Joran Van Der Sloot Wanted For Murder In Peru, Argentina

Posted by BOC Staff | Joran Van Der Sloot,Natalee Holloway | Wednesday 2 June 2010 2:17 pm


Lima, Peru- The daughter of a Race Car Tycoon in Peru was found murdered on May 30th in a hotel room registered to Joran Van Der Sloot, the chief suspect in the disappearance and presumed death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Google text translation:

Ricardo Flores: “My daughter left the casino in the company of Joran Van Der Sloot Dutchman”
Young Entrepreneur arrest calls abroad so far is the main suspect in the murder of his daughter. He would have fled across the border with Chile

Wednesday June 2, 2010 – 10:04 a.m.
Very concerned businessman Ricardo Flores asked this morning that the murder of his daughter, Stephany Flores, does not go unpunished. On the outside of his home in Groove also included some details of the movements of his daughter on the fateful morning of Saturday and referred to the background of the main suspects, Joran Van Der Dutchman Sloot.

“Even before been involved in the murder of a teenager in Aruba, where his body disappeared into the sea with the help of a friend,” he said.

“It was free because they never found the body,” Flores lamented.

About what happened last Saturday, Flores revealed that at 2:45 am her daughter left some friends in San Isidro and returned to the premises of a casino. “She retired at 5:16 a.m. (The casino) with Mr. Joran Van Der Sloot (…) was killed on Sunday, “he explained.

WOULD escaped
What is worrying is that, according to Flores, Joran Van Der Sloot fled across the border with Chile on Monday. “We do not know if still there or if he went to Argentina, then came into the country from that country on May 13 last.”

“I would ask the police to continue to help us (…) I know that my daughter has died stabbed (…) will be determined by autopsy, I hope the authorities have completed investigations that (…) they have notified Interpol Chile (…) I hope that this crime goes unpunished, “he asked from the outside of his home in Groove.

What is not is whether Flores said her daughter, who was stabbed to death, he met the subject recently that fateful night.

Stephany Flores, daughter of Ricardo Flores, was founded stabbed to death in a hotel room registered to Joran Van Der Sloot on the 5th Anniversary of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba on May 30, 2005.

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  1. Twinkletoes says:

    Crimewriter, I totally agree with you regarding any unsolved murders in the path of VDS. And perhaps there needs to be a close look at the travels of his father as well.

  2. cville1123 says:

    The people of Aruba were so outraged when the boycott was instituted because of Natalee. This however, is just even more proof that this corrupt little island needs to oust that prosecutor and every other murderer-shielding official they have. How many more people does JVS have to kill before they do something down there? I say go Peru and fry his a%$!

  3. Kim says:

    Just an observation but why is it that killers seemingly have large foreheads & a heavy brow bone area? Seriously-for me it looks to be a common feature in these monsters, very interesting. Is there anything to this? This doesn’t need answer-just thinking a loud…..

  4. janetoo says:

    Hello all, long time reader, occasional poster………………I cannot comprehend that another family will go through this process of grieving and having to pursue justice for their loss during their grieving. This psychopath JVS needed put away a long time ago ~ he is making money on interviews, gambles and kills young women ~ he probably does think he is entitled ~ above the law, etc., he needs taken down NOW and HOWEVER. I pray Peru’s system of Justice will prevail! My deepest condolences to Stephany’s family.

  5. Carolyn Seiver says:

    Two years ago (i think) Greta interviewed Joran who was living in Thailand at the time. It was a weird interview and I think Greta was taken. However, the fact was, joran was in Thailand, and so I imagine that he could have gotten up to all sorts of evil and left it behind in a country renowned for sex slavery and who cares what happens to the children, men and women forced into prostitution.
    I am wondering if Joran may run to Holland or Aruba and confess to the murder of Natalee in order to be held and prosecuted in the Dutch system so as not to be turned over to Peruvian authorities. Maybe he will produce the body (finally). Wishful thinking? Oh well, If he has to spend time in a peruvian prison, he will probably wish for the Death penalty.

  6. Carol says:

    Not sure if I was surprised to see this lastnight. Something creepy about Van Der Sloot. Also, he just acted like he was so entitled. However, a part of me thought that maybe something just went wrong when he was with Natalie and he panicked and got rid of her body (sorry). I now believe this kid is just a pyscho. He couldn’t of possibly thought he was going to get away with it when the hotel room is registered in his name and that is where they found Stephany? It is maddening to me that he has struck again and that this could of been prevented had he been in jail.

    Condolences to Mr. Flores and his family/friends. Bitter Sweet for the Holloways…Natalie’s anniversary date isn’t a coincidence.

  7. Starsky says:

    The Holloway murder was the first murder plot that ever consumed me and what actually led me to follow BOC. They will find him this time, and it will not be pretty. I hope Beth Twitty is feeling vindicated and that she experiences some closure once they have him in custody. I doubt he will ever give her peace by disclosing the location of her body, but at least she will know that harm will not happen to another beautiful life. When I look at him, I think of Scott Peterson. They both have that “cant catch me” look in their eye. They think they are above it all.

  8. Eloise says:

    crimewriter says:
    June 3, 2010 at 3:37 am
    There needs to be a closer look at the relation between Van Der Sloot’s whereabouts each subsequent year and any unsolved murders which took place around the same date.

    That’s what I’m saying, date means something to him.

  9. Valhall says:

    B said…

    ‘Cept his Father, Paulus, died some months back, and will not be able to clean up his mess this time.

    I actually didn’t know this until someone commented on my blog this morning. If I get a vote, I’m not against disinterment so that he can share the cell with his worthless spawn….Peruvian style, that is.

  10. FairWitness says:

    Blink, great article, as usual.

    How sad Joran Van der Sloot was free and had the resources to travel the globe, even after confessing on tape to Natalee Holloway’s death. I will never go to Aruba, ever! And I hope everyone else who travels won’t go there either. Aruban officials, police and their judicial system are thoroughly corrupt. Joran’s latest known victim would be alive if they hadn’t allowed Paulus Van der Sloot to protect his son from the consequences of his brutality.

    Beth Twitty sat with that father, Paulus, (& Greta Van Susteren) in his home and knew he was responsible for thwarting justice for her daughter. She came out of that house, having seen the man sweat profusely and uncontrollably, knowing her daughter had been murdered by Joran and that Paulus had helped him dispose of Natalee’s remains.

    It would seem the stress caused the premature death of Paulus. May he burn in Hell and be joined soon by his evil prodigy.

    So this animal has killed again. CITIZENS OF ARUBA, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO? When are you going to stand up and do what’s right? Get rid of the corrupt regime governing your country.

  11. Slowroller says:

    perhaps to ease overcrowding in our jail system, we should take all sex offenders, by boat, to a few hundred yards from the Aruban shoreline, and push them overboard with a few lifeboats to fight for…the ole’ killing two birds with one stone…

  12. Sue says:

    Joran Van der Sloot captured in Chili. Per HLN news @ 1:15 p.m. EST. There is a nice hell-hole in Peru awaiting him. May the justice begin…..

  13. Alex says:

    Kim, I was just thinking the same thing, I just pulled up pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer and a few others, and in most cases I found the same thing, a large forehead which seemed to dominate the face and squeeze the other features (eyes, nose, lips) into the lower half. I also noticed something of an overbite…

  14. Kim says:

    Odd isn’t it Alex, but very interesting at the same time.

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Kim and Alex: You two may be on to something regarding killers. Is a large round forehead related to a brain that has problems? I remember a study about fifty years ago about criminals in Philadelphia that resulted in tracing most of the crimes back to 400 families that had immigrated to the US from France.
    Take a look at the photo of the sexual predator that recently killed the beautiful seveteen year old girl in San Diego. This guy has similar features.
    Perhaps instead of spending millions studying insects and fish, on government “make work” programs, the money would be better spent studying humans that create crime.

  16. Mrs. Mary says:

    I am happy that this Psycho was apprehended but I am hearing that in Peru the Max penalty is 25 years for a crime like this and possible 7 years with good time, does anyone here have any legal knowledge of the laws in Peru?

  17. Mrs. Mary says:

    FYI: New Video of Joran entering hotel with victim @ I tried getting the link but I could not see one.

  18. To the family of Stephany Flores Ramirez,
    My very sincere and heartfelt condolences, in your loss. May God continue to uphold you, and give you strength. My prayers are with you, and please know that justice shall prevail.

    God bless you,
    Linda Huthmaker

  19. bluethai says:

    The maximum sentence for murder in Peru is 35 years… I am not sure if they have the death penalty but from what I have heard the prisons there are located high in the mountains in some very remote location. The inmate is given one thin blanket to be used as a bed, the inmate sleeps on the floor (ground). I think there is only one meal a day. The conditions are appalling at best. JVS should beg for extradition to the USA and make a full confession and hope Peru doesn’t fight the extradition. Either way he will spend the rest of his life in a prison somewhere.

  20. Mrs. Mary says:

    Peruvian people are saying that in there country with a confession they can knock off a whole bunch of time and get a minimum of 6-7 years (for a murder), now I did read elsewhere that since he took her money it jacks up the charge to life in prison, does anyone know if this is true?

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