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Channahan, Ill– A caucasion, badly decomposed body of a woman has been recovered from the DesPlaines River, near Channahan, Ill this afternoon.

Police discovered the body near the Big Basin Marina, near I55. CSI recovery teams and State Police detectives have set up command on the riverbank and remain there this evening.

This location has been the subject of earlier searches for missing women Lisa Stebic and the Stacy Peterson, the wife of recently charged murder suspect Drew Peterson.

Stay tuned to for details on this developing story.

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  1. kuaitzudog says:

    DNA testing is being done on the partial skeletal remains, which consisted of a rib cage, spinal column, and partial left and right femur bones, according to Will County Coroner Patrick O’Neil, who said results likely won’t be known for two weeks. But sources close to the investigation said the results could be returned as early as next week.

    A preliminary autopsy performed Thursday could not determine whether the body was that of a man or woman, its race, or identity. The remains included shreds of jeans containing a small amount of money, and the person had been dead for several months or more. The coroner’s office said it was unclear how the body parts were severed.

  2. Karen Lee says:

    DID LE at least show Stacy and Lisa’s families photos of the clothes they recovered? The underwear might be hard to identify, but whatever contained the pocket w/currency they might recognize?

    It is my understanding they have discussed it, but no, the family has not been shown any evidence at this time. It is my understanding also, that both families were relieved their loved one was clothed in some way. We all know that may sound odd given the circumstances, but I SOO get that, and was glad there was a level of comfort for these families who are literally precariously perched on the precipice while they await news.

  3. Scoop says:

    Bones have a lot of DNA in them.
    No head or arms?
    No easy means of identification.

    Who ever it is, she was killed by
    someone who’d be an obvious suspect.
    He was hoping she’d never be found.


  4. taffy says:

    Drew is a narss. He killed Stacy in the upstairs bedroom. Left her there. Went back and got her body when he thoght it was safe. He put her in a plastic blue barrel,and with his stepbrother’s help, proceeded to dispose of her. No one would suspect him if his stepbother was involved. He could blame everything on his stepbother, because he was a druggie and a boozer. Rent a storage unite……… lets take her out to the river……..its snowing and no one will find her. No one ever thought they would find little Caylee Anthony, but they did.

    Love Me Some Blink!!!

  5. taffy says:

    I don’t mean to be a pain. My hubbie and I used to deal in chems. We used plasic barrels all the time. Blue barrels are used for chems. like hydro-prox. The barrels are very simular in color and size as what I saw on NG. I wonder, if that is the barrel, where he got it from…..cause most peeps can’t get those. The barrel we used are 50 gl. drum in plastic.

  6. [...] was a possible break in the case the other day that could just affect either of the two cases. A badly decomposed body was found of a woman in the DesPlaines River, near Channahan, IL. The significance of this location is that it [...]

  7. Denise says:

    Blink, they are reporting “mostly skeletonized” does that mean that we can speculate there may be some soft tissue left? Possibly because she may have been in a container? Or am I reading too much into this?

    By the way, you are awesome and I love that fact that you are a female!! Girl Power!!
    It is my understanding there was some ligament tissue remaining. Which given the circumstances is a minor miracle.

  8. Red Ranger says:

    I do not want them to show the families any part of anything they have found. DNA will do the identifying. The family needs to remember her as she was in the long ago past.

    Water is not really a preservative but it does slow the decomp process. So much of the time frame of the decomp relies on marine life access and temperature when a body is in water. It is also my understanding that the bone acts almost as a safe in helping to preserve marrow. I hope the water temperatures were cold.

  9. Trudy says:

    Blink, who do you think it is?
    Trudy, it would be irresponsible of me to comment on that, I do hope you understand.

  10. Cheryl says:

    I pray for closure for both of the families -esp the kids ! they cant grow up believing in their hearts that their mom just left them!

    If it’s Stacy Peterson, it would be so clever to have Drew already behind bars & discover its Stacy with some proof to convict him. He already got away with murder somehow before…maybe karma is playing catch up..

  11. westsidehudson says:

    So there was no skull attached in order to make ID through dental records a possibility?

  12. Gypsy DD says:

    Does anyone know if this is in the same area they searched during the end of Dec the year Stacy vanished? That search was on live stream on the internet..the reason I ask is because during that search I found it awfully odd that Drew and JAB spent the day watching it together on TV. Just something that made me go the time I thought that LE was in the right church..maybe just the wrong pew..and Drew was nervous about that.

    It is, and it is in the vacinity of where a search team was searching last week, within 600 yards to be exact.

  13. kp-indiana says:


    Was last weeks search pre-scheduled or did LE get a recent tip to search there again. Curious as to why they were in the area again.


    Volunteer Searc Team, not LE

  14. Karen Lee says:

    HEY BLINK. Great news! Drew stays behind bars @NO bail reduction. Seems stupid Drew attempted to hire A HIT MAN to take out poor Kathleen. (He was offering $25k to whomever).
    Then, he even more remarkably tells another law officer (about a month before Kathleen’s murder) that he’d be “far better off if Kathleen was dead.”

    People always end up doing themselves in (the really evil ones). It just occurs in God’s time line. (Drew left the courthouse after hearing his bail wouldn’t be reduced w/the wind out of him). Brodsky of course, maintains that the DA likely has “spotty proof” that HE will have to investigate before taking it seriously.

    Too bad they don’t hang snotty lawyers w/their criminal clients.

  15. PamTX says:

    I am confused about the word “barrel” being used repeatedly and need some clarification. Had to do some digging to support my memory…

    Rick Mims gave testimony to the Grand Jury, along with providing a photo to law enforcement of the blue containers he and Drew Peterson purchased a few years prior to Stacy’s disappearance. This appears not to be a barrel, but a “tote”
    which fits more with the description that Peterson’s step-brother told one of his friends…that it was a sealed “tote”

    Blink: Were these two statements by these two men as bogus as Peterson is, and in reality is really is a “barrel”?

    If anyone can clarify this for me….it is you, Blink. Regards for all you do!

  16. westsidehudson says:

    I heard a report last night (can’t quote the source) that the remains were not those of Peterson or Stebic.

    I can tell you the families have NOT been told that, nor have I heard that or believe it, but technically it is a possibility.

  17. westsidehudson says:

    Yeah, it was a quick disappointing blurb on one cable news station. I don’t remember which because it was late and I was ready for slumber, but I took note. Hopefully that report was incorrect. I couldn’t understand how they would resolve the ID so quickly without teeth. Haven’t heard it again this morning, but I only watched local news earlier this AM.

  18. NancyS says:

    Is there any information on the local news on how this case is going?
    Havent heard a thing more on it?

    I AM SO NOSEY I would like to know all of the answers… lol

  19. NancyS says:

    OH and I hope everyone is having a memorable memorial day God Bless our Veterans.

    I just got news my oldest son has gotten orders to go back to Iraq for the 3rd time… geesh.

    Nancy, please thank your son for his service to our country and God Bless him and your family

  20. NancyS says:

    I wish we got news of finding another body like Staceys? geesh she needs to show herself so this idiot can be stopped.

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