock that Drew installed in Jenn’s outside door of her condo. He stated that it was non-keyed or only workable manually from the inside. He even stated that he was kicking himself as a father because that deadbolt didn’t really protect Jenn from anyone who had a Master key, from entering Jenn’s condo while she was away. But if you look at a pic of the outside door to her condo, taken in 2006 (Greta On the record), you can plainly see that the deadbolt is keyed.

    I don’t think you can see the lock Drew installed from the outside door- it locks from the inside only and you can’t lock it and get out at the same time- does that make sense?

  11. Bill says:

    I am referencing Fox News — Greta (On the record) The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse Part 1. I have a screenshot here

  12. Bill says:

    I agree. The weight of circumstantial evidence seems to implicate JC. There’s AF testimony of JC being “involved” with Jenn, his being 4 hrs late to work that day, his nervous behavior, the alligator comment, as well as the purported evidence AF had and destroyed because he was threatened by JC with ending up like Jenn. Is it true JC wasn’t even questioned by OPD until 3 years later? In your opinion was the eivdence they needed to indict him already gone/destroyed? Thanks!

    Not at all. It is my personal opinion that if Jennifer is recovered JC will be reaquainted with LE right quick- it is my sincere hope that she is recovered outside of OPD jurisdiction at this point. Short of that- you know how this works for no body “thin” cases- they are hoping (hypothetically of course) that one of those prior little “dalliances” blows the whistle to the Mrs. and she decides to have a conversation… Idiot strategy, imo. This case requires something the investigators lack- ACTIVE INVESTIGATION not lead logging! Wth.

  13. Bill says:

    Do you give any credability to one face to face eye witness account that places Jenn at the Northbridge (NB) sales office that prior weekend acting strange, then again the night of the 23rd around 10:30-11PM arguing with a man at the NB Roundabout, then another witness who saw her car and a man with a pony tail at a church around 11:30-12AM? Since this is the timeframe when her cell phone went silent, what do you think happened? Also, was there a knock on her door around 10PM that night? Thanks!

    None and Jenn was away the prior weekend. I will also say that contributors to the podcast you mentioned reached out to me long ago to say that some of what was included in it was contrived. I have never listened to it nor do I intend to. I investigated the case at the request of Drew Kesse and my work to date on it remains unchanged. I wish I formed a different conclusion/outcome but it is what it is.


  14. Bill says:

    I’m under the opinion that Jenn’s relationship with Rob was “on the rocks” after she didn’t get a response back from her “I Love You” to him, and was over when she never got a proposal/ring from him at their “impromptu ramantic” vacation in ST CROIX? And that all this climaxed at 9:57PM that night which may have led her to make an emotional decision that led to her disappearance? What do you think? Thanks.

    I think her going away with Rob triggered an emotional, negative and jealous response from someone that had romantic interest in Jennifer that resulted in an argument which went too far and ended her life. This case is going to conclude like so many other cold cases that are also high profile lately- it is the very suspect that every behavioral profile could not exclude, and was corroborated by their post offense behavior. This suspect remained undetected because of a bevy of LE blunders by untrained persons and therefore the inability to secure appropriate warrants and subsequent criminal indictments. Multiple investigators failed this case because they had been told repeatedly “no body no case” and one failed miserably at trial in a case that should never have been charged in the first place. Trust me when I tell you this- it only takes one of those for any LEO to run screaming from any sort of circumstantial case. Lack of training, fear of reprisal, no body- no leads, and at the end of this day it will be learned that everything anyone needed to know to point to an offender was known long ago- LE just did not believe it could create a case for prosecution.


  15. Mark says:

    Hi blink ,

    Do you think the recent release of jenns police files will help in finding w t happened to her?

    Not directly, no. I am pretty confident the POI’(s) in her case are already known. That said, I DO believe the family had a right to that file for years- I am the person who told Drew in 2011/2012 to consider filing a FOIA for them. His last meeting with the prior detectives assigned in the case he mentioned that. The reaction was to NOT let him see certain documents we discussed he would ask for.
    I already had them- but that should give you some idea of the experience with OPD. It pains me to say it because I am a firm believer in professional courtesy. In this case, OPD failed Jennifer and her family miserably.

  16. Mark says:

    Hi blink ,

    Do you think the recent release of jenns police files will help in finding what happened to her?

  17. Alessandra Franco says:

    The way the POI parked the car near another complex building, walked normally (not running or rushing)… did anyone suspect this person to be another resident? Are they able to go back to 2006 and check the residents who lived there? Maybe Kesse had a peeping tom.. she was a very attractive woman. Sometimes I feel that it may not have been an illegal immigrant that worked with the construction company due to the fact that many illegals try to keep a low profile to stay in America. Why risk it by committing a crime?

    Hi there Ms. Franco. I was personally able to verify that every one of the workers with access to the Mill condo complex WERE interviewed to exclusion by the FBI. In a few instances, the FBI traveled to the country the individual resided at the time of the interview. It was not anyone that worked there in either a construction or landscaping labor capacity. Does that info rely on the accuracy of the employers records to some degree? Yes and No. I am told that the FBI does not make those kind of blanket statements without every assurance they were able to track them all and interview them. I would also add that this was completed right at the time that OPD was stating they turned the case over to the FBI. The FBI did not find any evidence it was a case in their jurisdiction either.


  18. Kristin says:

    Hi Blink! I was wondering if there were lakes searched where suspect JC lives? Thanks!

    I am not permitted to discuss any non public search activity I am aware of that may or may not be attached to a possible suspect, sorry.

  19. Bill says:

    Do we have any proof that Jenn was in fact “involved” with JC, or is this all just unsubstantiated speculation? Doesn’t there have to be a “stake in the game” in order for an argument to rise to a jealous rage required for homicide? Why do you think Jenn never told Drew he was married? Thank you!

    She did tell him, its in my published work. At this juncture the only thing I can or could corroborate was JC attraction/interest in Jennifer. It seemed unrequited to me – which makes it worse from a profiling perspective, imo.

  20. Shelly says:

    Hi I am following the case for a while, I and used to live in t orlando and cocoa and still has friends and family in orlando.
    I think the predator was inside her apt that night.
    The mace on the kitchen table was a sign thatsomething went wrong that night.
    We know Jeniffer drove to Robb’s house and left her car there before they went to vacation.She didn’t need to take the car key and house key with her, so
    there was no need for her to seperate the mace from the rest of the keys.
    She left the key chain with all keys and mace on it at Robb’s house.
    When she returned she spend the night at Robb’s house and took the car and key chain
    and drove back home.
    Maybe the mace on the kitchen table in the apt os0 a sign the predator was in the apt snfmd he put it there.
    He could have opened the door with a master key, a copy of a key he had with him.
    I know Jennifer had a deadbolt lock but for someone like a locksmith or someone who knows about different locks it’s easy to open.

  21. Shelly says:

    The phones were powered off at nightband pinged in another location, this happaned shortly after the last phone call . He was inside the apt listening to jennifer talking to family and friends and knew the call to Robb was the last call for the night and he attacked her shortly after she hanged up.
    He could have been outside listening behind the door.It was quiet,
    no nighbors and he could have heard her conversations and when he was sure she went to bed ,he opened the door.
    He was inside the apt before,he knew how Jennifer’s place look,he knew she took shower in the morning and lay clothes on the bed,etc. After he abducted Jennifer at night,
    he returned the same night to move his car or move Jennifer’s car and returned back to
    the apt.
    He opened the water in the shower and let it run few minutes, he wet the towel and put it on the dryer…and other things to make it look jennifer left for work in the morning.


  22. RichardClearwater says:

    This case is so frightening. I had seen Jennifer’s picture on television but until recently knew virtually nothing about the case. I have heard that Rob said when he was on the telephone with Jennifer that there was a knock at the door. She told him that it was a neighbor she did not wish to speak with at the time. That seems very strange that a neighbor would knock on the door at 10 o’clock at night. Was there a knock and was any “neighbor” ever located. If she really wasn’t expecting anyone I would think a knock at that hour would in a largely unoccupied building would be scary. Also, I have always felt Jennifer left the condo that night and if there was a knock it has to be tied in some way to the case. Your thoughts and thanks again.

    Where is this “knock on the door” during their phone conversation (Rob) the night she disappeared coming from please?

  23. Melissa says:

    I know that you and the Kesse family have vehemently denied Rob had anything to do with Jennifer’s disappearance but what makes everyone 100% positive? If I’ve missed something I’d love for you to direct me to where I could read more about him and why they believe this. I understand he spent a great deal of time with the family etc after her disappearance but I have not read anything that makes me feel with 100% certainty he had nothing to do with this. Thank you for doing so much work to help solve this case. I live near the Kesse family and I see them out and about a lot , along with the posters etc all over. I pray continually for her return and for them to have some type of closure.

    Thank you for your prayers for the Kesse family- I promise you they help.
    Initially, every person with potential access to Jenn was a suspect until they could be excluded. Rob had an airtight alibi ( for starters) but he also cooperated fully to include a successful polygraph (no deception) and I certainly never saw any motive, means or opportunity. Alternatively, there is an indication from my work and now with the release of some investigative files that follow the evidence that point in only one direction. Previous investigators were actually dishonest to the family ( all I can or will say) Soooooo hinders an investigation and I never understand why.


  24. Richard Clearwater says:

    I first heard it on the Unconcluded Podcast which I now would take with a grain of salt if in fact some of their stuff may have been “contrived” but I also heard Mr. Kesse say in an interview that the knock was from a neighbor upstairs who was identified as a guy. Then I heard it on Kasey Shane’s YouTube video which is actually quite good…he says they never traced down who knocked on the door..he thinks it may have been Johnny Campos…hope that helps…

    Thank you and welcome to BOC.
    I have traced that “knock on the door” and all I will say is that it was presented out of context and the timing is incorrect. I am not in the habit of discussing other people’s work (even when it’s entirely based on my own lol) and I will also say that this is an open and active case- I would not want to be on the wrong legal end of contacting material witnesses (with zero experience or counsel)on how to handle that.

    One of the reasons I have declined to participate in any podcasts to date is because I require approval of edits- facts matter.

  25. Eric Baranowski says:

    You mentioned that you were intentionally withholding the last location her cell pinged. Is this still something you can’t discuss? And is it safe to assume that the reason it won’t be disclosed is because it was across the street at the bar?


    There are multiple CDR’s in this case from at least two different agencies I am aware of. Even if I had not agreed to not publish the information I still feel strongly it is case sensitive. That said, CDR’s are not GPS, so no assumptions should be made accordingly.


  26. Alessandra says:

    Her boyfriend Rob said someone knocked on her door while they were on the phone. I would be terrified of anyone knocking on my door living alone, this is suspicious that she wasnt more afraid. Or maybe she was and that detail is left out from his interview. Whoever knocked was pissed she didnt answer and waited. This was the person of interest without doubt. They then waited till she came out, like a fox and at hole.

    Also her brother came to the apartment immediately and said he saw a van with men inside. He said he knocked on the van window and they didnt roll the window down at all. Like they didnt care or try to help him. This is suspicious also.

    The knock was from her coworker or someone squatting next door or a creeper neighbor who got away with the abduction and hence came back to her stairs. There should absolutely be data on neighbors in her area. And anyone that matched the POI description. I remember there being a perp who lived there and that person vanished.

    re: POI
    They need to firm up the coworkers height, he would have acted alone.
    Maybe it wasnt a bun, but some kind of cap.
    The POI is a man, the stride and shoe size.

    Rob did not say that, her Father did, and it was in reference to a different day/time he was on the phone with her.

  27. Alessandra says:

    Couldnt they also have had the same dog sniff the coworker after he followed the trail? I mean, that was evidence there if it was him. He even was late for work. He alluded to her being eaten by crocodiles and wasnt sad. He also showed aggressive behavior and he had clear motive.
    Seems like the coworker would be more likely than the illegal worker. Thats a lot of work for a female sex traffic victim, when they can find girls closer to mexico or on vacation.
    This was clearly a personal crime.

  28. BOC Staff says:

    FWIW, I have zero faith in the canine “evidence”, and I have yet to come across any investigator that is trained to analyze that info that does. To answer your question, unfortunately, that’s not how scent specific dogs work.

  29. Melissa Ely says:

    I noticed that tonight on the Oxygen channel they are having a show called “ New Hope in Orlando” for their season finale at 7pm. I will be watching and praying this also brings more attention to this case with more great information. Is this something you’re involved with? Thank you again for everything you’re doing to help bring closure to this family and help finding Jennifer. I appreciate you. I continue to pray for everyone involved.

  30. BOC Staff says:

    In the sense that my investigation uncovered new information that is now being used as a jump off point for others and I have been interviewed at length in the research process, yes. When I see other resources generating false info though, I tend to roll up like a pill bug, lol. I worry that “investigations” done for entertainment purposes v progressing the case are harmful .

  31. Melissa Ely says:

    That’s not good at all! Sad actually, but unfortunately you’re right about others and their motives. Thank you again for all you did and all you continue to do.

  32. BOC Staff says:

    I appreciate you saying that. In a general sense I am a supporter of “crowd sourcing” cold cases. It’s the old equation of bringing or keeping awareness current to produce leads potentially. I most certainly have used it in my own work and practice successfully. That said, if it is not part of a case-specific strategy designed by experienced professionals it can do more harm than good. MOST ESPECIALLY in unresolved cold cases with a still missing and presumed deceased individual. Thus the reason I have stopped participating in on screen work that is strictly for entertainment purposes.

  33. Hello B ,

    I have been following this case for quite some time and like everyone else I think I figured out who the POI may be and in the blink of an eye something comes up and my mind is changed again ! Lately I have been leaning towards the Co-worker , I wondered if his wife had any idea the kind of man that she married ? I wonder if she found out about her husband’s flirtatious towards Jennifer before she went missing ? My thoughts are perhaps the wife was involved in her disappearance as well as him ? Just looking at this from all perspectives I guess ! Did anyone ever speak to his wife ? I’m wondering if they are still together ? I think your amazing and what you are doing for this family is remarkable ! From the bottom of my heart I say Thank you !! I will never stop praying for Jenn or her family ! I cannot wait until this case is solved and Jenn is either found or put to rest surrounded by her family . Please if you know something say something !!!! These poor people have suffered so much :( Peace be with you always SB Sarasota , Florida

  34. I have to say that I think it was the Co-worker !!! And perhaps his wife to !!! There are just to many things that point to him !!! I wholeheartedly believe it was him !! He just got some kid to return her car and wipe it down inside ! Yep he was jealous and upset so I believe he confronted Jenn and things got nasty and really out of hand …….. I feel it in my bones !! Peace be with you all as we strive really hard to bring sweet Jennifer home where she belongs !!

  35. Pamela says:

    Hi B
    Question for you …. I heard Drew tell Nancy Grace on her podcast in August that there were pictures of a damaged hood on Jennifers car ( and a boot print left on her gas pedal and on carpet next to pedal ). Have you heard when these photos might be released ? Looks like Jen was body slammed on her car hood. I have changed my mind from morning to an evening abduction …. Jennifer had to have unplugged her DVD player from TV & placed in her car Monday evening after her phone call from Rob ended at 9:57 PM . Because of the planning involved in her abduction ( by a co worker in my opinion ) …. do you believe she was contacted by phone to meet somewhere close by ? Or was blitz attacked when she was placing the DVD player in her car ? ) ( we know her car was only driven 1&1/2 miles ). And we know her car was gone at 6:40 am the next morning . Thank you B !! Praying for Jennifer to come home …

  36. BOC Staff says:

    Unfortunately it is my understanding that information is subjective- nobody can say when/if any alleged damage was as a result of an assault or even that it was not present prior to Jennifer’s disappearance.

    Wrt the boot print- I haven’t seen directly what Drew is referring to, but I HAVE seen LE images of the car from impound so respectfully submitted, I doubt highly one exists that meets any Forensic extraction or collection standard.

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