Amber Alert: Haleigh Cummings 5, Dad to Marry Babysitter Girlfriend

Posted by BOC Staff | Haleigh Cummings,Missing Persons | Monday 9 March 2009 3:46 pm

Palatka, FL– The Father of missing 5 year old Haleigh Cummings, Ronald Cummings, has asked his girlfriend, Misty Croslin age 17 to marry him.

The couple was spotted outside the Putnam County Courthouse, Misty was proud to show off her new ring.


“Everybody’s probably going to take this marriage thing the wrong way but it’s not,” said Croslin. “Everything’s still focused on Haleigh. This is what Haleigh wanted. She’s always talked about it.. She even used to call me Mom..”

Because Misty Croslin is under the age of 18, her parents must authorize the paperwork for the marriage license. No date has been announced, but Ron Cummings popped the question in front of family and friends at a dinner at Chilis.

 Watch Interview of Misty Croslin here.

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  1. mamacrazy30 says:

    why in the world do they think that now is a good time to get married? is Ronald afraid of stat rape charges? where did they get the money to buy the ring? nobody’s been working for about a month. i really want to believe that the family wasn’t involved in this, but as time goes by i am starting to have my doubts.

  2. Annals says:

    Blink; your headline on this one says it all.

  3. Blink says:


    Double ugh.

    What the hell else do I say? God Bless Haleigh.


  4. [...] Palatka, FL– The Father of missing 5 year old Haleigh Cummings, Ronald Cummings, has asked his girlfriend, Misty Croslin age 17 to marry him. [...]

  5. helpthemissingchildren says:

    “Everybody’s probably going to take this marriage thing the wrong way but it’s not,” said Croslin. “Everything’s still focused on Haleigh. This is what Haleigh wanted. She’s always talked about it.. She even used to call me Mom..”

    Misty talks about Haleigh in past tense!! Very telling and sad!!

  6. Kleat says:

    Yes, and repeatedly uses the past tense and does not catch herself. How many polygraphs did she ‘pass’??? (or I should say, how many was she given? More than one for sure)

  7. Kleat says:

    Does marriage afford either spouse protection from testifying against the other if they know now, or learn after marriage, that either had some involvement?

  8. chitown lady says:

    Wife and husband can t be made to testify against each other…..Simple fact….I think this guy is a pedofile wanta be. there is something wrong with guy who feels the need to date someone soo young…Isn t it againt the law in Flordia? She is only a kid. look at the way she acts..Something isn t right here. I am sorry this beautiful child is missing. but this whole family really reeks of low class trailer trash…..these kids might need to be taken away from this family. What is the parents of the bride to be thinking?????? If a guy that old wanhted to even date my daughter, Id kick his butt down my stairs. TOO OLD!

  9. CC says:

    I give the marriage six weeks.

  10. whatchadoin says:

    I can’t believe Misty’s comments on how Haleigh wanted them to get married…yes, she might have called her mom but…a child as young as Haleigh WOULD NOT say for her dad and live-in, underage girl to get married for God’s sake. Misty and Ron are as guilty as sin. My theory is that Misty opened the back door, turned the light on, went to the bathroom that was the farthest one from the bedroom, put the cinderblock on the outer door…she carried Haleigh, still asleep, to the back entrance, out the door, and down the steps where Ron, who just got off of work, and he did the crime. He really needs to be treated as the perpetrator with Misty as his accomplice. The time-line would put Ron at the house around the time Misty said she went to the bathroom. And now….they are announcing that they will be marrying,made a big deal out of giving Misty the ring at Chili’s, they are acting like nothing has ever happened, like Haleigh’s disapperance….they are lying through their teeth. No wonder Ron doesn’t want to go back into his ‘house’ !

  11. CC says:

    I saw a plea, today, by Ron (with sunglasses on) he talked into the
    camera, saying “You will always be Daddy’s Little Girl”…What kind of plea was that? Everyday in everyway, they are loosing their grieving facade. It is my opinion, that these people have very dark souls.

  12. mamacrazy30 says:

    well, they’ve tied the “NOT” already so it seem. God help Haleigh.

  13. jnco124 says:

    I recently heard that an AC repairman was in the home on the day she was abducted. He was cleared by police, but isn’t everyone still a suspect? Were there keys laying around that could have been lifted and replace later when the abduction took place? If Misty didn’t leave the home she wouldn’t necessarily notice keys missing. Did someone have access to the keys long enough to make copies at some point in the weeks or days leading up to the night of the crime? Also everyone says that the door had a dead-bolt on it. Do all the doors in the home have dead-bolts? Just because someone may have left through the backdoor, doesn’t mean they came in it. Anyone with access to the inside of the home could have unlocked a window in about 2 seconds. Were all the windows checked before Misty went to bed?

  14. Blink says:

    I’ll be honest #13
    I watched Ron and his Mum on NG this evening, I feel less comfortable about this guy than I ever did. Did anyone catch his *under his breathe* reference to the cousin Joe was not at his home that day correcting his Mum?

    What’s with that? I fear people hiding their own habits maybe hindering an investigation into finding this child.

  15. CC says:

    He does seems to talk “through his teeth” to women, at least to Merdith on NBC. I find it very odd for a 25 year old man to talk through his teeth or (like you said) under his breathe. He has no
    love for Crystal, I find that distasteful, she is the mother to his
    two children. I like Crystal more on every interview, and I think R.C.
    looks more like a skunk, everytime, he opens his mouth, or talks under
    his breathe, it so creepy. He looks to me like Ted Bundy.

  16. Jamie says:

    I have a question I am hoping somebody can answer. Misty claims the SCREEN door was propped open with a block. She woke up, saw kitchen light on, and noticed the screen door open. BUT, when the media did the walkthrough of the house, they showed that BOTH doors, the metal door, and the screen door close automatically. So if the metal was closed, which it HAD to be, how could she even tell that the screen door was open? As far as I know, she has never said she opened the metal door to find the screen door open, she has only said that upon seeing the kitchen light on, she went into the kitchen to see the screen door open. Any ideas?

  17. CC says:

    She said that a Rock was holding the metal door open, that
    a brick (cinder block) held the screen door open.

  18. Wayne Deja says:

    I feel so sorry for the little girl….If you look up the word”trailer trash”in the dictionary,it shows a photo of the whole family…Here is a 17 year old “air-head girlfriend ,wife,of a 25 year old ex-girlfriend that lost custody of her child…a family that has obvious drug history,and problems…people are not telling the truth….who knows what could have happened that nite?Maybe Misty sold her for a bag of weed..maybe she was jealous of the little girl,and got rid of her…maybe she was passed out from partying,and someone did come in and take her….I do not think we will ever know the truth….there is a loy of water in the area…my guess is she was killed and dumped…so sad…

  19. Wayne Deja says:

    How much do you want to bet,soon Misty will have a “book deal”….and offers to pose for Playboy,and Hustler magazines….which I bet she will accept!!!

  20. Wayne Deja says:

    Date…Feb,3,2010……Now all the major players are in jail for dealing drugs….WOW…What a group of bums.Since they aren’t going to tell the truth about anything,charge,convict,and sentance them for the drugs…the max…and just keep them all in prison,so as to protect any future children these losers might have…

  21. Wayne Deja says:

    Date…August 23,2010…..From the looks of things,Misty and Ron both look like balloons now after sitting in jail…and eating.What a trailer trash family!!!!!!!

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