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Tracy, CA– In a case that has baffled some of the most prestigious clinical minds and profiling experts in the country, has uncovered the latest bombshell in the background of Melissa Huckaby.

Huckaby’s five year old daughter, currently the subject of a brutal child custody dispute between her Father, Johnny Huckaby, and her maternal grandmother, Judy Lawless, is NOT an only child.


 A source within the Lawless Church Community who has known the Lawless’s for over 40 years has confirmed Melissa Huckaby has a toddler son; also in the custodial care of Judy Purks Lawless. As he is a minor, and given the nature of the crimes his mother is currently charged with, we will not be releasing his identity or exact age. He is not the child of Johnny Huckaby, the tot Mom’s former husband.


Researchers at became alarmed upon hearing this information as their has not been a single statement by Tracy PD, the Lawless family, or any friend or associate about the child, or who his father might be.

Judy Lawless had been in Oregon since the day after Sandra Cantu’s disappearance on March 28, until recently, following a judges temporary decision to award custody of her granddaughter to John Huckaby. After pleading with a judge, Lawless won a reversal to that order and is due back in court July 6th. It is not known if her grandson is with her presently, or if he remained at the family ranch in Grant’s Pass Oregon.

This latest development comes on the heals of the release of evidence involving the new charges against Huckaby, which are not covered in the gag order.

Tracy PD found a very interesting search on Huckaby’s computer. Huckaby had a particular interest in a murder case of a 4 year old girl, Rose Pizam, a child of French descent living in Jerusalem. There were multiple searches on the hard drive of this case, although Tracy PD has not released the dates of the searches.

Rose Pizm, was allegedly murdered by her grandfather and her Mother, who were lovers and the parents to two other young daughters. She was missing several months when divers found her remains following Ron Ronalds’ confession to her murder, in a red suitcase in the Yardok river.’


Video Report here.

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  1. Marella says:

    From KCRA website:

    Huckaby Refused Food, ‘Took Pills’ –
    SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. — A Tracy woman charged with murdering and raping an 8-year-old girl has been displaying strange behavior in jail, according to reports.

    Melissa Huckaby, 28, has been charged with murdering Sandra Cantu, whose body was found in a suitcase pulled from an irrigation pond 10 days after she went missing.

    Huckaby’s behavior in August prompted four different jail incident reports…..

  2. Marella says:


    DA Seeks Death Penalty For Huckaby
    Woman Accused Of Killing Sandra Cantu

    STOCKTON, Calif. — The San Joaquin County district attorney is seeking the death penalty for Melissa Huckaby, who is charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 8-year-old Sandra Cantu.

    Huckaby asked for a new attorney in her case on Thursday, but the judge denied her request.

    A trial date for Huckaby has not been set.

    The prosecution wants the trial to start within the next 60 to 90 days, but the defense said it wants the trial to start in about a year and a half.

  3. radiogirl says:

    What’s going on with this case….anybody know….SilentOne?

    I’m still stuck on the “evidence that could exonerate Huckaby but could also be embarassing for others in this case” crap.

    Blink,anything new here on this case?

  4. Silent One says:

    It seems like a stalling tactic to me. Court trial date TBD Dec 4th hearing. As far as exoneration sounds like a media misprint to me because how can that be possible and not release that information. You can not hold someone in custody to keep from embarrassing some one else. You would think that if you were facing the death penalty and had your daughter taken away from you, you wouldn’t care who you have to embarrass to prove your innocence.

    I guess we will just have to play the waiting game, unless one of Melissa’s failed attempts to self demise works.

  5. Silent One says:

    BTW how come there has never been any mention on the status of Melissa’s toddler son? Seems he was forgotten and quick as he was made up.
    Definately real. There is a gag order in this case, fyi.

  6. Marie Scroggs says:

    I can’t wait to see you proved wrong regarding the toddler son – you are DEAD wrong on this one. I hope you are not too prideful to admit it!

    Nice to see you Marie. I am NOT wrong. If I were, I would have no problem divulging the erroneous source.

  7. Silent One says:

    So was this supposed toddler son involved in the incident for him to fall under the gag order? Or are you saying they will expect a toddler to testify, or are you saying you are personally involved in the case? Please explain.

    Im saying local reporting is not going to comment due to the gag order. I did see an email from an editor saying they checked it out and could not verify. There is a male child of this woman, I stand behind it and I will say the same thing to every person that posts here looking for the source and what they know. Respectfully, tough darts.

  8. Marie Scroggs says:

    There is NO male child. *redacted* is the sole child of Melissa. There is NO other. Melissa’s adopted younger sister has a brother in another state, but Melissa has NO toddler son. I say this with all due respect, Blink – I am 100% sure I’m right.

    With all due respect, we disagree.

  9. Silent One says:

    I am not nor have I been looking for your source. I know enough on my own. I was just curious as to why there has been no mention. I guess if he exists he must be well hidden for NO one to have found him yet, but in the same respect no one knows where Dan is either. Except for those on a ntkb.

    Heh? Who says he is missing?
    Need to Know basis? Are you insinuating Mr. Plowman is a protected witness?

  10. Silent One says:

    No I am speaking of the Media and how they love a story.
    Well I appreciate that, but as I know where he is, you can count me out, I say respectfully.

  11. Silent One says:

    I assume you are saying you know where the alleged toddler is because I highly doubt you know where Daniel resides.
    Because he was evicted from his last residence you mean?

  12. Silent One says:

    Also when I spoke with the news reporter he stated that an eviction would be a matter of public record and there is no eviction record for DP. That should clear up that allegation. As far as his whereabouts now I am assured no one knows.

    Silent, I am not going to hunt links, I promise you, in the news coverage of a former neighbor, that allegation is made. It is only public record if their is a legal proceeding. Frequently to avoid such an action, people split prior to the onset or, they dont have actual leases or whatever. I was repeating the neighbors interview article.
    I have already asked you this, are you saying he is a protected witness or just keeping a low profile pending trial?

  13. Silent One says:

    I saw the channel 5 news report in which the neighbors were being interviewed, two neighbors spoke giving conflicting stories regarding the eviction and tenants of the DP household. When I refused to give an interview the news reporter admitted that it was an erroneous news reporting. What do you mean by protected?
    Those are your words, no offense, I saw no retraction. What is your issue, I ask respectfully?

  14. radiogirl says:

    Hi Silent,

    I’m curious to know why would DP be a protected witness,if in fact he is.I can understand one not wanting to let the media know of one’s whereabouts should that be the case.Of course I realize a gag order is in place but how could there be evidence that exonerates Huckaby?

    Since I suspect that there could be others involved in this crime,is DP concerned for his safety?Melissa Huckaby’s family is highly suspect to me and I’d love to hear about the inner workings of this family.

  15. Marella says:

    Trial set for October 18, 2010 according to the KCRA website.


  16. Mary says:

    Holy cow How many times do people have 2 hear the words gag order !!!!!! 2 know what it means !! Everyone one from DP 2 son who’s father I belive is hispanic an worked with her at food 4 less now food max. He was on Film taking about her in the early hours of this mess. I was surprized 2 learn of her 5 year old little girl !!I thought intill Fred Williams name came up she only had the son ! I say this 4 2 resons Williams has a bad rap sheet that was available untill Gag order as one of Tracy’s 60 worst child molester’s an had ties 2 the park an chruch !!All so You never saw her with her daugther ever not even people who lived by them in park ever saw Madison we ,I thought the guy who she had the son with had his kid . Now it seems right her mom has him so her family or mom takes grand son not grand daughter ?? 2 have taken the boy an not the girl why ?? They or she grandma must of known something was wrong with her daughter Melissa Why let her keep one not the other ?? If other are embaraced oh well . Everyone important 2 this case is under gag order so you won’t find public record’s . I got one for you all why did the pastor move in the last few weeks who’s at his house from Oregan?? An has he still been leading his great cruch I do not think so !!!He new Please !!!No I’m not under gag order . Maybe I should be Lol. Gag order locks up every thing yes even public record’s Hello. Thank’s Blink This is bigger then just Huckaby you are right !!Puffery maybe

  17. Marella Kelley says:

    From the KCRA website 3/4/10:

    “Detectives in Huckaby case being investigated: The Tracy Police Department is conducting an internal investigation of its detectives regarding the Sandra Cantu case. At issue is whether any investigative rules were broken in that case, which led to the arrest of Melissa Huckaby…………Huckaby will return to court on April 18 for a weeklong hearing at which time her attorney will try to supress evidence that would be used in the upcoming trial.”

  18. Slowroller says:

    this will suck…Sandra’s case is how and when my wife and I found BOC…still thinking/wondering if there is a whole ring involved?!?

  19. MizFitz says:

    Melissa just pled guilty and June 14 has been set for sentencing.

  20. marella kelley says:

    As reported by KCRA website:

    Huckaby pleads guilty in Cantu slaying….

    STOCKTON, Calif. — A former Sunday school teacher pleaded guilty Monday to at least one charge in connection with the killing of 8-year-old Tracy resident Sandra Cantu.

  21. Amber says:

    I just saw this, this morning!

  22. marella kelley says:

    From the

    STOCKTON — Melissa Huckaby admitted guilt today to the murder and kidnapping last year of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu in a crime that shocked Tracy and captured national attention.

    The surprise development spares Huckaby, 29, of the possible death sentence, which prosecutors intended to seek in trail. Under the negotiated plea deal announced in a Stockton courtroom, Huckaby will spend the rest of her natural life in state prison.

    Huckaby pleaded guilty to murder with the special circumstance of kidnapping. All other charges against her were dropped, including charges of rape and poisoning.

  23. Marie Scroggs says:

    Blink – are you ready to concede that there is NO toddler son?

    No, because there is one.

    You ready to get a hobby?

  24. Marie Scroggs says:

    My husband said to tell you I’ll give you 5,000. if I’m wrong! I was in the court room today, Blink. If you’re going to report on crime, report the truth.

  25. Un Silent one says:

    If there is indeed a toddler son, it was a secret well kept because it was not known among the church or to Daniel who was dating her, nor her daughter ever mentioned a brother while playing with my daughter. It would be interesting to find out if she really did. MH never mentioned to me in any of conversations about another child. Although she did try to convince Daniel she was pregnant by him.

    I have no information about who the father is/was, and yes, it was a well kept secret.

  26. Maria Scroggs says:

    Melissa’s adopted sister has a brother that is sometimes considered to be a “well kept secret.” He is a very sweet, very handicapped child that was adopted by a family back East ten years ago. Melissa has NEVER had a child other than her six year-old daughter. I don’t mind you guys discussing the details of this horrific crime. I just mind inaccurate media. I’m as close as you can get to the source – there is not now, nor has there every been a son. Respectfully – Maria

  27. coney says:

    Well, the detective said, “Well, we can’t prove it,”
    15 so it never went anywhere, no one was ever arrested. REDACT
    16 mother just made sure REDACT never hung out with Melissa
    17 again or Melissa’s children. From page 11 of the grand jury transcripts.

  28. SpookyLilGirl says:

    I dont care if she had 100 other children. She murdered a child plain and simple. I cant even begin to understand how that little girls family feels. From all the news peice I have read in just a short 30 minutes, it appears she demonstrated behavior that points to strange if not mentally deficient for more then a year now. We can only hope the system will keep her away from children for the rest of her life.

  29. Mary Christian says:

    Was Melissa molested by her grandfather or another church member

    I cant prove it, but it is my sincere belief, yes.

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