Jennifer Kesse Missing Since 2006: Greta Van Susteren To Air One Hour Special

Jennifer Kesse Family Photo

As many of you following  are aware, S. Christina Stoy spent several weeks investigating Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance in January of 2006.   In March 2012,  Stoy published an explosive new look into the investigation that remains with the Orlando Police Department to this day.  Previous publications in Jennifer’s case can be found here and here.

This Friday,  April 18th at 7PM,  Greta Van Susteren will be re-visiting Jennifer’s disappearance  in a one hour special dedicated to her case on her show “ON THE RECORD”.

While none of us who were interviewed for the show can predict what the final piece will reflect, we are enthusiastic for Jennifer, Drew, Joyce, Logan and Katie Kesse to have Greta review the case she covered from the beginning.


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  1. Here’s hoping that this piece will reflect new found awareness and the courage for someone to come forward to bring Jenn home.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I just caught the lead for the story on Greta’s show. I did like what Greta said about keeping up for years on stories she has covered and hoping that one day she could find some clue that leads to recovery.

    I think most who read and post on this site have the same attitude. If through our discussions and exchanges of information we could do the one little thought leading to solving a current or old case we would be joyful for the families.

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This young woman disappeared because she knew too much about the workings of the company where she worked. They were in trouble in many ways and had some very shady characters in management.

    Did the police use the right people and techniques to help solve the case? Not in my opinion. It was a sloppy job by two detectives who lacked focus and proper training.

  4. Rose says:

    Certainly beats Nancy Grace & dr Phil for analysis.
    Kudos to Kesses et al.

  5. Eloise says:

    Oh let’s hope this brings some leads to this case. The Kesse’s have waited too long.

    Seems some of the names from your previous articles have friends in high places- yikes!

    A very busy crew, indeed. Thank you for posting that. I remain convinced that Mr. Campos has information that would be helpful to Jennifer’s case.

  6. N. Cahela says:

    I don’t know how these two detectives can lay their heads down at night, knowing they never attempted to find her. Praying this will be the much needed nudge for the right person to come forward. As with so many others, it’s way past time to come home pretty girl.

  7. FairWitness says:

    Blink, you’re a positive force in the search for justice. Be proud fo the role you play in keeping the missing in the forefront of the minds of us all, including Greta Van Susteren.

    Thank you Kindly.

  8. [...] as she will be investigating the 2006 disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Also, crime blogger, Blink (S. Christina Stoy) from ‘Blink on Crime’ was one of the many interviewed for Greta’s investigation in to the bizarre and mysterious [...]

  9. Lyndsay says:

    Blink, any news on what has happened to the BenHen parcel referred to in your 2012 posts, since you posted your last updates on the case? Or what’s happened to any of the other properties owned by this group of scammers? I wonder if there’s new ownership, and that owner does some digging, there might be a fruitful discovery at some point.

    The Hernandez’s have since divorced, and they have a pending custody and support matter in Orange County. Mr. Hernandez claims to be unemployed and listed none of his business affiliations on a financial document I recently received. The class action suit for the metals ponzi scam was dismissed as far as I can tell- it looks like it settled.

    Mr. Benevides is allegedly in jail awaiting trial on fraud charges filed this past September. His bond was revoked when he and his wife began trying to sell off his properties to fund his defense. That said, I believe that the most recent information has him on an ICE hold in Portugal. He is not in a Federal prison in the US so I am not sure what the deal is with that. And then there is this:

    They both continue to have the title to the aforementioned track at Mungers Subdivision on International Drive South. Linday Hernandez, wife of Luis (co-worker of Johnny Campos and woman he went to see the day after Jennifer’s disappearance with “Adam Frank”.

    I have agreed not to publish any case sensitive information at the request of OPD. I believe strongly to this day that Mr. Campos can provide valuable insight to Jennifer’s disappearance. Willman was also Campos’s boss at the time, fyi.


  10. Donnie says:

    After watching the Greta special, I noticed nothing new was really talked about. We got to see what John Willman looked like, but that was about it.

    My question is after how long should “case sensitive” info be released to the public? For example the details of her last cell phone pings, the exact location of the pepper spray find and more details on “Adam Frank”, such as the apartment complex his brother lived at that Campos was inquiring about. It’s been over 8 years. Will this info still be case sensitive say after 10, 20 years? Hopefully there is an arrest or arrests by then, and Jenn is found and returned to her family. It’s time to stir the pot a little more.

    For the time being, I am under the impression that OPD is renewing efforts in her case. Naturally that limits what I can say in response to your question, but I do believe absolutely, that the pot needs stirring for sure.


  11. Eloise says:

    So, did anybody watch the special?

    I did. I enjoyed the review. I am very curious and hopeful to know if it generated any leads to LE.

    One thing I don’t recall knowing before- may have and have forgotten, was the ex-boyfriend being across the street drinking the night she disappeared. That was a call for pause, but it sounds as though they have examined him quite a bit. Hopefully thoroughly and they feel confident & accurate with their findings.

    The last search they did on the west side of International Dr- which included divers- seems to me, might be interesting despite the lack of findings. Could it have been by Turkey Lake Rd?

    Eloise is always the smartie. The ex is Matt Sullivan, who eventually acquired a time share, at that address.


  12. Classygal says:

    Does anyone have a link to the show? I missed it but would love to see it.

  13. Ed says:

    I watched Greta’s show. And I, too, was surprised to find out about her ex-bf being within a 1/2 mile of her condo that night. Like someone above said: I don’t know if I knew it and forgot it, or it’s actual new info . . . because I thought I knew everything about this case that’s been released to the public. Now that I know this piece of info I’m inclined to think he had something to do with her disapperance . . . Well, let’s put it his way: If he were an ex-husband, not simply an ex-bf, I would REALLY REALLY believe he had something to do with it. But I guess we have to believe Matt Sullivan has been investigated and the police have dismissed him as a suspect. Plus, being a non-career felon, I have to believe Matt would’ve broken down under hard questioning from the police. Yes, I know, some first-timers have fooled police for years but it’s not something that’s common.

    A couple other things (and I do really appreciate and enjoy Blink’s coverage of this and so many cases): I’m not sure the bad land deals/drug deals/ponzi scheme angle flies with me. If it were something Jennifer knew about–whether she was going to do something about it or not, I think she would’ve said something to her fiancee the weekend before. To our knowledge, she never did, and I think her fiancee would’ve said something by now. I also think it’s something she would’ve told her parents, and they SURELY would’ve said something by now given their frustration with police. I think all it shows is there are a ton of bad actors in the real estate business . . . and that’s not news.

    I’ve always been under the belief her abduction took place the night before and not on the apartment’s premises. The main reason: I don’t think someone attacks her outside her apartment and then uses her own car to leave the premises. Why take the chance of someone seeing you, the attacker, behind the wheel leaving the complex? Plus, has Jennifer’s DNA been found in the trunk, where she would’ve probably been put? Blood in the trunk? Blood in the backseat?

    As was stated in Greta’s story, Jennifer had other suitors. And my suspicion has always been that she was going out that night to tell someone else–whoever–that it’s over. See, my belief all along has been that her going on vacation and her disappearing right after weren’t a coincidence.

    I think it’s possible some suitor was ticked she was going away for a few days. While on vacation, Jennifer truly figures out her fiancee is the man for her, despite them living several hours apart. She comes home, determined to break it off with whoever else. And that guy didn’t take it too well–not to mention he is probably enraged from her being away all weekend anyway. She doesn’t tell anyone she’s going out that night because, well, it’s another man. I know this doesn’t paint Jennifer in the best light but being a single guy myself I’ve seen all sorts of weird things go on before otherwise-good people get engaged and married. It’s a complex time. Plus everyone knows the stat: Women are usually attacked/raped/murdered by a man they know–not a stranger.

    My final point is I don’t think this is going to be a case where the police solve it. It very well may be a situation like what happened recently where a drought revealed a car in a lake with two missing women inside from like 40 years ago. We may have to rely on circumstance and coincidence and nature to reveal the solution. In their case, a bad luck car wreck was the cause. In Jennifer’s case, it’s no accident.

    Welcome to BOC Ed.

    Your points are well taken- even if I may not agree all the way- for an example- I do not know that Jennifer became aware of the Ponzi scheme. But I do know for a fact Campos was. Could there have been a situation where he needed help and “cover” because of it- although Jennifer was not aware of it in advance? I cannot rule that out, 8 years later.
    That is important.

    I do know this- if a person effs up, and has friends with more to lose than their own freedom, people reach out. This is not an allegation, it is a possibility that needs to be excluded to progress this case.

  14. LinzFromFl says:

    Blink – Do you know if Greta will do a similar show on Tara Grinstead? Thought I read that somewhere.

    I do not. Although from an investigative perspective, Ms. Grinstead’s case is very similar to Jennifers.

  15. Rose says:

    missed most trying to shake my password out of fios for live streaming.
    Kudos to Fox as being a “live TV” stream easy-peasy IF you know password.

    What I got out of bits I saw was the opd spokesman was
    a model of rectitude, emphasis
    on rectal as it were as an opd apologist.

    I am glad Blink stays on top of details.

    Eloise, you are so incisive.

  16. Rose says:

    Excellent reasoning Ed.
    Wasn’t there speculation here at one point
    she may have gone to a British pub the night before?
    Where Owner had an interest in cricket?
    Cricket-dressed delivery lad may have intended a car return to
    Jen’s condo, but confused or misrecorded her address?

  17. Donnie says:

    Benevides is currently being held in the Seminole County Jail on a no-bond status. What’s interesting is the date of his arrest 02/10/14, which is one day before the Miami Herald broke the story about the cartel connection. Here is the link to his booking info.

    Yes, good catch. His bond revocation was heard in camera and was sealed.

  18. Ed says:

    I’d like to add something I forgot to mention before. And I don’t take credit for this being original since I think they used this investigative technique on an episode of Law and Order in like 2002.

    By process of elimination, has it ever been determined what clothes Jennifer was wearing when she disappeared? I know it seems like a long shot but . . . I see all these pictures of her. Did anybody ever go through her wardrobe and try to match the clothes with pictures of her? Or even her shoes–what shoes were missing from her wardrobe? Were heels missing or flip-flops–tennis shoes or pumps? You know what I mean? If her purse is missing, is it the one she took with her to work or the one she took with her when she went out on the town–I know you ladies, especially younger ones, like to have multiples for different occasions.

    I’m not trying to be sexist here but I know how women talk about their clothes, shoes, etc. and take an interest in what other women are wearing. For example, if flip-fops and shorts are missing, then obviously she disappeared the night before. If it’s heels and a business suit, she was abducted in the morning on the way to work. Just knowing the clothes she was wearing could really narrow down who could’ve taken her. I’m sure her fiancee, even though it’s been all these years, could be helpful in this. A favorite t-shirt, a favorite pair of comfortable jeans, etc.

    Earrings, purse, underwear, bra, maybe a clip she put in her hair–anything missing. Maybe we’ve been going about this the wrong way. Instead of looking at what’s there, maybe we should be looking for what’s not there.

    Yes Ed, we have investigated that early, but it is important. There are a pair of pumps missing, and the clothing she wore to work that day was on the back of the desk chair in her bedroom. She definitely came home, and she definitely left- imo, her pings tell the story.


  19. Ed says:

    If this has been covered before, I apologize . . .

    I have another question: Was Jennifer a bed maker? We know everyone can be divided into two types of people: people who get up in the morning and make their bed, and the people who don’t. Her parents on the show said her bed was unmade when they got there. I’m a 43 yr old bachelor who works from home and I, unbelievably, make my bed. Jennifer’s a 20-something year old professional woman who lives an orderly, corporate life, has a nice apartment, etc. and she doesn’t make her bed? Has anybody ever asked her fiancee, an old roommate, even her parents if she was a bed maker? Her personality and lifestyle type leads me to believe she’s a bed maker. Why then was it unmade when they found it? My gut tells me she came home from work that day, she was tired after having to drive from S. FL to get to work, and jumped into bed for a snooze. Then she got up later,talked on the phone, then went out . . . not making her bed because she thought was coming back that night.

    The pings . . . does anyone know what they say? I’ve never heard that much about them.

  20. Eloise says:

    Jennifer’s Story will be re-broadcast on FOX this weekend ~ Sunday night 9pm East coast for those that missed or wish for re-cap.

    I liked your thinking Ed, hadn’t thought of the bed situation. I am a napper and a bad bed-maker. I too think she went out that night. I wonder if there was a work get together she had been aware of?

  21. A Texas Grandfather says:


    What do you make of the information about there were wet shower walls in the bath that were observed by the parents when they arrived? If she went out the night before and never made it home, who used the shower?
    Florida is a very moist climate, but most showers will dry in three or four hours.

    If the investigators actually had pings from her phone, the time stamps should have given an area location by triangulation. We have so little factual information, it is difficult to develop any type of time line. We can only hope that somewhere in the information collected by LE that there are clues to what actually happened. Clues that could be used by a new investigative team to solve the case.

  22. Eloise says:

    Hi ATG!

    RE April 26, 2014 at 10:32 am:

    Well, I am not set in stone by any means that she went out Mon. night and never returned, though that is a possibility imo. Certainly if she did, that broadens the poi pool. IE- was she followed, did one of the the group or persons from the outing have an issue etc.?

    The pj’s on the bathroom floor seem to indicate she slept there Mon night, but from personal experience, when I come home from work, I freq. put lounge clothes on if I don’t plan on going anywhere. Easily can be changed if need be. So- I wouldn’t hold that to her.

    From my understanding, LE did have ping info on her phone- which was not at her apt, and this was after her phone call with Rob, so she did go somewhere. Glasses in bathroom, so seems like she would have been in there getting ready for something.

    I guess what I am getting at, is either the shower walls were wet from Jen, approx. 6-6:30 maybe- dry time would be 3-4 hrs?
    Or- maybe the person that dropped the car off at HOTG went back to Mosaic and cleaned up- thus allowing for wet walls at 1:30- and after when her folks arrived?
    IDK- that’s tough to figure- long time on the shower.

  23. Ed says:

    Sorry this is long . . .

    Texas Grandfather, regarding the towel and shower–I coincidentally live in the Tampa area of FL now. But, before I lived here, I lived in Las Vegas for 13 years. So I’ve experienced the extremes of humidity that the USA has to offer. And I think that’s what we’re talking about here regarding the dampness of the shower and the towel–how long would they take to dry?

    You make a good point that FL is “moist”, but it’s the exact reason her towel could still be wet 12 to 14 hours later. For example, in Vegas, tourists think their sweat evaporates so fast there in July because it’s so hot. That’s not true. It evaporates so fast because the air is dry and can physically “take on” more water. Yes, heat has something to do with it but not much. Thus, the term “dry heat”.

    In FL, it’s exactly the opposite. FL can get within 10 degrees of Vegas in July but . . . you start sweating and the sweat will stay on you for hours. And the difference is the humidity–the air is already “wet” and can only hold so much water. By the way, this is the exact reason Vegas heat/humidity is far more dangerous than FL heat/humidity. Dry air will totally absorb all the water out of you if you let it, dehydrating you without you knowing it. By the way, this is true for cold, dry air as well.

    So, getting back to the wet towel and walls–whether it’s July or January, FL is humid. And just think of the towel as a person who is sweating. So, the towel and wall could easily stay wet for 12 to 14 hours, especially if the towel was used to dry a person’s body off after a shower. Because the air can’t “take on” the water in the towel because the air is already full of water. Then when you add in that most people turn their a/c units off when they’re not home, the interior air is going to be similar to the outside air: humid. In fact, in January I doubt Jennifer used any climate control at all.

    Another thought: what Jennifer’s parents felt on the wall of the shower couldn’ve been condensation. Just like when I go out to my car every morning and it’s wet. It’s not wet because it rained, it’s wet due to condensation but the car looks and feels the same. What I’m saying is we should all be very wary of putting a timeline together due to the wetness of towels and shower walls.

    By the way, anecdotal proof of all this: I got a pair of New Balance shoes dirty this weekend. I washed them and put them outside to dry yesterday at around 6pm. This morning at 8am they aren’t even close to dry. It will probably take them at least another day to dry outside in the heat and humidity–no it hasn’t rained.

    As for everything else, I have sincere doubts whoever dropped of that car walked back to her apartment complex–no matter when she was abducted. Yes, I know how the dogs followed the scent . . . these could be the same dogs that followed Teleka Patrick’s scent to the highway when in fact she went the exact opposite direction into the lake. R.I.P., by the way. Dogs, as much as I love them, aren’t 100% reliable and we really don’t know what’s going on in their heads.

    Plus, if Jennifer was abducted in the morning, the guy walks back to the scene of the crime the same morning? He’d know by that time people are looking for her since she was supposed to be at work 3 hours before he parked that car at Mosaic. How would he know that? Because the supposition is whoever abducted her in the morning (if you believe that) knew her schedule. So the abductor would have a reasonable idea of when she was supposed to be at work. So, he walks back to the place where people would most likely be already looking for her? Even if he lives there, maybe he finds something else to do until the evening or that night to avoid being questioned should he run into the police. On top of that, he already got lucky by having his face blocked by those gate bars–and if he walks back to Jennifer’s apartment he misses her family arriving at her apartment by like minutes? That’s just a little too much luck for my sensibilities.

    Wow, this is long. Sorry again. And if she was abducted that morning I’m still having a hard time understanding the crime. Let’s take for granted the crime was rape motivated. Obviously, the rape didn’t happen in her apartment–no forensics. Obviously the rape didn’t happen in her car–no forensics and totally awkward. So, the two choices are: Another apartment or a totally different location.

    If it happened in the complex, I’m still having a hard time understanding how taking her car fits into all of it. If the person lives there and the crime happened in his apartment, then the criminal has his own car (nobody in a complex like that would ride the bus)–taking her car only increases the odds of the criminal getting caught. If the person doesn’t live there–worker/homeless/whoever–then the criminal carries Jennifer to her car, puts her in it, and drives off in broad daylight? From a risk POV, he’d better off leaving her lifeless body in an empty unfinished apartment than attempting that feat of invisibility. Sure, if he did that, we know he hasn’t been caught yet, but we’re looking at it in hindsight. The rapist wouldn’t have known that at the time–instead he would’ve done everything to separate himself from the body as quickly as possible, not ride around with it in Orlando and then park her car at noon that day.

    As for the crime happening somewhere else after her being abducted that morning, I just don’t see Jennifer, from what I think I’ve learned about her, being a scared, obedient victim knowing she was probably headed for something very terrible. If she was driving but at the point of a gun, I could see her driving into a telephone pole. If she was in the trunk, she would’ve found a way out–if she would’ve even gotten into the trunk in the first place.

    My personal opinion, so as to distance everyone including Blink from the controversy of it, is the motivation to portray this is an abduction in the morning has been a subtle way to protect Jennifer’s reputation. It doesn’t look good when an engaged woman talks to her fiancee, says she’s tired at 10pm, hangs up with him, then goes out. And it could be this motivation has gotten in the way of looking at all possibilities regarding her disappearance. And now that we know her ex-bf was like 3 minutes away, that even her parents mention she had men interested in her at work, she obviously had her own life outside of being with her fiancee since they lived so many miles apart, etc., etc., etc., she wouldn’t be the first perfectly good woman otherwise who lied to her fiancee so she could go out with friends or to meet someone else–even if it was to break up with the person, as I believe the reason was that she left her apartment that night.

    Sorry so long. Deeply enjoy the website.

    Ed- I am sure ATG will respond, but first, welcome to BOC, and secondly, I wanted to weigh in as I have addressed these issues in some of my original work in her case.

    The original Det theory was that Jenn left her condo to mail Travis’s phone. I can tell you that was based on ping interpretations.

    For now, I am somewhat limited in what I can share that is case sensitive but I can tell you that Neither Joyce nor Drew care whether or not Jennifer went out, who she was seeing in addition to her BF ( not fiance’) if in fact she was because she is/was an adult. I am confident of that because I discussed it with them upfront when I agreed to review and publish on Jennifer’s case. I did not feel I could be effective in my work if they were not open to- what for me, was a working theory based on the fact of some of the things you referenced- specifically a daylight abduction on the way to her car with a lot full of landscapers and construction workers- where her car was not parked there in the first place. It is my belief that what happened to Jenn occurred wherever she went that night. I agree that the damp shower and/or towel is not enough to be investigatively significant absent corroboration.

    It is my firm belief that Jennifer’s colleagues I have mentioned need to be excluded if they can be, and that this was a crime of a personal nature.

  24. Jack says:

    I noticed the Greta show didn’t mention the idiot initial investigators who didn’t take (or save) a single note on the case. Was DNA ever taken from the shower or wet towels or her car? Couldn’t Jennifer’s colleagues that you have mentioned be excluded by DNA, if any was collected?

    No, there were several ommissions but Drew would like everyone to remain positive that at least it increases awareness.

    Her house was never processed for DNA as investigators told the family that they had contaminated the scene by occupying it all day, and then living there for I think 6 months. I cannot discuss the car findings, which was processed. To your point, one would need DNA that would tie together her disappearance in some way. Because of DNA transfer (epi’s, amylase, etc) it would not be criminal or unusual to find a colleagues DNA if it can be explained alternatively.

    Could it have been helpful and even inculpatory? We will never know.

  25. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for your reply to my question. I too have experienced the difference in humidity of Florida, Vegas and the coastal areas of California. Texas is a large state where there are areas that atmospheric moisture is heavy such as the coastal areas. West of Austin to the New Mexico line are areas of very low humidity, often less than 10 per cent. All the things you describe for moisture accumulation on surfaces is caused by differences in temperature of surfaces and the air.

    The thing that would guarantee the dryness of a townhouse or an apartment would be the use of A/C equipment where the thermostat was set below 72 degrees. At a higher setting, little to no moisture would be removed. Below 72 degress over time (several hours)the system will remove a lot of moisture.

    This information came to light in the late 1970′s when President Carter issued an order to raise the temperature in all computer rooms from 68 degrees F. to 76 degrees F. in an effort to save energy. The big computer makers in the country immediately notified the government that they would shut down any computer system under lease if that order were not rescinded. I participated in some of the testing to determine where the temperatures were critical. Moisture and electronics do not go well together.

    Based on what we know or what we think is known, there are two possible scenes that relate to Jennifer’s disappearance. The first is she came home from work and rested for a while and then went out to meet someone or friends and the other is she decided to go in to work early in the morning and the abduction took place either at her car in the parking lot or at someplace she stopped.

    IMO there were two dangerous places for Jennifer. The first was the location of her condo and the lax way security was maintained. The second was some of the people she worked with and their behaviors.

    I know that her parents considered that Jennifer was an adult and she could make her own decisions. However, regarding the residence, I would never allow a daughter of mine to live in a construction site no matter her age. There are just too many people who come and go and construction work is attractive to many who,because of previous criminal activity, cannot find other work that pays well.

    We recently had to hire a landscaper while we decide on the whole/tractor/mower purchase thing. When I asked him if his crew were all “legals” and did he preform background checks on all of his employees. He walked me out to his truck and pulled out his employee file and the individual background checks. I advocate that for any person that is ever going to be in a maint or service role on anyone’s property whether or not they will have access to the inside of your home. You MUST KNOW who you expose yourself, your family and your property to.

    That was not possible in Jennifer’s case. That said, it is my firm understanding that every condo worker on those grounds has been interviewed and polygraphed successfully. It took some time to accomplish that of course, but it was done.


  26. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If we think about having someone in the trunk of a car as a holding place, we need to consider the following: The locks on trunks of recent vintage automobiles all have an inside the trunk release that is mandated by OSHA and it was always possible to release the lock from the inside if one knew how it worked.

    The old locks worked the same way as a dead bolt lock. There is a tail piece that actually turns the lock mechanism when a key is used. This tailpiece in a trunk lock protrudes through the lock frame and can be turned by hand by pulling down on the trunk lid while turning it.

    There was a case several years ago where a woman was abducted from her home in Houston and placed in the trunk without tying her up. The perps drove over a mile from her home and were stopped by heavy traffic. She knew about the trunk release and waited until the car stopped, released it and jumped out. The perps then abandoned the car and ran away. They were caught in less than an hour.

  27. LinzFromFl says:

    Hi Blink – Will you have an update regarding Holly Bobo in light of the new arrest?

    I will.

  28. Rose says:

    2014 review, top article

    Thank you Rose.

  29. Dr. Pepper says:

    Bump for Jennifer! Ten years is too long!!!!

  30. Chuck says:

    I’ve followed this case and read pages and pages of theories and blogs. My one question is as a younger person myself, everything I do goes through my phone either text message, emails, or calls. I’m sure her phone records were checked, but those would be a big help in determining if she had a planned meeting the night of her Disappearance. Were there any unreconizable phone numbers or messages in her phone history? If there wasn’t then she either made plans with someone in person (work) or somebody came to her door at night unannounced going by the cell phone ping at 10:40PM. I believe it happened wherever she was the night before. It’s not uncommon for younger to have male friends that their signifant others may know about.

  31. Rose says:

    double bump for kesse.
    where are her former associates now?

    To my knowledge all are accounted for. My feelings on her case remain the same, sadly.

  32. Mark says:

    Hi first time poster ,

    Am i right in saying that mr campos scrapped his car soon after jen went missing ? A 6yr old car…


    Hi Mark- I don’t recall how old the vehicle was off the top of my head (its in archives) but yes it had a salvage title and was scrapped.

  33. Mark says:

    ^ do you think that is suspicious?

  34. Fl Snowbird grandma says:

    No one just disappears….there’s info out there and someone saw our knows something! Unfortunately, the critical info for solving this is probably not public info but I agree with the idea that she knew the person! Maybe the car parked where it was to throw investigators off or in a different direction. This article gave much better details than any I’ve seen so thank you for being accurate boc! How they can do a story and not have facts accurate is beyond me! So far my money is on one person…if it looks like a duck, it probably is a duck!

    Welcome to BOC “FSG”.

    I think you summed it nicely. It is my belief Jennifer knew her killer and her death was caused by an altercation that ensured following her romantic trip with Rob. I thank you for your comment about our accuracy. Drew and the Kesse family deserved our best work and in my view- the deepest dive on her case. In the 5 years I worked on her case with Drew and associates/sources my opinion and conclusions remain the same.


  35. Kay Tress says:

    Is LE remotely close to making an arrest? Between cell phone/text and landline records, work records, cell phone pings, here’s hoping there is enough circumstantial evidence for an arrest.
    I personally don’t think her briefcase would be missing if her last meetup was not work related.
    She had plenty of belongings that were left in her car / condo that are not missing but in her possession close to time of crime. The belongings that went missing are strong clues and speak loudly IMO.

    Absolutely agree. I would not say LE is “close” to an arrest, unfortunately.

  36. Mary jones says:

    Blink you have done an amazing job, I’m impressed how close things seem to be getting solved in Jennifers case.
    Is there any new information since your last post? I get this strange feeling every time Campos and his cohorts are mentioned everyone seem to clam up? Cartel? Ponzi? CFI? What is going on? Are they trying to build a bigger case against Campos and the Kesse case is insignificant? That’s my feeling. What about the friend of campos who ratted him out, they drove to some lake something apartments, could Jennifer be there? Did anyone ever check? Did they have her somewhere and move her later? This is the worst case I’ve ever read about. Thanks so much.

    It is my strong opinion that OPD (and other consulted agencies) feel that to proceed with a prosecution in this case they need to recover remains or for a confession. OPD has suffered a series of higher profile acquittals (as has OCSO) and they expect a prosecution in Jenn’s case to have that sort of public interest. It’s the reality right now.

  37. John says:

    Maybe I missed it but having read this post 12 times, I am curious how tall this Campos character is?

    From memory only 5’8 or 5’9.

  38. charles feezell jr says:

    why has le not searched Windemere where the key fob was found. 2. why has the ceo and campos properties not been searched if the key fob is jennifer’s

    I cant discuss what may or may not have been searched as a result of that finding, sorry.

  39. Ode says:

    I thought of you immediately. Any thoughts you can share?

    Ode- Thank you for posting. Emphasis on that “I can share” which as the link you provided points out, is a pending legal matter. I actually advised Drew (when I had the case at his request) to request a review of the current case files- if not him because he is not a licensed investigator, but then someone at his behest who was. At one point I was invited to OPD to review these files ( not carte Blanche, they would be determining my access) IN EXCHANGE FOR MINE lol. Not afraid to be tarred and feathered as revealing protected source materials as I was in the fact that I was and am sure OPD did not possess the properly trained resources for follow up. The way they handled that ridiculous fake sighting a few years back was the final straw for me, and I dare say any other peripheral agencies. Not to be disrespectful, but OPD was never going to resolve this case nor locate Jennifer with the resources assigned to it and I really question at this juncture if that was always the actual point.

    Drew was told at the time it was impossible as it was an open and active case, and it was after that I told him his best action was to seek them from a public records request perspective/action. In FLA, at the very least, OPD would be required to specifically outline and respond with any exemptions they claimed. In many jurisdictions a Judge will simply determine if a case is open its active and everything is exempt until resolution. When OPD responded in this way, it really only served to Support my earlier statement. OPD was never, and will never be equipped to resolve this case and the released files are not only grossly incomplete, but in some cases, prove that the Kesse’s were mislead or in some instances outright lied to.

    Astonishingly, I will say that following my work and subsequent publication of information and facts gleaned from same, the criminal justice agency of record changed their track, and today according to those records, end up on exactly the same dude. The problem then? In my view, they made so many errors from start to finish, were dishonest to so many, pitched SMART teams with incorrect info ( that’s very expensive btw) and if they pretend or actually put it all out there, it was not “their” negligence.

    Plenty going on since I published and currently I can’t discuss, but in short, the records produced so far are pretty useless to finding Jenn- which the Kesse’s will tell you is really their only goal at this point.


  40. Ode says:

    I really thought they were going to be given all the information. Sad to hear that is not the case. I had hoped that this was a major step for Jennifer’s parents and loved ones to get any answers. I know you had close connection to this case and would be unable to share much. All I can say are prayers for them. I can not grasp in any way how horrible it would be not to know where and what happened to my daughter. Hope you are doing “better”,well.

    Thank you kind lady, I am once again on the mend :)

    As far as having your child missing (child or adult status) all I can say is unequivocally the Kesse’s have suffered and continue to suffer as other fams I have worked with in the past to successful resolution (recovery) and it is a pure Hell on earth limbo. There is no set of circumstances from any of those parents that ever ended up feeling they wished they still did not know the outcome- and we are talking about heinous homicides in clandestine burial environments with Le agencies that for different reasons were, in a kind word, ineffective in investigation. I can honestly say this work and this case in particular had me talk Blinkette right out of a fellowship opportunity because it had a 10 mo rotation 5 hours away. Not saying I have Mom veto over my adult children, but fear and safety concerns are amplified appropriately as a result.

    Prayers are always appreciated and I believe, helpful. If ultimately the files themselves do nothing to aid in recovering Jennifer, maybe the renewed energy release to the Universe will. At this point, I am not optimistic the files themselves will aid in Jennifer’s recovery. In fact, I might say that some information contained therein actually proves the Kesse’s were lied to and what was presented to SMART was compromised. I do promise that one day I will write about that specifically because I AM optimistic that the individual/individuals with knowledge of Jennifer’s disappearance will be forced to confront that allegation- and it’s the same dude developed from my work, with OPD telling the Kesse’s I got it wrong at the time.

    That changed, but can I tell you that in my experience EGO is the single largest common denominator in increasing a mp investigations drag coefficient.

  41. BOC Staff says:

    I can only go by my investigation, which included the FBI stating they found and interviewed to exclusion every worker on the premises. This was someone Jennifer knew, imo.

  42. cholti washington says:

    i see the story of jennifer kesse. there is speculation that someone had seen a person dropping off a carpet into a lake. my questions would be the company these workers were working for and a construction site has those dumpsters what dumpsters were there at that time and the name of the company that handles the removal of construction waste. there would have been a landfill that these dumpsters go to plus pictures of the front and side of the condominium that was being renovated would shed a little light. who is to say she was not wrapped in a carpet and dumped into a dumpster. no one is going to dig through construction trash

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