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Ocoee, FL- There has been an arrest, on an unrelated charge, of the person last known to see missing Ocoee woman, Tracy Ocasio alive in the early morning hours of May 28th. James Virgil Hataway was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia as police executed a search warrant on his home in their efforts to find Tracy.  


According to Orange County Court Records, Hataway is already facing a felony criminal mischief charge which he was arrested for on April 19, 2009 and is out on bond.  In 1998 Hataway pled not contest to 2 counts of felony theft and burglary of a dwelling, for which he received a sentence of 11 months in Orange County jail. 

Hataway1 Hataway2

As a prior criminal history report was filed in that case, it is presumed Hataway has a juvenile record as well.

Hataway’s home at 147 Lyle St in Ocoee is approximately one block away from where Ocasio’s Chevy Cobalt was located.

(Editor’s Note: Does it bother anyone else how closely these two resemble each other?)



Sgt. Mike Bryant, Head of Investigative Services Division of Ocoee Police Department, said there was no evidence whatsoever to indicate that Tracy Ocasio was at Hataway’s home when searched by Police at approximately 7 PM Monday. A search of the residence produced no leads as to Ocasio’s whereabouts and cadaver dogs at the scene seemed to confirm that.

“When we checked for the cell phone records, cell phone towers still indicated that she was in the area of his house by 8:30 in the morning,” Sgt. Mike Bryant of the Ocoee Police Department said. “So that part of his story doesn’t quite add up.”

As James Hataway was being escorted from a patrol car into Orange County jail, Hataway proclaimed his innocence:

“I’m innocent,” “She left,” “I hung out with my father,” “We just hung out. She gave me a ride home.”

Police have stated that Hataway admits Ocasio gave him a ride home from the Florida Taproom Bar, but says he insists she left after dropping him off.

It is not known at this time if Ocoee PD will speak to Greg Toole, mutual acquaintance of Hataway and Ocasio, further regarding her disappearance. Valerie Buoy from Fox News, in her report filed last evening, claims Hataway removes debris from lakes for a living, and is very familiar with local waterways and dumping grounds. 

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  1. Diana Ocasio Grammer says:

    You are never a waste of space. You and all of us are special to God. God will see us thorugh this. I pray for my brother, he will never get over this. I am still numb with disbelief. How can there be such heartless, souless persons that can destroy a life, as well as hurt a family like it was nothing. Our family member is missing. This is so incredibly hurtful. Joe will never stop looking for his beloved daughter, his firstborn. Please keep searching with him, those who can, and those who can’t, please pray, God willing, He will in His good time, show us were she is.

  2. Dee says:

    My name is Dee Tracy Ocasio is my cousin and like a sister to me in so many ways she’s like my ying yang twin. I don’t know who has her I don’t even know if someone has
    her at all however if someone does have her and is keeping her captive please please let her go there’s no ways around letting her go without getting caught too I’m sure of it.
    If my cousin is being held captive because of a fight she had to do with or because any altercation she was part of please find it within yourself(or selves)to find another way
    of getting your point across to my cousin. If your reading this and your one of her captures or her only capture you may even notice how my uncle my aunt are trying so hard to find her. Keep in mind we don’t care who has her or why we just want her home. Please if your reading this and you have our Tracy Ocasio please try to find another way to resolve your issues with her she’s very extremely missed and loved. There’s always ways to resolve altercations that happen and we are all adults please don’t allow your vengance to cause you to take matters into your own hands because God is always watching and no good deed goes unnoticed and no bad deed goes unpunished. Please I pray that if your reading this and our Tracy’s capture or knows who is please I pray you will let her go and find another way to get your point across so that our family will stop suffering this torture of not having our Tracy with us. I’ll leave my number and if your reading this and decide to contact me with a lead or anything at all that’ll help me get a closer reach to my cousin even without your identity I’ll even consider working out a monetary deal I just want my cousin back and alive preferably she’s my whole world and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her I’d even trade places with her if I could.

    Ms. Ocasio-
    Our prayers are with you and your family. I would ask you thought to consider not leaving your personal information here. It is not safe, and I am concerned I may miss it at moderation at some point. Also, I am not sure your family may want this highly personal content out in the public. I dont want to be in a position to have to delete what I kinow is very personal and emotional thoughts from you, but I can’t put it out there publicly in good faith, I hope you understand. I have committed to staying on Tracy’s case, and we shall.

  3. Dee says:

    Steph I doubt to this point anybody can make me feel better Tracy is was my ying yang twin. I love her so much. carribeanstar at hot mail
    and you have my number use it if you like. peace.

  4. Dee says:

    thanks I appreciate it.

  5. Dee says:

    steph email me k I’m flying out next wkend I’m going crazy just being where I’m at and doing nothing but praying. I’m a person of action and I hope next wkend proves useful towards our search for our Tracy.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Now that TES has ended their search, how can folks get together to continue looking… i’m not ready to give up just yet…i just sent Joe some info that I think might be helpful, at least i hope so…but it will take a small group to cover the area.

  7. ex gf says:

    RE: #70- Heri and all readers: Just to be clear that post was from an ex-girlfriend but not me.

  8. nitrams says:

    This guy sure looks like he fits the bill, … You want answers. you want the truth. There is a simple way to find out. Get brave!!. take this men and a dark room. Tune him up for a few hours. He would talk. they all do in the end. If he didn’t do it, “which is would be surprised if he didn’t do it” but he either did it or knows something. You get him scared enough and he will tell. They always do in the end. You just gotta be brave enough to brake a couple laws to find out.

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