Christine Sheddy Case:Murder in Maryland Chapter 4

 “I suppose one night hundreds of thousands of years ago in a cave by a night fire when one of those shaggy men wakened to gaze over the banked coals at his woman, his children, and thought of their being cold, dead, gone forever. Then he must have wept. And he put out his hand in the night to the woman who must die some day and to the children who must follow her. And for a little bit next morning, he treated them somewhat better, for he saw that they, like himself, had the seed of night in them.” – Something Wicked this Way Comes, Ray Bradbury

Simmering Perdition  

How do they find each other? Is there some invisible beacon for theLevicreepy black hearted to lessen the degrees of separation between them and like minded cellar dwellers? I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this fray.

There are the “most of the people in my family were criminals and we did not mind seeing each other through partitions,” types- and their victims.

Not only did Christine Sheddy invite the vampire into her home with Levi, but she went directly to the lair in Pocomoke City in November 2007. 

Cedar_Hall_Wharf_landingPocomoke City has a population of under 5000. How this unlucky soul came into contact with what appears to be it’s under-est of bellies starts with Levi’s cousin Steve Magg. The impetice for the meeting, the guy who actually drove Levi, Christine and the boys for the only other trip to the farmhouse in October, the guy who was at the farmhouse constantly from November 9 through the 13th HAS NEVER BEEN QUESTIONED BY POLICE IN THIS CASE.

Advance apologies et al, but in the course of this investigation, I can conclude Levi Hall and Mother Hall, had no advance notice of Christine’s jaunt to Pocomoke. In fact, Christine was running from Levi, dated 11/3/2007 1:13PM:

god damm it why the f*** did she do this ??????????????
are you ok ive been trying to call are you ok well steve said something about punkin-chunkin i need to see yo so i guess ill try and go mabee ill run into you f*** baby i hope your ok where ar you at ?

The question becomes, what makes a woman that has literally met these people on one occasion, want to pack up her boys and scoot? She had been there for 4 days previously.  Apparently the lack of allegiance not withstanding to Levi as he introduced them, but WTH?

Christine caught Levi in another tryst, smoking more crack from dealer Todd, and argued with her Mother about it. She sent a very long and painful email to friends that she had had it with her children doing without, was tired of the abusive co dependent existence robbing her of unaffected thought, and refused to fail in her life.  

QAgainst the protests of her BFF “Q”, Christine talks him into taking her and the boys to meet Tia and Jr in the parking lot of the WalMart where they will pick them up for the rest of the trip to the farmhouse. 

Q never saw the Farmhouse until blinkoncrime aired the first footage.

If he had, he never would have let her and the boys out of the van he told me in a recent interview. I said, “I know that Q, I was there, I know.”  


GUMBO– Genuinely Unsavory Miscreants Bring Obfuscation

Strong-arming the projectile in the path of this missile will not help.


The Quantum Crash that is the evening of November 12, 2007, ending Christine Sheddys’ life, was on course years prior.

Fabienne Hubertina “Fab” Stassen, daughter of Catharina and Frans, is the anachronism of this tale. 

Fabienne Josephine Stassen comes from a prestigious family originating from the Netherlands.   Her parents and sister are esteemed medical professionals. Fabienne was a nurse, fresh from school, at 32.

On 7/13/2005 Clarence “JR Jackson assaulted Ms. Stassen, among other menaces, and in August, the PCSO issued warrants and Peace orders. That included Fabienne and a neighbor of JR’s. Sharon Jean Nelson.

Ms. Stassen’s fears of Clarence “Jr” Jackson were short lived. Unfortunately, she requested a rescind hearing for the peace order against him in September and refused to assist in his prosecution so the charges were dropped.  2 months later Fabienne files for bankruptcy, before it is discharged, on February 9, 2006 dies unexpectedly.


Fabienne Josephine Hubertina Stassen

SALISBURY — Fabienne Josephine Hubertina “Fab” Stassen, 33, died unexpectedly in her sleep Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006.

Fabienne was a registered nurse. She was born July 5, 1972, in Belleville, N.J. She was a graduate of Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone, N.J., and Raritan Valley College’s School of Nursing in Raritan, N.J., where she was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Until she moved to Salisbury, where she worked in several medical care facilities, she was a member of the Clinton, N.J., and Plainfield, N.J., first aid and rescue squads. Among her many awards was a certificate of appreciation for participation in the rescue efforts of 9-11 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

As a nurse, in addition to medical care, she brought cheer and a breath of fresh air to her patients. Her big heart showed not only in her caring for people but also in her love of animals.

She is survived by her parents, Toos and Frans; two sisters and their families, Veronique, Tom, John and James and Nicole, Aaron, and their little one; two grandmothers; six great-aunts; four aunts; seven uncles; and 24 cousins.

Fabienne’s remains were cremated in a private ceremony Feb. 11.

Memorial contributions may be made to a charity that cares for people or animals in need.

Arrangements are by Holloway Funeral Home in Salisbury. Visit to send condolences to the family.

In August 2007, just after meeting Tia Johnson and this backwoodsMustng impression of Sid and Nancy is if full bloom, JR gets a ticket for speeding in Somerset County for driving 101 mph in a 55.

He was driving Fab’s Mustang. Jr. Jackson was driving the graduation gift of the woman he beat, turned onto drugs, and died while they were dating.

Although the record of the ticket he was given shows failure to appear warrants and suspension of his driver license; that was all miraculously fixed with a plea of guilty on 2/09/09; the 3 year anniversary of her death.

In front of witnesses speaking to on the condition of anonymity, JR got a call in early September ‘07 from someone who obviously found out through the summons that JR was in possession of Fabienne’s car and gave him instructions on returning it.

The location of the Mustang with white racing stripes has not been disclosed.


Contributing Editors to this article: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Ryan Tettemer, Lucas Cain

Audio/Video/Images by Klaasend 

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  1. Charity says:

    Speaking of Jackson, what is Jr’s father’s name?

    I have been wondering who his parents are. Where they live. What their occupations are, etc?

    I am assuming that, if JR was related in any way to Pocomoke city counselman, Joe Jackson – it probably would have been mentioned by now.

    “Honiss Cane introduced me to Joe Jackson almost 20-years ago. In that intoduction he told me that Joe was “His Boy” and that “… no one gets elected in District Four without the support of Honiss Cane…”

    I ask, because on the tattler that the drug trade expanded in Pocomoke under his reign.

    He isn’t a father or an uncle or cousin or grandfather of JR, is he?

  2. Charity says:

    I guess my logic is that there would be a few potential reasons to protect JR.

    1) He is somebody.
    2) He does something or provides something to somebody who is somebody.
    3) He is related to somebody.
    4) He has something on somebody.

  3. Charity says:

    5) He is part of a gang or group that is valuable enough to someone important, so he falls under that covering no matter what he does.

  4. boo says:

    #198 pcityrez. I would be interested to know the names of the waters kin who lives on cedar hall road.I like to know who I’m talking about and to.
    Jennifer Waters family, Patriarch Percy Waters, sister Lacey Waters.
    This relevant because allegedly, Jennifer told her sister Lacey what happened at the party.

  5. boo says:

    #201 charity. I agree. Definately family and with clout.

  6. seekingjustice says:

    If JR and Tia are going back to Surgoinsville, TN – Please tell me what make and color car he will be driving. I know someone local who is willing to check it out!

    Blink – you know her too!! LOL

    Although Tia has been intentionally vague int he courts here, we know exactly where and with whom they are staying. I have been in touch with LE there, Jr. has already made a name for himself.

  7. Taylor says:

    Re: Post #200 by Charity

    I believe his father is Donald C.Jackson (Brooklyn, NY) age 61
    His father is Clarence Jackson, SR.

  8. PrivateEYE says:

    All This Speculation Wow!!!!

    Jr Is Not Part Of A Gang He Is Not No One Special He Is Not DEA/CIA/

    He Is Just A Punk!!!!

  9. larosebud says:

    My naive nephew got involved in a similar mess (meth lab; drug trafficking) a few yrs back…almost lost his life over it. We knew the players and what was going on. OMG it was heartbeaking…they used him big time. Still, it took over 2 years to bring it down. It took a lot out of the family. You’ve got to have faith and be persistent. Lynn, God Bless you and your family because you have been all that and you will be rewarded…maybe not in this life but in the next. I’m thinking Fab’s family prob just wanted to put the horrible past behind them and move on…which I totally understand…that would make some sense about the car. They didn’t care about the stupid car…they just lost their precious daughter…it’s a freaking car. IMO she gave it to “SIR” (Honis Cane) via JR for drug money. Druggies will sell their OWN MOTHER for a fix. No one is their BFF….NO ONE!!!

  10. larosebud says:

    That silver car may have been the same make and model as the red car…that’s simple. Honis Cane involvement would explain all the “car swapping” and “ticket fixing” going on also.

  11. pcityrez says:

    Jr is not related to Joe Jackson.
    As for the Waters who live in the trailer on Cedar Hall Road.
    They have a terrible reputation and ALLL of them live there.

  12. mjh says:

    These posts are great… So, Joyce and JR are running (Levi, too??), and Justin is hiding? Wow. Looks like the sh** has hit the fan.

  13. boo says:

    Thanks blink for the info on waters kin. Also, I Was wondering if JR was jr. And if there was a Sr. If you add an I it spells SIR, hmmmmm.

  14. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Dear #207, certainly Jr’s just a punk.

    What you posted put a random thought in my head of the type of person Jr truly is.

    Ever watched The Mummy? In it there was a main character named “Benny” who was nothing but a leach, a thief, and basically a coward at heart who used others for his personal gain and ripped them off at any opportunity. He was a guide for a team of treasure hunters out to steal Egyption relics. The good guys were racing against this bunch of plunderers hoping to find it first and protect it for posterity.

    Naturally, an evil mummy gets released and soon as Benny realizes that this is now the strongest force, he quickly pledges allegiance to it and begins calling this powerful creature “my lord”….and works against BOTH teams at this point.

    Since this mummy is all powerful, Benny feels empowered and although he avoids those on the teams, he no longer fears them.

    Sounds like a profile on JR? A true coward @ heart who is the “servant” for someone that makes him feel untouchable due to his protection? Enough so that he fears neither the regular citizens OR LE?

    As anyone who saw the movie knows…this Benny created chaos for the good guys AND bad guys by betraying both sides and providing as much information as possible to this mummy. Hmmm.. even to the point of luring a victim on EITHER side to this mummy and to their death.

    Still in the end Benny got what he deserved once the mummy was taken out…but reading again about JR and Sir caused that scene to pop into my mind where this useless individual would bow and call it “my lord”. No one else did he respect…no one. Hmmmmmm. Sound familiar maybe???? (without the mummy of course)

    Could the key to this entire thing be identifying Sir??? Sir maybe is someone BOTH sides fear? I know this is out there…but hey, I didn’t ask for the analogy to pop into my little blonde head ;>)

  15. Felicity says:

    PublicEye: (199) Make the call. You have nothing to lose.

  16. Felicity says:

    Blink, re 205…I just have to tell you how impressed I am with the work you and your team are doing on this case! Amazing work. Jr. is finding out that “He can run;but he can’t hide!” (Not with Blink and team on his trail…) I can only imagine how thrilled Christine’s family is. Justice will be served, I have no doubt.

  17. boo says:

    I went back to read comments on WDMO and I would like to say how much I like that girl Kristen Bogan. She did an excellent job defending christine against Joyce’s slanderous attacks. (Waving HI to Kristen B.) Kristen and Jenn D are FIERCE. I get so angry when I read Joyce’s comments so I tried to entertain myself by filling in all those “edited” bits in Kristen and Jenn’s posts with creative euphanisms….here is my observation on those early comments, I notice there was no mention of Levi’s cousin in Joyce’s comments. They were all about her and levi. Not in the early one’s anyway. Still searching though.

  18. Brenda in Virginia says:

    (can’t believe I didn’t put this with the post above…meant to)

    could it be simply Christine saw this Sir when he made a visit to the farm and wasn’t meant to? Wrong place wrong time? She recognized him as someone who was terribly unhappy to be seen?

    Sorry if this was posted already. So many posts and I’m only able to keep up periodically now-a-days. When that happens with this site, you miss so freaking much cuz you’ll be behind a couple hundred posts sometimes~!!! I pray this story is run on a network soon so all of us can watch and really be able to tie together the crazy mess surrounding this bunch of folks Christine was unfortunate enough to trust.

  19. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I meant to type “She recognized him as someone she knew….who was terribly unhappy to be seen?”

    Should add someone that should have had no business dealing with these folks either.

  20. boo says:

    Also I would like to say to JD how very sorry I am that christine was taken and could not attend your wedding. She would have been a STUNNING Maid of Honor. I am so sorry for your loss jenn.

  21. boo says:

    #208 my last comment I mistated again, I meant WGMD not WDMO. I’m gonna grab another cup of coffee.

  22. larosebud says:

    #218 …then it would be on the webcam wouldn’t it?

  23. seekingjustice says:

    Blink – how can I email you?

    You can comment here and I will keep it private.

  24. seekingjustice says:

    Seeking, got it, lol, why didnt you say so??

  25. Charity says:

    207, In general, I would tend to agree that Jr is just a punk.

    The speculation is really about why LE or the courts would help someone like JR out. And with his record, why it didn’t cause LE to double, triple investigate his story about Christine.

    The first thought hearing that they didn’t, is that he was super-duper lucky, and that the town LE / government might be a tad incompetent.

    Having JR be lucky more than once makes it a little suspicious that there is something else going on there.

    Join that with locals saying that there is corruption in Pocomoke government… and that the corruption is somehow involved with the drug scene…and JR was involved with drugs…

    Is there corruption in this case…. I don’t think we know yet.

    If not, then we are back to the JR is just a punk who has been lucky for a while, but whose luck is about to run out.

  26. Gypsy DD says:

    So..I am thinking that Jr is a small fish, in a even smaller pond. He isn’t smart, he isn’t savvy..but he does know how to keep his mouth shut, distribute drugs and kill if he has to at times. Perfect bait for someone organizing a drug distrubition ring on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Where would he meet like minded individuals?

    ECI is full of young, impressionable..ready to do what needs to be done, and keep their mouths shut, for a very minimal amount of protection from Sir.

    We aren’t interested here in dispensing a drug agent for somone else..which JR possibly was. We are only interested in solving the issue of where is Christine’s body at this moment. The druggies eventually all OD or take each other out or turn on a dime bag ..that is only a matter of time..and finding Christine is much more important.

    They are all leaving and un-dispersing if you will..because Blink et el is very close..she has no need to take anyone down in this…justa need to put Christine to rest and ease her families minds. Let the politicos and law deal where they may. But upmost, Christine needs to be found.

    That is our only objective. I spoke at length with Christine’s mom this morning, letting that woman down is not an option.

  27. seekingjustice says:

    #223 Because I am shy! LOL
    Understood, I will follow up

  28. Gypsy DD says:

    Blink…I totally understand that..finding the body is more important then anything else at this point. The rest will take care of itself in time.

    Christine’s Mom and family ..I really think we are close to finding Christine..I don’t think we will rest until we do. That is the only thing we are intersted in here…getting closure for you, Christine and her children.

    Been there..done this to you all..DD

    It is how I met you my dearest friend, and I never forget that.

  29. pak says:

    The only place joyce is running to is the doughnut shop she thinks she cant be touched

  30. Charity says:

    Re: 225 Gypsy DD, You are right on when you say, “They are all leaving and un-dispersing if you will..because Blink et el is very close..she has no need to take anyone down in this…justa need to put Christine to rest and ease her families minds. Let the politicos and law deal where they may. But upmost, Christine needs to be found….”

    The only reason the rest of it matters right now is in how it relates to Christine.

    If there is a greater corruption, people may feel more need for protection to speak. If there is a corruption to the degree that LE won’t do their job in this case, then I am guessing that would be the thing that would require the Plan B that Blink mentioned a ways back.

    I am guessing if there is a greater corruption – right about now, they would be thinking to solve this case ASAP to stop the national spot light on anything else that is going on in town.

    I feel like you must be very close for everyone to flee.

    After all, you already know ALL of the potential WHO’s. There is even someone telling the WHAT happened, which has to be proven, of course, but having an idea of what happened helps to know what to look for.

    All that is missing is what they did with the body.

    With all of those people knowing the answers, plus, Levi and Joyce and probably several girlfriends, and who knows how many other locals. It is going to come together.

  31. larosebud says:

    #227 I don’t want to be ??(loss for word) but I want the slimy crudball jerk pig murderer to PAY for what he did to Christine.

  32. boo says:

    I am wondering about that shiny new SUV that showed up in the Hall’s driveway. I am wondering who is the driver/owner.. Is this just a coincidence?

  33. seekingjustice says:

    I am wondering what ever happened to Angie (Levi’s girlfriend)? I am want to know if she knows anything?

  34. seekingjustice says:

    #231 BOO – where did you read that?

  35. boo says:

    I read on the pocomoke tat that there is a lawyer standing ready (and pro bono) for the person who will say where christine’s location is, hey DOMO? What do ya say.

  36. Gypsy DD says:

    Everyone needs to remember Christine and her family come first. There is no way to say it then that ..finding Christine is paramount to any other issues you may feel are going here.

    Let the people involved feel whatever they want about us and our issues..but Christine coming home to her family is all we want.

    Hands down, nothing else broaches the importance of that.

  37. JD says:

    Someone just posted on the Tattler with information. This was their post:

    CountryGal, said:
    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, actually so there is no confusion todays date is 8/23/2009. I got word this morning that JR is or will be on his way back to Maryland, apparently its too rough down here in Tennessee for him which is ok with me, I dont like him, he is trash. From what I was told he is going back to mooch off of Tia. I guess my telling a friend and that friend telling a friend got around about Mr. Jackson and things got to be a little too much for him. I’m sorry that he is coming back to your town, but maybe some things can be setttled now with Christine’s case. I will keep my fingers crossed, and my prayers are with you.

  38. Gypsy DD says:

    Don’t stop what you are is all inclusive. I do not want anyone to stop until we find Christine. I know very delporable people must be involved well as deplorable reactions by some in power of them. If it leads to where Christine is..then full steam ahead.
    I’ve dealt in alot of murk before has everyone Blink trusts…
    I’ve also seen them behind bars. But not until I had found the who, what, when and why. Actually the why is the least important in the whole equation, but as caring human beings it is the most important to each of us. Unfortunately..the why is not understanderable to anyone who values life. Money, drugs, sex, power..not one of those things in our way of thinking is a reason to end another’s life.

    So..keep on doing what each of you are doing..we are close to resolving this and finding Christine. We need all matter how small or large..we need the result.

  39. Gypsy DD says:

    Hmm..interesting what Country Gal had to say..since Blinks sources seem to think they are headed back to TN. Maybe Tia was on her in pick up JR ..and then leave for another locale. Doesn’t matter..they can’t run forever.

  40. boo says:

    #233 seekingjustice. The pocomoke tattler blogs.

  41. Felicity says:

    Re: 227 I think everyone here understands that getting Christine’s body is first and foremost the reason for the search. I know that they want to give this beautiful young mother a proper burial. A place where they can visit, take flowers ,and grieve. My deepest prayer is that her body will be found soon. However, I also believe that her family wants to see justice served, and wants to see that whomever murdered this precious lady pays for taking her life. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps they just want the body found so that they can have a proper burial for her, and let the LE deal with who committed this horrible crime. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Rest in Peace Christine.
    For me, as a Mother, being able to tell her children their mother did not leave them is paramount. I am confident we will find her and allow her family to lay her to rest appropriately. One thing I do want to remind people is that their are murder convictions all over the country where bodies are not recovered. That would not be out of the question in this case based on what we have uncovered.

  42. NancyS says:

    Have you contacted Mark Furhman on this case?
    He is pretty good at getting answers also. People trust him and he is VERY good. Not saying that you and your team are not of course but just wondering is all……

    and 48 hours and 60 minutes. You don’t have to post this. It is just personal questions that I have….

    Something I know alot of people dont understand about the National Media, and I know I did not until I experienced it myself. In most cases, for them to pick up the case, they require exclusivity before they will even research if they want to cover it, which means we could agree to that, and they could decide not to, and then we are still bound not to talk to anyone else about the case. Feasibly, at their mercy.

  43. boo says:

    #236 JD re;comment by CountryGal, I read that too. She made it sound like JR was run out of TN, extradition?

  44. boo says:

    DOMO, it seems pretty clear the forces are gathering and all who were involved have run out of luck. Its time, DOMO, I can feel it. Time to give christines location. Tick Tock Tick Tock…..

  45. Felicity says:

    Re:225…is what I was commenting on. Sorry.

  46. seekingjustice says:

    Thank you JD for bringing that over here! Hmmm????

  47. seekingjustice says:

    I wonder if JR ever planned on staying in TN. I thought Tia was with him – which was just assumption.

  48. Felicity says:

    Blink, I just read on the Pocomoke Tattler that the FBI was involved in searching for Christine…in the very beginning. I didn’t realize that, did you? I’m disappointed that they didn’t do a better job! A Search and Rescue was also done with No Results. How frustrating that must be for Christine’s loved ones. Thank God for your involment Blink. I just know you will find closure for her family…especially her babies.

    That is incorrect Felicity. The FBI has never been involved. Lynn Dodenhoff, Christine’s Mom requested their involvement and was told that they cannot get involved without the request of the agency of jurisdiction, which is protocol. It make no sense to me that the WCBI has not requested their help since their position has been that there have been sightings of Christine in other states (false). That would qualify for their asisstance.

  49. christinesmom says:

    We all want the people responsible for Christine’s murder brought to justice. We will have that. But right now we have to put all our efforts into finding Christine. Once we find her everything else falls into place. Try not to worry, have faith that she will be found and the bad guys are punished. That is the way I have to think, so far it has been working for me.

  50. boo says:

    I’m baffled by the action of justin hadel’s Mommy “whisking” him back to texas right after the party. It’s like a siren (wee woo wee woo) I’m a guilty coward).

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