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Columbia, Ill– Is there a break in the case of murdered Coleman family members Sheri 31, Garrett 11, and Gavin 9?

Adding to the previous evidence reported exclusively at, sources have confirmed a glove, appearing to have red spray paint remnants on the index finger as well as “back spray” was found in the area of the highway, enroute to Chris Coleman’s Golds Gym. 

Shariand boys flexing

Speaking exclusively to, a Police source inside the ongoing investigation has revealed there is more. The red spraypainted words scrawled in the downstairs of the Coleman home are NOT the only messages left by the murderer.  The surveillance video expected to be in the recording device of the recently installed closed circuit camera is missing.

Adding insult to injury in an already emotionally charged case, internal reports have the Monroe County DA’s office at odds with the Major Crimes Division over the decision NOT to file charges against Coleman prior to receipt of forensic results.

Check back to for further developments.

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  1. columbia res says:

    Blink- should read Monroe County. Thanks for update!
    Yikes, if any sleuthy reader caught that, they might know what other case I was working on today, lol.
    Thank you for the correction, Update complete.

  2. livinginca says:

    Who knew about the surveillance video on the property since it was only recently set up

    E V E R Y O N E.

  3. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Blink, has it been officially released yet – what else was spray painted? My husband told me about the glove last week, and the graffiti… just haven’t been following the news this weekend to know what’s public.

    What I do not understand, and really – this is a biggie for me – why, WHY did he ditch his evidence on that stretch of highway, when if he’d driven abother half mile that highway goes over the Mississippi River. Why wouldn’t he toss them while he was going over the bridge?

    No, it has not been released publicly as to it’s contents, although if somone is paying attention he has eluded to it everytime someone asks about it.
    It is my understanding there is more evidence found at that location than is being released. Have you ever tried to throw stuff out the window seated in the drivers side out the passenger side while moving at a rate of speed to not appear to stop to avoid detection?
    Me either, but there is a fair chance of that going behind you and sitting on the bridge, which would not be his preference.

  4. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Also, have you heard anything more on TL?

    No, status quo. Hearing on 6/9

  5. Breccia says:

    KSDK is reporting a DVD (from the recorder Coleman had installed to watch his mailbox after the supposed threats were received?) was found along with the spray paint glove. approx 4 hours ago:
    “That glove and a DVD from a recorder were found by investigators as they searched along Interstate 255 near the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.”

    That is true, I have been told the same, but only reported the glove other than in comments because I could not verify the CD. I know for a fact it was not at the scene, but not that it was recovered, and I personally do not buy it. I will explain my position on that after an arrest in this case.

  6. columbia res says:

    Could maybe tossed the stuff before the bridge because of traffic behind? I live in Columbia and my hubby leaves to work the same time as he said he left for the gym and there really is quite a bit of traffic coming that time of morning from Columbia to JB bridge. Just a thought.

  7. Karen Lee says:

    Hi everybody:

    It’s so sad that in such a short time, there are so many cases cropping up everywhere.

    All cases are horrific, but this one takes it all. What possible motive could anyone BUT the husband have for this heinous crime?

    It’s one thing to be angry w/your wife but to deliberately kill those sweet little boys … what a freak of nature.

    Blink: do you think realistically that there could be other suspects ? NO

    Killing the kids by strangulation seems too intimate for a stranger. Crazy perverts might use a knife on everybody or a gun (like the Clutters in Kansas) –but silent strangling -it doesn’t wash for a stranger. IMO only.

    A glove (NG) or THE GLOVE … regardless, the real question I think is what did the husband plan for afterward? Does the HO stess mistress hate kids? Did she refuse to raise HIS kids? NO Kids
    There could be no other reason (IMO) for this slaughter. I mean, if common sense and crime statistics mean anything.

    The “safety call” from the gym that was only 5-10 minutes away is also troubling; it just smacks of set up. Why didn’t he call the next door neighbor (instead of cops) ? He DID call the neighbor, who is a cop. The MSM has not picked up on this yet, he never called the Police directly that morning.

    Why didn’t he drop everything (at the gym) and instead of finishing his work out –RUN HOME in a panic ? Any other (real) spouse who loved their wife would have done that.

    The sheriff was just on; he didn’t name anybody but it sure seemed like he was referring to the husband.

    It’s kinda hard to be a beach bum with “baggage.” All the money he could have gotten from insurance, selling the house etc … could have bought him a lot of years hanging out.

    Too bad the creep didn’t have the guts to walk away & leave his family intact and provided for.
    Yep, this woman, stunning in appearance, and by all accounts a selfless, devoted woman, to her family and her faith, 2 cherubs budding on the vine, sometimes I wish I did anything but this. At the very least I am hopeful that this story helps another in a similar situation before it is too late.

  8. Karen Lee says:

    Sorry for the DOUBLE post. I had typed something entirely different –but it posted the same (for some reason).

    Anyway: my thought was … the HO stess mistress lives in the Florida keys. A laid back, stroll around in shorts & flip flops lifestyle hanging out at the tourist bars –and scoring whatever off the vacationing tourists.

    You can actually live like “a beach bum” in the keys. With a HO stessy-looking woman at his side, he could be Magnum.

    What SPOILS this idyllic picture? Two young boys who need their father’s full attention.

    Instead of his bachelor fantasy life … he would have to play bachelor father.

    Without the kids –selling his house & getting all the insurance (I think I read he increased Sherri’s policy recently) … but with that kind of cash out, somebody could live for years in the keys without having to work a job.

    Must have seemed like life in Paradise (to him) … and one worth killing three innocents to achieve. I hope they fry him
    I am open to the theory that its plausible he may have been planning her demise. Until we see proof of that, I am holding out that he was confronted, snapped, and that necessitated the deaths of the children in his mind. My fear is that one of them woke, and that was why. If that is true, I never want to know.

  9. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    There is a lot of traffic on the JBB at 5:30ish in the morning? Also, I believe it was still dark at that time.

  10. westsidehudson says:

    I wonder if there was an accomplice. How do you separately strangle all these people and not create any noise that would alert the others?

    I think that it’s better to get all their ‘ducks in a row’ before charges are filed. Better that it sticks, than rush.
    I agree. as much as it pains me to see him free right now.

  11. Brenda in Virginia says:

    AHHH!!!! I wondered on a previous post if the missing DVD was what was found on the roadside, but had no clue about the glove until today. CC unlike OJ isn’t gonna get away with saying “glove doesn’t fit” if it has any DNA evidence. I am HOPING beyond hope CC used an OLDER glove covered in his sweat and DNA. Probably so….find it hard to believe he would be smart enough to purchase new ones to perpetrate the crime.

    Geez…how long has he been premeditating this???

  12. Brenda in Virginia says:

    By the way, had never watched Joyce Meyers before and when flipping through the channels saw her last night and tried to watch. What a freaking POMPUS and clearly egotistical creature!!! I could not stomach much of her. She’s all about her…that’s clear. Nothing humble about that lady at all. I wish any body language experts in here could stomach watching her a few minutes and see what they think, but I feel she’s definately a fake/in for the money just like the Copelands who completely disgust me in their MULTI-million dollar mansion. Sick.

  13. lisa lee says:

    He’s a monster, he’s guilty, if he did not kill them then he knows who did – he had something to do with it and did he really thing that he was going to get a way with it? Come on, its sad to say, but more and more cases like this, its always the spouse. Sheri’s poor family and the children. Everyday they will live with the pain and the fact that the case is getting national coverage which will prolong their healing – they will relive this again and again – not just one person killed; 3 wonderful people killed for what? Give him the death penalty and a speedy trial.

  14. sweetpea says:

    I have the same question. I agree that if someone threw items out a the passenger window it would fly backward, but not a half a mile
    backwards. Someone driving a regular route would know where to dump something. It is not as if he was being chased, no one knew of the killings until he called and asked neighbor/police to check. If he took the time to write message, why not take the time to dump glove and other items. BTW if glove was there I wonder if the other item was the paint can?
    It was, unofficially, good question. To that end, thay may be why he chose the location, the can would float.

  15. cres says:

    I believe he thought he was throwing the evidence into the river.
    The water was up from recent rain but it just wasn’t up as far as he would have liked.
    Blink-have you heard anything about the condition of the bodies when they were found.
    Yes, I have, witholding for now.

  16. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Eyeswideopen….no! It would fly forwards at a slower rate than the vehicle until it hits the ground. It’s an optical allusion to think it’s going backwards created as the vehicle continues forward faster then the projectile.

    Throw an apple core out and watch…once it hits ground it will continue forwards even after that!

    As for tossing evidence onto the shoulder of a highway, CC couldn’t have been thinking clearly former MP or not.

    One question I have is whether info has been released or hinted at re: the REAL time of death. LE is trained to detect this (I mean, 1 or 2 hrs opposed to 5-6 or 10-12 etc.)

    I got a 911 call one morning where a lady woke to her husband not breathing in bed next to her (they were elderly). A seasoned Sgt who was also a Vietnam Vet arrived first onscene. He radioed me less than 30 seconds after arriving and said “this man has been dead for hours…have the ambulance return. He passed during the night.” Has anyone hinted at who long the victims were REALLY dead? Probably outside of the short time-frame between CC leaving and returning from the gym.

  17. mamacrazy30 says:

    the politics of this are confusing me. at first i thought LE had wanted to arrest but the DA said wait. now it seems as though the DA had wanted an arrest and it not be dumped in their laps? why has this dude not been arrested yet?

  18. columbia res says:

    Yeah there’s traffic- not bumper to bumper- but you have people coming from all directions to cross. And it was 5:45- not totally dark. I heard a rumor on another board that CC returned to home yesterday and removed more stuff and took down the memorials in his yard. Wonder if that’s true? That’s disturbing. I live less than a mile away but can’t bring myself to go look.

  19. martha says:

    brenda in virginia,

    there is nothing phonie or pompous about joyce meyers. she is very sincere, and has spent her adult life in ministry to others and helps people all over the world. her books are excellent. she also has a bible with notes. she is open and honest. what is wrong with her having an imcome. her whole family is committed to helping people. her ministry is compassionate, positive and uplifting. anyone in the houston tx area should try to see her when she comes to Lakewood Church—pastor Joel Osteen, another one of those inspiring and uplifting, honest Christians

    Dog fighting and rapist atheletes and immoral movie stars make lots of money and everyone applauds them.

    Martha, you may be right about Joyce, I do not know her. I do know that if I built a business today, about other people’s writings and teachings, I would be sued for copyright infringement. I also know that there are standard royalty fees absent grounds for the aforementioned. My point is, whether or not she or is not legit per se is not my call or anyone else’s absent proof to substantiate a claim of that nature. However, when you get into using religion and “followers” to progress your business, you should be held to a different set of standards than a traditional marketing firm that does not utilize some of the deepest vulnerabilites conditioned since youth in most of us.
    Are her ministries books open? Thus my point.

    That said, I dont agree with your comments that people idolize or applaud crroks, that is presumptive on your part and I dont think any of my readers would agree or they probably would be reading different subject matter

  20. cres says:

    Columbia Res-I was the one who said cc was at his house and took down the memorial and it was confirmed to me this morning. The trash can was full of the memorial stuff this morning.
    Are you referring to memorial items placed at his home?

  21. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Brenda, I think you were replying to Sweetpea, not me. I still do not think it would be that difficult to get the items into the river while crossing the bridge. JB Bridge is actually TWO bridges, one in each direction. So there would be no tossing out the passenger window – all he would have to do is drive in the left lane and toss it out the drivers window… it would go between the two bridges into the Mississippi.

    I understand the physics behind throwing something out the window while in motion, which IMO only lends to my theory it would have been a better option than throwing these items in the center median/ditch (for lack of better terminology).

    Do you think LE/DA will actually/eventually release the conditions of the bodies?

    I do not, I think they are convening a GJ as we speak.

  22. Sheila says:

    Why bash Joyce Meyers? She is a reputable author in her own right. How could she be in trouble for copyright infringement? Have you read any of her books? I don’t see Joyce using religion and “followers” to further her business. She is offering products that people with certain beliefs enjoy and use. Isn’t that the basis of all businesses? Offer a product that people want and will spend money on? It’s a stretch to say that business people are “using” their customers. Geesh.. why so irritated and threatened by a Christian businesswoman?

    WHOA. Sheila- who’s rushing to judgement here? Re-read my comments, I never said she WOULD be in trouble for Copyright infringement. It was a paralell between then and now. She did not write the Bible, it is not her intellectual property, and that is what her “Meyerpire” is based on. This is what ticks me off, I dont begrudge her that, but it IS what it IS. You actually agreed with me without even kinowing it- You said:

    She is offering products that people with certain beliefs enjoy and use. Isn’t that the basis of all businesses?
    Exactly my point, I dont claim that perhaps her teachings/products/whatever are not valuable or a rip off. It may very well be that she is inspirational to those in need, however, I contend that when your target market is for people of deep religious foundations, who also are patterned to “give to the church” there should be a better avenue for reporting and disclosure. In reality if I told you she was a gazillionaire and you still felt the same way, I respect that. How many lectures does she give to indigent fans? How many free books to she provide to libraries, churches, Nursing Homes, Asissted Living, you get the picture. If you can present those findings, I will be glad to take a different stance.

  23. Liz says:

    I agree with you Blink. Even though I am a Christian and I believe that good things have come from Joyce Meyer’s ministry – as well as Joel Osteen’s, it makes me uncomfortable to see how much vulnurable people rely on them (and they seem to enjoy the attention)… giving money to them to progress their “ministry” just because the “minister” says to do it. I know even a ministry takes money to run, and I’m not saying that God wouldn’t work through a ministry that way, but when I see these well-to-do televangelists telling people they need financial support, I can’t help but cringe. I guess that is stereo-typing a bit, but we do have history to look back on.

  24. columbia res says:

    yeah Blink- cres is saying that CC went back to house and removed memorial off lawn and threw in trash!! It’s just too disturbing.. that was for the kids in the neighborhood to express their loss and help with grieving. Would have been nice for Sheri’s family to get the memorial stuff- not thrown in the trash by the heartless family killing b@@@@@@@.

  25. Jaelin says:

    What is a GJ?
    Sorry Jaelin, my bad, Grand Jury.

  26. Me says:

    Joyce Meyer is fun to watch at times…but then, I also like Tony Robbins :)

    Of course, there isn’t anything Christian about JM…even though she plays that role. She’s just a self-help speaker who has created a successful business empire by giving her self-help speeches a Christian theme.

  27. Shawna says:

    It seems we have to be regularly sickened by news of these selfish husbands murdering their wives and children so that they can be rid of what is standing in the way of their new lives. Divorce isn’t difficult you arrogant pigs! Sheri, Garret, and Gavin deserved to live. I hope CC, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Jason Young (I could go on!)all get their due someday!

  28. cres says:

    BLink do you have any info of an arrest?? I have a feeling it’s happening today. Major Connor is back at Columbia police station.

  29. cres says:

    And yes blink I was referring to the memorial items left at Chris Coleman’s home on Robert Dr. He took all of the stuff and threw it into the trash yesterday afternoon. Have you heard anything about the arrest. KMOV has a newsvan at Columbia police dept. now.

    Cres I am trying to avoid your question, dont you realize?
    Kidding, I am working on this now

  30. dddeerma says:

    This is of little use probably, but someone who is throwing things out of car windows on large bridges is going to have a hard time hitting the water unless the car is stopped. Even when stopped a glove would be hard to throw across the side of the bridge. Maybe a spray can, but not from a moving car. Just in my own opinion.

  31. cres says:

    Thanks blink. I am going up by the police station in a few minutes.

  32. cres says:

    KMOV is the only news truck at the police station but they are all set up.
    Unconfirmed, but I think I may know why that is. There are mixed reports about surrender/taking him in.

  33. cres says:

    Thanks blink!

  34. cres says:

    I hope you will let us know the minute you find out when he will be brougt in/turn himself in. I would like to be there with video camera in hand.
    I have to say the rumor mill is spinning 300 mph on this, not sure what the deal is. Almost makes me think something hit a snag. Dunno, but will do.

  35. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    This is torment in and of itself… I hope the arrest is soon.

  36. K from IL says:


    Yes K- Have all you blinkoncrimers now learned to keep the faith when I tell you somepin’s comin, YEESH?

  37. K from IL says:

    You are good Blink. I still so wanted it to be someone else. I am a mother of four. I just do not see how you could do this to your own children. I am saddened for Sheri too, but kids that you watched play day after day. As well as for them to feel frightened for weeks by Chris sending threatening letters. I just wonder what this world is coming to at times.
    We all did, I admit it, this woman and her baby boys resonates with me more than I can say. It’s in the big man’s hands now.

  38. JoAnn says:

    I think if anyone is wanting to know how the money is spent with Joyce Meyer Ministries, they should quit talking behind her back and just ask the ministry. They will disclose a report to those who are truly looking for the truth of how the money is spent. You can also get some of that information from the website. She actually received an award for being in total compliance and beyond with her financial reports. Let’s not use an already tragic situation to throw stones at someone else.

    JoAnn- this site is highly read on the www, I hardly think that is considered talking behind anyone’s back, lol.
    Lastly, I agree for anyone concerned, do your diligence and ask for data. Enough said.

  39. Mark Z says:

    I was just told this news about Coleman. I must say I am shocked! I knew this kid and worked with him for several years and am surprised! I am not defending him in any way but this kid was a former Marine and a Military Police officer and a very good one too! I always thought of him as a model for younger Marines. That’s why I am shocked!!!! If the evidence points to him, then he gets what he gets! I just can’t believe that someone I knew well has done such a thing, and did every thing against what he used to believe in. I hope that former Sergeant Coleman reads this and knows that we (Former Brothers) from Quantico spoke briefly about what you did and that you should rot in hell!!

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