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Columbia, Ill– Police Sources inside the Investigation of the murders of Sheri Coleman and her two sons, Garrett and Gavin Coleman, have confirmed to that the arrest of the husband and father of the deceased, Christopher Coleman, is imminent.


Following the earlier disbanding of the Major Crimes Division while the Columbia police awaited forensics based on the advice of the District Attorney, Major Connor is back at the Columbia Police Headquarters this afternoon rumored to be preparting for an impromptu press conference, announcing Coleman’s arrest. There are already news trucks parked outside the Columbia PD although no announcement has been made.

Check back to for updates to this developing story.

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  1. Karen Lee says:

    AS USUAL, BLINK — you are FIRST with the best insider info.

    Thank God … I don’t think this country could have survived another totally BOGUS scenario.

    This guy (I think) really thought he could live the bachelor life down in the Florida keys w/his exotic dancing mistress. The keys laid back lifestyle, strolling around in sandals and shorts –likely his PARADISE of dreams.

    What would have spoiled his bachelor in paradise visions: Two young sons needing their father’s attention. Bummer (for dear old dad).

    That is the only reason he killed those precious boys. They stood in the way of HIS dreams of paradise. He had to think he could get away w/murder –and then sell the house & cash out the insurance policies to live in Margaritaville w/o working for it.

    Thank you, once again BLINK –the knot in my stomach over this latest creature was giving me considerable indigestion.

  2. Ashley Marie says:

    I keep seeing “The Keys”. I thought the Ho Stess was from Largo, Fl, which is near Tampa, not Key Largo. Not that it’s any big deal, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going nuts.

    Good job, as usual, Blink. Is there anyway you can bring Brittnee’s story back up to the front page? Thanks!

  3. dddeerma says:

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Coleman has had a miserable last few days of anxious freedom. Now that his rich church has abandoned him, will he be able to make bail? Is he someone who might be safer in jail? What has Ms Ho Stess been up to, will we ever learn her name and possible involvement? Thanks, blink, I had been concerned and am glad to know this is proceeding.

  4. Sister says:

    What do you know about his attorneys Margulis & Margulis (sp)? Any good? I’m think he’s say the devil made him do it. The devil’s good, but I’m not sure he would disguise himself as a ho-tess JMO
    They are the best choice in his area for sure. But I have not done a great bit of research on them, I dont think it will make a lick of difference,imo

  5. cres says:

    I hope there wasn’t a snag but please keep me informed. I have moved over from the other post.

  6. Scoop says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Sheri’s family. She was so beautiful and the kids were a joy for everyone. How a man can look in any other direction for ‘paradise’ is beyond me. Obviously, one’s eyes can deceive them because he will never live in any kind of paradise; and what he perceived as paradise is a living hell.

    Now, he’s going to be alone for the rest of his life with only the memory of all the things he gave up for a could’ve been life that was nothing more than a fantasy.

    I hope an arrest comes soon because this man is, clearly, a flight risk.

    Thanks, Blink!

  7. cres says:

    Have you found anything out about the snag???
    non-specific and I dont expect to. Radio Silence comes to mind

  8. Angela says:

    I thought I read in the fine print on tv yesterday (probably HLN) that it was police talking w/ the girlfriend that convinced them who was the criminal. That would be the only pleasant irony in this case. But really, the crime here defies the imagination. So awful. And do you think this CC actually thought he would get away with it??

  9. EyesWIDEOpem says:

    The HOstess name can be found, if you dig through some of the local news sites comments to this case or other sites following this case. LE hasn’t released it, but it is able to be found (unless those sites have purged these comments in the past couple days). All her public profiles have been deleted (MySpace, Facebook, Classmates).

  10. mamacrazy30 says:

    has there been an arrest yet?
    Not to my knowledge

  11. neversaynever says:

    I missed the impromptu press conference, has it been put up on the net yet? Link please, I could find nothing doing a google search.

  12. neversaynever says:

    JVM didn’t report anything about the press conference. NG isn’t reporting it. WOW, Blink has an exclusive. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more details. Honestly, I was not sure it was him until this report.

    Dont hollar from the rooftops just yet. Sources saying arrest still imminent, but some dissention in the ranks about somepin’ I did not get any clarity whatsoever except to say if anyone is caught being the source of any leaks, it means their job. Sooo…

  13. mamacrazy30 says:

    hang in there Blink…

    Aww, thanks Mama. This is not unusual given the circumstances, the important thing is that there is a successful prosecution in this case, no matter what.

  14. Karen Lee says:

    #3 Comment by Ashley Marie — May 19, 2009 @ 3:54 pm I keep seeing “The Keys”. I thought the Ho Stess was from Largo, Fl, which is near Tampa, not Key Largo. Not that it’s any big deal, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going nuts.

    Hi Ash, there’s Largo by Tampa and Key Largo, in the keys. The HO stess probably has a wide “area of interest” (either way( that is the lifestyle he was aiming for.

    I don’t think it’s enough that he wanted to leave his wife –he wanted a new life for himself. (He was such a sterling success /his security at Meyers career). Also if he was using the Meyers location in Florida for his assignations ….

    Yes it is Largo, not Key Largo, thats correct

  15. Prevost1580 says:

    Just like Crasey Anthony looked up,neck breaking… Strangling sleeping family members,screams!! that someone thought of this as a mercy killing.

    Maybe the gf had broken up with him? I’m referring to the > I told you that this would happen< in red spray paint. I bet the gf had issues with CC having a wife & kids and so he wanted to get rid of them.

    Also,I’m surprised that Joyce Meyers Ministries hasn’t issued a statement?! Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room.

  16. mamacrazy30 says:

    here’s looken’ at you kid, and at all the things we did…
    An oldy but goody..
    no i will think of this every time i hear the song..damnit!

  17. Mary Kay Baskin says:

    News conference in about 10 minutes on KMOV.COM news live from Columbia, IL.

  18. leeloo says:

    Live on KMOV channel 4. Don’t know if it will run on the website until after the broadcast.

  19. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Major Case Squad to make announcement in Columbia slayings

    The Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis has scheduled a press conference for 10:10 p.m. to make an announcement in their investigation into the strangulations of a Columbia woman and her two sons, deputy commander Major Jeff Connors said.

    Police have said they have a suspect in the case.

    Early on May 5, police found the bodies of Sheri Coleman, 31, Garett Coleman, 11, and Gavin Coleman, 9, after husband and father Chris Coleman, 32, called police from a Gold’s Gym in south St. Louis and asked police to check on them.

  20. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Police Arrest Chris Coleman In Deaths Of Wife, Two Children

    May 19, 2009

    COLUMBIA, IL (KTVI – – Law Enforcement sources tell Fox 2 that Chris Coleman has been arrested in the murders of his wife Sheri Coleman and their two children.,0,945264.story


  21. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Sorry to spam with links, I just am feeling so relieved right now.

  22. Boo says:

    Local (St Louis) news stations are reporting the arrest of Chris Coleman, with a live news conference scheduled for 10:10 Central. (The conference is late starting.)

  23. Ilene Yazman says:

    Chris Coleman was just arrested in Chester for three counts of 1st degree murder!

  24. leeloo says:

    Chris Coleman arrested for the murder of his wife and sons!

  25. Donna U. says:

    You never know who you can trust anymore. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind these killings in the world anymore. When you get to the point where you’re afraid to marry someone, or trust anyone, where is this world going to be in the future?

  26. Vicki says:

    What kind of entitled narcissist actually thinks he will get away with this???? What a moron to call the cops that morning…would have been better to just “walk in” on the mayhem, then to stage this with pre-threatening letters, additional life insurance, I mean what an IDIOT! I feel so sorry for those boys, to wake up to Daddy’s hands around their throats…unreal and so sick…he will die for this. Chris makes Scott Peterson seem mild…this gives me chills. I will remain single forever and ever and ever…I’ve been the victim of domestic battery…no warning signs prior to my husband damn near killing me with a landscape timber….this is just a TRAGEDY, my God i am so upset.

    “Entitled Narcissist” Perfectly put.

  27. onthuhlist says:

    You can see Chris Coleman mowing his yard from the air. Go to, search for Chris Coleman’s address (2854 Robert Drive, columbia, IL), then click on ‘Bird’s Eye’ view and zoom in. Then hit one of the ‘Rotate’ buttons. In two views, you’ll see the family trampoline next to the house, and Chris Coleman in the back yard mowing. In the other two views, you’ll see the trampoline out in the middle of the yard after Chris had finished mowing the yard. In one of these views, Chris is on the front driveway washing it down with water.

  28. Marianne says:

    Thanks Blink for the excellent reporting. Makes me sad beyond words that the evidence points strongly enough to Coleman for LE to make an arrest. I kept hoping there was someone else, even the girlfriend, who committed the murders. Hope the DA has a water tight case. For all those who think Coleman is an example of a Christian man…he is not. The Word says that husbands are to be to their wife as Christ is to the Church. Jesus gave His life for the Church. The Way is a Way of obedience, it is not a social club, it is not for financial gain, it is sacrificial living.

  29. Mamaloveskids says:

    Thank you Marianne for your words on Christianity – very spot on

  30. trudy says:

    the media leaked her name. she is TARA LINTZ and she lives in the clearwater-tampa area. her address and phone number are on zaba search that she posted it. she strips in a tampa strip bar. i cant believe coleman brutally murdered his entire family for this scum skank! how could he strangle those little boys? his own sons! what a horrific terrible tragedy. i hope coleman rots in jail then in hell along with his nude dancing mistress………..

    O no you Di int’, lol

  31. Al Miller says:

    I posted this in the other CC section here, but this is notable. The clear and direct correlation between anti-depressants and inter-family murder is scary. Google it. There are lists all over the place that outline crimes and what prescription mood altering drug the person committing the crime was on.

  32. dee says: this is a pic of Tara Lintz

    From Blink: This comes with a warning, She is pictured in a bikini and that’s as far as I know about that site, looks racey, view at your discretion. They say sometimes people don’t cheat because another person is “better looking”, this would be the case in this instance. Not that it matters, but Sheri was S T U N N I N G. Maybe the HO STESS was more in his league. Eew. This poor family. I wish I had met Sheri, I think I would have liked and respected her very much.

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