Blink On Crime Exclusives For Next Week

Tracy Ocasio and Chris George Disappearances: What Does Jimmy Hataway Know?

Jimmy Hataway Chris George Tracy Ocasio
Jimmy Hataway Chris George Tracy Ocasio

Morgan Harrington Murder: Why Anchorage Farm?

Red Hill Access Gate, Courtesy Crystal S
Red Hill Access Gate, Courtesy Crystal S

Christine Sheddy Murder:  A Statement From Her Family


Images Courtesy of Klaasend

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  2. suz says:

    Cool new feature.

  3. elpy says:

    Wow Blink, you have been busy! Can’t wait.

  4. Word Girl says:

    Wow…shall I be overwhelmed now or later.
    Get some sleep, Blink!
    Hope you can take Sunday off :)

  5. PMShadow says:

    Great work Blink! You and your team are amazing! Hope you are able to get some well-deserved rest today. Take care…

  6. Gypsy DD says:

    Sounds like a very interesting set of articles. Thought provoking.

    Blink take care of yourself and get some R&R.

    lol, what is that? If it stands for ripple and ripple I am in.

    Kidding of course, my friend.

  7. peg says:

    I found this site a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is Wow!!
    Go get’em!

  8. suz says:

    Now if it’s Remy and Ripple, count me in, too! (Heck, ripple’s fine actually, but no longer sold. Night Train, Thunderbird, and MD 20/20 are alive and well…!)

  9. susanm says:

    i’m anxious for the jimmy hataway story.i ‘ve been thinking when they name a suspect in morgan’s case,are other girls going to come forward with stories? it’s a good reason to name a suspect.

  10. FairWitness says:

    Good for you Blink. For all the naysayers and critics out there in cyberspace; the best revenge is success! Your work on these cases has been instrumental in raising awareness, helping the victims and their loved ones keep the pressure on to solve these cases.

    Excellent, worthwhile, important, serious work Blink.

    The success of the Sheddy case has reminded me that learning to “endure” while a brutal process, is the best plan.

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for giving us a heads up. Or was the heads up for us?
    Looking forward to reading your hard work Blink and team, hoping for some much needed new information.

  12. mag603 says:

    I went and saw the Lovely Bones today. Even though I had read the book and knew the story — I cried throughout the movie. You see the pain, suffering, guilt, and grief the family goes thru after Susie is murdered.

    I got chills when Susie reflects at one point, ‘My murderer began to feel safe. He knew that people wanted to forget, that they needed to move on. But there was one thing my murderer didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how much a father could love his child.’

    I think that is so true on this site. You may be a voice – but your voice is driven by the love of those fathers and mothers and families who need to know where their precious loved one is.

    Keep up the good work. I believe R&R stands for rest and relaxtion.

  13. mjh says:

    Thank you Blink, for bringing up Tracy at this time. She and her family are on my mind always.

    Now that Christine has finally found her way home, I am praying so hard for the same for Tracy. Another beautiful daughter with a grieving family who need to know so badly where their child is. Another father with such strength and courage, who proves how much a father can love his little girl.

    For all of the families still missing their children, may God find that it is time to end their suffering and help them heal.

  14. sandyeggo says:

    Blink, of course you are so busy that I know you cannot cover every missing person case, but have you or your team followed any of the recent Poway CA case re: Chelsea King? An RSO was taken into custody last night but they have yet to find the 17 year old girl. He is being held on suspicion of rape and murder. It feels like there is a new case everyday. When will this stop…

  15. FairWitness says:

    Hi Blink, what you did was more than endure, you persisted, which is more proactive.

    Never forget, persistence is the purest form of aggression.

    It’s what’s required to defeat evil and evildoers.

  16. Melissa says:

    Jackson is out of jail.

    Yes, he has been, I was against that public announcement and given the situation, I still am.
    I recommend everyone email that reporter and request the Tennesee court documents he refers to.

  17. suz says:

    Whoa! Murder charges filed against Justin Hadel!

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