Tracy, CA– Late yesterday afternoon, Prosecutors filed 3 new charges against Melissa Huckaby. On the eve of her hearing today to file her plea on the current charges for the rape, molestation and Murder of 8 year old Tracy resident Sandra Cantu.

Huckaby will now be facing additional charges of a single count of child endangerment, and 2 felony counts of furnishing a harmful substance although the substance in question is not identified.

In an earlier report on, the Mother of the 7 year old girl, named as Jane Doe in the charges, specified that benzoiates were found in her daughters system after she was taken from the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park without permission, and returned several hours later after being located by police.

In both counts of alleged poisoning, the complaint says Huckaby “did willfully and unlawfully mingle a harmful substance with food or drink with the intent that (it) be taken by a human being.”

The identity of the second victim named in the charges is Daniel Plowman. It is alleged Mr. Plowman was drugged by Huckaby in March 2009.

Blinkoncrime has learned that Plowman was arrested on March 3, 2009 for using or being under the influence of a controlled substance. It is not known if this Daniel J. Plowman is related to a D. Jonathan Plowman, age 62, who is listed as an absconded registered sex offender on the Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry.

Plowman2 (1)


Daniel’s myspace can be found here.    


It is also unknown if the new changes will affect the defense strategy for Public Defender Sam Behar during the hearing today at 1PM PST.

Check back to for breaking developments on this story  

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  1. Karen Lee says:

    A prayer for all those lost in service to our country since it was founded. God bless every one.

    Re: #44 Blink: If they did check the child but did nothing because a parent was “less than a pristine parent” … shame on the cops who dismissed it w/o thorough investigation. One would think LE would err on the side of overly-cautious where children are concerned.

    I agree w/you LE should have advised all parents to “keep a close watch on their kids” at least. Rather than let everyone believe it was a “one-off” crime.

    I guess we need TV shows and movies on this new type of cyber crime. Everybody knows about perverts and child porn –but NOT in a close knit family community like Sandra’s. Now knowing MH stood to profit off that child (and who knows how many MORE they haven’t uncovered) she deserves what fellow prisoners will do to HER when they get the chance. (Along with her sitting on death row a few years).

    It’s a sad, sad product of society that LE looks down on people w/troubled pasts to the degree they do. The “cop mentality” is a byproduct of being around the worst of the worst day-in/day-out. I think things like this happen all too often and tragic cases should serve as reminders to everybody involved w/kids should take closer looks.

    Since criminals repeat their crimes so frequently, maybe they should all get GPS locators implanted. If you do the crime, you do the time -and get an IMPLANT. Criminals should face a loss of their civil rights in cases like these.

  2. Tina says:

    “I have great respect for Sgt. Sheneman, but I DID NOT agree with his comments early on that MH acted alone. I think that breads a false sense of security, imo.”


    So true, Blink….whether it was to keep it quite and to investage others, it simply leaves the public “tracy” feeling a sense of letting their guard down. I’m lucky to have found and, where I learn from. I will never be letting my guard down.

  3. FairestWitness says:

    Thanks for your comments, Blink. I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, too. But in this case, Melissa Huckaby’s criminal behavior toward the drugged child, they let their low opinion of the victim’s mother prevent them from protecting and serving her rights. They did not do the job they’re paid to do. That’s the bottom line.

    Brenda in Virginia, I am appalled by the entire judicial system and this crap about the right to privacy. I thought the finding in this case was that the VA Tech administration had improperly interpreted and applied the regulations to Mr. Cho. They allowed the privacy legislation to intimidate them into accepting, tolerating & accepting dangerous conduct. Instead of challenging this in court, they avoided the conflict. In short, they wimped out and the result was Cho’s danger escalated into the massacre.

    Brenda, as a society, we’ve become a bunch of weak-willed cowards. We excuse every kind of bad behavior, explain away evil with misapplied psychiatric diagnoses. When civilized society loses the courage to confront evil, it ceases to be civil. We have descended into hell and we must find our way back to passing JUDGMENT against the lawless and violent among us. Had Mr. Cho been harshly and severely dealt with when he set that fire in his dorm, he would have been stopped dead in his tracks. That’s the sad truth.

  4. Sacsayhuan says:

    MackiezMom — regarding your comments. The police did not believe the mother of the 7 year old because “she was drinking ?” But they believed the Sunday School Teacher ! Bad choice – maybe now people will not stereotype so quickly and respect everyone’s concerns !

  5. Sacsayhuan says:

    Don’t get me started on the POLICE DEPARTMENTS. Have you spoken to any lately in your community ? Do they act like they are friends trying to help ? HMMMM

  6. Sacsayhuan says:

    I wanted to add to last comment. I owned a retail shop for years. One of my employees stole from me and I could prove it. The officer acted like I was the criminal when I filled out the report !! He had to pay it back, but it was not easy on my side.

    Someone saw someone hauling my goods over my fenced in area and called the police. They never came – but the police called me at home – nice, but I was out of town. After returning, and finding out the situation, I called in the report – they didn’t do anything and I had everything on my shop’s security camera ! I got the license plate number from the witness – took care of it myself. Just contacted the thief and suggested she not do it again and she returned the items she walked off with. Can you imagine this !

    From what I understand unless it is something big, they ignore it. And I do not want to hear about we don’t have enough police or they are not paid enough. I wish I had their paid holidays, perks like insurance and cars.

  7. Ashley Marie says:

    I have been glued to this case… as with all cases that Blink brings to light. I am going to be very honest and share about myself, just so those that live in the vanilla world get it. I live a SAFE SANE CONSENSUAL lifestyle. I have a Master and He does as he pleases however, it’s always what I want. I get so pissed at these cases with children and being used for what the ADULTS want. There are plenty of adults who would be more than happy to please. My Master is an attorney and I told him today that all peds should be sentenced to death. Chemical and surgical castration do not help. Statistics show. My heart breaks every time I hear of a case like this. It breaks into the tiniest shards. I choose the life I lead. I love the private life I lead. I am educated. I make very good money and have the life many wish they had. Sure I’m into kink but the is MY choice. These other ****tards, take the innocense of children…. Blink, please post my response. I want others to know. You can be into kink and not into sick shit like these people are.

  8. sweetpea says:

    Now that Melissa’s ex-husband and mother are fighting over custody of Madison. I see where she had taken Madison to stay with family in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    Somewhere in the search for the relationship (Melissa/Timothy) Scared Monkey’s was looking at a family connection of Timothy Lawless in Grants Pass, Oregon. If I remember correctly it had to do with a roofing company. Do you recall?

    Also, I am praying that this relation they have been staying with is not connected to that Roy Master’s group (CULT!!!) in Grants Pass, Oregon. Talk about a bunch of losers. Roy Master’s is a mind control/Hypnotist FREAK! Have you ever heard his radio talk show? SCARY SCARY SCARY

    Yes, it is chronicled in full @

  9. sweetpea says:

    Sorry, for clarification: “she had taken Madison” I am referring to MH’s mother. Apparently, she had taken Madison the day Sandra went missing. Not sure how soon thereafter they went to Oregon.

  10. Bell says:

    A story ran a couple days ago on my local news about new evidence found on MH’s computer, but I have not seen this story being reported anywhere else. Prior to Sandra’s murder, MH supposedly searched multiple times the death of a 4 year old girl in Isreal. This poor little angel was murdered by her grandfather (the police think her mother was also involved), put in a suitcase and then dumped in a river. I don’t remember this being a big story in the U.S., so how did MH hear about it? The fact that she was aware of this case, and in a sense replicated it, is very interesting to me.
    Link to story:

  11. Me says:

    “I don’t remember this being a big story in the U.S., so how did MH hear about it? The fact that she was aware of this case, and in a sense replicated it, is very interesting to me.”

    MH doesn’t strike me as someone who would be reading the Jerusalem Post.

    Of course, it means that someone used her computer to conduct those searches…not necessarily MH.

    No she would not, but maybe someone else used the computer in question? The computer was seized from the Lawlessw residence, who says it has to be Huckaby?

  12. Sacsayhuan says:

    Hi Bell Post #60 !

    I hope you don’t mind – I posted your link on Scared Monkeys.

  13. Sacsayhuan says:

    This came from scared monkeys. This Wendy Murphy is trying to make a name for herself, but her facts are a little off !

  14. Ashley Marie says:

    Thanks, Blink for letting me speak my mind. This case and all other cases against innocent children just rip at my very soul.

  15. Me says:

    “The computer was seized from the Lawlessw residence, who says it has to be Huckaby?”

    Right. Anyone could have been using it.

    Really, MH does NOT strike me as someone who would ever think of reading an Israeli newspaper.

  16. mamacrazy30 says:

    jmo no one in that house struck me as someone who would read an Israeli newspapaer.

    Not necessarily true mama.

  17. hk says:

    Just throwing it out there – it is possible that this DP was some how involved/aware of the prior drugging and when caught be police, used MH as his excuse for being under the influence. ??

    Or also possible he willingly ingested something with her and later acted to victim to defend his actions.

    Or equally possible MH drugged him w/out his knowledge. But I’m not sure the events match this scenario.

  18. samehere says:

    I was thinking the same thing, mama (#66). Then again, they don’t exactly strike me as pastor, pastor’s wife, and Sunday school teacher either.

    Huckaby is NOT and NEVER was a Sunday School Teacher at Clover Baptist. She helped out in Bellflower occasionally.
    My question is, why say that if its a lie easily proven?

  19. mamacrazy30 says:

    talk to me blink-what do ya’ know;)–really all this is driving me crazy…i google, blink, follow links…going around in circles…and now with the ‘new’ kid…ughhh

  20. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I can’t keep up at sacredmonkeys… they talk to fast for me there. They are always like 200 pages ahead of me.

  21. MackiezMom says:

    Wait, wait, wait… the guy got arrested when he ran into the “golden arches” at mickey-dee’s, right? And his car was impounded at that point. But the tow yard called the police, because he appeared too intoxicated to pick up his vehicle?

    Uhm… was he under the influence on two separate occasions? If he was jailed, and his car was towed from McDonald’s, and then he was drugged when he went to pick it up, it would seem that he had some drugs on board from a separate incident? Did he get arrested twice for being under the influence?

  22. FlyOnTheWall says:

    DP is a big time druggey- he also is a dead beat dad (many kids with many mommas). There is more here than meets the eye (Blink I knew him many many years ago, thats how I know)
    I dont doubt you, I have heard a few similar things about him.

  23. Angela says:

    I watched the video (above post # 60) and then googled the phrase “Grandfather doesn’t love me” (which appeared as one headline in the vid), and the 2nd listing that comes up is a story about the girl Rose Pizam’s murder.
    My point is that MH could have arrived at the story about Rose from any # of directions on the internet, not necessarily browsing the Jerusalem Post. Or has the specific search been documented?

    No, and I tend to agree with your thinking. The date of the searching will account for everything in this regard, I believe.

  24. Silent one says:

    Nice try “fly on the wall” but you don’t know what your talking about. I know Dan. All I can say for you is you must know some shady people I’d hate to see who you hang with but it isn’t with the Dan involved in this case. I have known him for over 10 years. These stories you hear are made up drama because the Media is making up whatever they can to get a story. They have nothing on him and don’t even know where he is. The people that really know Daniel aren’t talking so the media has nothing. So they make stuff up and people like you who don’t know anything makes up stories for your 15 seconds of fame. SO next time time try knowing what you are talking about before you start running your mouth. If you know him so well, why don’t you go ahead and tell us how you know him and I can confirm if you are full of BS or not.

    Not so silent one- How about I do the same- Why was he evicted? How many kids does he have? Does he have any relatives in the joint? Who are you suggesting does not know where he is?
    That way, I CAN confirm if you really know him. Fair?

  25. Silent one says:

    I don’t really need to prove who I am because I am not the one making up false rumors about him. I do know all the answers to the questions, Like for 1 he wasn’t even evicted he moved out. I am suggesting the Media does not know where he is. I know where he is because I just got off the phone with him. I am just suggesting that if people don’t know the facts then why say anything? Are their lives so boring they need to make up drama? Being in the media light isn’t so wonderful.

    I believe you do know him because only a friend would support the “he moved out” theory. It only counts when you move out before the proceedings start and your rent is current. How about the how many kids he has question, and who their mom is?

  26. Silent one says:

    I am!

    I know, that’s why I asked you. I appreciate your honesty. I also know that Melissa spent a great deal of time with Daniel. Are you aware of her son? Why do you think she did it?

  27. Silent one says:

    I am only made a comment to defend Daniel’s integrity, as far as anything to do with the case I will not comment on.
    Understood. Whatever happens, and whatever the circumstances, if your children spent any time with this woman, I sincerely hope you have had them evaluated and examined by a Pediatric Therapist. I am sorry for your children that they undoubtedly will feel the effects of this.

  28. nick sanza says:

    Silent One: Are you aware of Melissa’s son. Answer the question if you really know all about Daniel. If you do then I can start to believe you and your statements on Daniel.

  29. JmBrdy says:

    Hi Blink.. long time no post.

    Hey JM. Not the same guy, but thanks just the same.

  30. JmBrdy says:

    Thanks Blink.. I went back and scrolled to the original post to see what you gathered. I appreciate the time and follow up.

  31. nick sanza says:

    Hey Blink do you know much about her son also.
    yes, but I have said all I intend publicly at this time.

  32. Gemini says:

    Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Everyone is talking about how guilty MH is. What if Dan Plowman really is a druggie? What if he did it? What if the man who “found” Sandra’s body only knew it was there because he put it there?

    I’m not saying if she did it or not, and I’m not saying either man did or didn’t do it, but there is too much which is still unknown to be slamming her head into the guillotine and calling her a “monstrous killer.”

  33. Sacsayhuan says:

    I don’t think everyone feels Melissa is totally guilty – but I guess the authorities had enough information to charge her for the murder and state she did it on her own. I think there’s much more to this and presently the onion is being pealed layer by layer. We probably do not know half of it. The prosecution knows where they are going and still gathering info.

    Sandra went to Melissa’s place several times. I wonder if Sandra was drugged before – MH’s Grandmother was there or was she ? Maybe Sandra’s Mom & family didn’t notice or the drug wore off by the time she returned home. I wonder how she made her way to the church. I don’t think Sandra’s body was stuffed in the suitcase at the trailer.

  34. Sacsayhuan says:

    And maybe, Sandra has made other trips to the church with MH ?

  35. Marie Scroggs says:

    I would like to see you prove that Melissa has a son. That is ludicrous and false information. I still can’t fathom that people believe you.
    Yep. Heard ya. People believe me because I never post Bullsh*t. N E V E R. Go to church much? I might suggest Bellflower. Here’s a thought. If you wish to discredit me, do it. Prove she does not. Best of luck.
    Happen to catch the comments? Perhaps you could self-appoint yourself elsewhere.

  36. nick sanza says:

    Mr Blink,
    I am checking every state on births for Melissa’s son and will let you know unless she turned the child over to the proper people with no back ground on her to trail having this child and more. You talked about the Silent One not talking so whats up do you really know or just pulling our legs to see what happens?

    Nick- I dont Understand your question. I have reported that Huckaby has a son of toddler age. She does. You have seen people comment on here that it was in fact reported early on that she had 2 kids, and was corrected for unknown reasons. I never reveal a source, and I never report what I could not verify. If that is not sufficient enough for your curiosity I understand.

  37. nick sanza says:

    Mr Blink,
    Thanks you just told me what I wanted to know. I understand you never reveal but you did in many ways!! Thanks again for your help and have a great week.

  38. Marie Scroggs says:

    Melissa Huckaby does not, nor has she EVER had a son and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY EVER that Blink can prove the existence of a son. That is absolutely, positively the truth. As for church – I attend regularly and serve an awesome God.

    Thanks Maria, but there are some people that disagree with you. Particularly, the way you phrased that is telling. We have heard you, please move on.

  39. nick sanza says:

    Mr. Blink,
    I know now of the son and where but I to will not say and also who the father is. Boy what a family. Thanks for your clues Mr Blink!
    I did alot of investigating and just went after it and low and behold it was right in front of me all the time.
    Take Care…


  40. nick sanza says:

    Oh and by the way who ever wrote Daniel J Plowman the 62 yr old who is the Sex offender is wrong it is David J Plowman and last area he was in was Yolo County. Come on people don’t post it unless you know it.

  41. nick sanza says:

    Mr Blink,
    One final question,did you know the father of MH son as a friend.

    Nick I dont understand your question

  42. nick sanza says:

    Very simple, do you know the father of MH toddler boy? Is he a friend or just some one told you who he is?
    I am not personal friends with anyone in this case.

  43. nick sanza says:

    Watch the news in the coming week on this MH son.

    Nick, I broke the story friend, not sure why you want me to see the MSM play catch up, but thanks for the heads up.

  44. nick sanza says:


    No Thank you my friend…


  45. radiogirl says:

    Sorry 57 post but your description of yourself ….is just gross.You have a master ROTF LMAO!!!!!

  46. Nancy says:

    Hi, I haven’t been online much so I was wondering if anything new is going on with this case… What’s going on with that horrible monster Melissa Huckaby? How is Sandra’s mother? Please update if you have anything new on this case.


  47. nick sanza says:

    So Mr blink where is Melissa Huckaby’s son or are you just playing with every one. Is there really a son by Melissa Huckaby. Is Daniel Plowman involved with Melissa Huckaby’s son? What gives?


    I have gone over that extensively, I invite you to read the comments.

  48. nick sanza says:

    Mr Blink
    Refresh me on this and what you will say about Melissa’s Huckabys son. Are you on a gag order?

  49. marm says:

    Ummmmmm wondering if the son of MH has a name.. what is the connection to hayward..was MH molested as a child maybe by members of the church

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