Folsom, CA– As Melissa Huckaby awaits her arraignment in court this afternoon in San Joaquin County, has discovered the arrest last week of Timothy John Lawless, a relative to Huckaby and the Lawless family. Folsom Police Department verified this afternoon Lawless was arrested on April 15. 


Timothy Lawless was arrested on THE EXACT SAME SEX CHARGE AS Huckaby. Lawless is in custody at the Sacramento County Jail under a $1Million Bond, charged with 10 counts of lewd and lacivious acts on a child under 14.

288.  (a) Any person who willfully and lewdly commits any lewd or
lascivious act, including any of the acts constituting other crimes
provided for in Part 1, upon or with the body, or any part or member
thereof, of a child who is under the age of 14 years, with the intent
of arousing, appealing to, or gratifying the lust, passions, or
sexual desires of that person or the child, is guilty of a felony and
shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three,
six, or eight years.

 Lawless is also charged with rape with a foreign instrument, but formal charges have not been formalized by the DA. Lawless’s next appearance in court is scheduled for May 14, 2009. 

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  1. Shorty says:

    Did this thread get moved somewhere else or did it just stop?

  2. Marella says:


    It appears to have just stopped. However, Tim is due in court tomorrow – 6/9 8:30am.
    Correct, Has not stopped, no new news.

  3. Marella says:

    Next court appearance 06/30/09 at 08:30 AM dept 63
    Thanks for posting that Marella, I did not get to check that yet.
    All those conferences with no status change.hmm.

  4. CB says:

    Blink, have now read thru all 503 comments here. Remember me “onionskin” from the Caylee site? I’m still lurking/learning. I wonder if others are really reading, I think I get it though, MH and TL related; crimes not related.?? Am still more than amazed at all the great info and posts re: research done. And now on a new thread we have a todler in the mix. More WOW!

  5. rebel says:

    I think after all the research that’s been done, one can safely say they’re NOT related… But believe what you want to believe, don’t let facts get in your way…

    See it through Rebel.

  6. Al Miller says:

    What is a good resource for parents to read more “word for word” exact dialogue of conversations to have with their kids about watching out for sex offenders, inappropriate behavior, etc.? Any websites with scripts or else safety movies made for this purpose?

    Ok, I EXPECT the professionals on this site to answer this gentleman. What an excellent question..

  7. Al Miller says:

    And also, it is lady, for the record, :) and my audience would be a 4-1/2 year old. THANK YOU!! :)
    My apologies and My Bad, Al.

  8. Brenda in KY says:

    Hi Al,

    Here is a link to an article that helped me figure out how to word what I was going to say to my 8 yr old granddaughter…however, it would probably help you with a dialogue with your 4 1/2 yr old. I haven’t seen a word for word script (although they are probably out there).

    Here’s another one….,2933,209058,00.html

    I hope this helps and if I find anymore I will post them here….

  9. Al Miller says:

    You guys rock, Thank You!! I’m going to check these links out right now!

  10. Marella says:

    Next Court date 7/7 – 8:30am

    Thank you Marella, I might have missed that today.

  11. Marella says:

    Blink, another SC on the 7th. Below is the outcome of yesterday. Does this mean he’s got a new attorney??? Public Defender?

    06/30/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 COUNSEL CAC
    06/30/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 COUNSEL PD/DC/CNFL
    06/30/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 SC CONT

  12. Marella says:

    Next court date: 7/28 at 8:30 Dept 63

  13. Marella says:

    His 8th appearance this morning, I believe. Settlement Conference and a Motion to Append.
    I know, what were they appending, checked docket yesterday, no explanantion. Upgraded charges or Bail mods?


  14. Marella says:

    Not sure what the Append is, but he’s back in lockup. Next court date 9/15 8:30 Dept. 63. I assume it’s been continued again..court site won’t be updated until late today or even tomorrow.

  15. Marella says:

    It appears the motion to ammend was granted and there is a plea.

  16. Marella says:

    He’s apparently going to trial.
    11/10/2009 8:45 AM Department 04 Downtown Courthouse – 720 Ninth Street Sacramento, CA 95814 TRIAL
    11/04/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 Sacramento County Main Jail – 651 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 TRC
    10/07/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 Sacramento County Main Jail – 651 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 FURTHPRO

    Withdrew the plea either on his part or the states, are there any changes in charges?
    Thanks for posting.

  17. Marella says:

    No changes to the charges that I can see, however, he did receive a CAC again. Something changed.

    Right, I thought so. It is possible it is sealed at this point, not sure.

  18. Marella says:

    Yesterday’s activity:

    Hearing History:
    Date Time Department Reason Outcome
    09/15/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 COUNSEL CAC
    09/15/2009 8:30 AM Department 63 PLEA HTA

    Not sure what the HTA (Held to Answer) means?

    The 11/10 in Dept 4 is open court, I believe.

  19. scaredmom says:

    This is putting me in a panic. I KNOW this guy!!!!! I wondered what happened to him! Oh, I am so SICK!!! I hope you will post the result of the 11/10 hearing.

  20. Marella says:

    02/02/2010 8:45 AM Department 04 Downtown Courthouse – 720 Ninth Street Sacramento, CA 95814 TRIAL

    01/12/2010 1:35 PM Department 63 Sacramento County Main Jail – 651 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 TRC

    Did you see that coming?

  21. Marella says:

    No. I thought there would be a Plea and that would be that. I certainly plan on attending.

  22. radiogirl says:

    Hi Blink,
    Looking in on Sandra Cantu thread.Can you give me your perspective on this development?


  23. radiogirl says:

    T.Lawless he is going for a trial and no plea?There were a number of arrests directly after MH was arrested herself and I strongly believe there is a connection between all of them.

    Any more word on Granpa Lawless and past allegations.I do realize there is a gag order but sometimes there are updates.

    Errg. Ugh. Aw, mmm. Not that I can comment on, sorry. Possibly closer to his court date.

  24. radiogirl says:

    Ok Gotcha I’ll sit on my hands till then…..thank you.

  25. Marella Kelley says:

    Next court date

    2/9/10 8:45 Dept 4

  26. Plead Guilty on all 10 counts. For those of you who didn’t believe, I am sorry that you now have seen the truth that we wish didn’t exist. I hope you can feel and pray for the victims involved that have to carry this with them.

    My prayers are with his victims and I hope he never sees the outside again.

  27. Marella says:

    3/26/10 – Probation Hearing J&S (judgment and sentencing)

  28. disappointed says:

    TL got 6 years with time served. Justice system doesn’t work in CA!

  29. radiogirl says:

    Just 6 years !!!!!!! PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!

    WHAT? I thought she was sentenced until tom?

  30. hi all, i lived in san joaqun county and this whole case just sickens me. i was just reading “the illuminatis formula to create an undectable mind control…” you can google that im sure i fudged the title ( apologies) anyway, this lawless family sounds to me like multi generational incest the government pays them to keep sexually abusing each other because a child that comes from this cycle of filth has the ability to dissociate easily because of all the violence. i bet that most of these babies that are born to these families are all born prematurely, which is a way to introduce trauma to the fetus. melissa, i’m willing to bet is MPD ( Multiple personality disorder) which is now DID ( dissociative identity disorder) in order to have the mind split it must be traumatized over and over again. I’m going to search for more on melissa’s mental health or if anyone knows this information please let me know. this is all tied to the illuminati families, who are all MGI families, like paris and nicky hilton, casey johnson, etc…the reason why these psychos keep slipping out of the grasp of the law is because there is a major cover up going on. i believe that sandra was most likely used in a “snuff” film in which young children are filmed being raped and killed. only the world leaders and political heavyweights have access to this “porn” i am sure that this was the case with jon benet ramsey as well. please protect your children. i am not a psychiatrist, just a scared mother of five, what is to become of us if the new world order is implemented and carried out. we dont have much time, please wake up

  31. btw…please google kim noble, an artist who has mpd, one of her “alters” paints her childhood traumas

  32. disappointed says:

    Yes just 6 years…but a year of that was in the co jail so 5 more to go which typically means 2 and a half with good behavior. And I’m pretty sure scaremonkeys have found no family relation between TL and the Tracy,CA Lawless’…so that’s off the table. What the fact that TL was molesting a little girl for SEVERAL months without anybody knowing and he only got 6 years for it!

  33. Rebel says:

    Wow – Illuminati plots, mind control. Glad to see Nutjobland remains unchanged, I haven’t been here for a long time. I see that this Lawless was never tied to Melissa Huckaby, like I said so long ago…

    I just came here to see if you had anything on Dalene Carlson, she’s been missing for almost 3 weeks here in Stockton, doesn’t seem to be any media coverage beyond the local media. Maybe you could spread the word about her & maybe help get some additional resources involved. Peace

  34. Edward says:

    I have always felt the murder of Sandra was some form of Ritual murder inside of the church. That others were involved. Now there is this guy !! hmmmm

  35. marm says:

    Please explain how this lawless is not connected to huckaby. There has to be incest back generations, probably tied to men or women in the church or sister churches ”

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