Sandra Cantu Laid To Rest

Tracy, CA-  This morning, Family and Friends of murdered 8 year old, Sandra Cantu, gathered for a private funeral service.

An invitation only funeral procession, and memorial service for Sandra’s family, classmates, and select Tracy Police Department Officials was held today at Fry Memorial Chapel. There were approximately 1000 in attendance.

Sandra’s aunt, Angie Chavez, read a poem written by the bubbly, doe-eyed princess we all saw for the last time skipping down her street. Sandra’s classmates were then invited to say goodbye to her at her casket.

The funeral proceeded to Sandra’s final resting place, The Tracy Mausoleum.

Tomorrow afternoon, a public memorial which is expected to draw thousands,  will be held in Sandra’s honor.  The public service is scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday at the West High School gym, 1775 W. Lowell Ave. While the facilities will accomodate almost 8000 guests, there is only parking for 500.  Several shuttles have been contracted for the event and is expected to stave off the parking issue.

The Editor, Readers, and staff of Blink on Crime wish to offer our prayers and condolences to Sandra’s friends and family.

 AND, to us.  We never got the opportunity to meet this special young lady; but we love her and seek justice on her behalf  regardless.

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  1. Scoop says:

    I still hope these are the killers of JonBenet.

    Don’t you think it’s rather sacreligious to murder JonBenet on Christmas?



    … and, now, he’s Christian, on Easter.

    Look REAL close!

    The first thing I saw was Denver.

    His DEEPEST secret!


  2. Scoop says:

    I wrote to one of the editors of the Denver Post.

    If this is him, we need to let John Ramsey know…

    He’ll know what to do.



  3. Scoop says:

    Justice for Sandra!

  4. stinaberry says:

    now it seems like MH’s friends are trying to make everyone feel bad for her saying she was raped by a cop when she was 18. psh..

  5. deena says:

    Do you think the defense may be trying to say that the molestation/rape did not occur during her murder? Could they try to say that someone else had been molesting Sandra prior to her abduction and that Melissa “accidentally” killed her (and put her body in a suitcase andt thew it in an irrigation pond, and had the nerve to attend a vigil…etc etc) but was not involved in raping her? I am not knowledgable in forensics but with the body in water for a long period of time would the autopsy be able to show the time in which the rape occured? I wouldn’t put it past a defense attorney to do this (sorry for offending any defense attorneys on here)

    I think they might try, yes.

  6. Scoop says:

    So she rapes and murders a baby child
    because she doesn’t like law enforcement?

    Everyone becomes a victim in their own mind
    once the true victim can’t speak for herself.

    Mercy? I prefer that she talk…
    What was she doing to Sandra and why?
    Did Christian Sinclair catch it all on film?

    What does it mean if someone is impeding an investigation?
    Doesn’t that make him an accessory because he knew of the crime
    and tried to hide it? Does his brother exist or was it just another name for himself? Christian Sinclair imo holds the key.


    How long before we get an autopsy? What kind of abuse was Miss Ditch Piggy’s mom referring to? Rape with a foreign object? A little XXXX rated S&M… or was it a case of ligature?

    I did not catch where the tox went, but within 4 weeks I would guess. My guess is thought that they already have a COD via external exam, but the tox would provide any contributing factors.

  7. KellyBear says:

    Will someone please explain the comments about Denver & Sinclair…I must have missed something in the news??? What’s going on…is there someone in Denver who has information about this case? or are you talking about a different case entirely??

  8. Jaelin says:

    I would like to know if comment #56 is based on speculation or fact, and if in fact, could you state your references please?

  9. Tracy_girl_20 says:

    Blink, can you clarify something for me? I understand Daniel Cantu had been estranged from Sandra for about a year; and that there is not a good relationship between the Cantus and the Chavez family. I have read comments elsewhere that the Cantus were not allowed to attend the private funeral. Is this true? Also, is Daniel Cantu the father of Sandra’s siblings ?
    Cantu is Sandra’s Father only. I apologize in advance, but if the Chavez family is not commenting on the rest who am I to?

  10. Tams says:

    I, too, am perplexed and frustrated by the multiple cryptic posts (starting at post #40 through #56) by Scoop . . . repeating KellyBear’s plea, could you please explain yourself? Thank you.

    Scoop- I have to agree, can you post a succint version of what your referrring to? I am missing the connection to the Ramsey case altogether.

  11. Jaelin says:

    I found this article on the cbs 13 website.

    Do you suppose there is any meaning behind “acted alone” as opposed to saying “she was the only person ‘involved’”?

    (Also, I it just occured to me that we may all be playing a game of charades in which Blink knows the answer and can’t tell us even if we guess right…)

  12. Scoop says:

    It’s just a hunch…

    Women make a living out of performing homosexual acts…
    But, I think there’s more to the story than that.

    How about this:

    Brandon Sinclair Branded JonBenet in Boulder?
    Merry Christmas!

    Christian Sinclair Christened Sandra Cantu in Sacramento
    Happy Easter!

    ( Lawless sounds a lot like Lewis)


    Emanual Sinclair Enunciates Stephanie Enuffalready in Santa Fe
    Happy Holidays!


    I know it sounds silly… but I’m sure you get the point.
    This lunatic can reinvent himself and he does it based
    on the names and locations of the victim and perhaps
    the occasion.

    Why would a woman intentionally swallow razor blades?
    Wouldn’t it be more likely that one would have razors
    jammed down their throat? Is that a sexual act for the
    viewing audience… Or, simply, a means to silence her,
    forever; or both?

    There wasn’t any evidence left on JonBenet until they
    finally found a small speck of DNA on her underware. The
    biggest break was the introduction of touch DNA. JonBenet
    was murdered in her parents basement on Christmas night in
    what was the most shocking crime ever committed. Is it not
    as shocking to have a child murdered in a church around

    There are definately similarities… even the suicide of
    ‘Brandon’ or in the case of Melissa, the attempt.

    We haven’t had a report of the autopsy yet, but we do know
    that Sandra was molested with a foreign object, just like
    JonBenet. I have a feeling there are going to be even
    more similarities.

  13. Scoop says:

    The reason I’m concerned is because Christian Sinclair and anyone else involved can disappear just like that… much like the thousands of sex offenders do. We knew that the killer(s) of Jon Benet would eventually raise their heads. I don’t want to take the chance of waiting another 13 years until it happens again.

    It’s not too much to ask that some DNA be tested… is it?


    I love your site!

    Scoop- I gotta correct you there. Christian Sinclair IS NOT a registered sex offender, therefore to elude to him as one would be irresponsible. He has not been charged with any crime resulting from this case so far, and he may not be, I want to be on the record this is no witch hunt. I/we report facts, not unsubstantiated rumor.


  14. Scoop says:

    I didn’t say Sinclair was a sex offender. BTW – neither was Melissa.
    re-read your comment, you most certainly lumped him in, whether intentional or not.

  15. doubledecker says:

    I know exactly what you are saying.
    thanks for the slew of info
    It pains me to have to always look for this stuff
    To Much trouble sometimes.

    drink some port and celebrate.
    some of us are not rich and drink what we can afford, uh,
    hope you solve this case.

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