Adding Another To The Powell Family Death Count: Michael Powell, Brother of Murderer Josh Powell Jumps To His Death

Minneapolis, Minnesota-  The grad student and brother of Joshua Powell, suspected pedophile and murderer of his two sons Charlie and Braden Powell jumped seven stories to his death this afternoon.

Michael Powell,   also the subject of questionable mental health with Dad and Bro-  would be the second suicide in the Powell family in 12 months, and the 5th death at the hands of a child of Terrica and Steven Powell.

Michael Powell

Steven Powell is currently incarcerated for the taping of the  private bathroom activities of young neighbor girls.

Sound harsh?

Yes.  It is.  Not as harsh as a missing Mother somewhere in the desert while her freakshow husband and Father In Law run their mouths and terrorize Susan Cox Powell’s family.

Not as harsh as Powell’s sister Alina pocketing cash while her nephews are burning in an explosion set by their father while bleeding from hatchet wounds to their heads before their death.

This editor wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Jennifer Graves,   who by all accounts was an additional victim of her Father and brothers,  but a good friend to Susan Powell.

This editor suggests that Steven Powell and Alina Powell do the right thing and alert police to the whereabouts of Susan Powell so that her remains might rest with her baby boys.




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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Charlie and Braden oh how I still mourn for them and for their mama .

    Obviously Steven Powell cast a very dark shadow over his family-

    Josh and Michael were once small boys just like Charlie and Braden-
    What did this man do to create such tormented sons?

    My anger still burns for Josh and his murderous actions.

    Where is Susan? he could not even give that up in death-
    now we learn nothing more with Michaels suicide other than he couldnt go on…

    and still the father Steven seems to live on unphased how can this be?

    My prayers not only go out to the Cox family who surely must still be in pain-
    but also to all who are grieving, or who may be coming to accept the ugly truths and may need strength to live on, strength to act-inorder to do the right thing… not only for their own souls but for the souls of those they loved

    may Susan be found soon-

    thanks for updating this story Blink & co.


  2. Sammy says:

    My prayers remain with the Cox family.
    I cannot even begin to imagine the overwhelming grief in their loss of Susan, Braden, and Charlie.
    Prayers also with Jennifer Graves who is a victim of her warped & wicked bio-family.

    I sure hope they have sleaze-ball Steven Powell on constant suicide watch.
    It’s not a great expectation … But he KNOWS where Susan’s body is hidden in that desert.
    Not that I believe he will ever willingly give that info to LE or the Cox family, but I pray that someday he may slip-up and Susan may be brought home to rest in peace next to her beloved Charlie and Braden.

    He knows. He knows. He Knows.

  3. Eloise says:

    Lord, what went on in that home?

    I have quite a bit of the court record on that- in varying degrees- these kids were abused by both parents and both parents have serious mental issues, imo.

    I would also go as far to say that the court did not do this family any favors by allowing the Dad and Mom to live in the same house for years while going through a divorce. I have never seen the voluminous pro se filings in my life that are part of that case.


  4. Jane says:

    What’s with these people. Poor Susan didn’t stand a chance. I think once she truly realized it it was far too late for her and the boys. Prayers for the Cox family. I just can’t imagine…

  5. Ode says:

    Did he leave any notes? Oh lord I wish he knew where Susan was and in a last “good” deed he told the world where Susan is resting to be found.

  6. rob says:

    I have read several news sources that he the sucide was because he was unable to collect th 1.5 million dollar life insurance policy that Josh had taken out on his own life and his two sons.
    Josh was good enough to try to make his brother stinking rich after his death, but killed his own sons for sheer spite.

    The interpleader case is pending, so that is not accurate.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry, friendLY. I know this one has pulled at your heart strings for a long time.

    Suicide isn’t an attempt to end one’s life as much as it’s an attempt to end the pain. Monster-in-law killed his own family, imho. 2 children. 2 grandchildren. 1 daughter in-law. If that doesn’t get to his conscience, nothing will :(

    He has none FriendLY. No conscience and no soul, imo.

  8. Word Girl says:

    Does no conscience plus no soul equal psychopath?
    How do we create that equation? What familial and environmental factors were at play?

    How does Terica Powell get credit for the deaths? As an enabler? As an abuser, or both?

    You know, I read your comment and was like- Word Girl (as usual) is so eloquently and compassionately reframing the issue as appropriate for advocates- so thank you for getting to the place I am not able to at present.


  9. Word Girl says:

    This might be a good place to explore the manner and method of suicides.

    Why did MP choose jumping? According to one slim source, jumping is the 7th most common method, with gunshot, hanging, etoh/pills, poison, carbon monoxide inhalation, all taking preference.

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Ragdoll I have to agree with Blink on this one. IMO Steven and Alina Powell chose evil a long time ago. Do they have mental issues because of those choices? IDK. However, I do believe that they long ago lost their souls and are among the living dead.

    I also think that it is likely that Michael knew what happened to Susan and perhaps where the remains may be located.

  11. Word Girl says:

    Thanks, Blink. It is your compassionate heart that I’ve followed through every tragedy underscored here. You could not go on writing about these issues, carved into a blog out of your own hide, if you did not have that spirit to stand up for those whose future is made of bone.

    Literally and figuratively in many of these cases, unfortunately. Thank you kindly.


  12. marnie says:

    thanks for the update blink. i was just recently thinking of susan and checking to see if she was ever found. (havn’t been here in months ) i like the way you let us know how you REALLY feel about this. are you still in contact with the coxes? i can’t imagine how they are going on. i’m still so angry at the system and failures that allowed this to happen to those babies.

  13. NancyS says:

    Are you saying that Susan was in on all the sickness?
    I guess I just cannot be shocked at anything any more.

    May God Bless all the CHildren

  14. Word Girl says:

    NancyS, I’m not sure if others are commenting and still in moderation, but I wanted to check in with you. Did you mean to use the victim’s name or the mother of the killer’s name.

    Josh Powell’s mother is Terrica Powell and, according to documents in her divorce from Steven Powell that Blink found, she has been alleged to have a hand in the the possible abuse of her children and grandchildren. If I have the hint from Blink right in my mind.

    Susan knew the whole family was a crock of trots and was planning to break free from them. She just thought she had more time than she actually did, however. There is never enough time to exit gracefully from that sort of situation. But then, Susan may not have known (and I don’t think she did) the extent of the rot in that core. If so, I think she would have whisked those cherubs away in the night.

  15. LaurieO says:

    Here is my opinion of evil or mental illness–

    If you are mentally not well, you have a pretty good idea something is not right with you unless you are a total psychopath. So as you realize you have problems, or your spouse has problems, you are obligated to get help so you don’t go into the world of evil and abuse your kids/grandkids/spouse. That may have been the biggest problem with this bunch~~the refusal to get help so they could be decent parents and not create children who kill their spouses!!

    Either way, whether you are evil or mentally ill and untreated, the result is the same-child abuse. The kid doesn’t care what the cause is-they just want the abuse to stop. And it should.

  16. joeamerica says:


    ‘a crock of trots’ is a work of art.

    may I use it?

  17. Judi says:

    What a disfunctional family led by an evil, heartless man. So many victims – Susan, the children, their loved ones, Jennifer, the girls who were secretly (and disgusting) photographed….

  18. Word Girl says:

    LE says they’re ending the search for Susan.

    I so want to hurl. This woman needs to be found.


  19. wpg says:

    Don’t know if this discovery east of Salem (Marion County involved) from September 2012 was ever identified:

    Remains await identification
    Published: September 05. 2012 4:00AM PST

    Officials say they might never be able to identify the skeletal remains found west of Detroit Lake on Saturday morning.

    According to Marion County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Don Thomson, the remains were found about a mile from the water in a remote hunting area.

    Thomson said there are no missing people in his county, and pointed to high-profile missing persons cases like Kyron Horman, the 9-year-old Portland boy who disappeared in June 2010, and Lori “Woody” Blaylock, the Bend woman whose husband murdered her in November 2010 and dumped her body in the North Santiam River near Marion Forks.

    According to a press release, hunters found the skeletal remains off state Highway 22, near Niagara Park. That’s more than 25 miles from Marion Forks.

    The bones have been sent to the medical examiner’s office. Thomson cautioned the remains might never be identified.

    “It all depends on what we’re able to determine, on how many bones we collect,” he said.

    The investigation is ongoing.

    — Bulletin staff report

  20. Gwen says:

    Just noticed this a moment ago and thought I’d post. I see today is exactly one year since the last comment. God bless Susan and her little boys and her parents.

    Thank you Gwen.


  21. Ragdoll says:

    Anything to this? If true, many involved did more than just drop the ball. This alone should have been enough to prevent the sperm donor from any contact with those cherubs. I’m physically sick to my stomach!!!

  22. Dr. Pepper says:

    Steven Powell re-arrested on dismissed child pornography charges

    Wish he could get more than the max of 5 years….however’ at least he’s currently off the streets and I’m thankful that prosecutors didn’t let it go.

    Absolute misuse by Culpeper, glad to see this appealed successfully. Powell, the father of a pedophile and child murderer and another son who committed suicide, daughter of (imo a sexual abuse victim of his as well as being a harboror at a minimum) and a convicted sex offender and also in my view a culpable individual in the death of Susan Powell is an extremely sick and dangerous man and there is not a prosecutor or LEO in either jurisdiction who does not believe that adamantly.

  23. Malty says:

    I just do a slow burn every time I see this Steven Powell
    Because of how he has treated Susan’s family the Cox family
    And I think it is way past time they know where Susan is and what happened to her

    I hope he gets everything he deserves some day

    You and me both Malty. I have every faith he will.

  24. Malty says:

    i am really glad I stopped by here
    So much I didn’t know like the search by Salem, the search of the old home
    Greg Olson’s book
    Mr Cox has a private det. And all the miles he has searched for Susan
    This has been very interesting
    And heart breaking I really hope the Cox family gets Susan back
    Great posts and links here

  25. Malty says:

    I went grocery shopping and there was Greg Olsens book
    I haven’t read a actual paper back in yrs. I usually down load. I think it will be nice to hold a real book again
    So now I will read awhile

    Malty- Olsen is a fine author in my view- and a colleague of mine.
    Speaking to the “hold a real book again” comment- I was smelling the pages of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman earlier but reading it on my kindle (lol- I am so OCD on occasion)

  26. Malty says:

    Yes Greg Olsen has written some great books
    My fav are Starvation Heights. And Bitter Almonds
    And this book starts with the Coxs
    Then the disappearance of Susan. Easy read

  27. Ragdoll says:

    friendLY…O/T….but I sooooo thought about you when Miss Lee’s book came out. I can’t read it. I want to keep Atticus just as he was in Mockingbird.

    How did reading her new novel work for you…LOL I hope you enjoyed it…and YES….Malty, you couldn’t be more right. I haven’t given up some things……reading a REAL book….and my flip phone :p

    I keep thinking I was born in the wrong era…except I love 80′s music.

    Please…..if you believe in the power of prayer, ask our Father God to reveal Susan’s current resting place. Josh got a proper burial….. Susan deserves better than monster dad.

    O/T- I LOVED it, but I cant deny I think it had editing help since she wrote it. Agreed on Susan. xo

  28. Ode says:

    Well Steven Powell is dead along with his secrets. Maybe someone will find something in his belongings that will point to where Susan is.

    Forgive me Ode- I have no right to sit in judgement of any man, way above my pay grade, lol, but I pray that God shows no mercy to this demon’s soul. I once poured through about 1200 pages of discovery and court transcripts that told me all about this man and whatever the Hell alternate species he is/was. This was before Josh murdered his own babies. I said (then) to my colleague that I was 100% confident that Powell was a victim (and now abuser) of familial cyclical abuse and if left unsupervised he would either flee with the kids or kill them. I sincerely hope you are right, but I am not persuaded that Josh would ever have trusted Steven with that information.

  29. Ode says:

    Thanks Blink for your response. I have always felt Steven helped Josh with putting Susan where she is today but if Josh did not trust his father I can certainly see him not asking for assistance. I wonder if Steven would allow Josh to keep that secret after he came back to Washington. What a screwed up family and so tragic with all the damage and pain they caused to the Cox’s.
    Hope you are doing well. :)

    I can only say I sure hope for the Cox family sake they can inter (or whatever their choice) their daughter with her boys.
    I am not sentimental about what we leave behind in terms of our decomposing bodies (sorry, I analyze autopsy protocols for a living, its necessary), however, I strongly believe that memorializing and recovering our loved ones is proper for us and for them.

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