The Jennifer Kesse Case: Six Years of Fears, Tears and Degrees Heat Up The Hunt

Last evening, 6 Years ago at 10:40 PM, Jennifer Kesse’s cell phone battery was removed.

Experts from the newly formed SMART panel concur it was likely removed by the person or persons responsible for her disappearance.

As chronicled in an expose  last week by,  current leads are pointing to further investigation of Jennifer’s professional associations and colleagues at Central Florida Investments.

On November 15, 2005, Jennifer’s promotion to Manager of Mortgage Process Engineering  was announced.

Kesse Family Photo

While there is no known indication her responsibilities included corporate real estate acquisition and divestitures,’s investigation into her disappearance has uncovered a very notable corporate transaction worthy of a  Made-off* award.

Is this the meeting Jennifer missed that prompted the call by a colleague to her Mother Joyce?

The very morning Jennifer disappeared,  under the direction of CFI’s CEO-  David Siegel- the company sold an undeveloped parcel of commercial land for 4.7million dollars on GrandNational Drive .  The financing agreement was finalized on January 24th and the sales contracts were signed two days later.

Joyce , Don & Associates agreed to pay interest-only installments of 10% on the 4.2million balance monthly until the third year anniversary; at which time a balloon payment for the entire remaining amount was due and payable.  That is like the zeppelin of balloons in commercial real estate without so much as a plat plan or wetland study.

Who agreed to fund the acquisition for JD&A?  Central Florida Investments.

Why CFI would to carry that amount of debt with no “win” on the balance sheet at the start of the decline in home sales leading to lack of funds for time shares, I have no idea.  Why CFI would agree to such a proposal without appropriate due diligence is the next head scratcher.  As the new process improvement specialist- did this come under Jennifer Kesse’s review?

Joy, Don & Associates was the latest brainchild of Osmond Decoteau, and Donna Rachael Daniels.

The short version:  After the dirty duo bought up 2 remaining parcels on International Drive they did not have funds for, Decoteau & Daniels were indicted in 2008 for wire fraud.   Both were accused of bilking investors, landowners and residents of over $20million dollars for properties in Brooklyn, California and Florida.

What started out as the slum-lord version of ponzi worked so well the Trinidad native decided to migrate South and rip off wealthier folks in a warmer climate.  Makes sense if the villagers are crossing the Brooklyn bridge  with torches and  you have been unsuccessful in selling it thus far.


Decoteau is currently in Federal prison awaiting an order for the govt to forcibly medicate him to be competent to stand trial.

Bernie Madoff walks past his cell and mutters “underachieving slacker” under his breathe on his way to Canasta in the rec lounge.

Daniels is free on a $500K bond and is believed to be cooperating with prosecutors.  An unsuccessful hand-written bankruptcy filing was dismissed.  Deconteau set up his family members to buy the property at a loss under the now defunct  Ambeeka  Holding Corp.

In the end CFI got the property back by default.

Members of Decoteau’s extended family also own a timeshare in Westgate’s Sand Lake Resort; the sale of which was processed during Jennifer’s tenure at CFI.


Just about the same time Jenn’s enrapt co-worker Johnny Campos arrives at the CFI offices in Ocoee, the mystery suspect , the only named suspect in her disappearance to date, is parking her car next to the pool at the Huntington On The Green apartments.

He pulls in, quickly reverses and straightens the wheel, waits about 32 seconds and makes his way past 3 separately angled security cameras making no attempt to hide his appearance.

Theories abound about his attire.  Cook, painter, security patrol, bike runner or messenger.

New leads acquired in Jennifer’s case by have presented a new possibility.


Is the video a break or a bumper?  We are talking cricket-speak.

While it is not known if she was alone or with a friend,  Jennifer visited the Cricketers Arms 2 month prior to her disappearance.

Could the man parking Jennifer’s car at noon on January 24th, 2006 be wearing a cricket uniform?

Left Image Surveillance Footage


Cricket is a major fave among the younger Euro-set in Orlando as well as the pub named in their honor- The Cricketers Arms.  In 2006 “Cricketers” was located on Industrial Drive and recently re-opened on W. Sand Lake Rd, adjacent to the Sand Lake Resorts owned by Westgate.


Additional cricket garb:



Images by Klaasend

Contributing Editors Jacqueline Beaufort,  Jason Mateos



* Made-off.  Get it, like made off with cash?  Nobody laughed when I said he was born into it.  Not remotely funny, but the irony is there.  I am referring to irony as in, the bars that keep him in prison, locked up.


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  1. Sister says:

    Continued prayers for the Kesse family and waiting patiently (while drumming my fingers) for an update.
    Blessings Blink, et al

  2. wpg says:


    Sorry to interrupt your work, Blink . . . just wanted to test some smileys. Thanks for indulging me.


  3. wpg says:

    eeek . . . okay just one more time . . .


    lol, I know. On a positive note, the reason for the delay is substantial progress since I began this series on Jennifer’s case. Once we get to this point ( and I know you will agree when I publish) the legal filing verifications, fact checking and case sensitive stuff becomes uncompromising and the buck stops here. As an example, I received about 1000 new pages of court-requested data late Thursday afternoon.

    I have never felt stronger about the solvability of Jennifer’s case than I do right now.

    I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and support.

    If anyone knows where Jennifer is located and fears some sort of implication may be coming their way, now would be a great time to post a private comment to me, and definitely before Monday. Jus sayn.


  4. wpg says:

    Okay, Blink, you caught me . . . I WAS trying to get the “studious, working smiley with glasses” for a “potential” post next week (smile).

    Having said that, what a GREAT REPLY from you, Blink.
    Absolutely understand what you are saying.
    Great work, Blink! Thank you.

    ps. My heart’s beating pretty fast with your progress.

  5. marnie says:

    that is great news! definitely hard to be patient, but understand the need for timing. meanwhile, this is good to hear! thanks.

  6. larry says:

    Blink, your reply to to wpg is both stunning and exciting.

    I have a feeling I am going to be somewhat shocked by what emerges about this case but I have only the vaguest idea of what that shock might be.

    You and your team are remarkable.

  7. oneilgirl75 says:

    Thanks Blink for posting that info. That shows how much you really care about your readers but also the reality that the loved ones you work for come first. I don’t think anyone that reads hear on a regular basis questions that.

    I have to say with all the gut wrenching events of the last few weeks or so, well some good news will be refreshing. Keep up the good and very hard work and know that myself and many others are praying for you and the families of all of the victims. I sincerely hope someone heeds your advice and you get a private message NOW!
    Mrs. O’Neil
    lol, I know. On a positive note, the reason for the delay is substantial progress since I began this series on Jennifer’s case. Once we get to this point ( and I know you will agree when I publish) the legal filing verifications, fact checking and case sensitive stuff becomes uncompromising and the buck stops here. As an example, I received about 1000 new pages of court-requested data late Thursday afternoon.

    I have never felt stronger about the solvability of Jennifer’s case than I do right now.

    I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and support.

    If anyone knows where Jennifer is located and fears some sort of implication may be coming their way, now would be a great time to post a private comment to me, and definitely before Monday. Jus sayn.


    As fond as I am of the Kesses’, and I most certainly am, I work for Jennifer. If asked, I know they would tell you the same thing. We are all prepared that the “good news” in her case, and most mp cases is actually the arrival of the “worst news”.

    As you all heard Drew say in our last interview, he believes right now Jenn’s case has the best chance to be solved it has had in 6 years. I am not sure I could articulate what a burden that feels like given what this family has been through. Thanks for the kind words of support and advocacy.


  8. oneilgirl75 says:

    “good news” in her case, and most mp cases is actually the arrival of the “worst news”.

    True dat! What an awful reality check. I just want her to be found so her parents can rest and Jennifer can rest and you can rest. And most importantly the selfish piece of garbage that did this and anyone that helped gets the punishment they deserve! No and’s if’s or sorry asses about it! It’s time to start bringing all of those beautiful people on the left of this screen home one at a time and get these criminals held accountable. Enough of them being able to do this stuff and get away with it for years and year! I wish I could do more. You have no idea! But for now I humbly pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for all working on each case! My Grandma who is a chaplain at the woman’s jail here would say in God’s timing but I need him to hurry up! No one loves these victims more then He does!

  9. Delilah says:

    Waiting…..praying for info soon…..

  10. Word Girl says:

    Go, Blink, Go.
    Keeping the faith here. Staying steady and committed to getting as much information about Jennifer Kesse’s murder exposed.
    Here’s hoping we see an arrest or LE presser soon.

    I appreciate it, this category 2 chitstorm keeps gaining. To my knowledge there will not be any sort of public updates via LE prior to my next piece.


  11. B- anxiously waiting but as long as it means they are closer to solving Jenn’s case and hopefully recovering her for the good or bad, then I’m patient. Thank you!

  12. Rose says:


  13. Lauren says:

    Ditto Blink! Know you are making sure everything is factual…. Hope this brings her home!

  14. Dr. Pepper says:

    Tru dat

  15. susan2 says:


  16. Kristy says:

    It is so hard to get Jennifer off my mind. I only read here to keep up with the progress & opinions on the case…Thank u for being a voice for so many. I pray all evil comes to light & justice is served. Keep the faith!

  17. Mrs. King says:

    When will you be updating us on the new info???

    There is nothing I hate more than overpromising and underdelivering.

    I am hopeful for tomorrow, but If I can’t publish then it will not be until Monday.


  18. Mrs. King says:

    You have ALWAYS delivered as promised Blink. Thanks for all that you do to help with the Victims!!! If we had more people like you in our world today, I truly believe it would be a much better place :)

    Very kind, thank you.

  19. Mrs. King says:

    One more question Blink, what if any reports have come out on karen Swift?? Seems like there has been nothing reported after her body was found.

    Mrs. King, there is a thread for Karen under her article, just fyi, but so you do not have to repost- you can only hear the crickets in her case right now.\

  20. Simply Caustic says:

    Your site is absolutely excellent. It sounds trite, but I mean it. Thank you for all you do.

  21. :) It’s Monday… crossing fingers and toes that we get an update soon…. !

    Later this morning friend :)

  22. Rose C says:

    so frustrated waiting for the update, clicking on the website and seeing Josh Powell, JoePa and Whitney, ugh. Can’t wait until they go away and the new installment on Jesse is posted. Thanks so much.

  23. Rose says:

    bet you’re working your heart out on this publication.

    OMG, thanks for that. 1/2 a bottle of visine worth and counting.
    Posting later this morning.

  24. TLS says:

    From one Jersey Girl to another — are your eyes bleeding yet? I keep hoping to see something, but I’ve read here long enough to know it won’t be published until it’s “right”…patience really is a virtue! Blessings on your head…and Jennifer’s.

    LOL- Unreal, but we are up. Thanks for the kind words and advocacy.

  25. Diane says:

    Is there any more news concernin Jennifer?

    unfortunately there are no updates.

  26. Carmen G. says:

    I honestly believe that the guy in photo wearing the cricket hat and white clothes should be investigated since he looks just like the person walking behind the gate of condo. Police should also investigate Johnny Campos. He always acted suspiciously and even arrived 4 hrs late to work on the day Jennifer disappeared. Maybe he had something to do with it…For her family and friends sake, I hope this case gets solved.

  27. Miranda says:

    We just watched the VANISHED episode with Beth Holloway about this case. How sad for the family to be waiting so many years for an answer. Stay strong and god bless you all!

  28. JamaicaJoe says:

    I reported this to Crimestoppers years ago and never heard a thing. The MO seems pretty conducive to the Jennifer Kessee kidnapping:

    Woman thwarts kidnap attempt
    Her deft reaction stymies a would-be abductor in a parking garage in Maitland.

    “Using the car’s registration, police went to the owner’s Altamonte Springs address. There they found 21-year-old Edwin Arvelo, who had been arrested twice as a teenager on charges of indecent exposure and soliciting a prostitute”

  29. JamaicaJoe says:

    I have also thought that her work situation could have exposed her to either 1) Sexual Harassment at a corporate level. 2) Being aware of fraudulent activities.

    I am glad to see your site is exploring all these possibilities.

  30. Cheryl says:

    The photo of the POI is at night isn’t it??

    All dark (not black) colors come out WHITE in infra red light (which is what I thought the camera was; a night vision camera).

    I placed a red blanket in front of an infra-red security camera and viewed it at night, and the blanket was WHITE.

    Black remains black under infra-red lighting.


  31. Donna says:

    I think the reason for such concern or at what was stated is Jennifer never showed up late or missed a day. There probably was a lot of concern when they called her and received no answer.

  32. shelly says:

    I think it was a painter who commited this crime and not an illegal worker.
    An illegal worker wouldn’t not be able to commit the perfect crime.
    This makes me think it was a person who watched jennifer for a while and planned it very carefully.
    If the crime occurred in the mornning there are people leaving for work ,light,too risky. BUT even if the crime occurred at night , you never know who will be out walking their dog,running smoking a cigarete…the mosaic is a big apt complex , although not fully occupied at the time,still there are residents living there and there are workers who stayed the night.It is still risky.My point is, either if it was done in the morning or if it was done at night ,an illegal worker would have to be in a rush not to be seen and wouldn’t have the time to make sure no evidence left behind. If it was a ca sex crime a passion crime done by a construction worker there would be clues left behind: dna ,hair,something.He would be in a rush and he would forgot a piece of clothing belongs to him, drop a glove.something.
    There would be signs of a struggle.
    But there is nothing. He knew to take the two phones,takes their batteries out… everything was taught very carefully.
    An illegal worker wouldn’t have this way of thinking to plan it in such detalis not to be caught.
    Looking at the poi uniform I think it was a painter
    if he would leave for few hours no one would notice, thinking he is inside an apt or painting somewhere in the complex
    Also i read somewhere drew kesse helped jennifer paint her apt so maybe he talked to a painter there and the painter knew jennifer was living alone
    The abduction didn’t happenned inside the complex by her c .That’s why there is no signs there.After jennifer drove her car and pass through the gate he he was standing there singal her to stop telling her a story like:, I need a ride to my car broke down or asked her to take him to the store to buy cigarettes,whatever lies he said. Jennifer knew him ,saw him before so she wanted to help and agreed to give him a ride .Once in her car he could have told her my car is in my house or he needed to go back to his house to pick something…and she drove him to his house or she drove to a remote area
    When she realized something is not right it was too late.
    All this time probeally his truck was in the mosaic that’s why he parked jennifer car close by sohe could have walked back there.
    Another posibility is he lived in the mosiac as and watched jennifer for a while.Maybe they met at the club house or the office and jennifer even talked to him ,both residents of the mosaic, so Jennifer wanted to help him when he stoped her outside the gate .

  33. shelly says:

    There is the same chance the crime happanned at night as it happanned in the morning .
    If it did happanned at night several things could have happanned:
    The suspect had a key and he was waiting hiding in the closet or somewhere in the house. or he waited until all lights turn off make sure she is sleeping and came in. Who ever had access to th
    e key could have made a copy like an oil change guy a mechanic a valuet parking man . Most likely it was someone who worked in the mosaic office or maybe a maintance man or a painter who at the time worked on the condos and did some work in the office building so they had access the he keys.Or he was working with jennifer got the key from her briefcase/purse made a copy .
    He somehow forced jennifer to his van/truck .
    In the morning he came back to her apt staged it to look like jennifer was getting ready in the morning to go to work and drove her car to another location so they will not look for jennifer in the mosaic.
    After he abducted jenniffer at night all he had to staged the apt and get rid of the car. if he lived there all he had to do is walk to the apt or if he worked there he could have came in, a little eary than usual, parked his car somewhere in the complex and walked to jennifer apt to staged it and get rid of the car. He returned by foot.
    Another completly different theory
    Someone in jennifer’soffice was jealous at her making so much money and holding such a high position ,maybe the guy in her work together with his wife plannd the whole thing, together they abduct jennifer she helped him lured jenniffer out and get rid of the car while he arrived late at work .
    But it could be anybody from work who was envy at her life the same as it can be anyone outside her work

  34. AndreyB says:

    Hello Susanm. I am AndreB. Why are you bad mouthing me on internet, and trying to attach me to some awefull crime? Me or my company have nothing to do with this. I Consider that to be a slander of character, and I kindly would ask you to remove your negative, inaccurate, erroneous and damaging false information. I have nothing to do with it and no detectives ever contacted me, so please stop putting dirt on honest and honorable people. Thank you very much SusanM.

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