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San Francisco, CA– The former law partner of divorce attorney to the stars- Melvin Belli has conducted a 2 year investigation into claims made by an Orange County Realtor that her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, is the Zodiac Killer.

Deborah Perez came forward on the steps of the San Francisco Chronicle this afternoon:

Perez claims that she accompanied her Father on some of his murderous outings when she was 7, and actually wrote the letter to police and Marvin Belli for her father. She claims that when she saw the Zodiac Killers composite in 1997, she immediately knew it was her father. It was not known why Ms. Perez waited to come forward, but she is currently making a documentary of the crimes.

McLean stated that handwriting experts have confirmed that the letters were written by Perez, she has a pair of glasses she believes were a trophy taken by her father of cab driver victim Paul Stine, and she actually embroidered the black mask described by some of his victims.

All evidence and investigation notes have been turned over to the FBI, who will launch their own investigation into the claims.

Guy Ward Hendrickson died of cancer in 1993.

PaulStineVictim ZodiacGlasses

(editors note: I do believe this is the big one)

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  1. Gypsy says:

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. In the past people have come forward to say they either knew or were a family member of the Zodiac. Since her handwriting matches the letters she claimed to write for her Dad and she has the glasses..it might not be too long before we know for sure if she is being honest. Hard to believe Beli would spend 2 years investigating her claims if they didn’t ring true at some point.

    How sad for her that she was made to go with her father in some of the instances and then to write the letters for him, if this is true.

  2. Jaelin says:

    This caught my attention because I remember reading this news article http://cbs13.com/local/zodiac.dna.tests.2.993180.html about another man claiming his step father was the zodiac killer. Strange how all of these people are surfacing now, after all these years. Will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

  3. Blink says:

    I will go out on a limb here and say.. I think it is him, and I think she is telling the truth.


  4. Gypsy says:

    I agree Blink..this lady seems to be very credible compared to the others that have come forward in the past. The handwriting, the glasses..I believe she has told Belli and the FBI alot more then this..that only someone who knew the killer would know..esppecially being taken along with him at times. Maybe she wanted to complete the documentary first..gotta admit this is great publicity for her.

  5. IceCream says:

    Those glasses she has don’t even match Paul Stine’s glasses. She should’ve tried to get fakes that match.

  6. Greg the mongoose says:

    by Deborah Perez. Is due to hit the bookstores next week.
    The movie is in the works. The Zodiac killer will be played
    by Mel Gibson. The part of Deborah Perez will be played by Lauren Conrad. :-)

    Lol. The jokes on you Greg, how do you know who Lauren Conrad is??
    Try again :)

  7. Marseven says:

    Steve Huff’s site has been pretty good at disproving this woman’s story.

    I will check that out. Huff is a gracious, unwilling mentor of mine:)
    There are a few cases that Huff knows better than A N Y O N E, this is one of them.

  8. JmBrdy says:

    I’m on the limb with you Blink. The glasses are compelling and the 2 year investigation as well. Keep us updated on this when you hear anything. Unbelievable for a young girl to grow up having seen what she saw and endured what I imagine she did.

  9. Greg the mongoose says:

    “Deborah Perez embroidered the mask her father, used during some of the murders, she also has given police what she believes are Stine’s eyeglasses and letters she wrote — some to the newspaper — on her father’s behalf about the crimes. Perez claims she was a naive 7-year-old tagging along with her father during the killings.”
    OK, Perez can not sell a house so she is going to make some money off these past crimes. Only the families of the victims should benefit from any books, or movies done by the daughter. Yes, Deborah Perez is also a victim but her timing is self serving and only done in her own hour of need to make money. Otherwise Deborah (48) would have came forward a lot sooner. Like when she figured it out at age ?

  10. Greg the mongoose says:

    Blink, Lauren Conrad is out of work. She is not old enough to play young Deborah or old Deborah. But look what they did with Brad Pitts.
    Also a few acting classes would help.
    :-) Mel Gibson was my favorite actor and he seems to play a nut pretty good.

  11. R.L. Haley says:

    Wont Jack Tarrances step-son be like “ah man,now what am I going to do” didnt he have evidence to?Second thing the zodiac killer does the states have one on each coast?

  12. Breccia says:

    I call bullsh*t on Diane Perez. [as anyone and everyone who knows much about the Zodiac has also done, with the possible exception of Graysmith who's adopting a 'wait and see' approach.]
    By the way, the person rep’ing Ms. Perez is a disbarred attorney, McLean, who is a former associate of the DEAD Melvin Belli.

  13. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Yes Blink, fact she went to LE and an attorney and ALL stayed quiet 2 yrs while researching says alot. Especially since she has intimate knowledge no doubt of at least some of the crimes.

  14. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I thought the glasses match pretty well. You have to enlarge the photos and imagine the photo in color – they match IMO.

    Um, yeah-uh.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Blink – is there an “About Me” section to this blog? Just curious!

    I know this isn’t the right place but I can’t find any contact info – any recent word on the Haleigh Cummings case? And are you following the Los Angeles mother who (allegedly) killed her 2 year old?

  16. PamTX says:

    I am usually on the “B-train”, however in this case I am highly suspect. Everybody wore glasses like that in those days, including my own father who, by the way, is not the Zodiac killer. Not sure how long DNA survives under stamps, but that will clinch it for me if, in fact they can even get those results after all these years. With so much money collected from movie deals, book deals, etc., etc. within the past few years, the timing of this does not feel right. Along with that, I would need some solid evidence that the “handwriting experts” have absolutely no connection to receiving monetary gains in regards to her documentary. If her story is the real deal, then so be it. However, this was a time of extreme fear, months of community panic, devasted families, and senseless murders…if she is lieing, then I will be outraged. For now I will stand aside and wait….Sorry Blink -this is the first time I can’t quite put my finger on agreeing with you :)
    lol, “btrain”. It’s ok PamTX, I will let this one slide.. I completely agree with you so I guess that makes me on the “P train” and I agree if Huff is suspect it gives me pause, however, I have a source that has met this woman and is convinced she is the real deal. We shall see what the FBI has to say..

  17. FairestWitness says:

    Why didn’t this woman come forward 15, 20 or 30 years ago? Why now? If she’s 48 years old today, then she’s been an adult for 30 years, for crying out loud. She could have been instrumental in giving justice to the victims of the Zodiac killer. I think her coming forward now, or 2 years ago, and writing a book about it stinks to high heaven. I am sick and tired of people cashing in on the backs of murdered and tortured innocent victims. It’s disgusting. What has happened to American character? It has completely disappeared.

  18. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Blink, at initial take they do look similar. After looking more closely at the rim it’s obvious they are not the same.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I come here to monitor these cases too – just as probably most of your other readers. I’m going to go out on a limb here and stating most of us do NOT have any investigative desires, much less skill. So if someone flubs up, don’t you think pointing out their error(s) is more reasonable than the sarcasm? Kind of like constructive critism? Especially when it hasn’t been someone who is problematic or constantly disputing everything you post. Your remark to me was demeaning and rude.

    Eyes- I agreed with you and was not being sarcastic whatsoever, I have no idea where you get demeaning and rude when I concurred with your post that the glasses match, which you now feel they do not.

    I’ve been very excited to come here each day and read your updates – but when I post a comment and you snub me like some idiot, it’s rather offending.

    No offense or snub intended, but I completely disagree with you that my readers for the most part don’t have investigative desires or skill. There are numerous cases on here they have contributed information to. Whether any reader does or not makes no difference to me as long as comments contribute to the conversation in a respectful way, like this one. Hope this clears things up.

  19. sweetpea says:

    Blink- I must admit this one is alittle strange. There has been so much written on this case. So many books on serial killers. If she had come forward sooner, like back in “97″ (12 years ago) when she states she saw the composite that resembles her father it may be more believable. Who sits around for 10 years thinking about going out on murder sprees with their father. Also,I agree with PamTX, I thought that was the one and only style of glasses back in the day.

    Who knows stranger things have happened???

    P.S. My bets on Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner

  20. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    “Um, yeah-uh.

    …seemed sarcastic to me. I apologize if I misread your intent… tone is often difficult to interpret in written form.

    I agree, you do have readers with very apparent skill and desire, which is why I stated most people (do not). I’d bet there are a great many more who come to your site for updates – not to contribute to the investigative side. I’d love to have the time to research, so maybe my desire statement was off some – but I still believe most people do not have the skill… which is why we seek out sites like yours: to inform ourselves of the possibilities, because without (some of) your readers, we would gather very little information on our own.

    I see many stating opinions (as I did) but not nearly as many who seem to apparently delve into the researching of these cases. Just my observation.

    Thanks for your updates, and the dedication of those who research here.

  21. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Also, why I changed my opinion of the glasses. I initially viewed the images here on your site. When I got home and opened the truecrimereport.com images, it’s clear the glasses she is holding have the staple-type metal item in the top corners of the rims, whereas the ones Stine is wearing in the photo do not. I’m not saying they weren’t his, perhaps they were a spare pair or something (couldn’t they find Stine’s fingerprints on them? if they have not been wiped clean?).

    Anyway, just stating why I changed my opinion on the glasses.

  22. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good morning, B.,

    You had written: I will go out on a limb here and say.. I think it is him, and I think she is telling the truth.”

    Now how in the world am I suppose to argue your position hhen I like you so much?
    And.. You might get angry with me where you’d delete my post(s)?

    Seriously though…

    I do not believe Deborah Perez nor her step-father, Guy Hendrickson, was in any way involved in the Zodiac murders.

    I have performed some analysis on Ms. Perez’ videotaped performance during the press conference, which involved analysis of both her speech patterns/syntax and kinesics (body language.

    It’s my personal opinion that this woman was not being truthful in regards to what she was conveying to the press.

    It may be deliberate attempt on her part or may possibly be that she is delusional and actually believes she’s played her part in the production of several zodiac letters and was present during at least two of the crimes, or suffering from some other form of psychological issues.

    Nevertheless, nothing whatsoever will come of her allegations tat her stepfather was Zodiac.

    It so happens, I myself am a Zodiac researcher.
    I have spent a considerable amount of time both researching and investigating these crimes, about 23 years to be exact.
    I have interviewed most everyone involved to one extent or the other.
    This includes family members of the victims, friends, associates, surviving victims, police officers and investigators, medical examiners/coroners, et cetera..

    I was also a close friend for several years to of one of the primary suspects in over 2300 possible suspects/POI’s.

    This was Arthur Leigh Allen (better known as Robert Hall Starr, the stocky student, in Robert Graysmith’s book, Zodiac)
    I was briefly mentioned in his second book, Zodiac Unmasked, as “Craig”.
    This was concerning the cipher symbols Leigh had obtained from a psychotic criminal at Atascadero State Hospital when he worked there as a psych tech back in I believe 1961-2.
    The man’s name has never been revealed to the public as far as I am aware, but it was Joseph Mitten.

    This was in relation to my father and I visiting Leigh at his home in Vallejo for a 4 hour/26 minute taped interview in the late 1980′s.
    The first ever granted by Leigh Allen to anyone other than law enforcement.

    After the interview, Leigh and I soon became better acquainted and soon I would visit him regularly in order.
    I’ve stayed the night at his home on a few occasions.

    For me, it was to gather more information for a book my father and I decided to co-author.

    But I also began to see Leigh for the person he really was and this infatuated me.

    I knew Leigh Allen had some pretty dark secrets he was hiding from everyone.

    And I felt then as I do today,that Leigh Allen was indeed the Zodiac.
    But he also had a cohort, who I believe he killed at some point.

    This wold account for the letters and the fake clues (clews).
    It would also account for the unidentified partial fingerprint(s) in blood which were discovered on Paul Stine’s cab the night of his murder.

    There are many reasons and much data to support my belief, yet most is circumstantial.
    But Leigh Allen was the only suspect developed that meets all the criteria.

    The DNA not matching what was sampled from the envelopes and stamps?

    Not really an issue that this DNA did not match Leigh’s DNA profile after he was deceased.

    Anyone who takes the time to actually sit down and review this case carefully and without bias or preconceptions, but through logical analysis using available evidence, both physical and psychological, would come to some conclusions.

    I have already.

    And I base my conclusion on an indepth analysis of Leigh Allen when placed side by side to Zodiac.

    They are one and the same.


    Chris, you are welcome to disagree with me anytime; especially with such a fact-packed reason. My compliments on your work and thank you for sharing it with my readers.

  23. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post 5

    Hi Gypsy,

    You had written: “the glasses..”

    The prescription glasses Mrs. Perez has submitted for analysis did not belong to Paul Stine.

    This will soon be determined through optometric comparison of Mr. Stine’s particular prescription.
    It is my understanding that Mr. Stine had an astigmatism.
    And this will be of great value in this determination.


  24. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: POst No. 9

    Hi, JmBrdy,
    You had wrote:

    “Keep us updated on this when you hear anything. Unbelievable for a young girl to grow up having seen what she saw and endured what I imagine she did.”

    To be honest here..
    Her statements do not impress me in the least, but that’s another issue.

    The motivation in all this is primarily for financial gain.
    Her alleged “recovered memory” syndrome is nothing more than a ploy, along with her spokesman, disbarred attorney, Kevin McLean, to garner support for a children’s foundation that would treat children who have experienced similar issues as has Mrs. Perez.

    Bart Baggett, a nationally known forensic handwriting expert, is also supporting this recent revelation and has attested to the handwriting belonging to both Deborah Perez and her stepfather, Guy Hendrickson.

    It’s interesting to note that the recent revelation by Dennis Kaufman that his step-father, Jack Tarrance is also the Zodiac.
    Mr. Kaufman has been in the spot light locally for some time now and has presented his evidence such as a foot-long knife that has what may be blood evidence remaining and a black hood with eyelets and an embroidered Zodiac symbol on it’s front. (Circle and cross hairs)

    His handwriting expert Ms. Barto also claims that the writings area match to his stepfather.

    What’s quite interesting is that Ms. Barto’s superior at the institute was none other than Bart Baggett.

    The press conference on Apr 29, 2009 at the Chronicle was an attempt to beat Kaufman and his expert witness to the punch.

    Bart Baggett’s father was none other than Curt Baggett, another nationally-known handwriting authority who has testified on various high-end cases.

    I had taken part in an online debate concerning John Mark Karr’s having written the Ramsey ransom note.
    And after a few hours of comparisons using the very same samples available to Mr. Baggett, I came to the conclusion that although were a few points of similarity, that most were dissimilar and therefore concluded that the handwriting was in all probability a non-match.

    I was ridiculed by Mr. Baggett himself and it was suggested I first get some kind of formal training before suggesting I were more adept than someone having many years of experience and a formal education in that field.
    Nevertheless, I was correct and the expert was wrong.

    In Psychology and Crime News

    On 22 August the Rocky Mountain News reported that “a well-known national handwriting expert is 99.9 percent certain John Mark Karr wrote the ransom note found near the scene of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder.”

    To put it another way, Baggett said, the “chances are a million-to- one” that someone other than Karr wrote the ransom note.

    Also: “Peggy Walla said she studied under Baggett and that he is regarded as one of the nation’s top handwriting authorities.
    Baggett said he has provided expert testimony in court cases in all 50 states.

    Just my opinion, but I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.


  25. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post No. 18

    Hi, FairestWitness,

    You had written: “Why didn’t this woman come forward 15, 20 or 30 years ago? Why now? If she’s 48 years old today, then she’s been an adult for 30 years, for crying out loud.”

    Mrs. Perez is cliaming repressed memories and that she didn’t really know her father was the Zodiac until a few years ago when the case was carried on AMW.

    She has a forensic psychologist who has been assisting her recover and deal with these “memories”.

    I say their delusions.

    The recovered memory/false memory syndrome has been used many times in the past and has not been proven reliable.

    Often times the mere experience can “create” false memories in someone’s mind.

    We’ve seen this first hand in a number of daycare/preschool episodes of satanic ritual abuse, i.e., the McMartin preschool case and many others.
    Children were allowed to recover images and memories of horrible sexual and satanic abuse by teaches and staff.
    Such as seeing baby’s stabbed to death and having to drink their blood to being taken aboard airplanes and balloons to underground chambers where satanic rituals had taken place, et cetera, et cetera..

    Not saying that recovered memories do not happen long after a child has been abused, this does in fact occur.

    But many times it’s simply fantasy-prone personalities and adults who simply facilitate or otherwise exacerbate the situation through leading the child during interviews or trying to further their “position” or fulfilling a personal agenda.


  26. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post No. 19

    Hi, EyesWIDEOpen.

    You had written: “Blink, at initial take they do look similar. After looking more closely at the rim it’s obvious they are not the same.”

    You are quite correct.
    Good observation.


  27. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post 20

    Hi sweetpea,

    You had written: “when she states she saw the composite that resembles her father it may be more believable.”

    Have you wondered why that she hadn’t provided a photograph of her step-father for comparison during the press conference?

    I’ve seen his photo and he in no way resembles the Zodiac composite.


  28. FairestWitness says:

    Chris, thank you for the clarification. This makes me even more suspicious of this woman. I don’t believe in “repressed” memories, I think it’s total bunk. And since I have some fairly nasty memories of abuse myself, I don’t buy that anyone who went through hell as a child would EVER forget it.

    Which makes this book by Deborah Perez all the more vile, since it’s not only “recovered memory” bunk and a lie, it’s also opportunistic. She’s attempting to make money off the heinous crimes committed against pitiful victims. She has no right to do this, whether it’s legal or not, it’s just not right.

  29. sweetpea says:

    Hi Chris,
    In answer to your question. I have really not given much thought to Deborah Perez’s claims. As I stated earlier the whole story seems alittle strange.

    But if you have seen the photos and there is no resemblence, I
    guess that is just more reason for me not to feel there is much validity to her statments.

    Thanks for the info.

  30. westsidehudson says:

    The idea that she is looking to make money on this doesn’t sit well with me either.

  31. Greg the mongoose says:

    Chris you brought up JonBenet Ramsey. Who do you think killed the JonBenet? I grew up in Colorado, and feel that case will never be solved. I herd stories of a mentally ill drifter who would break into homes and live in basements with out being detected. That is my best guess. My friend in Colorado has a house in beaver creek. One weekend a crazy woman moved into his house. He had to get the police to remove her. She tore up all his family pictures. Had knives sticking out of the furniture. Home squatting happens.

  32. FairestWitness says:


    “Dad Wasn’t Zodiac Killer, Says Other Daughter”

    (Newser) – The half-sister of the California woman who asserted Wednesday that their father was the dreaded Zodiac killer of the 1960s isn’t having any of it, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Janice Hendrickson’s father “couldn’t hurt a fly,” she said today. “He did have a temper, and he did hit me, but did he kill people? I don’t believe he did.”

  33. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post No. 30

    Good morning, sweetpea.

    You had written: “But if you have seen the photos and there is no resemblence, I
    guess that is just more reason for me not to feel there is much validity to her statments.”

    I would not expect you or anyone else for that mater, to base your opinion on anything I might say unless you were, of course, able to view the photo for yourself.
    The internet is rife with those who say this or say that and it’s difficult to know who’s actuall being truthful and who’s not.

    I’m going to see if the photo can be published on the web so others may have a chance to decide for themselves.
    It’s a legal issue.
    I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit for defamation of character and libel due to my statements about Mrs.Perez.
    I’m not concerned about any suit as I know my legal rights and had discussed this with an attorney prior to making such.
    I think certain people are a little afraid I might bring themsome negative attention and results :)


  34. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post No. 32

    Hi, Greg the Mongoose.

    Well. You’ve certainly placed me in a bit of an awkward situation, my friend.

    A good number of people believe that either a stranger/pedophile had broken into JonBenet’s home and attempted to abduct her and when something occurred that altered his plans, he then murdered her.

    The majority of people who have been surveyed have concluded that the parents, John and Patricia Ramsey were not involved inthe death of their child.

    They cite an inept police investigation, bias on the part of police and other investigators, the media frenzy for fueling the possibility-therefore convicting the Ramsey’s before the conclusion of the investigation, et cetera.. et cetera.

    I had taken a look at the case from an investigative perspective, being neutral as to who the perpetrator may or may not be.

    My appraoch was to allow the evidence to lead me to my conclusion, not allow any bias or contamination from what was being said by the media or any of the party’s involved, this included the police, legal representitives, private investigators and the Boulder District Attorney’s Office.

    My approach was do take every bit of information that could be substantiated by multiple sources regarding the modus operandi, victimology, suspectology, crime scene specifics, ante and post behaviours of family, friends and others in relation to the incident, etc.

    I analyzed not only the physical evidence which remained but also the psychological evidence relating to the crime itself.

    I also performed an indepth psycholinguistic analyis of the ransom note.

    I also made a comparison of this crime with a number of cases having some similarity to this one. Therefore, statistical data was also included as a reference aid.

    It’s my contention that JonBenet’s death was the result of an undeliberate act (accident or spontaneous act of violence) that was then staged to appear as an abduction gone-array.

    There is sufficient evidence to suggest that this was in fact the case.

    Many people will as I said, cite the police investigation as proof that the Ramsey’s were targeted without provocation.

    There may be some evidence to support thatbias was indeed an element here.

    But regardless as to how the Boulder Police had appraoched the situation, the FBI’s CASKU ( Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit)had also assisted investigators in the investigation as this unit has much experience in this particularb area.

    Their assessment of the crime behaviours exibited in this murder suggested that the murder was staged and most probably committed by someone within the emmediate family or having a close relationship to the victim.

    I concur with this unit’s assessment and investigative recommendations of course.

    I can discuss exactly why I feel this to be the case, but it would take quite a bit of space here.

    I believe that Patsy Ramsey had unintentionally caused the fatal head injury to her daughter in a fit of rage.
    Then the accident was staged in order to appear as something much different.
    Many people who have watched her performance in inteviews often support her claim of innocence because they “feel” she was the kind of mother that couldn’t possibly harm her child, any child.
    They cite that there has never been a documented instance of violence or even an outbust to support the hypothesis that she suddenly experienced a fit of rage and struck her daughter causing the head injury, etc.

    Those who go on such thoughts are doing are looking at this from an emotional perspective, not through logical reasoning and assessment.

    The precipitator?
    What would cause Patsy to respond in such an outburst?
    Anxiety and fear.
    She was suffering from a lot of anxiety from the return of her cancer.
    That can be very emotionally unsettling.

    It happens all the time.

    Pedophiles don’t usually kill their child victims, it’s actually a rare occurrence in itself.

    But, when it does turn out to be the case, they don’t stage the crime scene to appear as an aduction gone wrong.

    They do not go through all the trouble we can observe in this particular case.

    They don’t sit for an hour or two in the residence of their victim and write ransom notes, especially practicing on such notes untill they get the wording just right.

    Patsy Ramsey’s statements about how she happen to come across the ransom note were varied and inconsistent.

    John Ramsey’s activities before and after JoneBenet was discovered (by him) were questionable.

    It doesn’t matter to me who was responsible for this little girl’s death.
    What does matter is that the individual or individuals are identified and brought to account.
    I am in no way whatsoever bias towards either John or Patsy Ramsey.

    I simply look at the evidence and as I said, allow it to lead me in what I consider a deductive, logical conclusion.


  35. FairestWitness says:

    Chris, what about the unknown DNA found in JonBenet’s panties and the newest evidence of “touch” DNA being from an unknown source? This latest evidence resulted in the Ramsey’s being cleared by the Boulder DA’s office, did it not?

    Chris, your explanation of anxiety and fear, caused by her cancer’s return, being a possible clue to why Patsy Ramsey would lose control and strike her daughter is off base. When death is threatening you, your ability to tolerate, even celebrate, the mundane problems of everyday life skyrockets. When you are facing your demise, a wet bed is of so little consequence that you don’t even give it a second thought.

    You are not familiar with the inner workings of cancer’s deadly mortality and the coping skills one develops when dealing with it. Neither Patsy Ramsey nor John Ramsey had anything to do with the death of their precious daughter. I believe that sick bastard killed JonBenet because she fought him and made enough noise that he was going to be discovered by her family. She was alive while being garrotted as evidenced by the scratches to her neck she herself made trying to defend herself.

    There is no way the Ramsey’s killed that girl. It was a predator pedophile who hung around those beauty pageants and he became fixated on her. His compulsion drew him there, to JonBenet’s home and he laid in wait until he got her. That little girl fought for her life and died because she refused to go quietly.

  36. Christen Allen Iman says:

    You wrote: “Chris, what about the unknown DNA found in JonBenet’s panties and the newest evidence of “touch” DNA being from an unknown source? This latest evidence resulted in the Ramsey’s being cleared by the Boulder DA’s office, did it not?”

    Touch dna analysis (Low-Count Number)is unreliable according to a number of DNA experts.
    It has been used an a few cases and was recently deemed unreliable in the Omagh bombing case.


    “Since DNA analysis does not shed any light on the timeframe in which a biological sample was deposited, most LCN typing, unlike other DNA typing, CANNOT BE USED FOR EXCULPATORY PURPOSES.”

    -American Prosecutors Research Institute
    By Paula Hoffman Wulff, NDAA DNA Forensic Program Manager/Senior Attorney
    Silent Witness – Volume 10, Number 3, 2006

    In otherwords.. Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy exonerated the Ramsey’s by her own accord.

    And I do understand the what is involved (emotionaly) when someone has been diagnosed with cancer.
    I had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease (lymphatic cancer)
    And have been through both Chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
    I am in remission and have been so for years now.

    My father died at home of cancer and I had assisted my mother in hs home health care untill the very day he passed away.

    I am aware..

    As I said, this is not a forum for debate and it is off topic as well.

    Out of respect for others, I will not continue to discuss or debate the matter as it is really senseless to do so here, and disrespectful to Blink and others.

    If you’d like to argue your position, please feel free to do so.
    My email is: chrisalleniman@gmail.com

    I’d be happy to continue our discussion, but not here, it’s inappropriate, wouldn’t you agree?

    With much respect


    TY. I will not be writing on the Ramsey case anytime soon unless there is a development. I studied it thoroughly, I have a mutual professional aquaintance to Lou Smitt, and dont feel I would be able to offer any new perspective.

  37. FairestWitness says:

    Chris, I’m happy you’re in remission.

    Blink, Lou Smitt is the most credible investigator in the JonBenet case. I know what his views are and I concur.

    Chris and I will have to agree to disagree.

  38. sweetpea says:

    I understand the possible legal issues, but if you find you able to post the photo I think there would be many interested in seeing it.

    If you want me to post something in that regard let me know

  39. Greg says:

    The Zodiac killer is a modern day Jack the Ripper. Deborah Perez will be on FoxNews today. On the glasses issue my father also had the same style. The style was popular in the 60′s-70′s. I have many friends who have more than one pair of glasses.

  40. Fernando says:

    Was this guy ruled out by Graysmith? I know he changed a couple of names in his two books on the Zodiac… but has anybody bothered to ask Graysmith about this suspect?

  41. TM says:

    So Perez is also the illegitimate daughter of JFK? Quite telling, don’t you think?


  42. IVOIRE says:




    LOL Yep, he does.. I am working on that now

  43. FairestWitness says:

    TM it’s telling me that Perez is a liar, conniver and opportunist.

  44. kelli says:

    i’m 37 I don’t remember the zodiac, watched the movie, did they catch the guy back then? or what? please some one in the know publish some of the accounts of this so i can feel in the loop, thanks kelli

  45. kelli says:


  46. sweetpea says:

    Okay, TM and IVOIRE when I stop laughing I will try to show
    some compassion.

  47. IVOIRE says:








    Lol, yes I posted that very video, should be interesting how he responds to those stark contradictions

  48. sweetpea says:

    Blink, If or should I say when the police determine that this “Deborah Kennedy Hendrickson Perez” is blowing smoke. Do you think they will press charges against her.

    This investigation has to be costing the taxpayers a pretty penny.

    Doubtful. However, there may be a bevy of civil chages coming her way of there is malice aforethought here.

  49. Christen Allen Iman says:

    RE: Post No. 39

    I understand the possible legal issues, but if you find you able to post the photo I think there would be many interested in seeing it.

    If you want me to post something in that regard let me know

    Until I learn if I can do this, I will leave you with this.
    It’s a site where a few photos have been made available if you want to take a look.


    By the way, B., and sweetpea, Thanks


    I commented to Huff why I remain his grasshopper. Lol.
    Now, Jett Duncan.

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