Tracy, Ca– Announced on Kcra this evening, the FBI was in Clarkston, WA  at the First Church of God Church  and spoke with it’s pastor, Bill Creutzberg:

..” They were trying to put the pieces of their puzzle together, They were asking about certain people who might be able to lead them to other people. But I do not know exactly what they are looking for..” 

A source inside the investigation has confirmed to that they are investigating previous alleged abuse allegations within the church against Clifford Lane Lawless, Huckaby’s grandfather. 


In a simultaneous development, although Pastor Lawless was seen on camera last evening at the church following an announcement that services would remain there, FBI agents were back at the Clover Baptist Church. Police have indicated they believe Sandra Cantu, 8, was murdered there.

As their is a gag order in the case, attempts to confirm that a search warrant was issued at either location were refused.

Agents were seen entering the church for approximately 20 minutes, and left with a few “tubes” in their posession. There are unverified reports that the tubes taken into evidence are projection screens.  However, Blink on crime has learned that one of the items is a screen, and the others are blinds. The same source, speaking on condition of anonymity, indicated that Tracy Police and the FBI are in posession of video evidence containing footage of  blinds; thus the seizure.  The agents were seen removing the evidence without a CSI team which may indicate they do not suspect there is physical evidence to link them to Sandra’s murder.





Melissa Huckaby is due in court tomorrow to face charges of kidnapping, rape with a foreign object, child molestation and murder charges in the death of 8 year old Sandra Cantu. Her arraingment is scheduled for  1PM PST.

Check back to for updates.

Still Images courtesy of Klaasend

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  1. deena says:

    I was wondering how projection screens would be evidence, but after reading Brenda’s “armchair detective” comment I thought that maybe they were using projection screens or backdrops to block out the surroundings so that curtains etc wouldn’t be traceable during the filming??

    Seems the FBI is having the same hunches we are about Pastor Lawless.

  2. Ashley Marie says:

    what is the plea? I have looked high and low….

  3. Ashley Marie says:

    Never mind…. I just found it…. am leaving to vomit…. now.

  4. Roxane says:

    You rock Callit ,Connie Robertson and Connie Lawless may actually be the same people

  5. Roxane says:

    The reason pastor Lawless is sporting a goatee? To disguise the telling sign on pastor Robertson’s 1995 picture chin?

  6. Lynbit says:

    The website tracks allegations against clergy. They list the age for Washington state’s Pastor Robeson as 53 in 1998 — making him 63 now. Pastor Lawless is 77. There is an indication that Robeson stayed visible after being acquitted. HOWEVER, there were about 29 persons originally nabbed in “The Circle”; undoubtedly some would have left the area to seek a new life and possibly a new identity.

  7. kyrasmomma says:

    This is the FIRST site I check everyday…Blink you Rock!
    And by the way, I think Gramps is in on it, that’s why MH said in the beginning that the suitcase was hers and to leave her grandfather alone..the crimes against innocent helpless children must stop!

  8. radiogirl says:

    This man is being investigated for possible child abuse in several states by the FBI. Well….there you go.Watching carefully,thanks Blink.

    Which guy?

  9. radiogirl says:

    Grandpaw Lawless…..I’ve been looking in on the scaredmonkeys site from time to time and theres a few good reseachers who put a timeline up of CLLawless.He isn’t this Roberson person,as some have speculated. What I ‘d like to see as well is Fred Williams rap sheet if anyone can steer me to it.

    Blink,your site and sister site SM are the only places to find actual searching and inquiry into these cases.Very interesting forums.

  10. Dawne says:

    You all may think I’m crazy because of the “innocent till proven guilty thing” and, yes, I agree with the basic principle but I’m telling you right now….The GRANDFATHER AND THIS WILLIAMS GUY ARE INVOLVED AND THE MAIN PERPS!! Melissa H may have some involvement (past abuse from grandfather and created MPD issues that complies her to their orders to procure children) and MH IS TAKING THE FALL!! I know it, I know it, I KNOW it!…..

    I also think that it is truly possible that MH was telling the truth about the suitcase…putting it outside; goes outside and its gone; because G-PA and accomplice took it to dispose of the poor girl’s body!

    Blink,: WHy aren’t we hearing about the abuse allegations and the investigation of G-pa, etc. in the mainline news???

  11. radiogirl says:

    Dawne….do you live in Tracey? If so can you give us your information that led you to the post above? I suspect you are onto something concerning GF and Williams.

  12. swizzy says:

    I think and feel exactly like you. I have read so much about this case to be sure… here is to much wrong. What about the investigations in this case, what about the many open questions… what about the other involved guys in this case.. don’t stop to ask in this case… i will be watching this case in future and hope this crime will not be closed forver, before the other responcebles are found and also behind bars. Sorry for my english, greetings from europe.

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