Morgan Harrington Case: 2 Unidentfied Bodies Found in Different Locations (Updated)

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:48 am

Breaking News

Roanoke, VA Laurel, MD– Two bodies of unidentified individuals, one confirmed female, were found this morning in Roanoke, VA and Laurel MD, respectively.


The remains in Roanoke, which is also the town Morgan Harrington’s family home is located, were spotted by a coal train employee near the tracks under the Wasena Bridge. The Medical Examiner is on the scene and it is believed to be the body of a female.

 In Laurel, MD  Prince George County, Homicide detectives have been called to the scene at approximately 6 am this morning following the discovery of a deceased individual in the Encore Recycling Plant. Police are not commenting on the victims gender or age at this time. will be updating this developing story as information becomes available. 

Update #1 11:58 EST. The Female Body recovered near the RR tracks in Roanoke is tentatively classified as a suicide. Press Release forthcoming from Roanoke PD

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  1. SuzeeB says:

    No Blink, not blind or crazy. Also in the still photo the hair is quite different pulled back. It looks to me like dark roots and also shirt looks different and it appears that there is red in the shirt. Odd

    Here’s a thought, could they flip down white and flip up black?

  2. SuzeeB says:

    Here’s a thought, could they flip down white and flip up black?

    AHHHH I dont think so.

    Well then you would make a lousy pirate.
    B :)

  3. TR says:

    I think the whiteout look is just when she happens to walk through a spotlight of some sort. It does look strange though.

  4. suz says:

    Ok, the white stuff in front of her boots is definitely odd. Hockey shin protectors? She suddenly broke both legs and had them set? Weird photographic artifact? (I kind of like the first option, but am going with the last)

    Just being silly of course, but I too thought the boots were white based on that shot. Weird.

  5. Bean says:

    I agree that the still looks strange. A reflction or something maybe, but if you look closely you can still see at least one boot. The bottom left hand corner appears to be blacked out a bit also. Unfortunate placement.

    The newscaster says that the video was taken AFTER Metallica had taken the stage. If that is correct, then I guess they are leaving because the concert is over. The escorting looked no more “aggressive” to me than guy friends helping a girl friend (who may be tired, had a little too much to drink, whatever) make it through the crowd. I mean, I have read that Dee was escorted or kicked out of the concert, that she was making a ruckus about getting back in. Obviously she was there for the Metallica portion (per video and her facebook comments). Did she get back in? Did she never get kicked out and just go in late? Was she never outside during the timeframe of the witness accounts at all? Seems like these answers could help figure out what the witnesses were really seeing.

  6. acho says:

    Blink, someone at The Hook is asking about the fact that Morgan’s parents brought her dental records to state police in C’ville yesterday. That person wondered if it was connected to a body found in WVa last week. Do you know about this investigation?

  7. Bean says:

    Blink said:

    And what happened to the guy that allegedly traveled with them, but not returned?

    B, did the male friend not ride back with the other girls???

  8. lily says:

    They are called knee-high convertible boots (I have some and love them). I have seen them with a different color on the inside than the outside when you fold them down. I always notice when someone is wearing these kind of boots but I couldn’t tell from the video on my laptop what was going on with Dee.

    HA I say to Suz!!!
    Thanks Lily. So we are back to it is possible?

  9. wpgmouse says:


    Did I make any sense?


  10. sue says:

    In this press conference, at the 20:40 mark, can anyone tell what the reporter asks Lt. Rader?

    His reaction to the question is telling, but I cannot for the life of me understand the question.


  11. dew says:

    I have been reading and lurking but first time post. I do not believe that Morgan accidently ended up outside the arena. That makes absolutely no sense to me. This was not her first concert and she was not a child. Most venues have no re-entry rules posted. So that begs the question, why was she outside. I think there are 3 possibilities:

    1. She never was there! Still a possibility in my mind.
    2. She was lured outside by a promise such as backstage access. This seems unlikely to me. I don’t think she would just follow anyone who offered. but if this did in fact happen, I do not believe that she would be wandering around speaking to people. If you lure someone outside for abduction, I think you would want to isolate and control. So I lure her outside and then let her wander around and tell people. Not logical. So if you believe that she was lured outside then the timeline and sightings are not credible.
    3. Morgan left the arena voluntarily with a purpose. So what was more important than staying to see the band she waited six months to see? That to me seems the key. And was it planned – at least in her own mind? Is that why she left the keys with her friends?

    To answer that you would have to know more about her personal life. Everything I have read paints an almost perfect picture of Morgan. I have 4 kids and none are perfect! So where are her faults or vices. This might shed some light on something that would drive her outside – did she owe money? was she involved in a secret relationship?….

    This doesn’t feel random. And I think most of the sightings don’t sound very credible either. I am guessing lots of blonde girls in black at the concert — now they are all Morgan. I work in an office with another woman. We are both blonde and short. But she wears a 2 and I wear a 6/8. She is flat chested and I have big boobs. We actually look nothing alike. BUT people always mix us up. They speak to her and come back and swear they dealt with me. People are terrible at IDs especially when they are not aware the interaction will matter later.

    Anyway, my thoughts for what they are worth.

  12. sue says:

    I was just looking for the first press conference and came across this from today.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Bean #206 I too am wondering more and more about him. The fellows that saw Morgan and her three friends said three friends got into the car after the concert so I would think he was still with them. He is the Mystery Man.

    I agree about the Basketball players. Three of them could identify Morgan or Dee. As time goes by the Basketball players are mentioned less and less. I guess something to say about..shut your mouth?

  14. localcvillegirl says:

    DEW, I’ve been all over that about the friends from the git go, but have pushed it to the back of my mind bc I felt most people are in agreement that they messed up, know something, and will probably regret it for the rest of their lives. I absolutely believe that they know why Morgan left the arena, and it wasn’t to look for a bathroom or to smoke a cigarette. For whatever reason, they did not protect their friend. Maybe her original plans fell through once outside, she became disoriented and possibly distressed…no keys, no car, and no friends. And with all due respect, she probably had a buzz going on. As I said in another post, I doubt she said to her friends that she’d get a ride home, but she may have had a streak of drunken independence. A ride somewhere, maybe, but I doubt she was thinking Harrisonburg. I believe this is when she wandered through the parking lots, heading toward the direction from which they probably came…in Ivy Rd. from 64. There are all kinds of “I wish she did this or I wish she did that”, but she walked away from the safety of the lit-up JPJ. Maybe determined to still make a night of it.

  15. sue says:

    I agree with your assessment localcvgirl.

    Why do you think her friends felt both comfortable leaving for home without her that night and not trying to reach her the next morning?

    Also, why do we not know exactly who accompanied Morgan to the concert, and who was in her car on the ride home.

    Also, remember the talk of staying in a hotel room that night, but abandoning that plan as Morgan was no longer with them and they didn’t have the funds to pay for a room?

    I will see if I can a link to the hotel reference.

  16. SuzeeB says:

    #208 Not quite Lily and Blink

    The white covers her leg from knee down and feet. I know those kinds of boots exist for you fashionistas. She would have to turn her boots inside out while she was being “agressivly escorted out”
    Its more than just a flippy flappy over top of boot. Besides the white would have really stood out dont you think? Well maybe we will hear from Dee.

  17. SuzeeB says:

    Blink, what exactly convinces your crew that Morgan was never there, if I may ask? What does Sarah Snead mean when she said “We would have never done it” Do you think David Gardner is credible? And because you know what the BB players said, do their statements appear credible to you or any part of them? I mean did they talk about anything that Morgan may have said that sounded like it would be her from what we do know about her?

    I will let them answer my friend-

  18. SuzeeB says:

    Besides are’t those boots patent leather?

  19. George says:

    And what was behind Morgan’s father paying for nine tickets? Most girls that age could get money for a ticket from their father pretty easily, but NINE tickets, at $50 a pop?

  20. George says:

    Thinking randomly, if the other eight also hit up their parents for only $50 each for tickets, that’s $400 extra floating around, as Morgan’s father had already covered the ticket prices.

  21. suz says:

    Hey, SuzeeB, i think I got Blink’s “HA!” that was meant for you…!

    My bad, apolly to SueB

  22. PamTX says:

    #159 Blink – No

    No Kloppy in my floppy.

    (Sorry, just couldn’t resist). Ton of cached ones tho.

  23. dew says:

    someone on the Help Find Morgan Harrington facebook page linked to this:

    “Caitie Weston (Virginia Tech) wrote
    at 3:59pm
    Morgan’s phone could not have been found without a battery. I called her on Sunday. It rang several times before going to voicemail. It wasn’t until Monday that it started going straight to voicemail.”

    What do you think?

  24. SylV says:

    I just saw this on FB.

    Caitie Weston (Virginia Tech) wrote
    at 12:59pm
    Morgan’s phone could not have been found without a battery. I called her on Sunday. It rang several times before going to voicemail. It wasn’t until Monday that it started going straight to voicemail.

    Im not sure what to make of this.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Ok its been over a month and nothing. So I think it is time for LE to tell. Was Morgan at the JPJ hall at all that night? Show a picture of what she looked like I am sure there are cell phone pictures of all of them. Yes I know Facebook has come up with some kind of picture of “how she could have looked” but I have seen Pantera shirts like tshirts and also off the shoulder.

    If they have nothing..what do they have to lose by showing a picture of Morgan at the concert? It just might trigger somebodys memory.

    Over a month and we have the original nothing.

  26. chad says:

    Service still works, believe it or not, without the battery, voice mail and all. Dr. Harrington and Mr Harrington have said publicly that they have called her cell phone just to hear her voice.
    without the battery, she could not make outgoing calls without battery, but still can receive calls. I bet if you call again, you will still receive her message…………….

  27. TR says:

    SylV #224–I don’t think the battery has any effect on the telephone number and whether or not the phone rings, voicemail service,or any functions. I believe all that continues normally. It just means that the phone would be inoperable.

  28. sweetpea says:


    FYI – Blink let me know that the father had only bought 4 tickets.
    The nine ticket thing was a rumor.

  29. Mandy says:

    I would think at least one of the POI would have bite marks, scratching, etc. on hands, face, arms…

    Seems like the police would include “unexplained injuries” as something to BOLO for.

  30. Kate says:

    Normally, a phone would ring first, then go to voicemail. When you turn your phone off, and or remove the battery, any incoming calls are immediately directed to voicemail.

  31. suz says:

    dew andw sylv, just to clarify, the cellphone itself wouldn’t ring without a battery, but the caller would hear it ringing and then it would roll over to voicemail

  32. SuzeeB says:

    #221 Suz

    It was Suz.

    Blink, no apolly needed. I laughed.

  33. Bean says:

    I don’t know. In my experience, when I call someone whose phone is dead, it goes straight to voicemail. Of course the “service” and voicemail still work. But it doesn’t ring.

  34. sweetpea says:

    Okay Blink,

    I have watched that video of Dee at the concert many times now and IMPO if you look close you can really see a definition of Dee’s leg. It looks as if she is wearing more of an ankle boot with black and white knee high socks.

  35. George says:

    Sweetpea, Thanks for the info on the number of tickets Morgan’s father had purchased.

    In the back of my mind I keep coming up with the thought that this may have been a drug buy gone bad. I’m not sure of the mechanics of the buy, possibly the seller, but not the drugs themselves, may have been, or expected, at the RV lot when Morgan got there, and things went downhill from there.

    That might explain the reluctance of the “friends” to come forward, or of the VSP, or the UVA administration to come forward as well. Not a happy thought.

  36. mari lily says:

    sweetpea, I agree. I have watched this video many times as well and her boots appear to me to be ankle-length.

    This video is quite clear:

  37. lizzy says:

    mari lily, thanks so much for that video link–it makes so many things clearer. It is the end of the concert, and Dee is leaving with her men-in-black and her balloon, no tights, and no even-close-to-over-the-knee black boots. (Maybe the closer video was showing some kind of reflection from her very large balloon?) Lots of folks in black there, weren’t there?

    If Dee and her guys were outside 9ish, they were arriving late, and LE knows that.

  38. mari lily says:

    No doubt in my mind, investigators have thoroughly questioned Dee S. as to her movements in and around the JPJ Arena on the night that Morgan disappeared. They know where Dee was, exactly what she was wearing, who she was with, and at what time.

  39. sweetpea says:

    Mari lily-
    Thanks for the link; definitely clearer. It even gives a better look at how that group was leaving. Didn’t appear that Dee was being man handled in any way.

  40. jen says:

    She doesn’t appear to be aggressively escorted at all. Also the boots look to be mid-calf…maybe she has some kind of socks under them pulled up?

  41. SuzeeB says:

    Thanks to #236 Mari Lily The very clear video link she posted in the previous thread showing Dee (NOT BEING AGRESSIVELY ESCORTED OUT AT THE END OF THE CONCERT) and the 3 guys she was with. (And of course her very short black boots)

    And according to this part of Norma Parsons statement


    “I was doing my papers at 3:45 in the morning [Oct. 18] and I was making a decision as to how I wanted to put the papers out,” Mrs. Parson recalled. “I noticed all of this noise going on to the right of me and I see this young lady, all in black with long blonde hair, and she was leaning against the wall with this tall boy with curly hair and two shorter boys nearby.”

    In the video one of the guys is quite tall with curly hair. The other two seem to be about Dees height or shorter.

    Wouldn’t you conclude that Norma Parsons saw Dee not Morgan. This should have been easily confirmed by Dee along time ago I would think.

  42. SuzeeB says:

    Ooops forgot to add video link to #241

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