Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery On The WRAY

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Orlando, FL– With the public still reeling from last weeks indigency hearing, the State Attorneys office is set to release the latest round of discovery documents this morning.

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to, a source inside the investigation has confirmed within the release is the latest interview by OCSO of Joy Wray.

Ms. Wray is said to have told investigators that she was in the woods on July 18, 2008 searching for Caylee Marie Anthony and has the photos to prove it.

When OCSO investigators requested Ms. Wray surrender her laptop computer to retrieve the original image raw files, among other source information Ms. Wray revealed, she headed to BestBuy to have the hard drive erased prior to her interview, which would reveal the dates on the photos had been added by her.

Detectives were tipped off by a savvy Geek Squadder and when Joy arrived to retrieve her blank computer and copy of it’s former contents, they were waiting for her.  Joy sniffed out the Five O, and turned on her heels out the door without the computer; only to be interviewed by Detective John Allen in her lawyers office about the incident, shortly thereafter.

Ms. Wray has been baker acted 6 times, and claims to be friends with and corresponding with former President George W Bush on the Caylee Anthony case.

The discovery is also expected to include interviews with members of Texas Equusearch, as a follow up to statements by Laura Buchanan and Joseph Jordan.

The discovery has been received and is being reviewed, check back to for updates.

Links to Discovery transcripts here.

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  1. TiaMaria says:

    Blink – why is everyone so afraid of the “A” word? Appeals? So what? If she gets the DP it is an automatic appeal. If she gets life, the defense will appeal everything under the sun anyway. Status quo isn’t it? Let’s face it – there WILL be appeals! All this tippy-toeing around because “there may be an appeal issue” does not mean the appeals will be successful. The court can deny an appeal – she takes it to a higher court – still denied and so on and so on, until we finally get to see a needle in her arm in 10 years or so. Yes it gets expensive, but it would happen anyway. Why is “oh no – might be grounds for an appeal” the new catchphrase?
    1. cost to taxpayers
    2. Profit to the Anthonys and attorneys

  2. Barbara says:

    B-If Cheney Mason and the defense are saying they want the trial moved because Casey cannot get a fair trial due to all the media coverage, then why did the defense pass on some of their motions before filed in court to the media? The grandparents said they were under the microscope and also blame the media but went on talk show after talk show? Cheney Mason himself talked about this case BEFORE joining the defense and said in his own words that Casey, her family, and Mr. Baez himself has NO credibility? So what is their argument that they want the trial moved because of coverage???

  3. justice23 says:

    Judge Strickland Steps Down From Casey Case

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Big changes are coming in the case against Casey Anthony. She’s got a new lawyer and now she has a new judge, too. WFTV found out why conversations with a blogger cost Judge Stan Strickland the case.

    STRICKLAND STEPS DOWN: Read His Order | Judge Appointed
    REMOVE JUDGE MOTION: Fixed Version | Original
    INTERVIEW: Blogger Talks To WFTV About Controversy
    RAW VIDEO: Blogger Talks To Judge On Oct. 16th
    VIDEO REPORT: Strickland Steps Down From Case

    Judge Strickland has presided over Casey’s case for almost two years, but Monday he gave it up. The news broke last Friday when Casey’s new lawyer filed a motion asking Strickland to step down, because he complimented a crime blogger in court and called him during a hospital stay.

    The defense says that blogger, who calls himself Marinade Dave, is biased against Casey.

    Strickland made his decision quickly, stepping down Monday afternoon after granting the defense’s motion asking him to do so.

    “At its core, defense counsel’s motion accuses the undersigned of being a ‘self-aggrandizing media house’. Indeed. The irony is rich,” Strickland pointedly wrote in his order (read it).

    (clipped) For entire article, go to:

  4. Barbara says:

    Just read on another blog that defense may have done this to cause a stir- to cause distraction to get the media to tune into this, to take away from the media talking about Casey, the evidence. Lets all get back to Casey and the evidence- and what she stands accused of…taking her innocent child’s last breath. Let’s bring the focus back to Caylee Marie.

  5. h davis says:

    please, dont blink on the facts. i have no agenda other than the frustration of so many nut jobs, mall sightings and other crap that LE had to investigate. i wondered, myself why the heck i could not get a response or pass something on to LE that was important and i know if it were not for the tips people call in things would be at a standstill but on the other hand LE really does look into all tips and it took them a year to get to me and a few others because so many idiots wanted to put themselves in the light of it all. this will explain why some information comes out so late in the investigation. i can understand that if there is a possible live sighting of a MP those should be looked into immediatly. so yeah, i guess i had some issues but in the email to TM some of that was really about an issue between TM and another member and i was caught in the middle. people can bitch about tim all they want but i have never seen anyone else with the dedication he has to these cases, even if its a small amount of time to one. he is flooded with MP 24/7/365 and puts everything he has or gets into helping others and hands on. though it may not sound like it from the email but i truely love and respect the man. he is a hero and i bet he never even saw the dang email. and if he did, he would not take the tone of it and let it come between us. life is to short to worry about menial things that but i was serious about the location and the items of interest. as a team member we do not get involved or make media comments but this was the weirdest of cases from day one of coordinating the search. i felt bad for the many people that showed up to search and we were overwelmed with what, where and why and how to start because there was a constant influx of goofy information. itt would be so simple if the person responsible for the death of this child to just say it and take the sentence given and quit wasting the time, money, resources and energy of all and i think this is what just makes everyone hang her higher. one more thing is the document that is titled statement from helen davis is bullsxxt, it was a generic content sent out to several people, some that really did search that area and some that claimed they did. if all would notice I DID NOT SIGN THIS STATEMENT. some of it is true and some is NOT, so i did not sign and return to defense. these are not my words. period. for now, till the sunshine shines out more


    welcome to BOC. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you took the time to post that. Kind words for Tim are appropriate, and coming from you, ( lol on the he never saw the email.. I can tell you for a fact he did not.. he is Leonardesque in the PC department).

    He is as flawed as the rest of us, and who isn’t, btw… You will never hear me utter an ill syllable about him.
    I am deeply fond of him, his heart is in the right place.

  6. Kleat says:

    I can’t believe it– the CA and Equusearch is coming to a crux in a joint motion with Morgan and Morgan for ZG, and the first article that appears archived under ‘Tim Miller’ that is not related to another case, is a real boob of a picture! ;)

    All kidding aside, there is an update of note for both the ZG vs CA case, and the TES vs CA case– this morning at 9 AM, Judge Lisa Munyon (the current judge on the bench for the ‘vs CA’ civil cases since Judge Rodriguez excused himself) ruled on a request by TES to join in the ex parte motion by Morgan & Morgan, to allow TES to join forces on essentially identical issues to be heard together this Thursday. Both plaintiff’s and their lawyers, want to compel CA to answer questions, not hide under the 5th ammendment.

    The judge could be ready to rule on Thursday, she has had this on her desk with the ZG case for some time now.

    I fear she will follow the status quo, and continue to allow CA to fight her appeal in her conviction of lying to police and effectively ham string anyone else from ‘interfereing’. That is not a legal opinion, nor an educated opinion, just going by the history of these civil cases from the beginning– protect the defendant CA at all costs, even if the purpose of the appeal, is in part, a tactic to evade deposition questions, heck, CA seemingly does not even have to invoke the the 5th or any other consitutional right in person herself, even when she has a voice and is all mic’d up, Mr. Greene does it all for her.

    12/05/2011 Ex Parte (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Munyon, Lisa T) Result: Ordered
    12/02/2011 Notice of Taking Deposition(s)OF TIM MILLER
    12/01/2011 Notice of Hearing 12/19/11 @ 1:30 PM

    ——–> find the ‘result’ ordered by Munyon this morning, at:

    ——>the motion is directly linked here:

    Having said all that, I hope that Tim Miller will enjoy this small victory on his trip to Orlando– we see now, that he was deposed last week, so he has, as well as ZG has, done their part to move all this along.

    One day this will all go away for Tim Miller and TES and ZG’s daughters, and CA will be a long forgotten non-event sooner than later.

    Kleaty, Kleat! Have missed you.

    I will post this Wednesday, but Jeff Ashton and i are on Dana’s show Wednesday eve, I am looking forward to it.


  7. Kleat says:

    Wait– Blink, the Thursday hearing was set for the ZG case on the same issue, but looks like it’s been pushed back until the 19th of December now, with the addition of the TES ex parte privileges.

    Sorry didn’t notice that change.

  8. Kleat says:

    Great!! will mark my calendar…. and double check the local time. (yeah, been a bit of a ride last couple months…. ) That is something to look forward to, thanks for the head’s up!!!

    I have questions that I wonder have been answered in JA’s book– not necessarily specific Q’s, but generalities, like ‘what about Dom Casey?’… haven’t got the book yet, if you can believe that.

  9. Kleat says:

    Round and round with dates for hearings– last post (up a couple) I’d copied the myorangeclerk info for the ZG hearing and noticed the 19th date that was posted at that time.

    Now it seems to have been changed back to the 8th, Thursday of this week. Here’s the latest notice on the ZG vs CA file at

    12/08/2011 Hearing (10:45 AM) (Judicial Officer Munyon, Lisa T)”

  10. Kleat says:

    Blink! Don’t forget to post the time of the show earlier if you can! I’ll check in and get the right time, assume it’s 9 pm EST?

    Looking forward to it… say, you and I had differing notions of who Caylee’s father ‘might’ be for various reasons, it’s possible that more was revealed in the investigations than we know, including what was drawn up in the legal agreements for Caylee and the A’s as Cindy talked about. I always felt that one young man had close ties to the parents and CA mentioned him in the context of thanking him for his help in her early jail videos. Is it possible that this close friend of CA’s with the approval and trust of George and Cindy, could have been protected from being identified as the father so that he was kept well out of the accusations by anyone, including Casey herself in her defense? Could this have applied to another family that was dragged into this, as unnecessary to the case?

    Does JA have knowledge of who the father of Caylee really was? He won’t say who, of course, but was there evidence that showed the A’s knew and had legal arrangements to say nothing?

    Mr. Ashton had to reschedule, I believe we are on for next Tuesday the 13th. I have a prior commitment, so I am not sure yet if we are on as well, will let you know.

    Regardless, do not miss Dana’s interview with Mr. Ashton- Dana is the best in the business, imo, and y’all can listen to me blather any ole time, lol.

  11. Kleat says:

    (the ‘other family’ of course, is that of your thoughts on who the father was)

    Not asking ‘who’, but if that information became known, whether proven or not, did the A’s really know and make arrangements for ‘possession’ and control of Caylee as only theirs to not share, custody wise?

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