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Peoria, IL– A cellmate of Drew Peterson’s believes his cellie had an accomplice in the disposal of his wife’s remains, and that accomplice is talking to police.


Peterson, in prison awaiting trial for the murder of wife no. 3, Kathleen Savio, reportedly told his bunk buddy the identity of the individual who helped him bury Stacy Peterson, according to TMZ.

Will County Sheriff’s Office then approached the alleged accomplice, who in turn led them to private hunting grounds just outside of Metamora, Illinois.

With the landowner’s permission, Cadaver k9’s were used to confirm the possible burial site, which immediately led police to the exact location of what is alleged to be that of the remains of Stacy Peterson, inside an enclosed metal drum.

Further confirmation, possibly through the use of ground penetrating radar, (GPR) indicated their is a large container consistent with the witness account, within the soil.

The Illinois State Police was dispatched to guard the property overnight, and crews will begin digging this morning.

Will County Sheriffs Office has a forensic recovery team onsite today, please check back to blinkoncrime.com for any developments in this case.


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  1. jessi says:

    This is wonderful news

  2. Shelly says:

    I hope this is Stacy’s body. Lay that woman to rest for her family. God bless for what hell they have gone through.

    And there is a special place in hell for Drew Peterson. His egotistical ass needs to pay for killing not only one wife, but in all probability two. His strutting around like a big boy who could do this and get away. Playing to the camera’s and laughing in the face of the law he once represented.

    I hate to laugh in the face of this tragedy. But, for the big boy himself to have run his bragging mouth to lead to her body, and the TRUTH is what is laughable! He’s tied the knot in his own noose. My last memory of seeing him on TV was climbing out of the back of a police van. Waving to the reporters he loved to play to. I hope he gets to see the process of the law smiling and waving back to him today. As the mother of his children is brought to light for a family to lay her to rest. God bless his children. And I for one would love to see his face as he realizes he was out conned!

    Nice to see you (Blink waves at Shelly) friend.

    Let this be a lesson- and I DO believe this is the real deal, once and for all- and Stacy will be recovered.

    There is no such thing as a perfect crime, and you will always get caught. It is the way of the Universe.

  3. Starsky says:

    I live near Bolingbrook, and I have seen this guy and his cocky little attitude plastered on the TV regularly. This is the best news of the day! Wow, two down this week! They say things come in “threes”…maybe some good news on the Morgan homefront this week to cap it off!

  4. Judi says:

    Great news. Now she can receive a proper burial, her family and friends can have closure, and justice will be served for Stacey.

  5. moxiemom says:

    Like Jane Velez-Mitchell says: “It’s a good thing criminals are so stupid or we’d never catch ‘em!”

  6. Ragdoll says:

    Three words: Prison For Dummies

  7. Phyllis says:

    Yep, just shows how stupid these people are…murder someone and be so proud of it they can’t keep their mouth shut. One time to many “Mr” Peterson!! Thank the Lord.

  8. PMShadow says:

    This was excellent news to see today! Now Stacey can have a proper burial, and her family and friends will finally know where she is… I live not too far from where all this sad situation began and having to watch Drew Peterson’s cockiness was enough to make me want to take care of business. But justice prevails and he was finally arrested for killing his third wife, and, now he has sealed his own fate by being so over-confident and bragging to his cellmate about Stacey. “What goes around comes around – Payback is a b_tch!” Drew is finally going to learn this firsthand.

  9. Mom3.0 says:

    Wow- it is almost like there is something in the air- bringing all these cases closer to justice- You are right Blink there is no perfect crime and certainly not a perfect criminal- They all seem to mess up in the end. I am sorry it took the deaths of others to bring JV and DP to the lap of Lady Justice, but I am thankful that there seems to be movement towards justice. I hope that this means there will be a break in Morgan’s case and others as well.

  10. westsidehudson says:

    I despise Peterson. Absolutely hate him. I don’t say that sort of thing often. I hope that this is the real deal. This AM it was confirmed and denied, etc. I hope this works out. I hope it wipes that despicable smirk off of his face.

    No WSH , I don’t think ever-
    I agree with you. I dont think Will Cty denied all of the report initially, I honestly think they were peeved about the link, from what I could tell.

    Besides, if it is not true, why set up a media staging area?
    I feel pretty strongly about this one.

  11. 5emerald29 says:

    Wow, I mostly read amd rarely post, even had take a several week blog vacation after the Ethan Stacey story. Just broke my heart to pieces, I have never had a story affect me the way that one does. Back on point, ahhhhhhhhhh Vanity what a wonderful sin to catch that vermin. I am glad to see it is his arrogance that will bring justice to Stacy Peterson. I wish the same for his slimey accomplice, may he/she serve a long sentence as well

  12. Kim says:

    Amazing progress this week for so many cases!
    Let this be a lesson to these slimeballs, you can not and will not win!
    Gives me so much hope for other cases and the hard work being done by so many to solve murders and put those responsible behind bars.
    All is can say is Bravo!!!!!!!!!

  13. Di says:

    Great news!
    I hope it’s true.

  14. Jane says:

    I sure hope Drew Peterson goes down for this murder. He seemed so smug and arrogant – quite sure Stacy would never be found. What a pig. Well he’s dumber than I thought. Bless Stacy and her family. Hopefully they will soon have answers to their many questions.

  15. Twinkletoes says:

    The truth will always come to the surface. It is only a matter of time. This predator of women is done. Stupid little man.

  16. shyloh says:

    Being from Chicago and I have met Drew in my shop a time or two. I was so grateful to read this blog. He is the most self centered man I have ever met. The way he flirted with my employees All female by the way and young. I actually had to ask him to behave himself. That cocky grin of his just went straight through me. I pray this case is solved and he goes down. And down big time.

    Thanks blink.

  17. karen lee says:

    WHAT A GREAT AND GLORIOUS DAY FOR JUSTICE! June must be the MONTH for justice — and this year as
    Nos·tra·da·mus predicted: (Antone the child killer) would confess her sin. ALL THE CHICKENS are coming home to reap the whirlwinds of justice for the innocents.

    Who can doubt the Hand of God — a higher power at play in all these happenings. Joran is seen by the ENTIRE WORLD for the sick, demented MURDERER he is — stupidly LYING … when THIS TIME, there is such clear cut EVIDENCE (forensic, video AND eye witnesses) .. the case will be a SLAM DUNK. And rather than DEATH, which would be all too quick for this guy’s wickedness … he gets THE PERUVIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM.

    Now, Drew Peterson might actually FACE the full measure of HIS skullduggery. TWO WOMEN whose lives were cut short by a madman — and worse: THEIR CHILDREN RAISED BY THAT MADMAN.

    All the LIES, LUST and greed at the root of all these killers — being REVEALED (at last) to the world. By their CRIMES all will be KNOWN. There must be a special place in hell for these killers who lied to cover their crimes for so long. Putting the families, friends and everyone ELSE through immense agony needlessly.

  18. karen lee says:

    P.S> MOST IMPORTANT PART, BLINK: you are the only one (again) to have the inside scoop on the ACCOMPLICE.

    Whoever Drew had helping him, he will likely reveal everything to save his own skin. I can’t wait to see that balding smarmy mouthpiece, Brodsky, try to smile his way through THIS one.

  19. vidda says:

    I hope they make example out of this arrogant %%$#^$!
    Just wondering, this accomplise ..would it be somebody we have already heard of or no ? How does this person sleep at night after more than 3.5 yrs with this rollercoaster , Stacey’s family and the kids ?

  20. karen lee says:

    Blink: any chance the “accomplice” could be the estranged “step brother” who previously stated he helped Drew carry a large plastic container (warm to the touch) down to Drew’s vehicle the night Stacy disappeared? OR< COULD IT BE HIS OWN GROWN SON? Drew had very few FRIENDS since he was such a SELF-important creature. Not the kind of person people choose for their friends.

  21. Word Girl says:

    We want to trust that this is really it. It always seems there is some loophole, some catch, that keeps justice at bay. Yet, I have a sense there is truth in this discovery. I will personally keep vigil.

    The wheels have turned this week. We are on a fresh path to halt the predators and to redeem the victims.
    Amen and amen.

  22. Word Girl says:

    Will County Sheriff’s spokesperson Barry denies Peterson had contact with a bunkmate or ‘cellie’ as he has been in isolation (pc) from the outset.

    Barry also maintains, “Whether on a computer or eating meals he is by himself. He has no contact with any other prisoners. By court order, he is limited to who he can speak with, and the only people he is allowed to talk to are his immediate family and his attorney, no one else.”


    I was already on my knees at this news of a possible discovery and then I heard it was on
    PRIVATE HUNTING grounds. “During the 2007-08 season, 10,000 pheasant hunters harvested 30,000 pheasants in Missouri. ” http://www.ultimatepheasanthunting.com/USA/Missouri/

    Oh, please, let this be Stacy and may she help Morgan.

  23. Word Girl says:

    Chicago Sun Times claims the search end just before 6pm today.

    “A forensic anthropologist hired by police to help search for her remains in a wooded area near Peoria gave up his search shortly before 6 p.m., state police said this evening.

    Police said there were no immediate plans to resume searching.

    “We are pursuing some other avenues in reference to this lead and we will be back in this area,” State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek said. But he offered no timetable for a return”


  24. Ragdoll says:

    Wizard of Oz will never be the same again.


  25. Word Girl says:

    search *ended*

    (Wrong castration.)

  26. Eloise says:

    Joining the ranks to say I pray this will be it. I cannot stand looking at the man either. We are praying for you girls!

  27. Eloise says:

    Well, we know Casey was by herself too, so, it’s not impossible. Someone talked. Not to mention he might get occasional special favors being a cop & all. Who’s to say. Finger’s crossed.

  28. TJ says:

    I’m so bummed this seems to have fallen through. What a weird chapter in this neverending saga. Those of us in Illinois are really quite tired of this crap, not to mention this man. Seriously, guys like this make me want to poke him with some sort of electrocution rod until he ‘fesses up. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a total nut. But sometimes it’s hard to wait for karma to take its turn.


    Keep the Faith. In the end, this assclown will give her up to avoid his current charges, if she is not recovered.

  29. dee says:

    “In the end, this assclown will give her up”

    ASSCLOWN….wow! I had to laugh, I was going to say JackAss but ASSCLOWN describes him best, I have hated this guy from day one and cannot wait to see the hammer smakced down on him hard and heavy!

  30. nora says:

    What a disappointment for everyone involved. This jerk is probably laughing his ass off. Brodsky was too cocky about this yesterday, so Drew must have told him something. He is so repulsive, and so is his lawyer.

    Ugh. He is being interviewed by Dana this evening, should be interesting.

  31. westsidehudson says:

    I kind of wondered if it was true. He is in isolation, supposedly. On the other side, he loves to hear himself talk, so I was hoping that maybe he had a pen pal like Casey Anthony. It would have taken a lot of work to bury that container deep, and the farmer said he had never noticed any disturbed earth in the past. Since Peterson is such an incredible douche, he might have told this story just to play games. Although, we don’t know who the snitch was, that person could be on par with Peterson.

    I think that the container must be in water somewhere. Think about it. His brother in law,(I think), said that the container was heavy, didn’t he? Stacy looked tiny, thus perhaps Asshat put concrete in there with her so that the container could be weighted down in a body of water.

    My money is on water as well, but to be honest, I would not bet that she has not already been removed and handled by some of Drew’s associates, I pray I am wrong.

  32. Gypsy DD says:

    Hmm…I thought the search was called off at that location due to the weather conditions…tornadoes last night and more rain mid week.

    I still have a good feeling about this place. I also thought that LE was still guarding the area?

    Drew was a dirty cop for a long time has many friends in low places that I am sure owed him favors.

  33. cheryl says:

    this is GREAT news if true-Justice for Stacy!

    reports say he is kept in isolation – so I dont know how he spewed this info to a cellmate Would he would be loose with this info to another inmate??- but then again- he is quite an ignorant man- I despise him & his smirk. Thank God his 3rd wife documented & told so many people how she feared he would kill her. Thankfully the 3rd wife’s family are NOT giving up-at least its keeping him behind bars for some reason!! what schmuck drew P is.!

  34. cheryl says:

    perhaps this is what narcissists do when the spotlight is taken away from them & they are forgotten? I hope this is not Drew’s SICK mind attempt to bring his face in the news- he is so self centered.

    the SUN news said they had police guard the area & are expected to return on a a later date – perhaps they know something & have just not found it yet.
    that is my hopes & prayers for Stacy’s family anyway- They need closure & Drew needs to pay with his life.

  35. westsidehudson says:

    cheryl says:
    June 6, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    I think that it is simply a matter of holding safe the area, IN CASE there is any merit to the report.

  36. Carol says:

    Drew Peterson is the epitomy of SCUM. He is like a REALLY BAD Lifetime Movie. How many wives can you have and kill and dispose of before you get caught and face the DP or multiple concurrent life sentences.


    DREW – wish you were reading Blink’s Blog – YOU ARE BEYOND REPROACH!! And we all want you to go down for this.

  37. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The Bollingbrook police department was corrupt for many years. Shortly before Drew did away with Stacy, a new chief was brought in. He may have done some things to clean up the department. However, Drew probably had other people in the department that he could call on for help regarding this case. Didn’t he get help in the Cororners Jury regarding the death of Kathlien? A fellow police officer convinced the other jurists that it was an accidental death.
    Blink may be correct. He could have done the primary disposal himself and then had others move the body.
    Because of the storms in the area, the police may be handicaped in their ground search.

  38. cheryl says:

    this schmuck is just like “JR ” from an old Dallas episode- he is a character that everyone enjoys despising. I know that justice will be served for Stacey. God bless all who assist to bring this in for closure. My prayers are with her family & kids to get the closure they so badly need.

    thanks for the update on this story

  39. NGBoston says:

    Keep the Faith. In the end, this assclown will give her up to avoid his current charges, if she is not recovered.

    Hope you are right, Blink. This assclown is a repeat offender and needs to be locked away for LIFE. He will murder again if it suits him and he is ever lucky enough to be a free man again. A great disadvantage when this goes to trial are the complexities of the case and the fact that he has LE background and “connections” as you point out. I think the Brother in Law/Brother who initially helped him move Stacy is a huge key to the prosecution. The neighbor who witnessed them moving the blue 55-gal drum is also a key. Hopes and prayers no one gets to him in the meantime.

    Peterson is disgusting and his lawyer a slimeball as well just reveling in all the national media attention. I also hope every penny of the assclown’s retirement pension is drained to pay for his unsuccessful defense.

    Has the beginning of the trial been bumped out to July now?


  40. Ragdoll says:

    Epic fail on prosecutors part. This monster has a good chance of walking. Illinois appellate court says pros missed deadline to file appeals of judge’s ban on hearsay statements of abuse by 2 weeks!!!!! How? WHY?

    Words can’t describe how much I despise, HATE, this freak.


    What the effing eff? I am starting to buy into that 2012 crap at this rate.

  41. Word Girl says:

    Not sure if this the right thread, but Asshat has just now asked for an apology from Illinois State police who “arrested him wrongly in the disappearance of his fourth wife”.


  42. Seen him on the news last night, he smiles and laughs uncontrollably while walking handcuffed with two cops, one on each side…..if i were him,i would be ashamed of my self..a public servant and couldnt even protect his family from himself. i feel so bad for his kids….being decendants of this creep…i hope everyone is praying for them and i hope they are getting all the love they are going to need AWAY from this creep… You needed help before the first wife…I do not understand how any women could have been atracted to a man centered around a wifes disappearance, let alone marry him.

  43. [...] Drew Peterson, former Chicago policeman and suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has been convicted of murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. [...]

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