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Channahon, Ill– Sadly, neither the Peterson or Stebic families will be receiving the much needed closure by the discovery of their loved one’s remains.



The remains pulled from the banks of the Des Plaines River by the Big Basin Marina, are that of an as yet unidentified male. Illinois State Police are witholding his identity based on notification of family.


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  1. Chris Smith says:

    I am writing you in hopes of helping three very hurt and confused children. This disappearance more than likely has nothing to do with your geographical region. The reason I am forced to attempt contact every individual media contact in this country simply due to the fact that this person unfortuanetly had the bad luck of going missing in a small or no market media area. I have attempted on several occasions to reach out to media in Baltimore and Washington with limited or no success. Hopefully someone who takes the time to read this will also take the time to research this and realize there is more than a run away mother here and justice is not being severed. At the very least there is the alway the possibiltiy however remote if Christine Sheddy is still alive, maybe she is in your region, or city. Either way I pray that someone out there will pick this up for these three kids who really miss their Mom.

    On November 13th 2007 an Eastern Shore woman went missing from a small
    farm house in Pocomoke City Maryland. Christine Marie Sheddy a 27 year
    old mother of three was staying with a couple in Pocomoke. Allegedly
    when the couple left during the afternoon hours to pick up their
    children from school they left Christine and her two youngest sons alone
    at the house. When they returned two hours they claim she was gone and
    the children were still there. No one has seen or heard from Christine
    since that day. The local law enforcement, acting on information
    recieved from the mother of Christine’s estranged boyfriend, imediately
    began persuing the case in the direction that Christine abandoned her
    children. There are several facts that do not support that theory and I
    fear that because of the misinformation police recieved at the beginging
    of this case it has never been persued as the criminal case I believe it
    is. The first fact is that she took none of her personal belongings not
    even her purse. None of the last people who saw Christine alive have
    ever been willing to submit to a polygraph. Her estranged boyfriend,
    who allegedly was physically abusive to her, was angry that Christine
    was intending to move out of the state in a few days. Carpet was
    removed from the house a few days after Christine disappeared and
    destroyed. The couple that she was staying with both have extensive
    criminal records including charges of domestic violence and battery.
    Christine’s family have resigned themselves that after almost 18
    months that they will never see Christine again. They desperately are
    need of help. Her children need to know that one way or another where
    their mother is and why she is no longer with them. I am concerned that
    this case never recieved the media attention that it deserves. It is
    media attention that I think will be the catalyst to gain the
    information needed to help bring closure to this family. Please consider
    a story on this case. Your forum is very much needed to help this
    family. Christine’s mother, Lynn Dodenhoff, can be reached at . Please help this famiy, particularly
    her three young children, gain closure. Thank you in advance for your

    Chris Smith

    Chris, I emailed Lynn over a week ago, no response.
    Thanks for thinking of Christine’s kids.

  2. Blink says:

    To C. Smith- I got your request and have forwarded to editorial staff for a first look. I will be in touch.

  3. Cindy says:

    Joke: Maybe it’s the man that Stacy supposedly ran off with?

  4. mamacrazy30 says:

    at least one family out there will have some closure.

  5. IVOIRE says:


  6. westsidehudson says:

    This is what I may have heard the other day. It was possibly leaked early.
    I’m surprised though that it wouldn’t have been officially reported. Forensic Anthropologists can usually tell by bones. Although there was no pelvis or femur right? I believe, aside from the skull, that those can be used readily to determine gender.

    No, the pelvis WAS recovered, and I believe 1 femur. I can tell you for a fact that even the coroner thought this was one of the 2 women, it is very slight. I am terribly saddened for the families that go through this hell everytime remains are found.

  7. Mom of Boston & Yorkie says:

    If this is a male skeleton, does anyone remember the businessman who was also missing from the same area? I am trying to remember the details but it seems to me that he owned a cable installation company? He was in his 30′s and just went missing if I can recall correctly….he had many friends who searched and searched to no avail.

    God Bless the missing and their families!

  8. westsidehudson says:

    They are calling him male, but perhaps it is a boy vs. a man (hence being so small). Sad, no matter.

    Also, it’s frustrating that Peterson did such a good job of disposing of his wife.

  9. drumstick says:

    This one is a knot in the stomach.
    I guess we’ll have to blame the news reports for misleading information on this one.
    How they got panties and female wrong right away is troubling.

    Sometimes God moves in mysterious ways and just maybe while they are looking for the rest of the skeletal remains of this male they might find Stacy or Lisa in the process (who otherwise would not have been found).
    Keep praying for them….

    Thanks Blink! Keep up the good work!


  10. Nancy Whitaker says:

    Where in the world did the media get the reports that the body was a small woman wearing underwear? Drew P. must have really done away with Stacys body. I cannot believe the media would report flase or misleading information. I feel sorry for Stacy and Lisa’s family.
    I understand that came directly from the coroners office, however, I think it was one of those things that was interpretable, meaning very little material was left. I can tell you as a fact the bone structure of this man is quite small.

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