Two Years Cold-Morgan Harrington Murder: Two Women, Two Locations, Too Long

Girl In The Hayfield

Morgan Dana Harrington was the ingenue of artist and adjunct professor at Virginia Tech, Jane Lillian Vance.

She was scheduled to travel with her to Nepal in the Spring of 2010 while continuing to pursue her Education degree in her third year as a Hokie.

Morgan would not make that trip, and Vance would complete her latest work in her former students honor, last week.

With her Mother Gil’s help, albeit posthumously, Morgan is indeed educating children; the underprivileged children of Zambia.   In April, 2010,  Gil Harrington carried some of her beloved daughter’s ashes during the Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI) pilgrimage to Zambia.   After raising donations for the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing, Morgan’s ashes were mixed with the concrete foundation of the school bearing her name.

At 5’6” ,  with breck-girl locks and eyes like briolette  faceted tourmaline’s,  Morgan was a stunning beauty.

Behind her neon smile was the burgeoning sophistication of a girl beyond her years and peers.

This gilded lily stood out.

On the grounds of the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia while attending a Metallica concert with her friends, unfortunately, she also caught the eye of a dangerous predator.    The cost of admission to the events that followed, would be her life.

Devoid of her ticket to return inside the presumed safety of the venue and old friends,  Morgan scored the unwilling and unalterable ticket to the cross-hairs of a Medium Build, 6’ African American sexual sadist who has likely spent the last four years honing his skills.

“Sketch” was interrupted by a passerby during a vicious beating and sexual assault in Fairfax on September 24, 2005.  His DNA is linked to both victims.

Lights, Cameras, 400 Blue Phones

According to JPJ and UVA security guidelines, all hired security must be law enforcement.

In addition to the regularly scheduled patrol assignments of UVA PD, events such as the Metallica concert required additional security posts which were hired via a security request when the date was booked.  Although additional UVA officers were working the night of October 17, there has never been a statement regarding any observations  from that evening on their behalf by Melissa Fielding, Investigative Lieutenant.

However, in a private meeting that included UVA PD staff, shortly after Morgan’s disappearance, an attendee speaking to on the condition of anonymity, told me he heard Fielding tell someone openly that Harrington’s car never left Harrisonburg, or JMU, and that it was a different friends car that was driven to the arena and hers had been accounted for.

In response to another UVA PD staffer loudly offering  that he heard that Morgan was behaving “obnoxiously” during the trip to JPJ, which resulted in a tiff between the friends and the reason she ultimately left the concert, Fielding snapped “That was still no reason to leave her.”

When pressed as to why she thought they still believed Morgan’s car was not a factor when Lt Rader of the Virginia State Police (VSP) and Dr. Harrington, Morgan’s Father, both confirmed her car was the vehicle the foursome traveled in,  she repeated that information was incorrect with no further explanation.  While VSP was leading the investigation at this point, it certainly still begs the question as to why the original agency tasked with her disappearance, and still assisting, would have such important misinformation circulating in an active investigation and ongoing search.

According to the Office of the Executive Vice President of UVA,  UVAPD security personnel are also responsible for surveillance on grounds.  The central monitoring  area, which is linked to the security cameras in several lots and public areas, is located in the central parking garage.  There is no information available on the storage medium of recorded footage from the cameras, and requests for information were deferred to VSP.

The University of Virginia uses technology to improve security on Grounds. University Police install video cameras in several parking lots and public areas. Additional cameras may be installed in the future. Security cameras will be connected to a central control room operated by the Police Department in the new Central Grounds Parking Garage. The purpose for using the cameras is to reduce incidents of crime while limiting the need to expand the Police Department.

VSP is not discussing the specificity of what they have or do not have regarding footage supplied by JPJ/UVA.

With the exception of course that out of everything that has “been supplied to them”, there are no images of Morgan whatsoever.

Stationed inside the arena,  is UVA PD security, non-police event security run by RMC Events,  security staff employed directly by Metallica, UVA facilities management personnel, and contracted vendors to both JPJ and UVA.   Firemarshall, zoning, and University guidelines also require EMT attendance.

Invisible As The Web In a Spiders Belly- Marge Piercy

Morgan asked her friend and roommate Amy Melvin to accompany her to the restroom at approximately 8:20PM.

Because of an earlier spat and lingering tension, Amy declined and Morgan left her seat alone.

Earlier, Morgan attempted to diffuse the matter upon entrance to John Paul Jones Arena  in a conciliatory gesture, by purchasing a Metallica T-shirt for Amy.  Amy reciprocated.

When Morgan climbed between the seats to make her way to the restroom, it was the last time Amy Melvin, Sarah Snead and Dan Cassagne would see their friend alive.

Morgan’s friends treating her like a vexatious afterthought did not aid the situation in the least.

A fellow Metallica fan sitting in the general area of Morgan and her friends, whose name is being intentionally withheld as a potential witness in this case, both observed and interacted with her until she left her seat; he assumed, for a drink.

He said during the Lamb of God set, Morgan changed her seat in the middle, and characterized her as very friendly, but “erratic” and repeatedly asked he and his companions for a sip of their non-alcoholic beverages.

In his opinion, Morgan exhibited signs of being under some sort of influence, was definitely overheated and parched.

A few minutes later, another witness claimed to be online with Morgan at the concession stand where she purchased a soda.

Shortly after this exchange, Morgan is seen dabbing a wound on her chin in the ladies room.   Witnesses in a different area of seating believe they saw a woman matching Morgan’s description fall on the steps to the immediate right of their seats, and was not carrying a drink at the time.

After Amy and Sarah left their seats to look for Morgan when she failed to return, Sarah phoned Morgan on her cell at 8:48PM  .

Morgan was clearly upset as she told Sarah she was refused any option of re-entry by security, but did not reveal why she went outside the arena in the first place.

This account conflicts with that provided by lead investigator, Agent Dino Cappuzzo, of the Virginia State Police, who commented during last years walk through on Anchorage Farm that a ticket-taker informed Morgan she would need to repurchase a ticket in order to return to the concert after she indicated that her ticket was “in pieces at the bottom of her purse.”

Morgan had the means to purchase another ticket.  What she did not have, was her red digital Kodak camera she was digging for when she first exited the arena, and not a shred of her Metallica ticket has ever been found.

Concession Confessions- The Deadly Kind

Think a concession connection is far-fetched?  Tell that to Inna Budnytska.

Michael Lee Jones, former concession employee for Centerplate and then Ovations, used his position as a traveling contract food service employee to prey on his victims.  Mr. Jones worked at a ball field in Norfolk, VA for 12 years.

While it is assumed any other reported assaults with a DNA sample he was involved with would come to light,  84% of stranger rapes go unreported statistically speaking, there are likely unreported assaults.

Jones has no known direct connection to Morgan’s case, but the parallel of access to grounds in some of his crimes and therefore victims at the venue he was working,  is investigative 101.

Without the tenacity of retired Long Island cop turned- investigator Ken Brennan, and the equal ability to be open to civilian assistance by Miami Detective Allen Foote,  Jones would be free right now.

Mike Jones would not have been caught in this case, or the other cases, and would likely have raped and assaulted other victims.

Unlike Inna’s case, without the benefit of video in Morgan Harrington’s disappearance, witness accounts of her time and movement throughout the JPJ arena and subsequent grounds make witness interviews invaluable.

It is abundantly clear that VSP,  profiling experts and analysis of the topography of the700 acre Anchorage Farm indicate whoever is responsible for placing Morgan there, was intimately familiar with the property.

In fact, Lt. Joseph Rader, believes her recovery location as chosen by her killer, is the “most important aspect of this investigation… People of North Garden, this will mean something to you.”

People in the Anchorage Farm area, you know what goes on there, you know the history,” said Rader. “You know who comes in and out of the vicinity and you might not realize it but you probably have some information for us that you don’t even think is important.”

In an earlier article, published shortly after Harrington’s remains were found, we reported the most recent activity of the land and it’s owners David and Nancy Bass.  During the time of Morgan’s disappearance, the farm house, or the home on the Va historical register occupied at the time by the Bass’s daughter Jenny, was undergoing renovations to its hvac.

A carpenter working for Mr. Bass  during the Summer of 2009 recalled stopping a black male driving a black jeep on the back of the Bass property and was told he was David Bass’s brother.

While the farm’s renovations, rezoning and subsequent withdrawal from a previous taxation commitment was compelling reading, it did not produce any leads and The Bass family did not recognize the image of sketch when shown in July 2010.  Perhaps  the historic property needed more history.

Time For Loud- Not Enshroud

If Anchorage Farm holds the key to revealing Morgan’s killer or killers, what other secrets does it hold?

Plenty, and they lead right back to a time in Virginia history that rips the scab off of a fairly fresh wound for many generations, and back to The University of Virginia.

In the 1740’s, Albemarle county, which was formed from Goochland and Louisa counties, was a vast frontier largely owned by Peter Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s father, and Col. Charles Lewis, brother of Robert, grandfather of Meriwether Lewis.

Courtesy of Legends Of Lewis

The men opened two plantations near each other, and produced three generations of one or more first cousin marriages between the two families.

Both families amassed great wealth over the years through slaves and land, but as the eighteenth century drew to a close, through a series of farming failures and poor plantation oversight, the Lewis family fell on extremely hard times.

Charles Lewis sold everything he had with the exception of the North Garden property which he gave to sons Randolph, Lilburne and Isham.

The Lewis plantation later named Anchorage Farm by the White family, would remain with Lewis family members through 1846.

In 1808, with looming debt, resentful neighbors and and little cash to parleigh into prospects, Lilburne and Randolph decided to immigrate to Kentucky, the popular new destination for those in crisis, leaving Isham, and a few aunts  to toil what is now known as Anchorage Farm.

With remaining slaves in tow, the Lewis family traveled by barge to their new home “ Rocky Hill”.

Three family members would die in the first eighteen months, and the worst was yet to come.

In the Fall of 1808,  Isham Lewis traveled to Rocky Hill to pay his respects to his recently deceased older brother Randolf, announcing his plans for an indefinite stay.

Isham was widely known for his less than gentlemanly status and his reunion with brother Lilburne, who by this time had spiraled into a deep depression treated with ardent spirits.

Thomas Jefferson’s nephews Isham and Lilburne forged the unholy alliance that would eliminate the possibility of a Lewis dynasty in Kentucky, forever.

The fuse igniting the transformation of Rocky Hill to Rocky Horror was lit.

A teenage slave named George, who traveled with the Lewis family from Albemarle three years earlier,  ran off for a few days in December allegedly due to Lilburne’s treatment of him.

Fueling the alcoholism and depression, Lilburne’s new wife Letitia Griffin Lewis was pregnant with James Griffin Lewis, the couple’s first child together.

On December 15, 1811 George was asked by Lilburne to fetch a pitcher of water believed to belong to his beloved Mother Lucy.  He broke it and returned to the plantation, met by the homicidal rage of the Lewis brothers while all the slaves were made to bear witness, lest they had any ideas such behaviors would be tolerated.

Lilburne and Isham drug young George to the main house, gathered all the slaves to watch, and Lilburne buried an axe in George’s neck to the horror of all.

He ordered another slave to dismember him and threatened all that If anyone had any similar notions to his, they would receive a duplicate fate.

Fate, in fact, would make an appearance shortly in the form of an earthquake, which made George’s remains accessible to the family dog, ultimately discovered by a neighbor and reported to police.

Isham and Lilburne were indicted and freed on bond.  The brothers formed a suicide pact and headed for the Rocky Hill cemetery where Lilburne ended up shooting himself in the chest while showing Isham how to release the flint lock.

Isham fled only to be captured a few days later and jailed for assisting in his brothers suicide.

Letitia, now a widow, fled Kentucky in fear with her newborn son.

Mysteriously, Isham garnered his freedom anyway, through an assisted jail-break.

He disappeared, was believed to live under an alias, marry and was allegedly killed in the battle of New Orleans in 1815.

His remains were never positively identified.

Brother to Dragons, indeed.

In his eventual biography of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson eluded to the explorer and Governor of Louisiana’s familial afflictions with mental illness following his suicide.   A memoir of an escaped slave, written by Francis Frederick, is believed to depict the treatment of the slaves owned by Thomas Jefferson Randolph, with whom Thomas Jefferson and family resided and attended the adjacent school as a child.

In this period, Virginia was the largest destination for slaves from the Bight of Biafra on the West side of the African coast, and the natives spoke patois.

The extended Lewis family owned plantations on Buck Island, Red Hill Depot, and Monteagle, which is believed to be the former name of the Lewis Plantation.

Committed at a time  and place where it was illegal to murder a slave, George’s story is definitely an anomaly due to the horrific murder becoming known publicly.

Thomas Jefferson is believed to have owned about 200 slaves; a combination of in inheritance from his Father Peter, his wife’s very prominent family the Rudolphs, and through sale.

His father Peter and he were also very close to the William Cabell family of Tuckahoe, one of the largest slave owners in Albemarle, and relatives of Samuel Cabell, murdered  for “taking up” with a former slave and living openly with her and their children.

Could the current Albemarle descendants from either side of the family tree shed any light on family legends that might lead sketch to dump Morgan Harrington’s remains on the former Lewis plantation?  Have they even been asked?

There is no shortage of information today about slave masters and plantation owners producing offspring of mixed race.

In the case of Morgan Harrington’s murder, there is a forensic DNA link to an African American male, also linked to a brutal rape and assault years earlier, who by VSP’s own confirmation, possesses the navigational prowess of an individual who was comfortable traversing an area of the farm unreachable by vehicle as much as 1000 feet away, in the dark.    He is local, period.

Is the paradox of Morgan’s recovery in the hollows of a historic slave plantation while her legacy enriches the lives of African children that will gain educational opportunities previously not possible, in her honor, be enough to stimulate the concscious of someone who has the answers?

To be continued: Morgan Harrington Murder Part II: Two Years Cold- Two Women, Two Locations, Too Long.

*Investigative Analysis of Morgan’s last known activity in the lot of JPJ and Copely Bridge

*Independent investigation of adherence to UVA/JPJ background policy for employees and contractors

*Investigative Analysis of new evidence

Contributing Editors:  Jason Mateos,  Jacqueline Beaufort,  Madeline Tanner, Klaasend

Image Credits:  Harrington Family,  As Credited.

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  1. CentVA Native Away says:

    RE: Albemarle Co. Police Officer Charged with Rape

    I bet you that this guy knows something. I smell a plea and testimonial exchange in the works. It’s coming folks.

  2. cosmo says:

    wow Acho … great find! everyone needs to read what Acho has posted above.

  3. mike says:

    just some thoughts. I haven’t posted in a while because I don’t think I have anything new or insightful to offer. Moreover, I haven’t kept up too well with the many posts. I did notice a few posts about Morgan’s Pantera shirt, however, which did set me to thinking a bit.

    I believe that the shirt was a deliberate plant. I do not think that our sketch planted it. I believe that somehow a student came into possession of the shirt (innocently or maybe not so innocently) and then realized its significance. If the student was involved, obviously, he would know the significance from the get go.

    It is significant that the shirt wound up on Grady Ave. That seems to be a area where the students come into contact with the locals. By locals I mean black people. The students refer to Grady Ave. as “The Shady Grady.” I think that if somebody closer to the UVA campus wanted to try and divert attention to others, especially, black people, this would be a good place to plant the shirt. A student could walk there, it is known as a bad area, and the finger would be pointed at blacks.

    Some questions:

    1. has it ever been revealed where the dna linking sketch came from?
    2. have Morgan’s toxicology results ever been obtained by le and “leaked.” (was it even possible to obtain toxicology results?)
    3. any thought given to the possibility that Morgan’s body may have been “compressed” for transport to AF? That is, given that Gil has said her bones where horribly fractured, maybe her legs were broken and folded to make a more compact “parcel” so that it would not be so obvious that a human body was being carried. I suppose that the crime scene investigators could figure that out, however. Upon placement of the body, the legs could have then been extended. Maybe the fracturing was for this purpose.

    just some more or less random (gruesome)thoughts.

    I hope all is well with ya’ll. Keep at it.

    I believe and always have the shirt was planted deliberately to keep the search, which at that time, was only known to LE, local to campus. I can also tell you it was not the only thing planted, imo.

    Her tox results have not been released, but I do not believe they will be especially helpful given the condition of her remains.

    I believe the autospy and subsequent skeletal testing will be critical in determining post, peri and ante mortem fractures and injuries.

    Nice to see you, and this:

  4. [...] county is also the home of The Anchorage Farm,  where murdered Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington was recovered after exhaustive searches of the areas surrounding the JPJ arena, UVA campus and [...]

  5. bern1417 says:

    I really hope this POS either knows something about what happened to Morgan,or had something to do with her demise..It is actually scary that the residents of C’ville,Albemarle county,and the students of UVA have to deal with cover-ups and corruption among LE…

    BLINK:I’m really glad I found this site a couple of months ago.The reporting and your theories are top notch…

  6. Olivia says:

    I just heard the latest Alb. Cty. news and rushed to BOC to see what had been posted. Sure enough, several were “on task” and reporting. Horn appears not to have been involved in the Eppard scandal firsthand. Is that right?

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Olivia says:

    Oh, and by the way, I too, have sons, and have many, many times stood inside or in the doorway of a Men’s room while they went inside. I have opened the door and spoken to my boys, I have peered in to check on their safety, I have dragged them kicking and screaming (practically) into the Women’s with me so that they would not be vulnerable. I personally was sexually assaulted as a child by a family “friend,” and I was “flashed” in an extreme way by a stranger in Wilson Hall (UVA) as a child while I went to the bathroom during a film. Several of my friends have reported the same experience by the same man–a custodian, I believe. Last but not least, several of my male friends have told me of being sexually assaulted or molested when they were children, from all over the U.S. I don’t know what to make of it–why is (was?) this so prevalent? But I suppose that I am not as shocked as I might have been by the Catholic priest scandal. I was, however, pretty saddened by the latest PA. State scandal–because (once again) adults who knew chose to stay quiet rather than protect children.

  8. Dan Harrington says:

    My Dearest Morgan,

    We have passed the threshold of another Christmas, our third! without you. I realize we have grown stronger from carrying the pain for so long, but it doesn’t get easier. Bad days are still fraught with anguish and good days less desperate though still flat, sad, and laced with disbelief. I know irrevocably, viscerally, that you are dead but somehow still question this reality. How can it be that you are over? Really?

    Morgan, you had such a hard time separating. That first year at VT was so rough on you. We thought it was because you were such a homebody, happy to have the foundation of family. I worry now instead, if you knew in an instinctive way that separation would be the death of you. Should we have listened differently?

    The gift of loving and relationship brings with it the vulnerability of loss. It is a risk, but regardless, it is worth us experiencing this pain to have had you as our daughter for 20 years. Morgan you brought us much joy in your short life. Astoundingly, even two years after your murder, your positive legacy continues to reverberate across the world – Africa, USA, Switzerland, and Nepal.

    Tragedy can either strengthen or destroy. We choose strength. We embrace the transformation that is not beating us down but forging us into tools, honing us as blades. Weapons – that are relentless in our pursuit of justice for Morgan Dana Harrington. Tools – that will hammer and smash the culture of complacency that contributed to your death; determined to Help Save The Next Girl.


    So worth it. Amazing love and loss- honing your resolve.

    Love and light to you all.

  9. diana h. says:

    Olivia… I’ve seen your message here for the past couple of days and wanted to say {{{hugs}}} to you. I know something about the family “friend” scene too. Glad you got through it.

    I think it never really leaves you, in a lot of ways.

    You’re right — as you know — to guard your kids like a mother eagle. I bow to you for being such a vigilant mother!

    diana h.

  10. alabamamom says:

    Such sad yet beautiful words of Gil . She leaves me speechless.
    Her words provoke many thoughts & emotions. I did not know Morgan had a hard time separating & that her 1st year @ school was so hard on her. Still no amount of listening harder would have changed what happened that night. It was not her parents lack of attention , or listening the wrong way at all .God bless them for even having such thoughts . They did everything so right with Morgan. They could not have done any better at all in any area as parents.
    Evil was lying in wait.
    Now we are all lying in wait for the identity of that Evil to be known & punished. 2 ~ 4 ~ 1

  11. diana h. says:

    Dear Harrington family…

    Gil’s words once again reach straight to the heart of the matter. Such resiliency in the face of unspeakable loss.

    Thank you for being who you are and thank you for choosing strength.

    Justice for Morgan!

    diana h.

    diana h.

  12. Olivia says:

    Thank you, Diana H. So many of us share this sad and disturbing childhood experience and work so hard to prevent it from happening to anyone else. And despite it, I have had such a good life and I am very fortunate.

    Thank you, Gil, for sharing your thoughts and feelings now, just past the third Christmas without your daughter. She was comfortable and happy as your daughter, and hopefully you can (at least sometimes) take great joy in knowing how loved she felt. She was lucky to have you.

  13. Jamais says:

    Oh my, what beautiful words from a mother. Gil, you have no idea the impact you have. Yes, I know this is not your primary aim. If mothers who lost and also mothers who might be losing their grasp on their relationships with their daughters, just please listen. Maybe we can save the next girl. Thank you Gil and Dan for helping us all. Please know we are standing beside you, next to you and in front of you, as the need presents. We want justice for Morgan. I pray for your continued strength.

  14. John says:

    Gil. I cannot even begin to understand how someone(s) felt they had the right to kill Morgan. To take someon’e beautiful life, and snuff it out, like it was nothing. How could anyone do that? For what?
    What kind of a non human entity could think of such a thing.
    I completely understand why you, as her mom cannot believe it to this day. I cannot believe it either. I am pleased you are becoming warriors to chase and capture the thing that killed Morgan. I want that for you and I want vengeance against the ones who murdered Morgan. I hope it happens soon. Blessings and strength from me to you.

  15. Jamais says:

    Am throwing out a far out observation, so please bear with me. IF one looked and penciled/colored in features, for someone, e.g. a white guy, who had recently been charged with a crime; what do you see? I see Sketch. Am I totally off base or just hoping?

    I am not sure I understand your point, but sketch is definitely of AA descent.

  16. Jamais says:

    Blink, if you feel like my comments are out of line, please don’t post them I just had a feeling and a needed to express. I, as do all of us, want justice for Morgan and please Lord peace for her family. I don’t mean to point a finger at anyone. Just seems that “Sketch” could be any male of any race. Thanks for all you do.

  17. John says:

    What if someone in LE knew an AA descent person was a rapist, but did NOT know he was connected to an eye witness account in another town.
    LE could easily obtain his DNA (any type)from either samples that were to be used in court, or by secretive means (ie garbage). What if this LE character did not care that AA was a rapist, because he himself did same thing? Then all H.ll breaks loose when sketch is revealed by B.? IF any of this scenario happened, then same MIGHT go after B. on another blog, and also blame the victim in any hideous way possible on other blogs. OK, now that I write this, it seems very stupid for a LE officer to do any of this because hard drives contain all info ever written. Of course LE could throw his computer in the fire. OH BTW, Jamais, look on his facebook friends and find sketch look-a-like.

  18. Lea says:

    Just a thought…but doesn’t the sketch of the AA guy (Sketch?) look like Horn, without the beard?

    Not at all, sketch is AA?

  19. Jamais says:

    Thanks for your insight John. I agree with you. Unfortunately, not all LEO are ethical, though the majority are. “Things” can be done to skew an investigation in order to protect a good old boy or one self, if access to forensics is possible. Could have been both in this case. My previous post was leaning toward the physcial attributes of “Sketch”/Morgan’s attacker,in regard to Morgan’s case. Male, late 30′s, somewhat chunky,average height, large head. In the dark, can you tell race? Wondering why this DNA was found instead of that of a, for example only, an Asian male, slim build, 5’3? See where/what I’m wondering?

  20. alabamamom says:

    Another one flushed out. The police just happened to see this young man walking & stopped to ask what he was up to . He had been locked out of the room & was waiting for his friend to return . So LE waited .
    A Virginia police captain is under arrest after he allegedly took a teenage boy he met online to a Motel 6.
    Officials say that Taylor met the teen on the internet and picked him up at his home in Fairfax, Va., before taking him to the motel.
    Capt. Brent Mitchell Taylor, 46, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, reports the Washington Post. Taylor is a 24-year veteran of the Fredericksburg Police Department.

    A picture here :

  21. alabamamom says:

    I’m trying to recall . Was “Kickee” from Fredericksburg ?
    Has he been in Plain view this entire time?
    I noticed that the arrested Police captain surely does favor our Rt 29 composite drawing , mid 40′s ?

    *Colonial Pkwy Murders Route 29 Stalker*
    The FBI has stated that these crimes are probably related. Authorities have speculated that the unidentified subject(s) responsible for these killings may have been (or remains) in law
    enforcement, possibly a police officer or security guard. One theory suggests the suspect may be a rogue CIA.
    operative from “the Farm” at Camp Peary in York County. Since there appears to be no sign of a struggle in the
    cases, it is believed the suspect uses his uniform, and/or vehicle to lure his victims into danger.

  22. Questioner says:

    I’m not a conspiricy type, however, as I always do, I try looking outside the box, and in this case it might be too far outside. Am I the only person who has given a thought to the possibility that Sketch could be deceased and that’s why LE really didn’t want the “sketch” to go public?

    We don’t know where his DNA was actually found. It’s not too far out on my limb of thinking that it could have been found on the shirt. IF someone in LE or security did this to Morgan, then keeping along my thinking line he would have had to have access to Sketches DNA. How would or could he have gotten hold of it.

    I’m honestly not drinking lol. This senario has been playing like a broken record inside my head all day.

  23. cosmo says:

    Questioner … your line of thinking is totally on point.
    it has been suggested repeatedly that there is something wrong with the investigation.

  24. alabamamom says:

    Yes , Perhaps we need an investigation into the investigation ?
    Especially in light of the recent arrests with LE in several areas.
    Especially with the recent firings within LE .
    Something is fishy to me & has been for a while … just finally getting up the nerve to say it.
    Thank you Blink for your continued help & support of Dan & Gil .
    2 ~ 4 ~ 1

  25. daydreamer says:

    Blink came across this arrest.Do you think this resembles Sketch?

    The victim was transported to an area hospital were she was treated for severe head lacerations and a broken arm, a result of being hit with a “nightstick” like instrument numerous times

    I think I probably have reviewed a few hundred men that look like sketch daydreamer- that is the problem in just having a “sketch” to go on.

  26. John says:

    Broadway has always been my no. 1 suspect daydreamer….

  27. Xara says:

    This is OT, but no one has posted on Yeardley’s thread since 2010, so
    I hope it’s okay to post here:

  28. Sydneyfrog says:

    Broadway does look like a good suspect. Especially the “Nightstick” type injuries. Seems like DNA would have come back on him by now though.
    Scary! How many violent rapist abductors are in Virginia anyway?

  29. [...] Morgan Harrington disappeared from the John Paul Jones arena on October 17, 2009.  Morgan’s remains were located and recovered the morning of January 26, 2010 on the Anchorage Farm in Charlottesville, VA. [...]

  30. Mom3.0 says:


  31. Any one hear about the drunk cop from northern va near the first sexual harressment? He was at the concert the night morgan went missing? Security help escort the guy?? Could he be involved?

  32. He was actually a fairfax cop

  33. [...] of 2nd year student at UVA, Hannah Graham  have confirmed to S. Christina Stoy, Editor in Chief of that DNA belonging to Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr matches the DNA link to that of a wanted suspect in [...]

  34. So very proud of this work. So very glad the Harrington family will not have to endure a trial. Heartbroken that Shiney girl was brutalized in this way and all of the facts associated- which will serve to educate and protect others will likely not be known.

    Part of Saving The Next Girl starts with learning how we lost the first.

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