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Columbia, Ill– Chris Coleman, whose family was slain one week ago has a mistress in Largo, FL. She is also the BFF of his late wife, Sheri. Reporters attempted to contact the woman and were told she would “never be commenting.” She graduated from Largo HS in 1996 and her profile indicates she has worked in a bar and in a gentlemen’s club as a ho stess.

Last Tuesday May 5, Police were called by Coleman to check on his family and discovered the grisly death scene. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a neighbor to the Colemans has confirmed detectives told them all three were strangled. The neighbor also told that there was loud arguing at approximately 3 am coming from the home the morning of their deaths. When the coroner was removing the deceased mother and sons, there appeared to be messages scrawled on the inside walls with spraypaint.

Coleman and parents

Within the last 30 minutes, Chris Coleman arrived at the gravesite where his wife, Sheri Weiss Coleman, and sons Garrett 11, and Gavin 9, will be laid to rest today.

Their burial was postponed by court order to give Sheri’s family time to hold a memorial service in their honor over the weekend. Unmarked Police cars and several detectives have been following Coleman and his parents to their destinations since this morning. There are several police sources stating Coleman’s arrest is imminent and his attorneys, Margulis & Margulis, have requested in that event, their client be permitted to surrender.

Recently, Chris Coleman filed employer reports that he had been threatened as a result of his work in security for Joyce Meyers ministries. Blinkoncrime has also received information that Coleman purchased additional life insurance policies on his wife in December 2008, following her removal of her name from the deed to their home.

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  1. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I am in no way surprised. As some of you know from my previous posting…my dad was a pastor and warned me that the church (both Catholic AND Protestant) was a hiding place for MANY bad people.

    Being I saw alot of really bad behavior in the children I went to school with who’s families attended my church…and many confided in me some of what went on in their families…I would have been MUCH more surprised if the husband wasn’t involved in something.

    This is why the Bible (if you believe what it says) is clear that anyone in position of power in a church/church leader who leads others astray will be judged 10-fold. I get that…apparently this husband did not. Do not even trust anyone in your church until you truly know them, and then still keep your guard up. This is why I do not attend church and as this past Sunday just go up on the top of the mountain we own and pray or meditate myself. I get alot more out of it and simply reading the Bible in private. Christianity is not a culture club, it’s either a way of life that springs from the inside or it is a lie to cover up…only that person and God knows which it is.

  2. mamacrazy30 says:

    ho stess? Blink Your My Hero. ho stess lol.

  3. Red Ranger says:

    JM ministries is another 501c3 run for the finacial benefit of the founders. They are grotesque in their lifestyle and always under investigation. I wonder if he was a part of the inner circle that benefits so richly from the ill gotten gains of these hucksters.

    If he strangled them barehanded, his DNA and possible print impressions will convict him. If he used gloves the timeline will still show they were dead before he ever left to go to the gym.

    Another odd thing to me is that his churchy, do gooder wife’s BFF is a gobbler from a dollar ballet. Talk about oil and water.

    Dollar Ballet ggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaffffff. That wins-

  4. Breccia says:

    ! Blink !
    This has got to be Typo of the Week:
    “…she has worked in a bar and in a gentlemen’s club as a ho stess.”

    Hubby’s mistress worked as a HO (stess) in a gentleman’s club?!?
    It could be she did.

    Lol, Breccia, it was not a typo, I was going for subtle. Apparently I suck at it as I just got 3 text messages and 4 emails of friends and colleagues howling at it.

  5. marbrit says:

    I am a faithful follower of yours since last summer and always love your info. Gotta laugh at ho stess; because now I’ll never get the subtlety and “pause” outta my mind. What’s up with the graffiti on
    the wall? A lame excuse to point the finger at a bushy-haired dude
    or really at the husband? I suspect the husband thoroughly.
    IM positive this is going to go religious, like some anti-whatevers came in and executed this family because of their missionary work – what a load. Every deadbeat cheating guy thinks he has the “scenario” that will keep him out of the slammer so he can move on to a cash-laden, kid-free, bachelor youth chasin jerkwad.
    Its the indignity of it that kills me, this woman was stunning, in great shape, kind, his kids were beautiful little cherubs. I swear sometimes I think dudes cant stand the thought of how much better the wife they are dumping is going to do than he is. Makes me sick.

  6. dddeerma says:

    This is the Drew Peterson effect. Every idiot of a cheating husband thinks Peterson got away with it twice. They know they are smarter than he is…I hope this guy fries. I hope the girl friend goes out as an accomplice. Will we get her name so we can be nasty in a more direct manner?

    Lol, I have her name, Im adhering to my strict 48 hour rule of not bashing the woman until we know more. With the exception of the Ho Stess, which I think is fair considering. If I find out something that ties her in I can confirm, bets are off and I wil post it.

  7. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I haven’t seen anything about graffiti on the wall, or the cryptic messages. Can someone fill me in on these? I’ve seen people talk about them, but nothing more. What did they say? How many were there?
    What I wrote is all I know for sure, from the neighbor. I did receive an email that Coleman is seen at Target buying the spraypaint on video- I cannot confirm that though, got the no comment.
    It has been reported that the messages are threatening in nature, and along the lines of “I told you this would happen”

  8. Annals says:

    Gosh, such a crumb trail of red flags this guy dropped!

  9. Prevost1580 says:

    Ho stess = luvs it!!

    What is going on in this world?? and in the Church?! Holy sh!t ( pun intended )First the Sunday school teacher & pastor in the Sandra Catnu case & now this horror story.

    Sadly, I am learning this is rampant. Not a small problem.

  10. Breccia says:

    Nancy Grace is reporting the graffiti is(approximately):
    “I Told You This Would Happen”

    Nancy continues with, “..or words to that effect. Major Jeff Connor is not divulging exactly what was written.”
    Nancy says the murderer felt “at home enough in the home” to take the time to perform “an elaborate” act (the graffiti) in the hope of pointing the finger away from himself/herself. Mickey Sherman (famed defense attorney) is calling the mistress a stripper and “loose woman.”

  11. flavadeblink says:


    I am new to your site in a way. I have read your work from day one, but I never took the time to read comments or comment myself.

    This week, I learned new ho larious blingo (Blink lingo)brought up your sight to appear educated on a first date, and well, got another date as this chica apparently thinks your better than an advanced copy of cosmo, although I admit that seems freaky as this is a true crime site. I digress.

    You can see from my email who I am. I am uniquely impressed. If I can feature a writer like you and get chicks; I am a happy man. Please email me, and congrats on your accomplishments, your a gifted prose persona non grata. Don’t stay that way. Nobody keeps baby in the corner.


  12. Scoop says:


    And I thought Church was a nice place to meet people…


    Love you guys!




  13. MD MOMMY says:

    Your wisdom never ceases to amaze this Mommy..I worked in a restaurant in college and they are sometimes just that.. a HO STESS, you aren’t far off the mark in some cases(no pun intended)

  14. Scoop says:

    Another person offering financial security:


  15. Scoop says:

    A Map:

    Treasure Island, Largo and Tampa…

    Just a small area on the map.

    Hate to go there, but you never know what
    sparked off the two week investigation…

    scoop- did not come up for me, what 2 week investigation?

  16. Karen Lee says:

    BLINK: YOU ARE A TRUE TREASURE. I spit out my liquid beverage at HO STESS. ONLY you would be that subtle and so effective.

    This scumbag deserves to be fried THREE TIMES. Maybe they could figure out some way to make him die thrice. It would be worth the scientific study to find out.

    How could he strangle boys that obviously looked up to HIM? His wife was only 31 and very pretty –to so violently kill them with his own HANDS … this is more than hate -it’s unbridled RAGE.

    If it was over her (former) BFF the HO stess … BOTH the ho and Him deserve the worst. It’s always about money –and what a waste.

    Everything was so pre-meditated, he had to plan and then use the physical strength to end three lives. He probably used the spray can so they couldn’t test his handwriting.

    Still, I would think they could shrink the paint down to handwriting size –and I’d bet it would sorta match-up. After all, your hand is your hand. Writing, spraying –all the same motion.

    He should have used magazine cut out letters on construction paper.

    Church people are the worst hypocrites ever.

    TY, Karen.
    Fry thrice indeed. I suspect though that this monster had no rage at all. Nothing. He ambivalently took their lives from them for a Ho Stess. That is his reality. In the words of one of my favorite profilers, Pat Brown. I dont really care to study this sociopath. I dont care to be fascinated by how he “got this way” or “how could he?”. I want him arrested, punished, and off the street so he cant hurt another person. I will say I am going to have to look into the areas State’s Attorney rules and regs, it seems like a difficult burden to get a murder indictment there over some areas.

  17. aud says:

    Joyce Meyers is a shyster. Not surprised she’s surrounded by sleazeballs like this murderous thug.

    Strangling is such a “personal” way to die. Those poor boys. What a monster.

    Anyone familiar with another IL case – Vaughan Family? Taking the family to a water park – shoots wife & kids and then himself – story unravelling from there? Suspected that murdering Hubby/Dadd surely had a GF . . . but don’t think one was ever found.

  18. sweetpea says:


    I know that the smoking gun in the room is huge, but there is something about this seemingly open and shut case that just doesn’t make since.

    If this guy did so much preperation, i.e. taking wife’s name off title of their home(why bother), raising life insurance policy (did he just raise hers or did he raise both?) They were following the advice of some financial guru. If premeditated you would think he could come up with something that wouldn’t be so easily traced to him.

    Was going to the gym that early in the morning a routine for him?
    I know that it seems odd that he would call the police because his wife didn’t answer the phone, but if it was routine for him to make a wake up call and he was truly concerned about previous threats. I could see myself getting over zealous and calling 911 (if I truly took threats seriously).

    I know I am a minority in my opinion here, but I am just having a hard time looking at the pictures of that family and thinking that this guy could take their lives with his bare hands.
    Ho stess or not

    Sweetpea, very intelligent questions. I too think the deed and insurance may be a red herring inasmuch as premeditation is concerned. However, looking at the totality of the case, I am not getting past the recent announcement of threats, security camera and acknowledgement to the neighbors, and the account of loud arguing within the home around 3am. I am wondering if Sheri did not discover the Ho Stess recently, and ask for a divorce, He starts in with the threats revceived as a way to stay in the home by scaring her and it comes to a head. From experience, I can tell you this subject does not have a 24/7 caravan of LE following him and taking video and snapping pics because they are concerned for his safety.
    DA’s do not like surprises. Some of the data they need (ie: ISP accounts, pings, etc) may take a little longer even if the forensics come back unusually fast. They may be looking to indict first, which I suspect is the case.

  19. My Opinion says:

    I’ve used plenty of spray paint and it’s messy, mess that you can’t even see unless your looking for it, it doesn’t look like he would have had the time to thoroughly clean that up, plus he doesn’t seem smart enough to realize. Even if he wore gloves paint would be on him. This man is so EVIL that I hate to call him ridiculous but come on, what a MORON. I hope they stick the needle in his arm!

  20. dddeerma says:

    This guy is not the smartest puppy in the litter. Maybe he thought if her name was off the deed, she wouldn’t get the house? When he found out otherwise, she and the boys became major financial liabilities. Is this one of those churches that preaches against divorce? In that case, a dead wife and kids are far more convenient than living ones. Why the boys too? Again, financial liability. If someone else has them, he would be paying child support, even if arrested. Now his resources can be used for his defense. I would say premeditation is evident here, trying to set up a threat to him beforehand, the spray painted message going along with the threat. Why the kids, too? Maybe his Ho Stess twinkie didn’t want them bothering her?

  21. Red Ranger says:

    LE obviously took prints because they have something to compare them to.
    Sheri has a large Italian family in the Chicago area.
    CC has told stories of death threats in the past, based on his employment with a ministry that , financially, makes even Jimmy Swaggart blush.
    The BFF thing does not add up. Moms with a couple of pre-teens and a religious aspect to every other facet of their life do not hang out with shady characters. Public personna in most religions are extremely important. Blink, any details on how CC met and formed a relationship with Crusty, his latest Sweet Baboo?
    I am not sure if you should call her Ho Stess. I will have to wait until Blink’s mom weighs in to form an opinion. I reckon someone is a bad influence on you…
    Yes, she went to HS with Sheri, she was her bff, which Im sure you will come up with a new definition to that aronym.
    I tell Mom when I write something I dont like I had a guest writer named Red Ranger, lol

  22. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    From this morning:
    Major Case Squad Says They Know Who Killed Columbia, IL Family
    But They Aren’t Saying Who It Is Yet

    Related links
    Mourning Father, Husband Says Final Goodbye to Family
    Father Visits Family’s graves as Murder Investigation Continues
    Mourning Father, Husband Says Final Goodbye to Family
    Columbia Triple Murder Getting National Attention as Investigation Continues
    COLUMBIA, IL ( – There are big developments involving the Major Case Squad investigation into the murders of a Columbia, Illinois mother and her two young sons. The head of the Major Case Squad, major Jeff Connor, says he believes he knows who killed Sheri Coleman and her two sons Gavin and Garrett.

    But there is still nobody in custody.

    That’s because authorities including the Monroe County State’s Attorney are waiting on lab results before any arrest is made.

    “Our investigation reveals who’s responsible for these deaths,” said Connor on Wednesday. But Connor wouldn’t reveal who he believes killed Sheri Coleman and her two sons because no official charges are being filed yet.

    Connor says after a meeting with the State’s Attorney, the prosecutor decided that any charges will have to wait until results come back from forensic evidence tests.

    “Sometimes this takes anywhere from four to six to eight weeks. It just depends on the forensics when the reports come in,” explained Connor.

    These developments came on the same day that Sheri, Gavin and Garrett were buried. Chris Coleman, Sheri’s husband and the father of the kids, was consoled by his parents at a cemetery in Chester as he stood over the caskets.

    Investigators have had heavy surveillance on Chris Coleman.

    In fact, they followed him to the cemetery then all the way to Cape Girardeau.

    But later in the day, investigators pulled back and we’re told Chris Coleman is no longer under surveillance.

    Authorities are not calling Chris Coleman a suspect.

    Sheri’s cousin, Enrico Mirabelli, spoke with us on behalf of Sheri’s family from Chicago.

    He says he is encouraged by news of a suspect, but still nervous because there’s no arrest. “We’re waiting to see when will the state’s attorney act. So there’s some anxiety is that waiting process,” said Mirabelli.

    Major Connor says evidence was recovered from a stretch of I-255 that authorities searched near the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.

    Mirabelli says Sheri’s family is just hoping for justice.

    He told us, “We’re just waiting for an answer, we’re waiting to get a resolution…We always have one question and only one question and that is who did it? That’s the answer we’re looking for.” We have also confirmed that investigators have looked into an alleged relationship that Chris Coleman reportedly had with a woman in Florida.

    Wednesday will be day ten of the Major Case Squad investigation.

    We’re told they will decide on Wednesday whether to continue or disband and wait for lab results.

  23. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I’d love to know what they found on the highway. I hope it was the spray paint can with his fingerprints all over it.

    I hadn’t heard they had surveilence of him purchasing the spray paint. But then, I guess he could always use the argument he was going to use if for something else, so yeah his prints would be on it. The “perp” just happened to use it and take it to throw out the window (obviously, right?)

  24. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Also looks like cause of death was strangulation, according to

  25. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Prevost1580 & Blink….truthfully, the “bastardization” of the church and ultimately Christianity itself has been going on since long before Christ. No wonder He called the leaders of the church in His day “white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones.” Called them serpents and all kinds of things cuz they WERE. They led the people astray and it is going on to this day…but exponentially so.

  26. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, I am just saying it is odd. There will surely be more to come out. These two women are women that traveled almost exact opposite life paths. Everything they seemed to live for was diametrically opposed to the other. Though they were a year apart in HS, I do not doubt they may have been BFF’s back then. This relationship, as well as CC’s relationship with BFF, will be under the microscope soon enough. There are going to be some big surprises. I wonder if he met BFF through Sheri in Columbia or Largo. Or could he have met her while on a Crusade with the evil cash vacuum he worked for? His unit may have gone on an excursion during off hours. There is a long history here and it may prove to be a bit soiled.
    I will be leaving the acronym alone. Too easy.
    Also, is he the boys biological father? Sheri would have gotten pregnant at about 19 y.o. If he was in the picture then, it may explain how and when he met BFF. Also, BFF will surely tell her tale for piles of cash.
    There is a lot more to come out.
    Yep, sadly, yes your right.
    Yes, Chris is the boys bio dad. They met in the USAF where they were both MP’s.

  27. Emily from IL says:

    I live in Columbia Il and I hate all this. But then there is evil all over

    The police were looking for the red spray paint can and a dvd disc along the highway. I am assuming dvd disc was from the security cameras. We have the Mississippi right there, why would the stupid guy throw it out the car instead of in the river?

    I believe the red spray paint was bought from our local hardware store and not Target, but I could be wrong.

    Those are the words from the wall, I told you this would happen. Kids were strangled with hands and mother with coat hanger.

    As far as the chick in Florida being a BFF, this could have been from high school and not so much now. The boys were Sheri’s whole life.

    You have to also remember there was a house in St Louis that is owned by Joyce Meyer that has been under watch. Girl from Florida and Chris would meet up there as it is unoccupied till Meyer’s Ministries needs it.

    I am heartfully sorry for what this has done to you and your family, and of course your community. I am only allowing the specifics in your comment because they match what I was told as well.

  28. K from IL says:

    Thanks Blink. I grew up here. Then we only had 4500 people and now we have grown to over 10,000.

    It is sad to go down our Main Street, where our police station is, to see our local news stations camped out.

    When this story first broke that morning, I wanted to believe it was not Chris (By the way I do not know the family and my kids are older than theirs), but as time goes on and more comes out, I have to say I think it is him.

    I feel for the Chris’ parents. Can you imagine having a son, that you want to believe deep down in your heart, that he did not do this, but then start to realize that it could be him. I grieve for the Sheri’s family too.

    The worse part for me is living in this town that only has five sit down restaurants and three fast food, you can not get away from this. Everywhere you turn there are people talking.

    You have to remember that Chris pulled our local police into his web of lies too. The policeman he called that morning lives across the street from him. He did not call the police station, he called one particular cop to check on his family. He reported the threats to the police but that morning he called one personally. So he weaved them in too by his lies.

    I just want him arrested so maybe our town can go back to normal. We have had a few things happen lately, unfortuanately not with people who have been here forever. Not too long, maybe a few months, a Belleville woman gave birth to a baby at a party in Columbia and tried to flush it down the toilet. So we made front page headlines then again, just not the national news.

    K- changed your name as I am concerned the inner circle will know who you are, and that’s how I roll. As this case progresses, Im not sure anymore what makes me the sickest. My heart goes out to you and yours.

  29. Me says:

    “my dad was a pastor and warned me that the church (both Catholic AND Protestant) was a hiding place for MANY bad people.”

    So true.

    In fact, I know quite a few people that automatically consider church people suspicious for this very reason. I know an elderly woman like this. She sees a cross around someone’s neck and talk about Jesus and she gets very uncomfortable…expects the worse.

    I myself get suspicious when I see people who look too perfect. This family looked like something right out of the movie Pleasantville. Big red flag.

    I think this guy did the crime and I think he’s a moron. That’s why he left this really spectacular trail leading right back to him.

  30. Me says:

    “If premeditated you would think he could come up with something that wouldn’t be so easily traced to him.”

    You would think. However, look at this guy’s job. He was a security guard. You don’t need a lot of brain power to do that.

    I used to work for a guy like this. He was young, had a stay-at-home wife, two kids, very involved with his church etc.

    He was also creepy as hell. Drove a brand new BMW and lived in a very expensive house.

    Whenever we had to travel together he would talk to me about the latest Tim Lahaye book he was reading, the rapture etc.

    He thought that I was a lesbian because I was over 30 and lived with another woman…my mother. Not a very bright guy and I never trusted him.

    I believe that this “Christian” stuff is a cover for most people. (I put the word in quotes because the New Testament says that the Christians had their belongings in common..a very different lifestyle from what these people follow.) Sure, there are some people like this guy who really believe. However, they’re in the minority. For most of them it’s just a….how should I say it?….style.

  31. Leah says:

    Insidious fundamental religion … we go again. Joyce Meyer is as obnoxious as they come. The really scarey thing here is that for the previous 8 years these morons have been running this country, I thank the universe every day for Barack Obama. Love this site …thankyou Blink.

  32. K from IL says:

    Thanks Blink. I was already using a fake name but thanks for covering for me.

    I think Chris owned or worked for a video surveilance company in the past. I might have this wrong and it might just be a rumor.

    We know that Sheri and Chris met at an air force base, but have either of them been overseas? Just curious. I have never heard for sure how long they were married either.

    Sheri had told friends and neighbors that she was not afraid of whoever was sending the threatening letters because she said she had a gun by her bedside and she knew how to use it. Unfortunately I guess she never suspected her own husband.

    I am still hoping that it was someone besides Chris, but I think my hopes are going to go out the window.

  33. Brenda in Virginia says:

    If both Chris and Sheri were trained MPs, there HAD to be quite a struggle since both were well trained in self-defense. He probably could not have strangled her without the coat-hanger as has been suggested and did so in an attempt to keep her from scratching his hands….JMO.

    As for the DVD LE may have been looking for…could it be Chris slipped a duplicate/fake in there and removed the REAL onc that showed him leaving and coming back home? Maybe???

  34. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Brenda, He was a Marine MP. She was an Air Force MP. There is a world of difference between the two. Not demeaning anyone, God bless ‘em all. He may also have choked/knocked her out while she was sleeping. Who knows? There is so much more that will surface in this one. I bet forensic evidence is abundant.

  35. Martha says:

    I just want to comment on the “Christian” stuff. This man was having an affair. Well…so where all the religious men in Jesus day…when Jesus asked “for the one that was without sin to cast the stone” at the adulterous. Does this mean that all Christians are hypocrites? I guess then that all Football players are steroid users or druggies or adulterers as well or better yet…all athletes. I just want to say that there were 12 men and some women that were a real Christian in Jesus day, and today. Mutlitudes thronged him before he was arrested to be crucified. Those that have Christ in them and not just church goers, being doers of the Word of God, and not just hearers only…would not commit adultery or any other sin…those “Christians” that are living in sin are not a true follower of Jesus Christ or they would do like He said…go and sin no more. So let’s not judge the Church world, by those that go but don’t give their life to Him, anymore than you judge the Athletic world by the few that cheat their way to the top…not all athletes are cheaters, not all Christians are either.

    I agree with you. I think however many are outraged in particular when it is in such contrast to the way some individuals claim their belief systems work to the extreme. True story- when I was fresh out of confirmation classes, our pastor was found to be having an affair with the SS super, who was also married with 3 kids, one with autism. Fresh off my newly gleaned “religious” knowledge and accomplishment, I was floored. I confronted my parents with my indignation. I just spent weeks of my time with him and other students, and I felt everything he told me and taught us had to be a lie and I was pi**ed. They told me that above all, pastors, clergymen are human, and they would not have answers for his behavior only he would, and encouraged me to write him a letter. I did so and asked my Mom to drive me to his house (parish) where I wanted to hand it to him personally. I never heard back. Our sister church, like 3 blocks away, the pastor and a board member got caught (yep) and they actually ended up swapping spouses. For real. Here’s my point, some people have these experiences and learn early on ultimately your spirituality is individual, the rest is guidelines. For others, their brought up in situations where their “religion” or spiritual focus is taught to be the crux of their being. I disagree with that.

  36. Michele says:

    Blink, your opening is leading peeps to state as fact that this stripper was Sheri’s best friend leading to all the SODDI theories elsewhere on the net. They’re referencing you as the source. Could you clarify? Twas my understanding they were HS friends not current friends. TIA
    1. I have never referred to this woman as a stripper.
    2. I dont understand your question, sorry.

  37. martha says:

    i am sure that joyce meyer and her ministries had nothing to do with this. she is a very kind and caring person and a true Christian. They may have property that people use but this doesnt mean that she knew about and certainly did not condone Coleman’s behavior. Through a friend of mine and through Joyce Meyer ministries, I became a Christian. I was an atheist before all my adult life. This man’s behavior came from Satan not God. I recommend everyone read Battlefield of the Mind.

  38. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Red Ranger ,,,yup, I know a BIG difference because when I was 17 I wanted to join the Marines to be an MP myself (if they suggests my personality ;>) I did not meet the height/weight requirements. Was going to go into communications, but the field was closed at that time for 18 months. Met my current (and only) hubby at that time and the Marines sort of fell by the wayside. Who knows what would have happened differently in life had I joined? But yes, they basically told me I was crazy as a loon to want to do that in the Marines and suggested if I wante to be an MP join the AirForce. (just what they said.)

  39. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Red Ranger …just wondered about something. ARE the physical requirement really different in amoung the branches of service…or were they just giving me a hard time?

  40. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Blink wrote: “some people have these experiences and learn early on ultimately your spirituality is individual, the rest is guidelines. For others, their brought up in situations where their “religion” or spiritual focus is taught to be the crux of their being. I disagree with that.”

    Oh yes, that is so true! Christ told us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. He didn’t say to let anyone else do so for us. Besides, it is each individual who will stand before the Lord to account for his/her life…and God will not base this on their church’s doctrine! We are all given the ability to understand inside our being the difference between right and wrong. The Bible clearly states the sheep know the voice of the Shepherd. My PERSONAL belief is that those who become sociopaths CHOOSE to ignore that voice. It’s why they are truly so evil as the “voice” of their shepherd isn’t from the Father of Lights let me tell you….

    I would only disagree on one point, I think true sociopaths are born without a voice, or with a voice that amps their behavior, imo.

  41. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Blink, yes, the leaning towards such behavior is part of the mystery of life. Why do some people feel that twinge of pain in the soul when the do wrong/sin, and others are able to completely dismiss it? I do not pretend to know for sure why some want to listen to the Spirit and others do not. Maybe only God knows and not even the person themselves!? If I am found worthy to live on past this life…I am sure I’ll ask about that because I have often pondered such things :>) Alot I hope to ask, but I do not fool myself that I am a saint. Even the disciples prayed to be found worthy..some days…I don’t even feel worthy to do that! God help those dealing with any sociopathic individual on any level in the personal lives.

  42. LaZyJeStYr says:

    This guy gives sociopaths a bad rap – aren’t they usually pretty smart in their crimes?

  43. Amanda Miller says:

    As what I call a “Liberal Christian” I wanted to comment per some of the negative “Christian” remarks. Not all Christians are hypocritical zealots. We only hear of the “crazies” and “zealots” in the news but there are millions of kind, unassuming Christians in the US (and the world-over) who aren’t trying to “Jesus-ify” (That’s a technical term…) everyone. Most people who know me would never know I’m a Christian, because I see no need to impose my religious beliefs on anyone. For me it’s a personal thing. And for many, many others. Please don’t lump all Christians together. It’s like saying that all Muslims are terrorists because of a small group of hardcore zealots. There are millions of peaceful Muslims in the world. Just because someone believes in God doesn’t make them a backwoods-bible thumping-intolerant-super Republican -sociopath nor does it mean that they are “hiding” in religion. It makes me crazy that “Christian bashing” is so acceptable and common these days.

  44. tisha says:

    Amanda, I love your comments. You’re so right. I too am a preacher’s kid, and personally, I believe that not everyone who professes to be a Christian truly is one – Jesus himself talked about wolves in sheeps clothing, and Jude (his brother) wrote that in the last days apostates (false teachers and believers) would be more common – and I’m not saying that Chris Coleman is a prime example of that – but it seems that way from looking at the facts that have been presented so far. As for the ho stess, I do believe she was a very close friend to Sheri, as so so stated last night on NG by Sheri’s cousin, Enrico Mirabelli said that the family was in a state of shock over the allegations that Chris, and this woman who is yet to be named publicly had an affair. He even stated that he believed that Sheri DID NOT know about it since she had not talked to anyone, family or otherwise about it. Perhaps she found out that night, as there was an apparent argument around 3:00 am. Blink – thanks for all your work, I’m new to your site, but as a member of another armchair websleuth club, I hear your name all the time, you are very well know and respected in our community.

  45. linda says:

    Blink – I wish you would reconsider profiling this guy. I’m curious about his upbringing. Were his parents religious? What kind of child was he? Was he picked on in school? Also, can you now give the identity of the “ho stess”? This site is way better than NG show. Keep up the good work. I now read this site instead of reading a book. Can’t put it down and profiling would be the icing on the cake!

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